Blonde slut takes huge dick in her ass

Blonde slut takes huge dick in her ass
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My alarm clock rang and woke me up. Today was going to be a great day. It was the last day of school and it was my 18th birthday.

I woke up and took a shower.

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I then went downstairs for breakfast. My 18 year old sister, Maggie, was there. "Happy Birthday squirt." She had always called me that. I'm not exactly huge. I'm only 5′6″ and I weigh 135 lbs. Maggie is 5′7&Prime. She never tells me how much she weighs but it has to be at least 140 lbs.

Young cuties elsa and jojo swap some cum not fat or anything, she just has a very rounded figure and big boobs. She takes after my mom. They both are both very fair skinned. It comes from our Irish background on my mom's side. They are both very beautiful and have dark hair. My mom is 40 but does not look it.

She has a little more meat on her bones then Maggie, but hey she's had 2 kids. Her name is Rachel. I take after my dad. He was a bit taller then I am now, but also very skinny. I don't think he ever weighed more then 160 lbs. He was also not the best looking guy in the world. I actually wondered how he ever got a woman like my mom to marry him.

They married when she was 22 and he was 35. Love is blind I guess. As you may have assumed my father is no longer around. He died 4 years ago in a traffic accident.

He was hit by a drunk driver. Luckily for us my father had a lot of money. I'm not quite sure what he did, but he left us with a big 5 bedroom home and enough money so that my mom does not have to work. The first couple of years after he died my mom was devastated.

Then after the third year she stopped talking about him and started dating. I just figured that she needed to move on. She always seems to date younger men. Her current boyfriend is Chad. He's only 31. Unlike my dad, Chad is a looker. He's tall and muscular and very good looking (according to Maggie). Maggie has been with the same boy now for 2 years.

Rob is a bit older and also a very good looking man. I really feel self-conscious when we are all together. All in all I have a good life. I have a core group of friends, but Randy is my best friend. We have the same interest. My mom came down and also wished me a happy birthday.

"We're going out for diner tonight to celebrate your birthday." "Sounds good to me" "Maggie, invite Rob, since Chad is coming" "OK mom" great another night with the "muscle twins", a name I called them when no one was around.

"Mark, do you want to invite Randy" by the way I'm Mark. "I'll ask him" "OK, I have to go to the club now, I'll see you tonight" My day was pretty average. My friends all remembered my birthday and hassled me all day. I was walking home when my cell phone rang. "Hello" "Hi Mark, it's Josh Collins, your father's attorney" I barely remembered him. "Oh hi Mr. Collins, how can I help you?" "Actually Mark I have something for you, are you at home?" "No, but I will be soon." "Well I'm in my car and I need to give you something from your father, but it stipulates not to let your sister or mother know.

Where can I meet you?" "I'm just coming up to a coffee shop at Main and Carlton. Do you know where it is?" "Yes I can be there in 5 minutes." "See you then" I walked into the shop and waited. He soon walked in. "Nice to see you again Mark." He said as he extended his hand.

"You too. Now what's this about an envelop?" "As you know your father did his will with me and he left this for you. I was to give it too you in the event of his death but not until your 16th birthday." He handed me an envelop. "Thanks.

What is it?" "I have no idea. If you have any question please feel free to call me?" he handed me a card and left. I opened the envelop and in it was a flash drive and a note. "Son plug this in a computer and open the file. The pass code is the name of fort we built in the yard. I love you." When I was 6 we had built a fort in the back yard and we had called it "Markshire". My father had told me that the name was a secret only for him and me.

I had never told anyone the name. I got home, went to my room and locked the door. I put the drive in my laptop and opened the file. The password had worked. It was an mpg file. The video file ran and it was my father talking into a camera. I did not recognize the room he was in. "Hi Mark, if you're watching this then I am dead. I sorry about that, I hope you are doing fine. Your 16 now and it's time you knew the truth.

I was not an investor. I was a chemist. When I was younger found I had an aptitude for chemistry. While I was working on a certain creation I accidently formulated Viagra.

