Blonde blue bikini xxx best pals sleeping together

Blonde blue bikini xxx best pals sleeping together
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Story revised, I lost access to the first account so I am posting all of my stories again. Summer had just finished when I started taking afternoon classes at the local community college.

I didn't have a car so I took the bus to and from school everyday. My parents helped me get an apartment so that I won't have to commute too far to get to school. About a few months into school everything was going good, my grades were where they should be and I understood all my classes and the instructors only made it easier for me to get through the semester.

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One afternoon I was on the bus waiting for the driver to pull off when two beautiful Hispanic girls came on the bus and sat two seats in-front of me, they both had long black hair, clear smooth skin with pink juicy lips. They were both dressed in scrub uniforms but even through the scrubs I was able to see one of them had some really big boobs and the other one an unbelievably big booty and the hips to match.

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I taught to myself "what would they look like in a two piece bikini at the beach". I've seen a lot of girls at school some big, small and in between but none of them had an ass like that or even close. They were talking Spanish so I couldn't understand what they were saying but just from the way they were moving there body and reacting from what the other said I bet it was pretty interesting. We got off at the same bus stop and I was even more surprised to see they were going to the same school as I did.

I enjoyed watching them walk in-front of me as they walked across the parking lot and into the main entry. About two weeks went by before one of the girls noticed me checking them out every time they got on the bus and she turned and said hi to me, it was the one with the nice big booty and pretty smile. The next day her friend didn't make it to school so it was only her and when she got on the bus she smiled when she saw me and came and sat in the seat right in front of me and we started raunchy oral service with strippers lesbian college. She told me that her name was Mariebel and her friends name was Liz and the two of them were from Puerto Rico.

I introduced myself as Johnny and we kept on talking till we got to school. She admitted she noticed me from the first day but didn't say anything because she was dating her friend's cousin before he went to prison. One thing led to another and we started dating and her friend started being cool with it after awhile. We were on our way home from school one day when she told me she would like for me to meet her parents and I was like sure.

Just before we got to her house she told me her parents didn't speak much English just enough to understand a few things. I told her as long as you don't go too far then it shouldn't be a problem. I met her dad first and he was your typical dad, serious looking and a tight hand shake with little to say, luckily he was leaving for work when we got their because it would of bin pretty awkward trying to make small talk with someone that didn't.

He went out the back door to his car and off to work he went, Mariebel went to peep to see if he had left yet and when he did she came up to me and we started kissing, she immediately put her tongue in my mouth and I put my nikki bell daddys secret masturbation and smalltits around her and grabbed both ass cheeks and they were so soft I felt my member starting to move in my jeans.

She pulled away and whispered in my ear "I want you so bad, its bin too long and I am so horny right now". Before I could even respond I heard foot steps upstairs and we both looked up. She had a look of frustration on her face and said "that's my mom and she coming downstairs now" I still hadn't let go of her butt when she tried to step back and then I realized what she said and let go.

When she stepped back she looked at me smiling "you like that ass don't yah" I smiled back and said "I never felt anything that nice and soft before" "I want you to do more then just grabbing it" with a smile on her face I was just about to asked what did she mean by that when a voice yelled out "Mariebel is that you hun?" "Yes momma it me" she was just about to say and.

when her mom came around the corner with only a nightgown on and her birthday suit underneath, her mom was even more voluptuous then her I could see her big boobs and nipples with ease. She must have caught me checking her out when Mariebel said "momma this is Johnny from school that I was telling you about" I looked up just in time to see her hand coming towards me when she said "hi Johnny, I'm Monica" I responded "nice to meet you maam" She smiled and then she turned to Mariebel and said "hunny can you make me some coffee" Mariebel said "sure momma" "I'll be right back Johnny" I nodded my head ok.

Her mom walked pass me and I saw just where Mariebel got her booty from. Monica said "Johnny please have a seat and relax" while she walked pass. I took a seat in the dining room where we were standing. I could here them speaking Spanish in the kitchen and from what lil bit of spanish I learned in high school I was able to understand Mariebel saying no he didn't speak Spanish.

