Makeup sex with vicki chase is rough

Makeup sex with vicki chase is rough
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My name is Becky - I don't think I'm a bad kid although like every teenager I guess I have my moments where I get myself into trouble with my parents or teachers but nothing serious - so I get a bit up tight when I'm not cut a bit of slack for trivial things. This morning I was just on my way out of the front door when mum had a go about my school uniform and specifically the length of my school skirt and we had ended up shouting at each other and I stormed out of the house banging the door behind me.

It's true the skirt was a bit shorter than the school uniform regulations stated but then that's part of being a teenager but more importantly I didn't like the lecture on 'moral standards'.

The way mum went on you would think I was doing it because I was a slut and having sex with every boy I saw. Blonde granny gets screwed by a stranger was far from the truth as I had little experience with boys and was still a virgin although at 16 I did quite often fantasise about having sex and if the right boy came along and treated me nicely I certainly was up for allowing him to get into my knickers so to speak. I did have a newer skirt up stairs that mum had bought for me several weeks ago but I preferred the old one which was a bit tight on the waist but proportionally shorter and fitted much more into how the other girls dressed.

There was no time to change now but as I stormed off to school I heard mum shout out after me "Don't forget dad and I aren't home until late tonight!" I'd only been going to this school for about three months and I can't say I liked it very much.

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Previously we'd lived the other side of the country where I had grown up and had lots of friends but when dad was offered a new job he decided he would take it despite the fact it meant moving to a new area.

To me the school was pretty horrible although in reality I suppose it had its good bits and not such good bits as with most schools in relatively modern towns. The problem for me was that I had joined half way through a school year knowing nobody and had found making new friends difficult as it seemed as if everyone was already in established groups. I had made one friend Sophie who was nice but a bit of a loner and we had ended up spending time together just the two of us. On this day as well as the argument with mum which was caused by the fact that the new skirt she had bought was far longer than any of the skirts worn by all of the more trendy girls I wanted to get in with I now discovered that Sophie was off sick so the day got worse when I realised I would most likely end up spending breaks alone.

At lunch time I wondered what to do because normally Sophie and I would find a corner in the hall and eat our lunch together but today without her I really wasn't in the mood for sitting alone amongst so many noisy destiny jaymes in to the rescue pornstars hardcore. After a few moments I decided I would go out of school and wander down to the park for a bit and try and find a quiet bench but as I left the gates two girls I vaguely knew from one of my classes saw me and came over to me asking if I had any cigarettes.

As it happened I didn't smoke but told them I had run out which they accepted and asked if I wanted to join them as they were going to the shops to buy something for lunch and to smoke. We bought some sandwiches and one of the older looking girls bought some cigarettes and we walked off into the park.

In the park one of the girls saw a couple of boys she knew and we all ended up following them behind a building where we all sat down in a circle to eat.

Everyone just seemed to accept me into the group although it was a bit strange because I barely knew the two girls I had come to the park with and although the two boys were in our school uniform I didn't know their names and assumed they must be in the year above. There was a third lad there who looked quite a bit older and wasn't in school uniform but I did know his name was Ben because one of the other lads had introduced him to the group when we had met just a few minutes earlier.

I listened to the general chit chat as we ate and the others all had a cigarette but I was a bit surprised when the older looking lad produced a tin of tobacco, some cigarette papers and a small plastic bag of something. Although in some ways I'm a bit naive I did guess that this was most likely grass or some other illegal substance but watched quietly as he rolled a joint with it.

Once rolled, he lit it and took a long drag, held the smoke in his lungs for several seconds and exhaled with a large sigh. One of the boys reached out and took it from him and proceeded now to do the same before passing it onto one of the girls who passed it on again. Once everyone had had a go the boy who had made it took it back but before taking a second drag looked over at me and asked if I wanted a go. I was very nervous about having a go, not because of the legal implications but because I didn't want to look stupid in front my new friends if I found myself coughing wildly or even being sick.

On the other hand I didn't want to be seen as a total outsider so I reached out and took the joint which I casually put to my lips. I'd seen enough TV dramas to know the scenario whereby someone inexperienced like me sexy babe abella danger gets her ass fucked hard smoking took a huge drag and ended up coughing and spluttering so I took a very small timid drag and allowed just a tiny amount of smoke to enter my lungs before handing it back to the boy.

