Mama sucks her cock part cumshot and blowjob

Mama sucks her cock part cumshot and blowjob
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The fiery romance of Jack and Anni, part two. purplemind Romance, adventure, accident, male/ female, ass to mouth, reluctant, domination: Story follows from part one. Reading part one is essential to understand the characters and plot. It was a miracle that Jack and Anni survived the crash. The Corsa rammed the back relenting to lovely babes lusty craves blowjob amateur Jack` s pick-up causing the thief to lose control of the vehicle, promptly taking out the corner traffic lights.

The Corsa escaped with minor damage to the front bumper, grill, bonnet and lights. Jack` s Bakkie on the other hand was in bad shape, its front end was wrapped around the traffic signal pole. Anni had been sobbing about Christmas blonde slut takes huge dick in her ass. As Jack introduced himself to Anni, she was in no mood for pleasantries and was not easily consoled.

Jack of course offered to fix her car and even offered to take her party to Christmas lunch. Anni turned the offer down. She was furious. Anni did not lay any charges against Jack. What was the use, she figured, her life is ruined anyway. But Anni was tempted to let the madman spend some time in jail. The thought of the big creep spending time in jail appealed to her. 'Why did he have to choose her and her vehicle for his stunts?" She wondered feeling sorry for herself.

The City police, with the help of onlookers managed to catch the car thief a few blocks from the accident scene. His confessed to everything. But Anni` s day was ruined by the madman. With no car, Anni knew the following few days was going to be tough. Anni was very independent and enjoyed the freedom that her little Corsa gave her.

She consoled herself her trusted vehicle would be fixed soon. Jack had promised to take care of the repairs although promises from a madman were not exactly dependable, Anni reasoned.

Jack found himself drawn to this feisty young woman. She had a temper that could scare the hair off a lion. And it was cute how she curled her lips and narrowed her eyes when she was angry. Jack offered to rent a vehicle for Anni` s use until his friend, Big Earl who owned City Coach Works repaired her Corsa. Anni refused. Anni wanted nothing more than to inflict him great bodily harm. Two days after Christmas, Jack phoned Anni figuring she should be considerably calmed by then.

Time has a way of softening crisis of all kind. He was wrong. "Because of you, I have no car, my Christmas lunch was ruined and my whole life is ruined! Anni said. "Leave me alone." Anni slammed the phone in Jack` s ear for emphasis. Anni was in no mood to hear from Jack. Anni` s boyfriend Brian did not propose over Christmas.

Worse, Brian did not seem too concerned about Anni life and death ordeal. Anni dumped him on Christmas day. It seemed to her a very charitable gesture- charitable to herself. If her accident wasn't going to bring Brian to propose, he never will, Anni reasoned. If only she had her little Corsa back. Jack phoned the third day after Christmas: "Hi Anni, I am sorry for everything, can we&hellip." "Jack, why don't you go and hijack Santa` s sledge?" Anni hung up.

The more Jack got turned down, the guilty be felt and the more determined he became to make amends with Anni.

If only Anni would meet with him and sit down to a rational conversation, Jack figured. The next morning Jack sent Anni flowers with a card marked: "Sorry for ruining your life.

Please forgive me, Jack" "Women love flowers", Sofia the florist assured Jack. Sofia was an old family friend who believed anything worthwhile should be accompanied by flowers. Sofia was amused with Jack` s story of the accident and the fiery Anni. "Looks like you met your match my boy!" Sofia excitedly proclaimed. "Sofia` s flowers always does the trick," Sofia proudly assured Jack, hoping the bachelor will settle down.

Anni sounded like the perfect girl to tame Jack` s restless heart. Jack waited until that evening before phoning Anni. He hoped the time delay would be better and the flowers girl sits on toilet (pov tube porn do the trick.

"Hi Anni, how are you?" Jack started. "Hello Jack", Anni answered. "Did you receive the flowers?" Jack felt optimistic. The phone didn't go dead yet. "The dustman loved the flowers." Anni replied dryly. 'Can we talk…? Anni had already hung up. Jack arranged with Sofia for flowers to be sent for the rest of the week.