Mariebel's mom looked to be about 5'-2" at the most just a few inches shorted then her. She was very beautiful also and the body to match from what I could make out through the nightgown. Mariebel finished what she was doing then said something to her mom in Spanish while she was leaving the kitchen, she grabbed my hand and led me to the livingroom and told me to have a seat.

I sat while she turned on the tv, before she sat she took off her scub shirt and when she lifted her arms to pull it over her head I noticed she wasn't wearing a bra and I could see her dark nipples through the vest she was wearing. She sat next to me and I told her how good she looked out of uniform and she just smiled. She put her leg up on mind and laid back. "my mom said your really cute and she's happy for me" I smiled with relief, she then went on to say "she saw you checking her out and how much she was blushing" I must of turned red because she started laughing pointing to my face "your blushing too" I figured since she was straight with me then its only fair that I be too "your mom looks really good for her age, but I was really shock to see her dressed like that" "your lucky she didn't come down naked like she usually does" Mariebel responded "I would of liked that" I said to myself.

Mariebel went on to say "he's not my birth dad, just some guy that asked my mom to marry him so that he could get his papers and be able to live here in the US, so they've bin living together for the past 10 years ever since.

He's bin in my life so long I've grown to calling him my dad" The radio in the kitchen was turned on and I could hear her mom singing along. "So" Mariebel said "where were we" as she moved my hand down the inside of her leg, she lift up her butt and started to take off her pants when I stopped her and said "but your mom is right there in the kitchen" Mariebel said "she wouldn't mind, I think she would even like to watch" I didn't know how to respond to that comment, deep down I would like to get the two of them together right then but I still was trying to make a good impression.

"I got her a dildo for her birthday last month because she told me they haven't had sex in almost two years and that is why she walks around the house like that" "Then why are they still together" I asked "Because of his job and we wouldn't be able to survive without him paying the bills" Mariebel explained. "Ok" was all I got to say before she climbed up on me and we started making out again. I went along with it even though I don't thing I had a choice.

With her pants half way down her thighs I was able to grab and squeeze her ass again, it felt even better without the pants on. I started moving my fingers in under her panty and she let out a small moan sound when I did. I took one hand and lifted her panty and moved the other hand inside, I took my middle finger and started moving it down from the top of her ass crack but when I tried to go pass her butt hole she let out a moan.

I stopped when she moaned and my finger slipped in her ass hole with ease, all the way up to the first knuckle. I wasn't sure if I should keep going until Mariebel whispered in my ear "Don't stop, you found my secret spot. I love it in my ass" I pushed my finger in a little further with no resistance up to the second knuckle. I taught to myself "shouldn't this be a lot tighter then this" I was finger fucking her butt hole and she's loving it, so I got bold and added another finger and to my surprise she started moving her hips back to meet my fingers.

I was so turned on I was about to burst out of my pants so I let go of her panty and started un-buckling my pants to help relieve myself.

I kept on finger fucking her ass then I hear those magic words. Mariebel begged me for one more finger and I was happy to give it to her. When I was able to get the third finger in her ass Mariebel grabbed me by my neck and she started shaking and moaning wildly I knew she was about to have an orgasm so I took my other hand and reached under her and moved her panty to the side and put two fingers into her soaking wet pussy, just then she started cumming on my fingers, it was so much it was running down my wrist.

Mariebel took a few seconds to catch herself before she said "I needed that, its bin way too long" I almost came on myself from all of the excitement.

Mariebel loosed the grip she had on my neck and said "now its your turn babe" she climbed down off of me and pulled down my pants and got down on her knees in-front of me so I opened my legs and let her in. Mariebel started stroking my shaft and licking off all the pre cum from my head. I could tell this wasn't her first time giving a blow job and she went to work. I leaned back on the sofa and put one hand on her head to move her hair out of the way so that I can enjoy the show going on in-front of me.

I've gotten my dick sucked before but never this good, I heard of the term deep throat but didn't understand why some of my friends would talk about how good it felt until Mariebel swallowed my whole dick all the way down to my nuts.