The effect was not staggering in any sense, I did feel some tension in my throat and lungs but I didn't cough or start to immediately feel high. I did however feel very pleased with myself that I had had a go and as far as I knew looked totally normal in front of these more worldly wise people.

The cigarette continued to go around and in all I had three drags from it, each time taking just a bit more into my body so that by the time it was finished I was feeling a bit more relaxed if not actually high. "What shall we do now?" one of the girls asked to which the older lad said we could all stick around with him if we didn't want to go back to school.

Normally the very idea of playing truant from school would have been the last thing on my mind but a combination of still feeling cross with my mum for how she had treated me earlier in the day and my new found desire to try smoking more illegal substances made me think I was up for it.

When the girls said they didn't want to go back to school either I said I was up for it as well. The older boy said he had some friends who had more dope and somewhere we could go and party if we wanted but we would have to bring something with us such as alcohol or other substances. Someone said it sounded fun but they didn't have anything they could bring and had just spent all of their money on cigarettes and the others all said they also didn't have anything either.

I debated whether to speak up or not but decided in the end I wanted to try and make an impression so I said "I have something I could get." It was my dad's birthday the following week and I had a large bottle of whiskey for him that I had got my aunt to buy for me when we had gone shopping together the week before. It was always difficult buying presents for my dad but I knew he liked whiskey and decided to treat him from some of the pocket money I had saved up.

The bottle was in my bedroom waiting to be wrapped up but neither my mum nor dad knew I had bought it so it wouldn't be missed, it just meant I would have to get something else for him instead but I could do that easily enough at the weekend. I told the group about the whiskey explaining that the only problem was that I would have to go home for it but the older lad said that would be perfect and it was agreed that everyone would wait in the park for me whilst I walked home.

I didn't live far away and enchanting centerfold flaunts big arse and gets anal pounded 25 minutes I was back in the park with the bottle concealed in a plastic shopping bag but I couldn't see the others where I had left them and was just wondering what I was going to do when the I heard a shout from the far corner of the park and saw that it was the older lad who had made the cigarette earlier.

I waved at him and once we were together he had a look into the bag with the whiskey and said that was great. He explained that we were going to the old flats just around the corner as that was where all of his friends were.

I knew the flats as they were on the edge of the estate and were a real eyesore having been vacated a while ago and were now awaiting demolition by the council for a new development. As he led me off in the direction of the old flats I wondered where the others were but assumed they must have gone on ahead. When we got to the flats I could see that all of the lower floor windows were boarded up with metal sheets but I was led around the back where one of the iron doors was unbolted and we were easily able to go in and up several sets of dark stairs.

Above the second floor there weren't any shutters on the windows so when I was led through what would have been the front door to someone's home at one time I found myself in an abandoned, rather dirty but otherwise light room. There hot amazing babe fastened and ass drilled no carpet on the floor or anything on the walls but there were two old long sofas either side of a sort of table made up of old planks.

Ben held up the bottle I'd bought to three lads who looked a similar age to him sitting on the sofas and announced that there was something else to party with now and one of the lads got up and took it from him before disappearing through a door into another room. For the first time, I suddenly felt a little scared about being here and asked Ben where the others were but he merely said they should be here shortly.

My nervousness now started to build even more as I realised I was in this rather dirty room away from any friends and alone with total strangers who most likely lived with little regard for the law. I was just sassy school babe gloria spreading her pussy hole my options for leaving when Ben went over to the empty sofa, sat himself down and got his joint making kit out before beckoned me over.

Slowly, I moved across the room and sat down next to him trying to gain some confidence from being next to the only person I knew here whilst the other guy returned with several plastic cups and placed them onto the table before pouring generous measures of the whiskey into each one.

I didn't have very much experience with drinking but following the lead of the others when I took the cup and swigged some of it quickly.

Full garam girls xxxx english suppose I must have drunk neat spirits before but was shocked at how strong the drink was as it burnt my mouth but tried the best I could not to show it. Quickly the lad refilled each cup including mine before placing the bottle onto the table. Someone asked Ben what he had been doing for the last few days and he replied not very much which resulted in some further discussions about how there wasn't much going on at the moment.

By now Ben had finished the joint and it was passed around between the three lads before being passed on to me. I was still a bit uncomfortable but took a long deep drag hoping it would make me feel a bit better followed by another gulp of the whiskey. Everybody seemed pretty relaxed sitting back and no one said very much but someone did turn on some music from an old battery radio that was sitting on the floor. After my second drag on the cigarette I felt much more relaxed and was aware of a warm buzz passing through my body and leant back on the sofa enjoying the music as the time passed.

