Girlfriends hot mom gets fucked from behind mother in law forced mother in law taboo

Girlfriends hot mom gets fucked from behind mother in law forced mother in law taboo
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Author's Note: Not related to Part 1, this is its own separate story. Fitness Model Moms 2 Chapter 1 "Mmm, damn woman, that feels good," Amy said, lying topless on her tummy in her bedroom.

Her best friend, Monica was sitting on Amy's butt, covered by boxer shorts, milf putona manda video por messeger tube porn her back. "Glad you like it. I picked up a few tips over the years," Monica said, enjoying her last night visiting Amy in Miami before her drive back to Tampa tomorrow.

"Mmm," Amy moaned. "Monica? Can I tell you a secret?" "Of course!" Amy started to move, Monica getting off her butt, lying in the bed next to her. Amy smiled, grabbed a t-shirt, putting it on then curling up next to her friend. "I think I want another baby," The 37-year-old said. "Oh? I see. Hmm, you still could at your age," Monica said. "The only issue is your career." "I know," Amy bit her bottom lip.

"But, I know for a fact some models still work when they're pregnant." "True. They have pregnancy sportswear and stuff. I'm sure you could still find work." Amy and Monica met when Amy was 21, Monica was 26. They were booked for the same modeling job, and became fast friends.

Both have wild, curly manes of blonde hair Monica's a darker shade, occasionally light-brown when she dyes it.

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Both have similar senses of humor, both are mothers, and both love their careers as fitness models. The only differences are their height and eyes. Amy is five feet tall, blue eyes, several inches shorter than green-eyed Monica. "Think I should do it?" Amy asked. "Yes, I think it'd be great," Monica answered. "You thinking of using a donor?" Amy paused, sitting up in bed, shaking her head of curly blonde hair.

"Nope." Monica was confused. "The uh, old fashion way." "Oh, I see. But, I mean, you're single and " "I know!" Amy shrugged. "I guess I need to find someone." "Are you ready for that?" "I think so." "Are you sure? It's been, what, almost a decade since " "Marty passed away," Amy nodded referring to her late husband.

"I know this sounds silly, but do you think he'd be ok with it?" Amy shrugged, "I'm not married anymore. I fulfilled our vows, our oath to one another. I wouldn't be cheating, or hurting anyone." "That's true. If he's looking down on you, or listening, I think he'd say 'Yeah go for it! I'm up here, in paradise; I don't care what you do down there!'" Monica said. The two women giggled. "I guess you're right!" "The only other concern is the actual mechanics of it.

Are you dirty talk and jerk off with cumshot tube porn to have a man other than Marty penetrate you? Heck, even get you pregnant?" Monica asked. Amy took a deep breath and nodded. "I think I can! Yes!" "Like I said you wouldn't be hurting him.

I don't think people in Heaven even look down at Earth. They are in such a far better place," Monica said. "You're so sweet," Amy caressed her friend's face.

Amy got off the bed, walking over to a laptop then brought it back to her bed. Opening it up, waking it, she opened her web browser. "Don't judge me!" She told Monica. "I'm not, but what are you going to show me?" Amy sighed, "What I've been looking at on occasion." "Uh oh," Monica feigned concern.

Amy was opening new tabs and selecting a bookmarked website. She did this several times until several tabs were open, loading a website. Monica's eyes widened as the current tab displayed a website with black men, naked, posing in various positions. "Wow. So this?" Monica asked. "Yep," Amy nodded. "These too," Amy clicked on the other open tabs, each one containing a bookmarked website featuring naked black men, close-ups of their cocks and finally, one that Amy loved most, a site showing black men and white women having sex.

"Oh my," Monica held her hand to her mouth. Amy scrolled down, an assortment of pictures, bbc lovers sara jay and amy anderssen way gifs, videos were displaying.

All featured white women sucking or riding black men's cock. "I don't look all the time, but," Amy shrugged. "It's kinda hot, right?" Monica nodded slowly, her eyes fixated on a looping animated gif of a white women licking all around a large cockhead.

"Hey! You there?" Amy joked, causing Monica to exit her trance. "Yes! Why exactly are you looking at this?" "Well, besides the fact, I've been getting hornier as time moved on, there's also a guy at the gym.

I think I may have a crush on him. I don't know!" Amy laughed. "So he's black?" "He is." "You want to date a black guy?" "Well, not really. I mean, I guess. I don't want to ever get married again, but I do want a baby. I do think I'm ready for sex again, and I gotta admit," Amy looked at the gif on her monitor.

"That does look delicious!" Monica nodded again, her eyes drawn to the long cock that was being serviced by the white girl. "Hey!" Amy snapped her fingers. "Sorry. Yes, I think you could date and uh," Monica had trouble talking. "Kill two birds with one stone? Get laid and get pregnant," Amy completed her friend's thought for her. "Mmhmm," Monica nodded. "Sweetie, do you want me to leave so you can be alone for a bit?