The woman is crazy, he figured. Still, he felt that he owed her an apology and there was the growing need to see Anni again. On a Friday morning, two weeks after the accident, the panel shop phoned Jack to inform him Anni` s Corsa was done and ready for delivery.

Big Earl, was a close friend of Jack and had given Jack a good deal on the repair to Anni` s vehicle. He was also amused with Jack` s situation. Jack never had any trouble with women. Big Earl, who was married with 2 children secretly envied Jack` s bachelor lifestyle.

"The woman is obviously unstable", Gig Earl offered. "When Anni sees the Corsa, things will look up", Big Earl confidently assured Jack.

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"Look man, I have no wish to jump her pants", Jack replied, "The woman is obviously a lesbian". Jack felt defeated. It reinforced his view that women were an alien species. "Just when you think you had them figured out, they throw you a curve ball", Jack said. "I know Sally for 5 years and I am still to figure her out man," Big Earl agreed.

Jack arranged for Big Earl to stop at Sofia` s for some flowers before delivering the vehicle to Anni. Friday night was a busy night for Jack at the Pizzeria. In addition, it was the second week in the new year and the Pizzeria was busy, hot and teeming with customers- children, adults, teenagers and holiday makers. From four in the afternoon, the phone was ringing off the hook as orders were placed for the evening meals. By 7 pm home deliveries were 15 minutes behind schedule.

This would continue till 10 pm. Then there were the seating customers that gathered pace in the restaurant for the evening meals. Jack regularly hired college kids to take the slack for his tired staff over weekends and over the holiday periods. But that night, there was no letting up. By 8 pm, Jack was forced to put on aprons and help out in the prep area. Soon he was covered in dough and flour as he managed the evening` s chaos like a experienced general in charge of his troops.

"Phone call Jack!" Jenny shouted above the noise in the kitchen. Jenny was Jack` s capable and trusted front manager- tall, with black hair that she always tied at the back and with boundless energy.

"Take a message Jen", Jack shouted back. Jack looked at his watch. It was 2030. In another hour or so, things will have cooled down a bit. "She says it` s an emergency!" Jenny called back. Reluctantly Jack took the call in his office where it was much quieter. He wasn't looking forward to an emergency to add to his evening` s chaos. "This is Jack." "Hi Jack. It's Anni" "Who.?" Jack didn't recognize the voice and was now irritated that he had to leave his busy kitchen. "Anni from the accident" Anni was trying to stay calm but was getting irritated that Jack did not remember ruining her life just a few days ago.

"You hijacked my Corsa," That should refresh his memory, she thought. "Yes. I` m sorry, of course Anni," it was the crazy woman. "Can you come over? I need to speak with you." Anni sounded a million miles away from his turbulent world just then. He looked out to the busy scene in the kitchen and restaurant floor.

A trainee waiter had just deposited a customer` s pasta on the kitchen floor. "Right now?" Jack asked and then immediately regretted opening his mouth. Now the phone will go dead. "Are you busy?" Anni asked.

Her voice sounded somehow different, almost calm. "No, of course not", Jack lied "Could you come over?" Anni sounded mysterious. He didn't recognize her tone.

He could see Jenny trying to calm a customer at the salad counter. "Was she setting me up? Maybe she wanted to break my legs and got some Nigerian goons to do this. Maybe she just wanted to talk? Maybe…&hellip."Jack ` s mind raced. "You do know the address don't you?" Anni said "Yes of course," Jack said. How could he forget? "I'll be there in 15 minutes," Jack said, now oblivious of the chaos around him. Jack grabbed his motorcycle helmet and headed for the front door, jostling with staff and customers.

"Jen, I have to step out", Jack shouted in Jenny` s ears, hoping she would not ask for an explanation. "Will you be okay?" "Sure Jack," Jenny said looking at Jack as if seeing him for the first time that evening.

"Is everything okay?" Jenny said. Jack looked like an emergency; he still had his apron over his civvies and he looked unsettled. "I don't` know yet." It was the truth. "Lock up if I don't make it back in time.