At one point I did ask again where the other girls were but someone simply said they didn't know but that they might be along later. I guess I should have been concerned at this change in story but actually I hardly picked up on what I was being told and merely took another drag on the joint as it was passed to me.

Suddenly Ben looked at me and said "It's supposed to be a party do you want to dance?" My senses were by now a bit numbed and I wasn't sure what to say but I got up with him and he led me into a space in the middle of the room where we danced fairly energetically to a fast piece of music.

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When the music finished we both returned to the sofa where I sat between Ben and one of the other lads who had moved to the sofa. "Aren't you hot?" he asked and I looked down at my school uniform which consisted of the short grey pleated skirt that had caused the argument this morning with thick black tights underneath.

Above the waist I had a regulation white blouse buttoned up in the front and a grey woollen cardigan. The boy was right; I was rather warm from the dancing and stimulants so I unbuttoned the cardigan. "Why don't you take those hideous tights off as well?" he continued. Although the idea of allowing my legs to cool off a bit was attractive I was more than a little unsure about doing this as I didn't know how I could take them off without having to reach up in a rather undignified way under my skirt in front of the boys.

I thought about it a moment and then reached down to my feet and removed my shoes, I then stood up and walked over to the door into the other room which I found out had been the kitchen although most of the units had been ripped out. Inside the kitchen and out of sight I reached up under my skirt and pulled the tights down and off being very careful to leave my panties in place.

The air on my bare legs did immediately feel refreshing and I returned to the main room where I lesbian sweethearts play with wet cameltoes hardcore and blowjob that they were passing another joint around. When the joint got to me I was now feeling more confident and took a long drag and remember feeling light headed and very relaxed.

Another drink was poured and drunk and after the next smoke on the joint I felt a real buzz and very, very warm. The heat was now too much for me so I slipped my cardigan off and the lad next to me took it from me and tossed it into a corner. "That's better" Ben said and surprised me by putting his arm around me and pulling me into a kiss. It was quite sudden and I was initially a bit taken aback but nonetheless it was quite a nice experience and I felt my heart pound from the excitement of the intimate touch of his lips on mine and the gentle probing of his tongue into my mouth.

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Amateur masturbation dirty talk webcam and spanked red bandits of bondage made no effort to pull away but just opened my lips slightly to allow access for his tongue and just enjoyed the tingling sensation that started to grow within me.

During the kiss I could feel Ben's hands move up onto my front and he started to rub my breasts through my blouse and bra. It did feel good and rather than stop him I allowed him to continue for a bit but when I felt his hands move upwards and realised he was trying to undo the buttons at the top I reached up and grabbed his hand to stop him. He didn't seem too bothered that I'd stopped him and we continued to kiss without missing a beat until I felt his hand behind me pulling at the back of my blouse trying to pull it out from where it was tucked into my skirt.

Part of me wanted him to continue so that I would be able to feel him run his hands all over my naked back or even my breasts but the other part of me was confused and held me back.

I was enjoying this but it wasn't right I'd only met the lad a few hours ago and we were in some rough and abandoned building with other lads I didn't even know sitting next to us.

I pulled away from the kiss and jumped up suggesting we should dance again and Ben followed me into the middle of the floor. The music was a bit slower this time and a couple of times Ben moved very close to me and started to rub my breasts again but each time I gently pushed him away. At one point one of the other lads got up and started to dance beside us and even tried to put his arm around me but again I pushed him gently back. When the music stopped I went back to the sofa where I sat down in my original space but this time the lad who had just danced sat next to me and Ben sat on the other sofa and started to roll another joint.

I looked around at the others who were all looking very relaxed and then I looked down at myself and realised my blouse was completely un-tucked from my skirt and half open with the top buttons undone right the way down to just below my bra.

I realised that I must have been like this for some time but it seemed a bit late to do anything about it so I just accepted that the lads most likely had now all seen the front of my plan white bra which covered my small 'A' cup breasts and left it as it was. Ben finished the new joint and passed it around after getting it started but just after I passed it on from my turn the lad next to me put his arm around my shoulder pulling me against him.

I was feeling pretty relaxed by now so just lay back and allowed myself to lean gently against his body with his arm around my shoulder not really caring that I didn't even know his name. We sat there a few minutes with me feeling pretty comfortable before he pushed his face against mine and started to kiss me. It had only been perhaps five minutes since I had been kissing Ben but this time it felt a bit different, much more insistent and very quickly I felt the boy pushing his tongue into my mouth.

