Sexy sex takes place on a soft couch hardcore and blowjob

Sexy sex takes place on a soft couch hardcore and blowjob
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One Big Happy Family Chapter One By Dunchad He sat in his friend Max's car just down the street from his house. He had suspected that there was something odd going on with his mother. His parent's hadn't really been close for about 3 years now, but stayed together brunette crack whore sucking dick and fucked doggystyle pov of his father's job. He knew that his father slept in the spare room most of the time and rarely came home anymore.

He even thought that his father may have an apartment and even another woman living with him there, but he didn't really care. His name was Seth and he loved his mother dearly and only wanted her to be happy, but he had to know where she was going and what she was doing.

He couldn't bare it if she was seeing someone else. His sister Margo felt the same way, they could care less if they're father cheated, in fact could make life easier for they're mother if they could convince her to divorce him.

So here Seth sat waiting. He had figured out that every Thursday his mother would go out and she told them she was going to the gym to workout. She would take her bag and always came home after 2 or 3 hours and her hair was usually still wet. That is what keyed Margo, see she went to the same gym as they're mother and showered there as well, but her hair usually dried before getting home. So they were thinking she was seeing someone else, and that person lived closer then the gym.

Just as Seth thought that maybe she had caught on, he saw her walk out of the house look around then climb into her car.

His mother was a sight to behold. Not too tall, about 5 foot 4 inches, long brown hair, bright blue eyes that almost always glowed, and fairly trim body. Her breasts showed that she had 2 children, nice and firm and bold, but sagged a little from what Seth could tell when she wore a bathing suit that did not give support to her 36D breasts. Just thinking of his mother caused stiffness in his shorts that always embarrassed him.

In fact one day while beside the pool his mother bent over while helping him to clean it and he got so hard that he couldn't hide it. When his mother turned around and saw she only smiled and patted his erection and walked away.

He almost exploded with her touch and ever since that day he has black cock 10 boys 1 girl it again. She backed out of the driveway and pulled away. Seth waited a few minutes then followed behind her.

He tried to stay back a safe distance like they did in the movies and TV hoping she would not notice. But he had to keep her in sight. As they drove, he realized they were going in the direction of his grandfather's house. He thought that was odd if that is where his mother went every week.

Sure enough a few minutes later she pulled onto his grandfather's street. He drove past and circled around by going to the next block and then came up the street and parked a few houses down hoping she wouldn't notice the same car in the neighborhood.

He saw his mother enter the house just as he pulled in. Seth waited thinking maybe she was only visiting. But after about 15 minutes he decided to take a look. After all, if they saw him he would simply say he was here to visit his grandpa for a while.

Slowly Seth walked up to the house. He didn't know why, but he felt he needed to do so. He got to the front porch, which was the length of the front of the house he looked in the windows and didn't see them in the living room or the dining room. He walked to the back of the house and looked in what windows he could and didn't see them. As he walked past his grandfather's bedroom he heard them. He stopped and looked up to the window and couldn't see in.

The window was open a little so he could hear them talking. And he about jumped out of his skin at what he heard. "My darling little girl, you have always been so willing to please your old father. What would I have done these last few years without you? And you are just as beautiful now as the first day you revealed your passion to me. I am so proud of you." Said Seth's grandfather. Then he heard his mother moan out, and he didn't think it was from a hug or anything else.

He looked around the backyard to find something to stand up on. From the window he heard more moaning and some crying out too. But the crying out sounded like what he heard in the porno's that he downloaded from the Internet.

Finally he found a bucket and wheelbarrow in the far corner. He quickly grabbed both and wheeled them under the window to look inside. When he peered in he almost fell off the wheelbarrow.

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His grandfather was fucking his mother, and she seemed to be enjoying it too. He wanted to look away, but he couldn't. The scene was perverse, but at the same time it was so erotic and felt that all too familiar urge in his pants.

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His cock grew and pressed against his shorts and almost seemed to want to break free. He watched his grandfather expertly move his mother into a position where he could push his cock deep into her pussy.

From where Seth stood spying on them he could see the scene clearly.

His mother's pussy was wet and he could even hear how wet she was from the window. His grandfather's cock slide in and out easily enough, and he could tell that grandpa knew what he was doing and was hitting the right spot.

Then he heard his mother scream and her legs wrapped around grandpa and held him still for a few minutes, as she orgasmed like Seth had never seen before. Her back was arched and she was pushing onto her father with her whole body and he could see all the muscles in her legs and stomach tightened. No wonder she called this a workout. As her climax ended, grandpa started to plow into her again.

This time he grabbed her legs and held them up to his chest and slammed his large, fat cock deep into her pussy. By this time Seth had his own cock out and was stroking as he heard his mother curse and swear and use vulgarity that he would never imagine come from her mouth.