If you need me urgently, call my cell." Jack gave Jenny some more instructions on the staff paychecks. It was Christmas the next day and Jack had prepared bonuses for the staff. "Merry Christmas guys," Jack shouted over the noise of the kitchen and then left the pizzeria staff with puzzled looks on their faces. Jack got on his motorcycle and pulled into the sparse traffic of town. It was hot in the Pizzeria and it now felt good to feel the cool summer breeze on his skin.

It took him just 10 minutes to get to Anni` s apartment. When he pulled up to the parking in front of Anni` s building, he noticed Anni` s Corsa parked outside. Anni` s Corsa looked almost new and this had nothing to do with Big Earl` s abilities as a panel beater. He had not seen anything like it in his life! Anni` s white vehicle was filled with flowers of all shades, shapes and colors- adorned on the dash board, on the seats, on the floor and even under the glass hatch.

A pink ribbon decorated the vehicle much like a Christmas present is wrapped. He thought the florist had gone crazy. kannada villege xxx blue film will have to check with Sofia first thing Monday morning," Jack thought as he wondered what the bill was going to look like. A few flowers would have sufficed, he thought. Sofia was a big woman in her early sixties and would always demand a big bear hug from Jack.

Her florist shop and her husband were the two most important things in her life. "Jack you work too hard." Sofia would always remind Jack. "You have to make some time for family. You are going to get old and grumpy like your no-good uncle Fred." "Your mother will love some grandchildren" she would often admonish Jack.

It was difficult not to love Sofia even if she was unbearable at times. "Sofia was playing cupid again". Jack was sweet party chick hard fucked and sucking big cock convinced of Sofia` s handy work. Anni was a little unstable. While curious onlookers may admire the flower spectacle, it seemed a desperate act from a smitten lover, Jack figured. Jack knocked on Anni` s door on the second floor of the apartment building.

He looked around a little nervous- not knowing what to expect. Anni was a tough customer. She was also unpredictable. Jack was just getting used to being shouted at, then Anni` s phone call showed him a side of her that was different.

Could it be that she will finally put the accident behind her and they could perhaps become friends? Or worse…is her invitation an elaborate scheme to humiliate him and feed him to the dogs? Anni beautiful model is exposing her stretched soft snatch in closeup feeling guilty.

She had reasoned Jack was not such a psycho after all. He seemed genuinely sorry for his crazy stunt…and the flowers! After depositing the first two days` flowers in the trash, Anni was taken aback with the constant deliveries, day after day. She decided to keep the rest of the flowers. It seemed such a waste to throw them away. Nobody had given her flowers since her father on her graduation day. Anni relented and finally decided to invite Jack over. The fact that her little beloved Corsa was back also helped soften her mood.

She was glad she had her wheels back…and the flowers! She had never seen anything so impulsive and endearingly funny. "He is crazy for a mature guy," Anni said to Tania, her close friend utterly convinced.

Yet Anni was apprehensive meeting with Jack. She hardly knew him. He seemed old for a guy that gets up to stupid childish stunts, she decided. And his totally reckless behaviour was concerning, even if it was amusing afterwards and made for good story telling. Anni opened the door and the sight that greeted her was so funny that she couldn't help laughing. Standing in front of her was Jack. Jack the madman. Jack was dressed in a chef` s apron, covered in flour and tomato sauce.

His face was sweaty with stains of flour on his cheeks. The smell of dough and freshly baked bread was overpowering but oddly smelt good. The smell reminded her of her visits to the corner bakery where she often bought freshly baked rolls or French drumsticks.

Underneath the apron Jack had on jeans and a pair of takkies that was covered in flour dust. He seemed bigger than she remembered him from the accident. "What` s so funny?" Jack asked cautiously, oblivious to how he looked, expecting a flying can of beans to hit him at any time.

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"Hi Jack, Anni said. "You sure know how to make an entrance, don't you?" At his last entrance, Jack hijacked her car. Jack looked at himself and could now understand Anni` s laughter. "I'm sorry, I didn't have time to change and come over right away when you called" Jack said, feeling stupid but a little more at ease. Anni` s giggle lit up her pretty green eyes. He was not used to seeing this side of her. He could easily get used to that, he decided. Anni was dressed casually with a dark blue open neck button-down blouse and a pair of jeans.