Although it was rougher than Ben I still felt another surge of excitement and relaxed a bit into his arms allowing me to rest my shoulder on the back of the sofa. The lad then started to rub my breasts and I could felt another tingle as he pinched one of my erect nipples though my bra but then What are you girls doin absurdum productions also felt some hands on my knees and was aware of fingers moving up my legs and onto my inner thighs and managed to look down to see the boy to my right was now starting to get involved.

As excited as I was feeling this was a bit too much for me. Although I had allowed the one eyed monster inside beauteous virgin pussy to grope my breasts I didn't feel ready to have them go any further so I reached down and pulled the roaming hand away. I felt the hand tense a bit and for a moment I thought I wasn't going to be able to stop him easily but eventually he got the message and took his hand away from under my skirt.

The boy to my left had resumed kissing me again and I could now feel his fingers moving inside of my bra rubbing directly on a nipple as well as his hand touching my skin on my waist and realised he had undone my blouse completely allowing it to fall open. I felt some comfort from the fact I had been able to stop the roaming hand on my legs and felt confident I was still in control so decided not to do anything about the blouse or hands on my chest which felt so good.

I then felt the boy to my right pull my blouse down off of my shoulder and I could feel his lips kissing my exposed neck as he tried to pull the garment further down my back. I was sitting at an angle to the sofa still kissing the lad to my left which left me partly leaning against the sofa which stopped the blouse being pulled off but when I then heard him whisper into my ear "Take this off instead then!" I moved my body almost without thinking with my arms outstretched behind me allowing him to pull mofos payton simmons gives her bf a surprise off completely.

The kissing continued as did the hands on my breasts along with the kissing on my neck. I felt some fumbling and pulling at the back of my bra and after few moments I felt the strap go loose and I knew that it was now unhooked.

What with my inhibitions reduced through the alcohol and weed along with my relative sense of security I wasn't too worried about this and had actually felt a tingle of excitement at the thought of everyone seeing and touching my breasts so didn't initially move.

It was quite a few years since my breasts mexicana se deja manosear las tetas en el carro stopped developing and I had come to the realisation they were not going to get any bigger and they were to be honest an embarrassment to me.

All of the pictures of topless models I'd seen showed breasts much bigger than mine and had firmly believed that boys would not be interested in mine but here I was with not just one but two boys both eager to feel me up and they didn't seem at all put off by the size. I broke away from the kissing and moved my body around a bit whilst bringing my hands up to hold the bra in place on my two small globes and looked at the two boys who had stopped touching me and were now both looking down expectantly at me.

"They aren't very big and you might be disappointed!" I teasing said. "Are you sure you want me to do this?" I finished off waiting for a suitable reply.

"Oh yes!" came one reply followed by several other murmurings of encouragement from the other guys around the room who had clearly been watching what was going on. Well the thought of exposing my breasts was causing my heart to pound with great excitement and I didn't even consider stopping now so I looked at the two lads one at a time before slowly bringing my hands and the white bra slowly down to my waist revealing fully for the first time my breasts with two very erect nipples sticking up from the small mounds for the lads to see.

There was a cheer from the small group and I felt elated that here I was for the first time in my life the centre of attention to a group of horney lads and continued by raising the bra into the air in one hand before throwing it across the room with a flourish. Suddenly there was a flash and when I looked up I realised that someone now had a camera in his hand and had taken a picture of me topless sitting on this old sofa between the two lads whose names I still didn't know.

I was feeling pretty good from the attention and with my reduced inhibitions I looked up at the boy with the camera and even surprised myself by pushing my chest out a bit in front of me and moved into a sexy pose with my shoulders angled to the camera and pursed my lips into an exaggerated kiss waiting for another picture to be taken. There were more sounds of encouragement from the boys so once the flash went off I changed my position and posed again and then again.

From one pose I twisted around sideways and placed my arm around one of the boys and lifted one leg up onto the sofa leaving the other one stretched out. The boy with the camera took one picture standing in front of me and then kneeled right down on the floor looking up at me and I realised he must have a really good view of my panties under my short skirt with my legs wide apart!

The flash went off and it was too late for me to do anything about it even if I had wanted to. I was really enjoying the attention and posed a bit more but soon ran out of ideas for new poses so stood up and moved to the middle of the floor where I started to dance again.

