Lesbian sweethearts play with wet cameltoes hardcore and blowjob

Lesbian sweethearts play with wet cameltoes hardcore and blowjob
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Friday nights are meant for partying when you are in High School, not for babysitting your younger cousins, and that is what I am ever so privileged to do.

Sure I am getting paid but tonight was the biggest party of the year and word around school was that Melissa was going to give herself to a classmate and I was in the running. My Aunt said that she wasn't going to be too late and that she should be home by 10. "That sounds great Auntie, have a fun time and call me when you are on your way home".

I had to babysit my cousins because my Aunt had a business meeting to attend to and her husband was in Las Vegas. As my Aunt was getting ready before she went out, I was eating dinner with my cousins. I heard sounds coming from upstairs but couldn't really hear clearly.

All of a sudden a loud "Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, YESSSSSSSSSS". Gf does lesbian sex with roommate for boyfriend yelled up stairs and asked if everything was okay with my Aunt, there wasn't a response for a little while, so I started to march-up the stairs.

Just as I got half way, my Aunt yelled out everything is okay I be down in a second. My cousins and I were seating down at the table when my Aunt came down the hallway.

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She was wearing a pair of white high heels, true religion jeans that made her ass look amazing and a dress shirt that made her tits look nice. To top it all of she was wearing glasses and had her silky brown hair in a ponytail. Once I saw her, I could feel my dick grow and I was trying to stop it but it was a little hard.

One of my cousins asks me "Doesn't my mom look like a 10 tonight" with a bright smile on her face, I responded rather quickly with "She is a 12 out of 10 on my scale" being a smart-ass haha.

My Aunt said thanks and started to head to the door because her ride had arrived. She yelled to us that she would be home in a couple hours and to have fun tonight. Dinner finished up and I cleaned up as the kids started to run around making tons of noise. Once I was done cleaning-up I asked them what would they like to do for a couple hours.

We all came to a conclusion that we would play hide and go seek in the basement and main floor and you would have to count upstairs. We played bubble gum bubble gum in a dish to decide who was to be the first to find everyone.

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Kyle was it and went upstairs to count, it went back and forth between Kyle and his sister Nikki on who was it. During a round though I remembered hearing of my aunt moaning from upstairs and wanted to do some investigating so I intentionally got myself found. I ran up the stairs to start my count up to 30. I started to yell: 1, 2, 3, and then began my hunt. I lifted up pillows, moved the bed sheets and looked in the closet but nothing.

I then noticed that she had Lulu lemon pants at the bottom of the bed frame. I went to pick them up and they were soaked. I picked up the pants and started to suck on the wet part of the pants and sniffed them for a bit. My dick was getting harder by the second but I couldn't find out why her pants were wet. I put them back and ran downstairs to try and find them. I pretended not to find anyone so I would have to count again, so up the stairs I marched.

This time when I came up I thought to look in her dresser. The first cabinet I opened was male underwear, slammed it shut, then the next cabinet was the jackpot, their were my aunt's bra and panties. I started pulling out panties and sniffing them, shoving some down my pants and masturbating with them. I pulled out her bra's and was feeling them, I couldn't believe that she had 34D's, her tits looked really small when she left and after all that shuffling around I found it, her dildo, a rather larger dildo that was nice and wet.

I heard the kids and quickly threw the three chaps and one horny asian whore japanese hardcore onto her bed and ran out, but with her white panties.

I quickly shoved them into my pocket and ran down the stairs. We decided to end the game and watch T.V. It was almost 10 and my Aunt was going to home. I was going to go home and masturbate all over her panties and sniff them imaging that she was in front of me before I went to the party. I have always wanted to stuff her, whether it is in the mouth, pussy or in the ass. 10:30 came around and I still had no phone call, I wasn't getting mad but wanted it to ring soon so I could go to this party and chat it up with Melissa.

11:15 rolls around and I get a call from my buddy Matt. He was wondering where I was, and I told him. He went on to say that he was the lucky one to get with Melissa and just filled her up with cum.

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After I heard that I was pissed, this was the first chance I had at losing my virginity with Melissa and her long legs and I was shut down. The kids were all in bed and I was seating on the couch waiting for my aunt to come.

12:30 came around and finally I hear my Aunt open the garage.

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The garage door opened and my aunt came in saying goodbye to her friends and closed the door. "Hey bud, sorry we were so long, the night got a little fun and forgot the time" hope it is all okay. It was hard not to be mad, I could have fucked big butt ho gets licked and fucked high school crush.

"NO it's not" I whispered under my breath, but somehow my Aunt heard me. "Why what's wrong?" my Aunt asked. I told my Aunt what was suppose to happen tonight after I was done babysitting her kids, that I was going to this party to hopefully lose my virginity to Melissa. My Aunt had always heard about Melissa all the time from friends of friends. My Aunt said "I'm sorry to hear that, but I have something better for you" In a depressed voice I asked, "What could that be?

My money for babysitting?" My Aunt told me that I wasn't getting money tonight, and before I could say anything she grabbed my hands and put them on her tits.

I thought that I was dreaming, their I was holding coconuts, my aunts tits felt huge. "I want you to fuck me". My aunt begged? I grabbed my Aunt by the hips, threw her on my shoulders and ran over to the couch. I threw her on it.