Her feet were in open sandals. Her perfume was intoxicating. "Come inside" Anni said. "You look like you could use a cold one. Why don't you sit down and I'll get us something to drink". "Thanks, that will be great" Jack said, now feeling more comfortable. Jack looked around the open plan living area of the apartment. It was neat, modest yet tastefully decorated. It was a woman` s apartment. A single woman` s apartment.

"You like my new decorator?" Anni asked, handing over a chilled glass of white wine and settling in a padded wooden chair opposite Jack. "Ah Sofia` s flowers," Jack said smiling.

"I was running out of space to put them, and then I found another spot- my car!" Anni said smiling. Jack had an odd feeling in the pit of his stomach. "You shouldn't have gone to so much trouble", Anni was saying. "It must have cost you a small fortune, the jill kassidy and reena sky wanted to be fucked threesome and hardcore and then all the flowers." "Did you check the work on the Corsa?" Jack asked, hoping Anni was satisfied with the repair.

"It's unbelievable, Anni said. "Even the old scratches on the car has been removed". "Look Anni", Jack began, "I am really sorry I messed up your Christmas. I wasn't thinking straight.

When I saw my Bakkie going down the street without me, I lost it. I almost got you hurt too. Things could have been really bad." "I don't think you were thinking straight," Anni offered.

"I guess I wasn't thinking straight either". Anni recalled her struggling with Jack in the Corsa while he was giving chase. Jack pictured his beloved Bakkie all smashed up. He missed the vehicle as much as someone would miss a dog after it was killed in an accident. "I need to look around for another Bakkie", Jack said. "If it wasn't for your irrational behaviour, our vehicles would not have been damaged. But let's put everything behind us and let's be friends, right?" "My irrational behaviour!" Anni` s voice picked up.

"Do you call hijacking my car rational behaviour- behaviour that resembles rationality from a mature man?" "Look, I` m sorry if I messed up your life, it was not my intention for any of this to happen." Jack was now feeling uneasy again. Anni got up, her lips now turned into a thin line, her eyes narrowing and her nostrils flaring in controlled anger. "Yes, let's do that and start from all over" Anni said getting up.

"Lets pretend that you did not ruin my Christmas," Anni said now beginning to get upset. Before Jack could react, Anni threw a flower bouquet at him. She was angry now. Just when she thought Jack had some redeeming qualities, he goes and insults her again. He seemed nice- for a brief moment. "Let` s pretend you didn't almost get me killed!" Another bouquet took flight at Jack` s head. "Let` s pretend that I had a vehicle for Christmas!" A bouquet of red carnations took flight.

Jack ducked and danced as Sofia` s flowers came towards him in quick succession. "What did I say?" Jack was confused.

"I am sorry. I am sorry!" Jack repeated. "God, she looks so tattooed and horny kleio valentien fucks eric mastersons huge cock beautiful when she` s angry." Jack couldn't help notice. "I invite you over for dinner, which took me 2 hours to prepare and you insult me!" Anni let rip with another bouquet- this time white carnations. Sofia` s flowers were now being used to decorate the wooden living room floor as Anni dispensed with the floral arrangements.

Jack was flabbergasted. "Are you out of your mind?" he asked without expecting a reply. Jack took a knock to the head from a flying vase filled with red roses.

He stumbled and fell to the ground, hands on his head. "Oh my God, I killed him", Anni ran over to Jack. Flashes of a hospital emergency room went through her head. "Jack are you okay? She was leaning over Jack.

Anni could see a cut just above Jack` s eyebrow. It started to bleed. Anni was now panicking. "Oh God, I've killed him," she thought. "Jack please say something!" Anni said. "Jack please talk……?" In one swift movement, Jack grabbed hold of Anni` s arms and pulled her to hot and horny karen wood outdoor masturbating. Anni fell on top of Jack on the carpet.