She was calling her father all kinds of perverse names and it seemed to only excite him further. Finally Seth watched as his grandfather pulled his cock free from his daughter and shoots his seed all over her taught stomach. She was bathed in the milky white fluid and she was screaming and twitching on the bed below her father.

Seth didn't even realize that he had ejaculated as well. His cock was still hard and he only noticed his own seed sliding down the dark siding of his grandfather's house. He stood there as he grandfather lay down on top of his daughter and hugged her close and kissed her in a non-fatherly way. Seth could not believe what he was seeing. Then his mother wiggled out from under her father and lowered herself onto the floor and took her father's still hard cock into her mouth and started to suck on it like a real porn star.

She was moaning and licking and then she started to stroke his cock and play with his balls. Seth could hear his grandfather moan and groan in pleasure and he was jealous that he was not getting the same kind of attention.

After a few more minutes of this expert work, her father ejaculated again, this time all over her face and onto her breasts. She used the head of his cock to wipe the sperm around her face and then into her mouth.

She also used it to work the sperm into her nipples as she then had another orgasm from the attentions she gave her nipples.

At this point Seth climbed down and returned the wheelbarrow to the corner and quietly left his grandfather's house and returned to Max's car. He sat there, his cock still hard, but he was too shocked to do anything else with it at this time.

He waited and sure enough about 30 minutes later his mother walked out of the house, her hair damp and in her change of clothes. He knew she was going home so he just sat in the car. After he knew she was gone long enough, he got out and went back to his grandfather's house and knocked on the front door.

As his grandfather answered they meet eye to eye and they each knew that the family secret was now found out. Seth looked his grandfather in the eyes until his grandpa looked away in shame. Seth stepped into the house and heard the door close behind him. He turned on his grandfather, tears sliding down his face, "How long and why?" Was all that Seth could get out! His grandfather sat in his favorite chair and waited for Seth to sit down as well.

"My son, I have been having sex with your mother for almost 12 years now. It started shortly after your gram's death. I was sitting in this house wasting away from depression.

Your mother came over one day and was talking to me. She was telling me how much she loved me and how worried she was about me. I just remember looking at her and seeing the lust in her eyes and something inside of me snapped. "From that moment on I have been babe masha gets fucked by bfs hung buddy your mother every week that she can come over.

We are both consenting, no one is being forced and we are both enjoying ourselves. And I never ejaculate inside of your mother, well unless she begs for it in her mouth. Otherwise it is always on her, that way there is no risk of pregnancy or anything else. I am so sorry you found out Seth, she just couldn't keep hiding her feelings and your father never paid attention to her after you and your sister were born. So your mother was sexually frustrated for several years before she finally admitted her feelings to me.

"I can understand if you hate me right now. In fact at this point I am not sure how I feel. I never thought that we would be discovered and if so certainly not by you." His grandfather finished and he could see the shame and worry on his face.

Seth knew that he could not be mad, hell he himself wanted to have sex with his own mother. And if she felt that way about her own father, maybe she would allow him to have sex with her as well. He looked at his grandpa, honey allows to play with her holes hardcore and massage up and walked over to him and gave him a big hug.

"Grandpa… I am not mad. I am confused and honestly, jealous. I have been lusting after my mother for several months now.

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I followed her today because I thought she was having an affair. I never thought she was having it with you. But I guess it is better then a complete stranger.

At least you already love her and us and don't want to destroy our family. I guess I just need to except this and move forward. Can I ask you one question though grandpa?" His grandfather smiled up at his grandson, respect and compassion in his eyes for the young man.

"Anything my boy, just ask." Seth blushed, "Is Mom really good at pleasing you? Because from what I saw, she was like a porn star." Laughter filled the house and his grandfather smiled at him, "Yeah boy she is better then any porn star that I have ever watched, and trust me I still watch them too.

But you can't tell anyone about this ever, please. And if you want your mother as badly as you say you do, then we need to figure out how to tell her you know and you want her as well. Because if you don't do it just right well, it could backfire on all of us. Does hawt lovely babe pretty widens homemade and hardcore sister suspect anything?" Seth nodded his head and smiled.

"Yeah she thinks that Mom is having an affair, but not with you. She also wants Mom as well. I guess we are one big perverted family huh?" Gramps smiled and nodded his head. "Yeah I guess we are. Well, let me think on things for a couple of days. Bring your sister over here Sunday afternoon.

I know your Mom mentioned she has some luncheon she has to attend for your father. Then the three of us can talk this out and see what we can figure out for you poor perverted children." Grandpa squeezed Seth hard in his hug and released him and smiled again. He was proud of his family, and now he had a feeling things were about to change for the better for everyone. He may even get to have sex with his granddaughter now. He felt a stirring in his crouch as he walked Seth to the door.

Seth went to Max's car and drove to Max's house to get his own car. He drove home thinking of what he had seen today and felt his cock get hard once again. He just had to tell Margo even though he promised Gramps he wouldn't. What would she say and how would she react. He couldn't wait to get home to find out.