I secretly sold the formula to a large corporation for a huge amount of money as long as my identity remained secret. I did not want people poking around and finding my other formulas. They paid me and gave the credit to Dr Gill Samuels. That brings me to the other things you need to know. Right now I am in my lab. The lab is in the basement. If you put hand behind the wood beam on the south wall you will find a button that will open the secret door in the wall.

DO NOT let anyone else in the lab. For your own safety and security keep this a secret. In my lab there is a safe. The combination is your birthday, month, day, year. Inside are three thing of interest. The first is the bulk of my money. Your mother may have told you that I left her 10 million dollars, well that's just what I wanted her to know about.

In the safe 15 million cash and the information for a Swiss account with another 50 million in it. It's all yours. You will also find british slut angel long gets fucked up the arse bottle with one pill in it. This pill is for you to take today. It is what I was working on when I made Viagra. The reason there is only 1 pill is that it should not be taken by anyone else. Men would pay millions for it, but you would have too many questions to answer.

When you wake up tomorrow your penis will look the same as it always does. When you get an erection things will be different. Your penis will be at least 12″ long and 3″ wide. You will be able to sustain an erection for as long as you want and cum at will.

When you ejaculate it will be at least 3 cups of sperm. The sperm will also be special. It will have a sweet honey flavour that women will love. The last thing small canister and a wrist band. The canister fits in the band which goes on your wrist. To disperse the gas you bring your hand up and do a "spiderman" motion.

The gas is my best invention. Whoever you spray will blink rapidly 5 times and then forget they got sprayed. They will think, feel and obey anything you tell them. You can make them forget anything you do or make them fall in love with you. It's pretty much idiot proof. I formulated this batch to your DNA.

It will not affect you but make affected people obey only you. Be warned the affect only lasts 2 years. So if you choose to control anyone long term you should blast them every 18 months. After the gas wears off the person will return to themselves but believe that everything you made them do was there idea. The canister can be refilled using this.

(he pointed to a hose on the wall) There is enough there for the rest of your life. I've also left you all the formulas should you decide to make some for your sons one day.

Warning I would not affect high profile people like movie stars. It may be tempting, but it could also draw attention. Be discreet. One last thing. You probably wondered how I got your mom, well now you know. She may start acting different, that will be the gas wearing off. She was really hot but a complete bitch. I made her into a great wife.

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She was a money hungry slut who only was with me for my money. Watch out for her. I love you son, Good bye By the way you should destroy this flash drive." With that the video ended. Amateur blonde eurobabe banged and facialed for money god this was too good to be true.

Chapter 2 Since I was alone at home I ran downstairs and found the room. I was a small 10′ by 10′ room. I can't believe that I never knew it was here. I must be under the side of the house. I found the safe and opened it.

I found all the things my dad told me about. I picked up the pill and swallowed it. I trusted my father with my life. Next I put on the wrist band and loaded the canister. I was going to have to test this. I grabbed about 10 thousand dollars and awesome alexa raye wants a large dick in her wet pussy the room. This was so exciting that I could hardly wait.

We went out for diner but my head was elsewhere. I was thinking about how to use this new power and what I should do. I realized that I would have to control my sister and mother so that I could run the house how I chose. We all finished diner and went home. Around midnight my sarah filipino amateur teen plus has amazing tits and butt and sister went to bed. I needed to test this gas.

I decided to use it on my sister. I walked into her room and she was sleeping. I crept up to her and pointed my arm at her face then bent my wrist back. I heard the gas seep out. I was clear, colorless and I could not smell anything. Maggie woke up and blinked 5 times quickly then dropped back down and went to sleep. How to know if it worked.

I had to have her do something she would never do. I'll try this. "Maggie stay asleep" I whispered "In 3 minutes I want you to get up, walk into the hall.

Take off your nightshirt, yawn and stretch and go back to bed naked. You will wake up in the morning and think nothing of the fact that you are naked." I walked into my room, cracked the door a bit and waited. Soon there was Maggie in the hall. She slipped the nightshirt off her head and let it fall to the ground. She then stretched her arms up and yawned.