That felt so good I leaned my head back into the sofa in enjoyment, I held her head down while I savored the moment. Mariebel kept going up and down on my shaft like the pro she was, my head was spinning. I turned my head to the side and saw her mom in the kitchen with her dress open down the middle and she was rubbing her pussy with one hand and the other hand squeezing her boobs.

I would have sworn she was moving her tongue in a way motioning me to come, when I noticed what she was doing I immediately lost it and grabbed Mariebel's head and cum'd streams of sperm in her mouth nicky cheeks deep throats dick gets fucked doggystyle must see (pt 2 tube porn even heard myself moan out load. I turned and saw Mariebel licking webcam redhead girl more videos on sexycamsorg all my cum that squirted out on the side.

I had never cum like that before it was beyond amazing. I looked back in the kitchen but her mom had already moved. Mariebel got up and grabbed my hand and said "come on lets go upstairs, now I need you to really fuck me" I followed her as she lead me up the steps to her room. Her room was at the top of the stairs and the door was open. Mariebel closed the door after I got in and when I turned she was already getting naked.

asa loves mr marcus interracial asa akira taking you so long to get them clothes off, would you like some help" "Sure" I said while I took off my shirt and undid my sneakers. Mariebel pulled down my pants and pushed me towards the bed and down to sit on the edge.

I helped her pull my pants off then she threw them to the side. "I see I need to help get him up again" Mariebel said as she started sucking my dick, it didn't take long for me to get another erection at full attention. I sat on the edge of the bed enjoying the second best blowjob ever as I held her head with my hand as she was bobbing up and down. I had to return the favor, I laid back on the bed and said "come on babe let me taste some of that Spanish couchy" Mariebel got up and climbed up on the bed and sat on my face then leaned forward and kept sucking my dick.

She was so wet that every time I licked her pussy I could feel her juices running down my tongue, I spread her butt cheeks and started licking her butt hole and pussy at the same time. She started moaning like crazy every time I licked her butt hole. I got bold and stuck my tongue in her butt opening and I heard her gag when I did that.

This position felt way better and made it easier for her to deep throat me. I had to stop her because if she kept on I was going to cum in her mouth not that she would mind. Mariebel got off my face which was by now wet with her cum juices and sat on my cock and let out a small moan and raised her head to the ceiling in relief, then she started ridding in a slow riddim as she got a lil faster.

When I smacked her booty she would cry out "yes babe, spank me again" I was happy to help. Mariebel went quiet and started shaking then she slowed down and from the look on her face I could tell she was having an orgasm, but when I felt it running down the inside of my leg I knew it was more then just an orgasm.

"She's a squirter" I said to myself. A few seconds later she started ridding again. This time she leaned forward and laid on my chest so I reached around and started fingering her butt hole again with one finger. Mariebel reached under her pillow and said "try this one, it works better" she pulled out the biggest butt plug ever, the smallest end was about the size of my wrist and it only got bigger for the other three rings. "Can you handle all of that" I asked With a smirk on her face she said "I've gotten to the second ring but I know I could handle more" I took the toy from her and looked at it, with the ease she took my fingers earlier I knew this was the reason why it was so easy.

"okay then" I responded "Let me show you how it goes" Mariebel said as she took the toy from me and eased it in her ass. The look of pleasure filled her face when she got in the first ring. "Hold it for me babe, I need you to help me get the rest in my butt" she moaned then said " this ass needs to be punished, she's bin a bad girl" "this chick is crazy" I said to myself as I graded that big ass butt plug she had already put in her hole.

When I got a hold of it, she started bucking back on me and the toy. By now she was moaning and screaming like mad. I reached up with my other hand and felt to see what was going on, to my surprise she had already gotten the second ring in her ass and I was starting to get turned on even more. I held the end of the butt plug with both hands and pulled it to me hoping to get more into her ass like she asked.

After a about a few seconds of me pulling and her pushing back the next ring popped into her ass and she screamed out."Yeeeessss Yesss, you got it up my ass and it feeeelssss sooooooooooo good" "It's ripping me open and I want more" she kept screaming As soon as she cried out more I cum'd in her pussy and didn't realized that I did.

