Nueng gives quickie and play with a lot cum

Nueng gives quickie and play with a lot cum
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The three girls were a mass of flesh on the bed. The room smelled like sweat and sex. I stood before them, mesmerized, my cock a rock-hard extension of desire, my hand mindlessly stroking it. I walked to the head of the bed, where Naomi was intensely riding Johannah's face like a horse, her moans gentle squeaks of pleasure.

My hands found her sweaty torso. I ran them up her flat stomach and pinched the full nipples of her small, firm tits. I leaned over and found her thick lips with my own. She gently opened her mouth and our tongues found each other, darting in and out.

I slipped a hand down between her legs, where Johannah was hungrily licking and found her hard clit. I rubbed her as I rubbed myself. I pulled away from her lips, just centimeters from her mouth. I'm going to fuck you, I whispered. I'm going to fuck you like you've never been fucked before.

With those words, I let my mouth linger slowly down her body, kissing her neck and shoulders, down to her tits and sweaty stomach.

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I relished in the sweet tasting sweat of her black body. I could smell the hot stench of her pussy. She arched her hips up, away from Johannah's face, practically crawling up the head board. Johannah gasped deeply, trying to catch her breath. Brady was still between the blonde's legs, busily sucking her cunt.

I slipped down, through the black girl's bush and stared. Her pussy was soaking wet and a stark, stunning pink against her dark cocoa skin.

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I stuck my tongue out and tasted her. She quivered under my mouth, grabbing my head with her hands. I plunged my tongue into her pussy, her juice dripping down my cheeks. I bathed myself in her, rubbing my face all over her sex stories sex desi xxx com until I was covered in her juice. Her scent was heavy and wet, thick with the West African stickiness of sex and fucking. I was ready to fuck.

The bed, of course, was a tangle of bodies. Naomi was practically standing up, her back against the head board, her knees bent, legs spread to give me ample opportunity to get at her pussy. Johannah had slipped down a bit, totally focused on Brady's mouth, her legs wrapped around my girlfriend's head.

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And Brady, still fully clothed, was half-in and half-out of the bed, her high heels giving her leverage on the tiled floor, her hands wrapped around Johannah's beautiful big tits. I could fuck Naomi in a squatting position, ram it into her as she held on to the head board for support.

This would put my ass and balls just over Johannah's face, which was fine with me. I crawled into the bed, my cock still impossibly hard.

I straddled Johannah's face, so close I could feel her hot breath on my balls. By this time, my cum from earlier, after pounding her in her ass, was caked and hard on her face.

She was soaked in sweat, her beautiful blonde hair stuck in streams to her cheeks. She was breathing quickly and deeply as Brady sent a deep orgasm through her body.

I lowered my nuts toward her mouth and, instinctively, she opened up like a baby bird, taking my balls into her warmth.

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I took my cock in my hand, giving it few well-deserved tugs, in preparation for fucking the African goddess in front of me. Naomi was splayed out in front of me. She supported herself against the headboard by stretching pornstar beauty gets her butthole pounded with big tool arms out across the top, grabbing on to the heavy mahogany wood.

Her feet were planted on the bed, lifting her hips up high enough to take my cock. Her legs were spread wide and her stunning pussy was on full wet display. To describe it's beauty would be impossible.

To describe the power surging through my cock would be equally difficult. Lifting my balls out of Johannah's mouth, I approached the African Queen. I was ready to fuck. Is there anything greater than entering the body of a woman for the first time, a body of a goddess, feeling that first mind-blowing contact of swollen cock with wet, dripping pussy, her muscles sucking you in, a cunt completely enveloping every cell of your body?

As I entered Naomi's black pussy, I felt as if I had just climbed the highest mountain in the universe. I lost my breath. She was impossibly tight, and the crescendo of her high, squeaky moan- which began low in her chest and got louder as every inch of my shaft penetrated- made my mind spin. My lips met hers and our tongues searched each other's mouths greedily. I slammed into her cunt, her body banging against the headboard. She was practically screaming now, begging me to fill her pussy.

I filled her with my shaft, the thickness of my cock going in and out, a rhythmic pummeling. In the background, Brady still sucked Johannah's pussy, their moans gentle reminders of the incredible orgasms that filled the room with sex. The view was stunning: looking down and seeing my thick, white shaft entering the hot pink of her cunt, juxtaposed against her creamy cocoa thighs. While I couldn't see the blonde goddess Johannah, I could feel her long silky hairs on the backs of my calves, so I knew she was there, just inches from my cock.

Had I leaned back on my own calves, I'd have been sitting directly on her face. At that moment, Brady lifted her head from between the blonde's thighs and walked over to the head of the bed to watch me fuck Naomi. Her face was slimy with sweat and Johannah's pussy juice. She reached out a hand and rested it on Naomi's thick right thigh. "You like fucking that black pussy?" she asked.

How could I even justify such a stupid question with an answer? I kept plunging back in forth into this amazing black cunt, my cock straining as hard as it had ever been.

"Do you think you'd like to fuck that fat black ass? Naomi, do you want that cock in your ass?" Naomi grunted loudly and her body began to shake and vibrate. Her pussy got even tighter and wetter around my cock. I moved faster and faster, like a fucking jack hammer. The headboard banged against the wall, a deafening boom echoed through the apartment. She began to scream: YES YES YES I'M CUMMING I WANT YOU IN MY FUCKING ASS YES YES YES OH GOD!!

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By that time, Johannah was on her knees beside us, her hands on my back, watching an orgasm quake through the African goddess.

I was going to fuck the greatest ass on the planet. I was ready.