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Englis xxx sexy bf you tub me
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(Hey guys, I hope you enjoyed part six. Yes I do realize there wasn't any sex involved, I hope everyone understands and are simply enjoying the story. I hope you equally enjoy part seven.) Part seven It was still storming when he reached the apartment, once inside he let out a growl and punched a wall. Bits and pieces of sheet rock and plaster would explode under his power as said, "Damn it." with his hand still against the wall he rested his forehead on it and attempted to stabilize his rage.

He could feel his body shaking and he took a deep breath to steady himself, he had killed Ethan. His rage had bested him, what the hell could he do though he had been willing to kill Sage just to prove a point. He swallowed hard as he remembered finding her in Ethan's arms and the smell of her blood, the words Ethan had spoken to her, after that he fun with sexy beautiful indian sleeping girl tube porn seen red.

What did Sage think about him now, did she hate him, was she scared of him? It would make things easier if she were scared of him or hated him, at least he could leave and she could maybe move on. He finally began to catch his breath and as he did he would remove his hand from the hole in his wall and turn placing his back to the wall.

Sliding down the wall he would rest his arms on his raised knee's and close his eyes, "Leon are you here?" he heard Sage's frantic voice as she came through the door, what the hell was she doing here?

"Sage what the hell, you shouldn't be here." he said getting up and meeting her, she immediately went into his arms and placed her head on his chest. "I had to make sure you were okay." he sighed hearing that she was worried about him. "I'm fine, you?" she nodded against his chest, "I'll live but I was emily grey gets plowed in hardcore fashion worried about you." he kissed the top of her head and swallowed hard as he smelled her blood, "Sage you're bleeding." pulling away from him she apologized which for some reason made him laugh.

"Come on let's take care of your lip." she nodded and followed him to the kitchen where he retrieved a first aid case, "What about you?" he laughed again and said, "Sage I'm a vampire, I heal quickly." "Oh right." she said and set down busty hottie gets her cunt pounded outdoors he began to clean her lip, "What did you tell the council?" she jumped and her eyes narrowed as he cleaned the wound, "Sorry." "I told them the truth, I just left you out of it." he sighed and set back in the chair, "Are you sure that was for the best?" What was he saying, it was like he wanted to be punished for killing Ethan.

If he hadn't killed Ethan they might both be dead, "Why are you acting this way?" "What way Sage, I killed him." shrugging he added, "I am not above the law." "He would have killed me though." "It doesn't matter Sage, it was still murder no matter how much you sugar coat it." she felt herself get angry at his mood, "So you're saying you deserve to die?" he laughed, "Sage I've been alive for hundreds of years.

Most people barely get eighty years if they are lucky." "I can't believe you're giving up." she jumped up and crossed her arms beginning to pace, why was he acting this way? "I'm not giving up baby, I just promised I'd never use my power to kill another human being no matter how evil they are.

I could have handled the situation with Ethan differently instead I let my rage get the best of me and I killed him." "So this is guilt?" he said nothing which answered her, "What will you do?" he looked away from her and said, "Turn myself in or leave." she felt her heart beat painfully and the room began to spin lightly, "Leave?" "It would be best for everyone Sage, come on my selfish desire to make you mine almost got you killed.

If we are caught by a member of the council it will get you killed. You know how they're in terms of vampire human relationships." part of what he said had some truth but she wasn't ready to lose him. A loud crash of thunder would send them into darkness, as her eye's adjusted she could still make out his silhouette.

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He stood up and moved to light a few candles illuminating the room, "Sage I don't want to leave you, the thought kills me." she watched his shoulders sag as he kept his back to her, "But getting you killed.I wouldn't be able to live with myself." she approached him putting her arms around his waist and resting her head on his back. She felt him relax, "I can't lose you new english bharjin xxx story Leon, I love you." he turned and took her into his arms holding her against his chest possessively.

"I love you too Sage, that's why I can't be selfish with you." placing a hand on his lips to quiet him she said, "It would be selfish to leave me." she wasn't playing fair and she knew it but deep down she was being selfish too, to lose Leon would be losing life. She replaced her hand with her lips as she kissed him, his arms went around her tightly as he deepened the kiss. She could feel his resolve leave his body as his tongue pushed it's way inside her mouth leaving her breathless and feeling warm all over.

As she kissed him he felt the anger leave his body all he wanted was to feel more of her, he knew it was wrong to continue to gamble with her life like this. He felt his loins stir as her body melted into his own and she moaned, he wanted to be buried deep inside her body and never leave.

The way things were looking he didn't know if that were a possibility but he knew at this moment he didn't care. Turning their bodies he lifted her and set her on the counter, her arms went around his neck holding him closer to her.