Her large breast lifted as she did this. Her breasts seemed full and she had small dark nipples. I noticed for the first time how truly hot my sister was. She had an incredibly curvy body.

Her pussy was shaved bald and I really could not see any flab on her. I got an erection looking at her. Unfortunately my cock was only it's normal 5″ erect. My dad did say it would take until morning. Maggie went back to bed. I went to my mom's room and repeated the procedure.

The same thing happened. My mom has much larger breasts and they sagged a bit. Her nipples were bigger and stuck out more. She also had a neatly trimmed pussy, like the women I've seen in Playboy.

Her legs and ass were quite firm. She did have slight love handles and a little bit of a stomach. When she went back to her room I went to bed. I woke up and looked at my penis. It looked the exact same.

I grabbed a towel and went in the shower. Once I was in the shower I wanted an erection. No problem I just visualized my sister and mother naked. Then my cock grew. I could not believe it. It was massive. Both my hands were on it at the same time and there was still plenty not covered. I had to see how much I came. I started masturbating in the shower. Then I heard the door open. "Sorry squirt I have to pee really bad.

Don't peek." It was my sister. I moved the curtain just a little a saw her sitting on the toilet. To my disappointment she was wearing her night shirt. "Hey perve, I said no peeking" I slammed the curtain shut and said "Just forget I did that." She got up and said "Thanks for not peeking." Oh I had told her to forget about my peeking and she did.

This was great. I kept massaging my cock until I finally blasted on the wall. I can't believe how much came out. It covered the shower wall. I wondered what it tasted like. I did not want my sperm in my mouth. I had an idea. "Maggie could you come in here?" I shouted "Yes what do you want squirt?" she said as she came in I pulled the curtain back, hiding a bit behind it. "There something on the shower wall, could you taste it for me." Without thinking she reached across bond girl eva green exposed pussy lips shower, the water hitting her head and used her finger to collect the white liquid.

She then put her finger in her mouth. "Yum, that's good. It tastes like honey, only creamy. What is it?" she said with her wet hair now dripping onto her night shirt making it cling to her boobs. "Just my spunk, I just wanted to know if it was good." "You made me taste your sperm, that's sick your pervert." She said to me "Really. Well then why don't you lick up the rest of it." "She now climbed in the shower with me and started cleaning the wall with her tongue." "I guess it can't be that gross" I said as I looked at her now soaking wet body leaned over liking the wall.

"Forget what just happened and that I am here. Take off your shirt and take a shower. Get horny and masturbate." Once I finished the command she lifted off her shirt, once again showing me her body.

She picked up the soap and cleaned herself. When she got to her stomach she slipped her hand between her legs and started rubbing her pussy.

She was leaning her back against the wall and was looking right at me.

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She was oblivious to my presence. She soon went into small convulsions and breathed really heavy. Just then my mom walked in. "Maggie is that you?" "Yes" she answered like someone who just got caught ""Have you seen Mark?" "No" she shouted. "Ok, my mom said as she left." Maggie finished showering and grabbed a towel. "Maggie answer me honestly. If we were not brother and sister would you go out with me." "Not a chance. You're skinny and ugly.

I can do so much better than you." "Maggie forget all this and stay upstairs until I we call you down." I wanted to teach her a lesson, but first I wanted to take care of mom. "Mom come here and sit down please" she did "I want to ask you some questions and do not lie. You will not leave or yell or be able to move." "What do you really think of dad?" "I thought I love him, but in the last year or so I can't seem to remember why?

I remember he had a really big cock and was rich but he was kind of ugly, not the kind of guy I should be with? I'm just glad to have his money." "Really, what kind of guy should you be with?" "Someone better looking, like Chad, who I won't be embarrassed to be with." "What do you think of me?" "You're my son and I love you but you look just like him." "Between Maggie and me who do you love more" "Maggie is my daughter and pretty.

Attractive babe awards her mate with sex love her more." Oh this bitch needed adjusting. "Would you let Maggie doctor fucked when patient sleeping with someone like me?" "No I want her to do better then I did." I was going to show this woman who was boss right now.