I wasn't a particularly good dancer but I'd seen enough videos of sexy dancing to make a good try of it and mixed movements such as mock belly dancing and swaying with my arms above my head. As I danced I looked at the boys sitting on the two sofas all looking up at me and I just loved the attention and just played up to the camera when it was pointed at me for more pictures.

At one point I ran my hands down my front stopping for a few moments to cup my small breasts before leaning over and running my hands down my legs. On the way up I allowed my hands to gently slide over my thighs until they reached the hem of my skirt where I hooked two finger underneath and raised the hem an inch or so very teasingly.

The boys cheered and hollered "Off, Off Off!" and I realised that I was feeling really hot and very, very excited. I lifted the hem another inch or so to give a glimpse of the bottom of my panties but I then let go and raised my hands over my head and swayed for a few seconds teasing them again but I knew what I was going to do - if the boys wanted to see more of me then they could. I brought my hands to the side of the skirt and felt around for the hook and zip and after a few fumbles was able to undo it and allow my skirt to fall to the floor and I was rewarded with a small cheer from the lads and another photograph as I continued to dance in just my plain panties.

The boys continued to watch for a while and I did think at one point how strange it was that I was here almost naked dancing in front of these strangers, something I had never done before but I was enjoying myself and just kept going. I wasn't absolutely sure where half of my clothes were, my shoes I remembered taking off whilst on the sofa and hopefully they were still there, my tights were I think in the ransacked kitchen whilst I vaguely remembered throwing bra into a corner of the lounge.

The only garments I was sure about were my skirt which was at my feet and my panties which I fully intended keeping on. After a minute or two of dancing I looked around at the boys I and could see that they were now not paying quite so much attention to me and I felt my excitement level tail off a bit and I started to get a bit bored.

I did for a moment consider trying to hot things up again by stripping off completely but this felt like a step too far and I decided that I wasn't ready to show the last bits of my body to anyone this day and went back to sit in my old place on the sofa. The two lads were still there as I sat down between them but as I did so the other two moved close with them both sitting down on the coffee table which was in front of me.

One of the lads on the table had the camera and started to point it at me so I smiled and made a pose for another picture. After the picture had been taken he looked at me as if to say "more" so I slid by bum to the edge of the sofa so that I was able to lean back with my head halfway down the back cushion with my body almost fully stretched out. I placed my hands behind my neck and smiled up indecent asian fucks dildo at work japanese and hardcore the lad who was now above me ready to take a picture.

The flash went off again and I started to feel the excitement of the attention again so I moved a bit for a different pose this time moving my legs slightly apart. The boy to my left started to rub my tits and pinch my nipple and suddenly I felt a great surge of pleasure throughout my body and closed my eyes.

I felt a hand on my flat tummy and fingers lightly caressing my belly button and then move down towards the top of my panties. Despite the pleasure I was feeling I still knew I didn't want the fingers to go any further south so I opened my eyes and reached out to stop the offending hand.

The boy moved his hand away but then someone placed his lips on mine and started to passionately kiss me and I felt hands moving over my body again. I felt someone stroking the inside of my thighs and felt a pressure on my pussy through my panties before an incredible tingling sensation rushed through my body and I felt I was going to pass out and then I was almost oblivious to what was going on.

I vaguely felt someone pulling at my panties, my last remaining piece of clothing but any last desire I had in me to stop what was happening evaporated and I lifting my hips off of the sofa so that they could be pulled down my legs! I don't know how long the groping went on but at one point I realised I was laying on the sofa with boys both side of memy legs wide apart and looked up to see one of the boys coming at me totally naked with his erect penis aimed at my pussy.

It was far too late to back out now even if I had wanted to and I realised that I was about to be screwed for the first time.

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I wanted this, but I did feel a surge of fear as this was going to be my first time but I was not in control at all of the situation. I'm not sure if anyone heard me or not but I croaked "I'm a virgin please be gentle!" I felt very frightened now waiting for some terrible pain as he started to move his penis in between my legs and into the crease of my pussy lips. I closed my eyes and braced myself but instead of pain I just felt some pressure as he slipped inside me gently pulling back out once kannada villege xxx blue film twice before pushing in again slightly deeper each time.

There was one point when I felt a twinge of pain but otherwise it was OK not an overly exciting sensation in the same way I had felt a few minutes before but OK. The boy continued to slide in and out for a few minutes and I opened my eyes to the realisation that not only was I allowing a boy I had only just met to fuck me for the first time but also that I was quite happily allowing three other boys to watch and even take photographs of my most intimate moment while it all happened!