He wanted to feel her bare skin pressed against his own and he had to force himself to not rip her shirt from her body. Pushing his hands under her blouse gently kneaded her breast eliciting yet another delectable moan followed by his name, hearing his name said like that ignited a fire in loins that he had never felt before. This woman had been made for him and he alone, she was his and no others.

Pushing the blouse over her head he pushed the cup of her bra down and covered it with his mouth. She threw back her head and continued to moan as his tongue laved her nipple bringing it to hardened peak, his other hand kneaded the other. He would gently push her back on the counter and undo the button of her jeans and tug them off, he could see desire on the thin lace that covered her mound.

Pushing aside the triangle of lace he massaged the tiny bud with his tongue, she cried out and lifted her back as she dug her fingers into his hair holding him in place. He dipped his finger inside the moist opening as he continued to taste her, she was squirming and moaning and he knew she was beginning to meet her end. Pushing another finger inside her he would thrust them gently in and out of her as he doxy rides on a thick ding dong the tempo of his tongue on the sensitive nub that was her center.

Her fingers dug painfully in his hair but he didn't mind, it anything it made him move faster, he could feel her inner walls convulsing around his fingers and he would push deeper and faster. She suddenly squeezed his two fingers and lifted off the counter crying out as she rode out her orgasm.

Without missing a beat he picked her up and carried her to his bed, taking only enough time to remove his pants and shirt he covered her body kissing her deeply.

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"I want you inside me." she said her voice husky, it was all he needed to hear. Pulling his underwear off his erection would spring free, he was throbbing painfully with need for her. Upon seeing him in his full glory she felt her desire stir again and she pulled him down to her sealing their lips in a frenzied kiss, she couldn't get enough of him. She felt him pushing against her and she opened her legs to receive him, biting her lip she felt him line himself up and plunge deeply drawing the air from her lungs.

He filled her deeply and before she could react he withdrew and plunged deeply again. Her fingers dug into his back as she lifted her hips to meet his thrust, he growled lightly and went up on his knees drawing her hips upwards so he could adjust the pressure of his thrusts.

It sent him deep within her wound and she cried out biting her lip and clenching the sheets. He groaned and continued to thrust as he said, "Mine." with a possessiveness to his tone. She was his, she needed no clarification on that, she wouldn't even argue as she said, "Yours." coming back to her he kissed her deeply making love to her mouth as he did her body.

Her breathing quickened as she felt the familiar stirrings of her orgasm fast approaching, she moaned his name and raked his back with her nails as she once again began to meet each thrust for thrust. All she could focus on was the building pressure spreading through out her lower half, she was so close. She closed her eyes and cried out as she felt the start of it crash over her, the feeling so intense she began to see bright lights dance behind her eyes.

It wasn't long before she felt him throb and his seed fill her body, the sensation prolonging her orgasm as his warmth filled her. He let out a loud groan and collapsed on her body breathing hard, first class pov watch big booty ava addams sucking a big dick didn't even mind the fact he was sweating.

She loved everything about him, his weight on her body and his harsh breathing as he began to calm down.

"I love you." he said. Her heart beat faster as she hugged him to her, "I love you too." something in his tone seemed sad, she would caress him and soon feel herself drift into sleep. He knew she was asleep based on her even breathing, untangling himself from her he stared down at her and played with a loose tendril of her hair. It was going to be so hard to leave her, it was for the best though.

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If he kept this up, if he kept giving into his own selfishness he would lose her. The council would be watching her every move now since she had been involved in a vampire attack. If they traced Ethan's death to him and her they would kill her, she would be outed as a ww sunny leone b f cm and the penalty would be death.

He sighed as he gently kissed her cheek, pulling the sheet up around her naked body he left the bed. He grabbed a bag he had packed earlier and began to get dressed, "I love you." he said to her. He knew she would hate him for this, hell he hated himself. He couldn't keep gambling with her life just because he selfish and wanted to be with her, "I hope you'll understand." He watched her sleep for a few more moments and opened the door, glancing back over his shoulder he bit his bottom lip contemplating not leaving.

"Just do it.you will be miserable but she will be safe." grabbing the doorknob a little to hard it would make a sound and begin to crack under the pressure of his grip.

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"Just do sunny leone xxx faking storys the door and leave damn it." He continued to argue with himself, after a few minutes he forced himself to leave and close the door behind him. He hadn't felt the need to cry since the death of his first wife and their child but that feeling overcame him again and he would fight the urge as he got in his car and started the engine.

His emotions getting the best of him he would beat the steering wheel a few times and finally start the car and pull out into the storm, "I'm so sorry Sage.but this is for the best." (I hope you guys enjoyed this, I will add more later.)