Chapter 3 "You know what mom, your quite the bitch aren't you." "Well yes actually." "Well from now on I call the shots." "Mark what are you talking about." "Take off your clothes." She stood and removed her robe and nightgown.

She was now naked. I pulled out my growing cock "I want you to suck my cock bitch" "Mark I'm your mother, this is wrooonngggg" she couldn't finish her sentence since my cock was now in her mouth.

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She managed to get about 5″ in. She was sucking for all she was worth. "Play with your pussy, but you will not be able to cum until I tell you to." Her hand slipped between her thighs.

She was really working my cock now. I decided it was time to lose my virginity. I pulled my cock from her mouth and bent her over the table. I stepped behind her and pushed my cock in. I was pumping her nice and slow and really enjoying the feeling.

She rubbing her clit hard, wanting to cum without success. I kept pumping said to her "Grab the bowl over there. I'm going to fill your cunt and I want you to collect it." I then unloading in her womb.

I pulled out and she squatted over the bowl. The amount of liquid that came out almost filled the bowl. "Put the bowl on the counter and pour some in a glass." She did what I told her. "Now put on your robe and tie it up. Throw the nightgown in the garbage. You will never wear one again." Again she followed my instruction. She was still masturbating. "So do you want to cum now?" "Please let me cum." "Call down Maggie and tell her to drink that glass of sperm.

Tell her it's a new protein drink. When your princess drinks my spunk, you will orgasm. If you don't make her drink it your will never climax and stay in this state of arousal. Your choice. She stood in the kitchen for about 15 minutes masturbating until she finally called Maggie down. "Yes mom" "Maggie drink this protein drink, it's good for you." "Are you sure, it looks kind of funny." "Trust me, just drink it." Maggie took the glass and drank the liquid.

Mom's knees buckled as she finally climaxed. I just sat there and smiled. "Mom, are you ok?" Maggie asked. "Yes, I just got a cramp" my winded mother said. "Maggie, don't you need to go to the mall?" "Oh yes, see ya" and she left "So do we understand each other." "Yes" "Now here are the ground rules: You will dump that tiny dicked asshole You will only fuck who I say You will not wear underwear in the house unless it is kinky I will move into the master bedroom, you can sleep in one of the guest rooms You will service my needs when I say You will make sure you do not get pregnant Understood" "Yes Mark" "Now we will go shower together.

This afternoon you will go to the store two hard boners for a brunette cutie creampie buy lots of sexy slender brunette minx drills her tight holes and toys. Make sure to get all kinds of dildos.

Use your imagination and get what a guy my age would like. If you displease me you will be punished." "Mark I think your being a little unreasonable" my mom said to me.

"Really. Open the house coat now." She did. "Move the sides around your tits so that your body is completely exposed. Now go and get the newspaper at the street." The Saturday paper was always left at the end of the driveway. "You will walk and not run to get the paper.

If anyone sees you just act normal and say good morning." She did as she was told. Jessica jones got fucked for delivering bad news watched as she walked out to the street and grabbed the paper.

Mr. Johnston next door was looking at her as her trimmed the bush. She looked at him, smiled and said good morning. She came back in the house and started crying. "Ok bitch next time you disobey me or question me I swear I'll make you fuck the neighbor's dog in the middle of the street.

"I'm sorry Mark, it won't happen again." "Good not let's take that shower." Chapter 4 After the shower we got dressed and I sent mom down to make lunch. The doorbell rang. I heard mom answer the door. Then I heard someone loud talking. I stuck my head out and looked down the stairs. There was mom talking Mrs. Johnston next door. "What do you think you were doing?" she said to mom. "I'm sorry Sarah. I was half asleep and I forgot that I wasn't wearing a nightgown." "What kind of women sleep in the buff.

It's immoral." Sarah Johnston was a 40ish red headed woman. She was heavy set and very busty. Her and her husband lived next door with there 17 year old daughter Debbie. Debbie and I were not really friends. Debbie was a red head like her mom.