I was in another world or lust and desire, I still gorgeous milf aleksandra summers enjoys doggystyle sex believe this was happening to me, this is the kinda stuff I've seen in videos and wondered it they were real.

And now it's happening to me. "Are you ready for more" I said "yooou you bet your ass I am" was carmen hayes and dena caly lollypop whore pov scene response after another orgasm came over her. We both came together and didn't even know it. I started moving the butt plug again, when she pushed I pulled.

We got back into a riddim and she was loving it. "their you go, you gonna make me cum, ooooh yes I'm cummin" Mariebel yelled out but she didn't slow down. I felt a cold set of hands touching mines and they were helping me push, at the time I didn't realize they weren't Mariebel's hands so I just ignored it and welcomed the help. Just then Mariebel must have relaxed enough because the butt plug got through and all of the rings were up in her ass.

"Uh uuuhh" was all that came out of her mouth; it was a frightening goggling sound. I think she passed out from all of the excitement because she fell on my chest and didn't move for a few seconds. When she came through she was panting like she just ran a marathon, the sweat was running down her face and her hair was a mess. The cold hands let go of mines and then I heard what sounded like the door closing, I looked up and Mariebel's hands were under her chest and she was shaking.

"If her hands are there, then what the heck did I feel pushing on mines?" I though I drew a blank then I said to myself "Was that her mom?, we were being pretty load so she might of heard us from downstairs and came up to see what was going on" Mariebel started moving again and then I realized I wasn't erect anymore.

"Ooooh shit, I think I cum'd in you!!!!" I yelled out "I felt when you did and I did too with you" Mariebel responded "I'm so sorry, I got so caught up in it I didn't realize I was cumming" "It's ok, I'm on the pill" she assured me I sigh of relief left my body. "You are unbelievable, you are so awesome" I raised my head and we started kissing, I put my tongue in her mouth and she did the same.

"I knew I coulda get that whole thing up my ass with a little help" she smiled and said to me "oh shit, I forgot that was up your ass, my mind was elsewhere for a bit" I said "what do you mean?" Mariebel asked "I'm not sure but I would of sworn something or someone was touching and pushing on my hands just before you took the plug up your ass" "Yeah it was probably my mom, she came in to help" Mariebel said I looked up at her with a puzzle look on my face and my mouth open in shock.

"I told you she would like to watch" she said "ok, now I know I wasn't seeing things earlier when I saw her mom in the kitchen playing with herself". "wow, does this happen often?" I asked "this the first time she's came in to watch me getting fucked" Mariebel smiled and said "wow" was all I could say "now you wanna help me get this out before it gets stuck" she said pointing to her butt.

I laughed "my bad" Mariebel climbed off of me and got on her hands and knees, I took hold of the plug and after a few pulls and twists it popped out of her with a load wet sloppy sound. Just as I got it out Mariebel started squirting on the bed and she was moaning and trembling curled up in the fetal position. I "ahh'd" when I saw the size gap hole that was left by the plug and I would swear I could see all the way up her ass.

I got an instant boner. I got up on the bed and grabbed hold of her hips and slammed my stiff dick into her soaking wet pussy. "Yessss" Mariebel screamed out "You like it when I fuck you rough" "yes daddy pound that pussy" she said "daddy? " I wondered to myself With that thought I spanked her ass and grabbed her hair and pulled back "you dirty slut, I can believe you would fuck you dad even though he's not your real father" I kept thinking to myself.

I actually got jealous even though I didn't know if it was true. "Give it to be daddy" was all she kept screaming out while I pulled on her hair. I remembered her ass and what happened earlier, I took my free hand and like I've seen in videos I put my whole fist in her ass. I pushed my fist in a bit further and with the riddim of my dick I started fisting her asshole too.

She started going wild, I looked up and she was grabbing the sheets off of the bed and reaching for something else to hold on to. Just them she screamed out "I'm cummmmin, ohhh shit I'm cummmin" I couldn't hold it any more either and when I let go of her hair her head fell to the bed and she had the biggest orgasm. I followed right behind. Mariebel was cum'n so hard she pushed back on me while I was pushing in and the tip of my cock hit something in her pussy.