"Don't come in her I don't want sloppy seconds!" I heard someone shout and realised that this was just the beginning. I closed my eyes again allowing the boys to do whatever they wanted and after a bit I felt him pull out of me and squirt his warm cum onto my tummy. I felt the other boys touching and pulling me down so tiny riley swings her mouth and pussy at logans huge cock I was laying length ways along the sofa.

A boy climbed up onto the sofa behind me and lay on his side guiding me to lie alongside with my back to him. As I adjusted my position slightly to get comfortable and rested my head on the sofa cushions I felt him lift my upper most leg upwards as he pushed his body against me. His penis was between my legs and I suddenly felt another surge of pleasure as someone started to finger my pussy from the front and I don't remember much more detail after that.

After what seemed like an hour or so of the boys pulling me around doing whatever they liked it appeared they had had enough and remember ending up with my head resting on one of the boys laps and must have dozed off for a while because when I woke up it was very quiet with all of the boys crashed out on one or other of the sofa's. My head felt a bit groggy but I decided that it would be a good idea to get out of here and get home.

I rummaged around the floor and was able to find my shoes, skirt, blouse and cardigan but there was no sign of my tights or panties and as I didn't really want to disturb any one I decided to go without them. I pulled on the clothes I had found but discovered that my blouse was covered in cum and my skirt looked like somebody japanese teen plays with toys and cock dragged it through mud.

Much of my body and hair felt crusty where cum had dried onto me and I ended up leaving the dingy room feeling very uncomfortable. I found my way out the back and staggered the half mile home feeling a draught between my naked pussy lips and was so relieved when I saw my parents weren't at home yet. Once inside I took a long shower and got ready for bed before cooking myself a quick supper. Mum and Dad weren't expected home until late so I took myself to bed and thought about what had happened to me earlier.

As the effects of the alcohol and drugs started to wear off I began to realise that what I had done was more that a bit crazy. Although I didn't feel too well now I think I had enjoyed myself but did have some regrets about allowing all four boys to have sex with me, possibly more than once each but realised it could have been much worse and that I had not actually been hurt.

The next morning when I woke up everything seemed quite normal for a few moments before I noticed that I felt a bit sore down below and suddenly images from the action yesterday flashed back to me with a shock.

My memory of much of what happened was vague but I did know I had ended up having sex with one if not all of the boys but I didn't quite remember how it had happened or how I had got home. I did remember having lunch with the other girls and boys and then going without them to the flats. In the flat I recalled being with the four lads and how I had drunk some whiskey and smoked a number of hand rolled cigarettes and had danced in front of them.

I remembered teasing them by removing my blouse and even some of when I was dancing in just my panties and blushed at the images in my head. I got myself up and checked myself all over but apart from a bit of soreness where I guess I had been penetrated I didn't find any injuries and got myself ready for school as normal and greeted my parents downstairs as if nothing had happened.

I took myself to school still thinking about what I could remember but when I saw the two girls who I had been with the day before I kept a wide berth although I did wonder what had happened to them.

The day passed without incident and I even had lunch with Sophie who was solsex for young blond with small tits back at school but I told no one what had occurred the day before. I did think a lot about it and started to feel some shame about how I had taken my clothes off and having sex with four boys all in the same session.

Once or twice because my recollection of some of the events was so vague I began to wonder why I had allowed it to happen, even to ask myself if it had been consensual sex or not? I couldn't remember the point where I had first taken everything off or more importantly where I had agreed to have sex and realised I'd actually been taken advantage of with the drink and drugs and perhaps it could even be called rape!

I did at one point wonder if perhaps I should admit to someone what had happened and perhaps the boys would get into trouble rather than me but then given the fact I had put myself in the situation I wasn't sure anyone would believe me over the word of the lads.

I had after all willingly taken most of my clothes off but then again had they got me drunk on purpose? Towards the end of the day I tried to make myself believe that what was done was done and hoped I could move on but as I was leaving school one of the junior boys ran up to me and handed me an envelope which he said some man had said he should give to me.

I had no idea what it could be but on opening it I found a DVD inside with my name written by hand on the silver surface along with a small note saying "Call me" along with a phone number.

I was unsure what this was but felt uneasy about it so as soon as I got home I shut myself into my bedroom and put the disc into my computer and opened up a file which turned out to contain photographs.

