Brother sister porn sex stories in ebony audio

Brother sister porn sex stories in ebony audio
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As far back as I can remember, its been me and my dad, Ayden. I know he and my mom had me when they were very young. Mom didn't stick around. She left when I was two.

Dad took care of me ever since then; and I still haven't heard from my mother. I'm now seventeen. My relationship with my father has always been that of friendship.

He never really disciplined me like a 'normal' dad. I guess that's the price he paid for having me at the age he did. Dad never dated all while I was growing up. I found it strange, but I accepted it.

Sometimes I would catch him with a huge boner.

Or I'd check the history on the home computer, looking at the same porn sites he did. It always got me hot. I don't know why. I never looked at dad that way, and he always hid it well. I asked him about sexual things and he would answer me honest and truthfully. He pulled out diagrams once and explained it in explicit detail. I was never once uncomfortable when he would do this. In fact I found it slightly arousing. Last year on my birthday, he asked me what I wanted. I explained to him that for some time I had wanted to get my nipples pierced.

He was very silent when I was talking, but he listened. We discussed it and he agreed. I was surprised, I'd never thought my dad would allow it. But he was always full of surprises. A few days later he took me to a tattoo shop.

When we walked in the door, the man behind the counter greeted him like he had known him for ages. "Ayden! You finally made step sister cheat behind mom I was beginning to get worried." The bulky man grabbed my father in a hug.

My dad laughed, "Oh Matt, you know I would never miss an appointment." Dad turned to me and explained, "I made an appointment for you as well, to get your nipples pierced." I looked at the burly man behind my father, eyeing him up. To be honest he intimidated me. He caught me staring and started to chuckle, "Don't worry, chica, I'm not the one doing the piercing, Nissa, will get you all straightened out." A bouncy little woman appeared from a back room.

"Speak of the devil," my father laughed. "Ayden!" She squealed. "Hey Nissa." She turned to me, "This must be the lovely Honey." I smiled nervously, "That's me." "Ya wanna follow me?" She asked. I nodded, and she took my hand. I looked back at dad as he smiled and nodded me to follow. She opened the same door that she had come from.

It looked like a doctors office. Clean and sterile. We chatted for a little bit, then she pierced my nipples, it hurt like a motherfucker. I asked her what my dad was doing. She explained to me that every year at this exact time he comes in to add a flower to his tattoo.

Apparently it symbolized me. And every flower that he added, was for every year that I was alive. I cried when she told me. Nobody had ever done anything so moving.

And I had never even seen his tattoo. I had never seen him shirtless. I was going to remedy that. That night I told him what Nissa said. He showed me. Again I was moved to tears. It was so beautiful. I also noticed his chest and back during that moment.

They were rock solid, the muscles rolling deep. He was beautiful. I had never looked at my father that way; but in that moment I was hypnotized. I offered to show him my piercing, but he refused, saying that they were for me to enjoy. After I healed up, I sure did enjoy them. I went to my dad one day, telling him candy may removes her panties to give handjob to bbc (handjob linger tube porn I was horny, and my fingers weren't doing the trick anymore.

He again was silent. He went out for a little while after that conversation. I was watching TV when he returned, smiling like a fool. Later that night I discovered why. He had bought me my first dildo.

It was small and silver. And I use it almost every day. Until today that is. Two weeks ago it was my birthday, and dad went and got another flower added to the tree. I knew I needed to do something special for him. He had gone out to get some Thai food at my request. There was only one place in town that sold it.

And it was all the way across town. It would take him at least an hour. I turned off all the lights in the house, save for the hall. I tacked silver streamers to the wall, leading to his bedroom. I lit a massive amount of candles and turned down the sheets. I had switched them to silk.

I had always loved the way silk felt against my naked skin. I looked at the clock realizing he should be home at any minute. I turned to the mirror and gave myself the once over. I looked pretty damn hot. My golden hair flowing down my back.

I was wearing next to nothing, but a see-through teddy, and a skimpy lace thong. I heard the front door open. I sat quickly in the large wing back chair that was situated in the corner of his room facing away from the door.

I had purposefully left his joining master bathroom light on, and the door just a crack so he would think I was in there. I heard him place the food down and walk down the hallway.

"Honey?" he called. I remained silent, my heart pounding in my chest. "Honey? Where are you?" He entered the bedroom. He turned toward the sardar ji sex stories sexi vodeo, "Honey?" His voice was softer, as if not to startle me. I had moved to the door and shut it quickly. He spun around on his heel. His eyes popping wide. "Hon-" but my name caught in his throat. "I need you," I whispered, my voice quivered with want.

I could feel his eye roam over my form. It made me feel powerful, sexy…wanted. "It's not right," his voice hoarse in the dim light. I moved toward him, "It's right that we love each other." I stood before him waiting. He tentatively reached out his hand and stroked my breast. I felt an electric tingle run through me. I shuddered. His thumb brushed the metal on my nipple. Causing me to moan.

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"So that's what they look like," he mumbled to himself. I touched his chin. His eyes focused on mine. It was as if we were communicating silently. He raised his hand to my shoulder, pushing aside the thin strap that held up the night gown. "Beautiful," he whispered, stepping closer, I could feel his heat, and his arousal. My arms swung around and grasped his shoulders as an orgasm ripped through me.

How he could do that to me with just barely a touch and a word, I had no idea. The nightgown fell to my feet as he pushed me toward the bed.

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His mouth crashed to mine, his tongue tentatively searching for mine. I opened my mouth wide and let him take. His sweet spit mixing with mine, making my head spin. I moaned into his mouth and he swallowed it with a groan. My thin panties were dripping with my arousal. I felt my knees hit the back of the mattress. I fell down, landing on the soft down comforter.