I hoped on her and started to slap and feel her ass, which felt incredible. I turned my Aunt over so she was looking at me, she pulled me close and we started to kiss and I slowly started to play with her tits. My Aunt was slowly taking my shirt off at which point I proceed to do the same. When I took my aunts dress shirt off, a bright yellow bra was holding up her tits. My Aunt started to grab my hips and pull me towards her trying to feel the bulge in my pants.

I was so getting harder by the second as me and my Aunt continued to fool around. "Let's go upstairs so you can fuck my pussy". My Aunt said "The kids are sleeping in your bed, let's go downstairs".

I picked my Aunt up and carried her down to the downstairs bedroom. She sat on the side of the bed and grabbed my pants. She pulled them down and bared witness to my cock. My Aunt's eyes open wide and grabbed it to feel it was real. I have never had a cock this big before.

My Aunt opened her mouth and started to suck my cock moving her head back and forth using her saliva as lotion for my cock. She was going nice and slow and it was making me tingle. She held my cock and then licked the head of it as she was looking up at me. I knew I was going to have to blow my load soon.

I grabbed the back of my Aunt's head and pulled it towards me as my cock went deep into her mouth. I could hear the gag noise so I continued to move her head back and forth then gave one final pull towards me and blasted her with my load.

I hadn't jerked it for over 2 weeks and I could feel her mouth filling up with cum. Each shot was making her suck my cock harder and harder; I was still pulling her head towards me. I pulled my cock out of her mouth and could see cum starting to pour out, I grabbed her mouth and made her swallow. My Aunt really enjoyed the taste of it. "I want more" my Aunt begged I got a sudden urge of rage and I grabbed my Aunt by the legs and started to take her True Religion jeans.

She was wearing a yellow G-string that instantly got me hard again.

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Once the jeans were off I pulled her G-string off and sniffed them, I then look at her wet and tight pussy. I slowly started to rub her clit with my fingers and then played slowly played with her clit with my cock.

I had to give a couple hard pushes until I was in, as I went back and forth I could feel the tough suction of her pussy making my cock nice and stiff. "Ughhhhhhh, Awwwwwwwwwwwwww, Fuck Me BABE, HARDER" screamed my Aunt As she cried for help I grabbed her legs and started to fuck her as hard and as fast as I could.

Her wet pussy was making me tense waiting for my load to explode at any point. She put her hands on the back of my neck and I picked her up continuing to fuck her. My Aunt started to kiss me and her tits rested up against my chest and I could feel her rock hard nipples against my chest. My aunt started to bounce up and down as I held her ass cheeks. She was crying out for help as my cock kept on going deeper and deeper into her pussy.

I started to suck on her nipples as my face got shoved into her tits. My Aunt came off my cock and wanted to suck my cock some more, she opened her mouth and tried to start sucking my cock. I picked her up by her ponytail before she could get going and sucking on my cock. I threw her on the bed and hoped up behind her. I grabbed my cock and tried to put it into ass but it was too tight so Kannada villege xxx blue film settled for her pussy.

It was still hard to get in and all with her pussy being so tight but I got it in finally and the moaning that came from my Aunt made me get hard. I grabbed her hips and started to pump my cock as hard as I could, trying to go deeper and deeper everytime. "Ughhhh, awwwwwwww, UGHHHHHHHHHHHH" my Aunt hot stepsis ella knox fucks her bro to avenge his bitchy girlfriend, I pulled my cock out and my Aunt started to squirt everywhere.

I sucked the covers and started to lick her pussy as she continued to squirt. After a while I put my cock back into her pussy and continued to fuck her. I looked at her ponytail and pulled it as I was shoving my cock into her. Her head was pulled back and was begging me to stop "Please STOP, my pussy it hurts" I continued to fuck her as I pulled her ponytail back. Her pussy was amazing. I big cock addict teen alex more sucks a huge one hold it anymore I started to pump my Aunt's pussy with cum.

"YESSSSSSSSSS UGHHHHHH", I shouted as cum stream after cum stream continued to get shot into my Aunt tight pussy.

I pulled my cock out and asked my Aunt to suck it clean before I was to leave. She turned around quickly and started to suck it going to town on it. She was in-love with my cock. My cock was still in a sensitive state and couldn't help it, I filled her mouth once more with a load of cum.

Her eyes opened wide when it hit her, and once I was done she gargled the cum and swallowed it. I love you my nephew my Aunt said, as she came up for a kiss. She kissed me as I grabbed and played with her tits. I told my Aunt that it was time for me to go, it was 2 am and that I probably should get home.

My Aunt thanked me for the great experience and then let me take her bra and panties home. My Aunt walked me to the door and then headed off to bed. As I was driving home my cock felt sore from pounding my Aunt, I couldn't believe I did it, way better then Melissa no matter what anybody says. I was heading home and decided to stop off at Tim Hortons before I went home.

As I was waiting for my drink I received a text from my Aunt. "Nephew, the kids are going to a sleepover at school next weekend, and I need someone to babysit little Josh. We can fuck after and you can fuck me in the ass and I got a surprise for you. She ended the text off with a smiley face. I grabbed my drink and headed back home, I got into my bed and sniffed the yellow panties my auntie gave me.

I pulled out the white pair of panties and masturbated into them. What a great night I though, I went to bed with my cock sore as hell but no longer a virgin. I couldn't be happier that my Aunt took it from me.