She was tall and slim. I would say she was a b cup. The family was very religious. They went to church every Sunday and protested everything in town. I've seen them at the adult book store and strip joints picketing. Sarah kept lecturing mom for 10 minutes. My mother just kept saying sorry and trying to get her to leave. She finally left. I got my bracelet and went next door. Phil Johnston, the father answered the door.

I spayed his face and told him to invite me in. "Come on in Mark." "Thanks Phil. Why don't you go take a long nap. I'll come talk to you later." "Ok. See ya" he left and went into the room. I went looking for Sarah and Debbie. I found Sarah in the kitchen reading a bible. I snuck up on her and sprayed her face. "Where is Debbie?" "She's in the back yard sunbathing." "Call her in." she went to the window and called out "Debbie, come in here please" Debbie came into the kitchen.

She saw me and was about to ask why I was here, when I sprayed her. She was wearing a very modest 2 piece pink bathing suite. Today was about her mother so I sent her to take a nap. "Let's go into the living room." I said to Sarah.

"Sarah, why did you yell at my mother today?" "She walked out of her house naked and my husband saw and that's wrong" "I see and who decides what is wrong?" "Jesus does.

It's in the bible." "So you follow the word of God?" "Yes we do." "Would you consider any sexual act as cheating." "Yes" "Would you sexy bbw granny fucks tube porn cheat on your husband?" "No, never" " I'll tell you what.

You really need to suck my cock. When you're naked I will consider letting you She looked confused then proceeded to take off her clothes. She had huge saggy tits and a role of fat around her hips. Her pussy was bushy and messy. She looked at me and said "Can I suck you cock now?" "Not until you go and trim that bush. Go upstairs and take care of that." She almost ran upstairs. Sarah returned with a pussy that looked a lot better. I pulled out my huge hard cock. Her eyes almost popped out of her head.

"Better. Come over here and suck my cock." She dropped to her knees and took my cock in her mouth. She was only able to get about 3″ in. "So Sarah, are you horny yet?" "Yes" "Would you like to get fucked?" "Yes please" "What about the fact that you are cheating on your husband?" "I don't care, I just want your cock in me." "Well, you're not deserving yet, but I will fuck those tits of yours while I tell you how things are going to be." She pushed her tits together and I slid my cock between them.

"Here is how things are going to work.

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You will no longer push your belief on other people. If you want to be religious fine, but stop imposing on others. For the rest of the day you will stay naked. Every hour on the hour you will go in the back yard and swim for 10 minutes.

If the neighbors see you, too bad. If you see any men looking at you, I want you to look at them, wink and squeeze your tits for them. That should put you in your place. You will crave my cock and want me to fuck you. Every day you will come over to my house, strip naked and beg me to fuck you.

One day I might. If my mother tells you to do something you will." "Right now you will cum when you eat my sperm. Now do you want my sperm." She looked up at me with lust in her eyes. "Yes please god yes!" "One last thing, what is your view on incest?" "That is absolutely discusting!" "Fine go in your daughter's room and strip her naked. Don't worry she won't wake up." I followed her upstairs. She was just taking off Debbie's bathing suit top.

Debbie was lying on her back with her lovely red pubic hair showing. I could see the lips of her cunt. "Spread her legs." Sarah did so. I walked over to the bed and proceeded to blow my load all over Debbie's exposed pussy. I even shoved the head into her twat for the last couple of strings. "Now if you lick that up you will orgasm. The more you get the better it will be. And no using your hands. Tongue only." I watched as she stood there pondering what to do. She was furiously working her pussy, but her orgasm would not come.

30 seconds later she was on the bed with her head in her daughters lap. She started on her stomach and thighs but soon was licking right into her pussy trying to get as much of the liquid as she horny housewives facial from her husbands pal. She kept pumping her pussy the whole time and convulsing.

I walked over to the sleeping Debbie and told her that she would wake up at 8. I then went into the master bedroom and talked to Phil "You will wake up at 8 and oblige your wife's sexual needs" I then decided to add one more command to Sarah. "Sarah you will fuck your husband every night, starting tonight, but you will only orgasm if he fucks you in the ass.

Have fun you bitch!" With that I left her crying on the floor of her daughter's bedroom.