"Will you shut up" Jack said and kissed Anni. Anni banged her fists against Jack` s big chest and tried to untangle herself from his iron grip. Jack held Anni close to her chest crushing her lips. She struggled and tried to break free. "You drive me nuts!" Jack hissed. "Let me go", Anni was still struggling "Are you going to behave?" Jack asked. "Yes. Now let me go!" Anni wasn't very convincing. Jack eased his grip on Anni. Anni took a swing at Jack. She slapped him square on the cheek.

"Goddamn Tiger!" Jack` s face stung. He rolled her on her back and with his weight, held her down. Then he kissed Anni again, forcefully. They were both breathing heavily. Anni struggled with all her energy but Jack was 95 kilograms heavy and was now determined to tame this feisty tiger, if it was the last thing he did before ending up in jail.

Slapping Jack was very satisfying. Anni` s emotions seem to be in conflict; she detested Jack for dominating her, yet this also ignited a deep lust for him. "Damn, he smells good." Anni mind raced and her nostrils flared, his smell overpowering her.

The smell of bread rolls and pizza seems to trigger a wonderfully sensual space in her psyche, intoxicating and overwhelming her senses. Her rational side was screaming: "He` s not your type!" He was unkempt, smelt of pizza instead of Armani, hardly had any hair on his head, was old enough to her father, was reckless, a bully, had no career, had no manners&hellip.

But despite herself, Anni emotional senses were on a rollercoaster ride to sensory overload and… her pussy was sopping wet. "This cant be happening!" Anni shivered as she felt his stubble on the soft of her neck. She was never aroused like this before. Her fists relented from wanting to knock Jack senseless into wanting to feel his skin, touch him, and lick his sweat-covered body.

Jack looked at Anni under him. All he wanted at that moment was to penetrate her. Her breasts were heaving. He wanted her badly, more than anything he ever wanted in his life. Anni ripped at the baker` s apron with such force that the buttons popped. She sucked on Jack` s nipples, slipping her hands over his bare, hairy chest. This took Jack by surprise and he eased up, loosening his grip and held Anni` s head in his hands.

Her mouth felt great on his skin. In a swift motion Anni pushed Jack on his back and attacked his pants, ripping it to his ankles with lightening speed. Within seconds Anni held Jack` s throbbing cock in her soft yet strong hands. She took his balls in her mouth, one by one and savored the sweaty and musky taste. Then she slowly took his cock in her mouth all the way to the back of her throat, almost wanting to swallow him whole.

She held him deep inside her mouth and at same time flicked her tongue at the bottom of his soaked cock. Jack stroked Anni` s hair with both hands, his mind numb with desire. Soon Anni was slowly fucking Jack with her mouth until spittle was dropping on his balls. Jack was never a quick ejaculator, but with Anni` s soft and wet mouth on his cock, he seem to loose all self control. He was going to come very quickly and killer body and beautiful summer day hardcore and outdoor loudly.

Anni felt Jack` s cock swell in her mouth. She took her middle finger and coated it with her spittle that dropped on Jack` s balls. In one swift motion Anni plunged her finger in Jack` s rectum, all the way in. It was as if a light bulb went off in Jack` s head. "Fucking bitch!" Jack wailed. Anni looked lustfully in Jack` s eyes, stroking his cock with one hand and with the other hand fucked Jack` s ass.

"Yes baby, come, come&hellip.", Anni was possessed with lust and desire. While she wanted to make Jack cum, she also had the uncontrollable desire to inflict him pain. "Fucking yessssssss!" Jack screamed as his mind lit up with a thousand flashbulbs and his cock exploded. Ropes of cum splashed on Anni face as she furiously hand fucked Jack` s cock and ass. There was cum everywhere- on Anni` s face, on the wooden floor and on Jack` s stomach.

Jack skinny schoolgirl has her tight muff plowed pornstars cumshots heaving like a marathon runner. He rested his head on the wooded floor gasping for breath. He never came as quick is he did that night. Anni held up the finger that was just in Jack` s ass; "That was for ruining my Christmas", Anni said and slowly sucked on the finger, tasting Jack` s ass. Jack had never seen such an erotic sight in his life.

"Come here," He pulled Anni to him and she fell on his chest heavily. He crushed Anni` s lips and explored her mouth with his tongue.