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The first picture showed the outside of the boarded up block of flats I had been at the day before and then there were various pictures of me and the boys. Someone had obviously done some work on the pictures because although I was clearly recognisable the faces of the boys where they appeared had been fuzzed out. The early pictures were a bit dark as they had been taken without a flash were of me dancing or smoking fully clothed although I hadn't realised anyone had a camera at that point.

The rest of the pictures plotted my decline into what can only be described as whoredom and I sleeping sister and boy funk to realise the full extent of what had gone on the day before. I saw the first picture I remembered being taken where I was on the sofa having just taken my bra off followed by the ones I posed for and was shocked at the very cheesy, pleased look on my face.

The next pictures showed me sitting back with my legs wide apart taken looking up at my white panties under my school skirt and then others with me dancing, initially with my skirt on and then without, either alone or with one or other of the boys.

The more I saw the more shocked I was about how I had behaved, how I was grinning from ear to ear laying back in just in my panties with the boys touching my tits. Any thoughts of telling anyone that the lads had forced me to do anything I didn't want to went out of the window.

I did have a vague recollection of lying there enjoying the feeling of being watched wearing only my panties but I had no memory of what a tease I had been as I looked at the 10 or so pictures of me in this position. In all of them I was stretched out on my back thrusting my hips into the air, in some I had my legs together whilst in others they were spread wide open with a close up view of my crotch covered just by a thin layer of cotton with a hint of my pussy folds below.

There were several where I was holding the top of my panties teasingly and one where I had pushed the elastic down enough to show my shaved pubic area and where the very top of my pussy lips started and you could just see a hint of my inner pussy lips. Then there were some with the stunning babe is showcasing her opened spread twat in close up hands all over me once I was completely naked with them rubbing the smooth wet lips of my naked pussy.

These were followed by some of me on my own proudly pushing my pussy lips apart for the camera with every inch of the area between my legs fully exposed including the stretched openings of my vagina and anus.

Worst however were some of the dozens of pictures of me being screwed by all of the boys in different positions but absolutely the most shocking of all were the two where I was lying on my side being screwed from behind. There was a shot showing all of me with my legs were being held wide apart by someone standing behind and then a close up of my bright pink wet pussy showing every detail of my most intimate place the boys penis deep in my hole, my inner pussy lips, my clitoris, my wee hole you could even see one or two spots of razor burn on my smooth skin where I had shaved my pubes off.

I was mortified both by what I had allowed to be done to me but even more so that I had even allowed someone to take such graphic pictures! I took the disc out of my computer and was just wondering how I should destroy it when I remembered the note that was also in the envelope and suddenly went cold in the realisation that these images of my first sexual experiences with boys were being looked at by other people. I found the note again saying "Call me" with the phone number and realised I would have to do as instructed.

I found my mobile phone and with trembling hands punched in the numbers and was just about to press the green call button when I chickened out and put the phone down. It took me another couple of minutes and another abortive attempt before I finally had the nerve to make the call. I heard the phone ring but when it was answered I found I couldn't say anything. "Nice pictures aren't they" said a man at the other end. "It looks like you really had a great time!" "Yes" I croaked quietly.

Without me having to say anything more the man on the phone went on to explain that he had to make a decision about what to do with the pictures and that he knew of a web site where he would be able to sell them for something like a £500 but that would mean that they would most likely then fall into the public domain and almost certainly be seen by my friends and perhaps even my parents.

Although he didn't use the word and he talked about it being a decision we both had to make it didn't take long for me to realise that the man wanted blonde toy web cam baseball practice turns into a wild threesome blackmail me and of course the last thing I wanted women cracking raw egg inside her vagina for any of this to become public.

I didn't know what to do and said "There's no way I can find anything like £500" which was quite true. The man went on to say that he had expected this but that he had a proposition for me. Given how pretty I was and obviously enjoyed such activities he knew of people who would pay a lot of money if I was willing to perform for them.

I would have to have sex with them of course and accept some other things but that shouldn't be a hardship for me with such an aptitude for it and I could earn enough in maybe three or four sessions to easily make it more profitable for both of us if I would consider it. I was still pretty much in shock about all of this but realised that I had little choice so said "OK then what do I need to do?" The man said that this was good and that he had my number and would call me back in a day or so and the phone went dead.

I put the phone down and suddenly burst into tears! To be continued.