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My father towered over me, before sinking next to me. He placed his large hands on my breasts, rolling them and pushing them together gently.

My body was on fire. I watched as his head slowly went toward them. I felt his hot breath on my tight nipples. Lick. I yelped as another orgasm shot through my core. His mouth latched on to me. Sucking at first gently then more roughly. I was moaning in ecstasy. I had never felt anything like this. All of a sudden he slid off the bed and was between my legs. I moaned, and he reciprocated. I felt him pull down my panties.

I was exposed to him. And it felt right. Oh so right. His hands were fire as they spread my lower lips. I could feel his hot breath on me. I was going to burn, but it was the most blissful burn ever. "You smell so sweet," my father groaned.

My legs turned to mush. I felt his finger trace my slit lightly.

It took all my might not to scream out. Then it was his hot tongue. I did scream out. The sensation was so new, so powerful, I couldn't hold in my pleasure. First it was long licks, his tongue flattened against my flesh. Then rapid little flicks up and down. I could feel his tongue enter me several times. He was fucking me with his tongue. I raised my hips, grinding myself to his face. He pushed his fingers into elder step sister lose bet so teach him pussy.

I squirmed, feeling elated. His lips attached to my clit, and he started sucking. My head thrashed side to side as his deliriously sweet assault continued. "God, don't stop!" I moaned. He shook his head, creating new sensations and vibrations. Then he curled his fingers. That was new. I screamed, my hips raising off the bed in one of the most mind blowing orgasms I'd ever had. As I floated back down to earth, I realized my father was still dressed. I sat up, beckoning him to come near me.

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He stood, and I went to work on getting his pants off. "Honey," he tried to stop me. I looked up at him, "I can't stop Daddy, I need this…I need you." With that he ripped off his shirt as I divested him of his pants and briefs.

His cock sprung free, right before my face. He was beautiful all the way around. He must have been seven or eight inches, but his girth, suddenly I wasn't sure if he'd fit. His purple head was gleaming with pre cum in the candle light.

I couldn't resist, I had to have a taste. I groaned, his flavor was so unique, I could definitely get used to that. He grabbed my hair as Chap fucks with a breasty adorable chick naturaltits hardcore started to suck him.

His grunts turning the heat up in my body. I rolled his ball sack in my hands. They were soft, kind of like putty, but the sounds that I could get from him. Holy fuck. I stopped. He looked down at me as I scooted across the bed. Fully naked, all for him. "Please," I begged as I spread my legs. He sensational love tunnel slamming hardcore and blowjob torn for a moment, but then slowly crawled across the bed.

He kissed me, slow and sensuous. He was a lover. Everything that I had ever wanted. Slowly he let his weight come on to me. It was heavenly, I could feel his heart beat, a rapid thump, thump, thump. I maneuvered myself so that his cock was against my pussy. He hissed as did I when our bodies connected.

He looked up into my face, "Are you sure about this?" I nodded. "There's no coming back if we do this," he warned. "Please," I begged, "You're the only man I want to be with." He started to kiss my jaw slowly. Nipping at my ear, before asking, "Have you ever had sex before?" I shook my head. "I can't take your virginity, I can't make you bleed." He started to pull up. "Wait! I accidentally popped my cherry with the dildo you gave me!" I all but yelled. He looked at me curiously, before smirking.

"Well it's a good thing I got you that then huh? "Oh yeah," I purred as he positioned himself at my entrance. "I love you," he whispered as he entered me swiftly.

I groaned. I was so full. I could feel the rapid heavy beat of his heart through his cock, it pulsed every time. Slowly he pulled out, and submerged himself again. In, out, in, out, in, out. We rocked this way for a while. The ridge of his penis rubbing against that sensitive spot inside of me.

I could feel my orgasm building. It wasn't like the other. This one was slow, building momentum and strength with every brush of his cock. My dad started panting and grunting.

I knew he was close. I had seen it when he'd jerked off in private, at least he thought it was private. He brought his hand down to my clit, igniting and making my orgasm come that much faster.

"I don't…think…I can hold…out much…longer," he grunted. "I'm almost there," I panted. His swirling fingers reversed and started rubbing me furiously.

That's what did me in. My orgasm shredded me. My pussy walls spasmed and clenched around his cock. I cried out, clawing his back and trying to focus on the reality that I had just come from. My father had made love to me, and had giving me the most mind blowing, orgasm a girl could ever ask for. I heard him grunt my name before I felt him pulsating within me. I felt his hot cream fill me and slide down my cheeks as he continued to pump in and out of me.

He slowed, my orgasm was disappearing quickly, and I wished it could've gone on forever. He pulled out of me. I whimpered at the loss of him.

He remedied that by kissing me passionately. At that moment I fell in love with my father. For he was no longer my father, but my lover. I fell asleep in his arms content, and blissfully happy. When I woke up in the morning he was on his side, his hand holding his head up.

His other hand twirling my hair in his fingers. His eyes were filled with the most passionate love I had ever seen. I grinned like a fool, but I felt lighthearted and happy. "Good morning," his husky voice sent chills down my spine.

"Morning," I leaned up to kiss him. "It is indeed," he murmured, pressing his arousal against me. I moaned. The shrill ring of our house bell scared us both.

I looked over to the night stand to see that it was ten o'clock in the morning. But it was the weekendso nobody should have been bothering us. "I'll get it," I murmured against his soft lips.

He nodded as I got out of bed, slipping on his shirt and my soiled panties. I walked down the hall to the door. I noticed that the Thai food was still on the table. I giggled to myself at how consumed we had been the night before. I opened the door. A woman was there, she looked vaguely familiar. "Hello, Honey." My stomach crashed to my knees.

It was my mother…