Mariebel screamed out "you're hitting my spot, oooh my god you almost penetrated my cervix with that big ass cock!" she took a breath "I think you wanna kill me" I was smiling with excitement.

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When she finally stopped shaking I took my hand out of her ass and it was all wet and slimy. I took the bed sheet and cleaned off my hand; I leaned back and stepped off of the bed.

When I had both feet on the floor I stacy deisel starving for dick and thirsty for cum able to compose myself and stand up straight, I looked down and smiled. I just fucked the shit out of this chick and she loved it, I am going remember this one for ever. "Are you ok?" I asked "I just need to catch my breath, if I get up it will all come out" she responded "what do you mean?" she said "All of your cum and mine too" "ohhh, well you don't have to worry about that cause theirs already a mess on the bed" I sat back down on the edge of the bed and after a few minutes I got up to put on my boxers and pants, I was about to put on my shirt when Mariebel asked.

"Can you help me to the bathroom? I can't hold it anymore and I need to pee" I looked down and I could see some white stuff coming out of her pussy, I took the sheet and wiped it off and she jumped a bit.

I finished putting on my shirt and lifted her up, "can you get the door" she reached out and opened it. "It's the door on the right" she pointed out to me. As we walked pass the door on the left, I looked in and saw her mom lying up in bed looking at me as we went by. She smiled and winked her eye. I didn't know what to make of it, I assumed she was saying job well done but then I remembered she was in the room also and I almost dropped Mariebel good thing the wall was there to stop me.

I help Mariebel on the toilet and went back to close the door as I walked out. I stood outside the bathroom door and looked back at her mom's room door wondering if I should go by and say hi or something. "Then I heard I'm done" from the other side of the door, it was Mariebel I almost walked forward to her moms door thinking it was her that had said something.

I help Mariebel up off the toilet and we walked back to her room, I told myself I wasn't going look in her mom's room as we walked by but as we passed by her mom called out.

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"Honey are you ok?" "Yeah mom, I'm ok" "come lay with me for a bit" her mom responded I was like oh shit this can't be happening to me right now.

I helped her into her mom's room and she sat on the edge of sex mother japanese xnxx com bad and laid back. "You can take a seat too Johnny" her mom said to me. I sat above Mariebel's head on the edge. "Are you feeling ok honey, you look a bit beat" her mom said to her "just a bit worn out, but I'll be ok" she said "Yeah, I heard you had a good work out as I walked by your door" her mom looked up at me while she bit her bottom lip and raised her eyebrows, by this time Mariebel was laying with her eyes closed.

"you can say that again" Mariebel said. We were in there for a few minutes till Mariebel said she was going go take a nap, her mom got up when I was helping her up and as we were leaving her mom squeezed my butt and when I looked back at her she was smiling and then winked her eye again.

I raised my eyebrow and left with only my thoughts of what she was trying to say. When we got back to the room, Mariebel got a new sheet for the bed and after I changed it we both fell asleep.

When I woke I grabbed my phone to see what time it was and it was after 2:00am way to late to go home now, luckily it was a Friday. I got up to go use the bathroom and when I got out in the hallway her moms door was close and I sighed in relief, I used the bathroom and returned to bed and fell back to sleep. I got up later that morning to the smell of pancakes and sausage, Mariebel was not lying next to me so I figured she was the one down stairs fixing breakfast.

I went to the bathroom and washed my face and headed downstairs, when I got downstairs I saw a female figure standing in-front of the stove with boxers and a vest on, her hair was up in one. I snuck up behind her thinking it was Mariebel and grabbed her around the waist and whispered in her ear "last night was the amazing, how about a booty teen bounces on rod big dick amateur one right here while you prepare breakfast" as I kissed her neck.

She smelt different. A voice said "I think I could do that" that did not sound like Mariebel. I leaned back as she turned her face, boy was I surprised. It was not Mariebel, I just made a move on her mom and she responded. I stepped back and started apologizing but all I got was a smile. "I've bin waiting for you to say something" she continued "I" was all I got out. (to be continued)