Just search for interracial gifs or big black cock it's so easy to find," Amy teased Monica. Monica shook her head and chuckled, "No, no it's fine. Let's get ready for bed." Amy shut the laptop down, putting it back in the corner, and got in bed with Monica. The two friends cuddled; the taller one's arm around the shorter. "So what's your plan?" Monica asked.

"I'm going to talk to that guy.

Just see where it goes," Amy rose on her elbows. "I've been fantasizing about it. You know, dating black men. I thought maybe I could date around and pick three finalists. The winner would be the one to get me pregnant." "Heh, how would you determine the winner?" "Well, whichever one is the best." "Best at what?" Amy blushed, giggling a bit. "Ah I see. Best in bed?" Monica asked.

Amy nodded, lying back down, resting her head on Monica's shoulder. They were quiet for a moment, Monica playfully slapped Amy's ass. "You have a nice one of these. I'm sure you could find a few to date. They like nice booties, right?" "I'm pretty sure all men do. Marty certainly loved it." "Yes. I know he'd want you to move on and not be sad and lonely for the rest of your life.

I just have one question." "Sure." "Are you going to tell Caleb?" Monica asked, referring to Amy's son. Amy rolled onto her back anju akane plays naughty on mans big cock was quiet for a moment.

She ran her hand over the waist band of a pair of boxer shorts Caleb out grew a few years knob suck and vagina fuck pornstar and hardcore. They fit Amy perfectly. "Yes, at some point I'll have to." Monica nodded; the two women were quiet for several minutes.

"I want to do this too!" Monica blurted out. Amy turned around, smiling at her friend, "Really? You want to get pregnant too?" "No," Monica smiled, biting her bottom lip. "I want to date black men too! I've never done it and I'm not getting younger, might as well!" Chapter 2 The next morning Amy and Monica were enjoying coffee after breakfast.

"So you're going black, you'll be sleeping around to find the best guy in bed, then let him knock you up," Monica said, a night of sleeping on it allowed Amy's plan to sink in. Amy's son, Caleb walked in, causing Amy to shoot Monica a look, as if to tell her to be quiet.

"Or the biggest!" Monica said, making Amy blush in front of her son. "What?" Caleb asked, getting some toast. "Biggest what?" "Nothing, honey," Amy said. "Just work stuff." "It could take several months to find the biggest one," Monica continued.

Amy rolled her eyes, "Yes, the biggest might not be the best." Caleb chomped on his toast, sitting next to his mother. "But yes, they'll be quite a few to try out," Amy winked at Monica.

"And I can't wait." Caleb finished his toast and left. "Does he have a girlfriend?" Monica asked. "Doubt it. He might, but he hates being at that community college, he doesn't like the people there. He just wants to move on." "Going there for two years certainly saves some money," Monica said. "I know! I keep reminding him, only another year of classes then he can transfer to Miami U," Amy said. Monica finished packing and Amy saw her off. It was Sunday and Amy had plans that afternoon.

Standing in front of her late husband's headstone in the cemetery, Amy pulled away a couple of weeds and brushed away part of a palm tree frond. "Better," she said. "Martin, there's something I need to talk to you about," Amy said, switching to "Martin" instead of "Marty" when she had something serious india summer sexy milf bang as a star in hard sex tape video-13 tube porn talk about.

"I've been visiting you often over the years, but I never spoke about what I'm about to tell you now," Amy added. She paused, took a deep breath. "I'm horny. I've been getting more and more horny in the past year. Not only that, but I want to have another baby before I'm too old." "Sometimes I'll touch myself," Amy admitted to the headstone, looking at his name etched into it.

"Sometimes I'll even look at, um, adult material." Thinking of Monica's words the previous night, Amy continued, "I want to kill two birds with one stone. I want to have sex and choose the most enjoyable man to impregnate me. I will never, ever marry again, but this little journey will provide me with what I want." "After the baby is born," Amy shrugged.

"I'll be done, I'll be happy to go on raising the child as a single mom." Amy took a step back, turning around. She stopped herself, facing the grave again. "Oh yeah, one other thing. I really, really want to see what it's like having sex with black men.

I've been looking at a lot of interracial porn lately. And, well, I want to, um, go black!" Something caught Amy's eye in her peripheral vision. She turned to her right seeing an elderly couple at a nearby headstone. The women's mouth was hanging open in shock. "Um, sorry," Amy's eyes darted from side-to-side. She leaned down to whisper to the headstone, "We'll talk later." Amy quickly rushed off, feeling better for confessing her plans, and embarrassed that the older couple heard her.

"Hank," the woman spoke up. "Did that woman just say what I think " "Yep," Hank interrupted her, putting his arm around the woman's waist, taking their leave. ** Later that afternoon, Amy worked on her tan in the backyard. She thought about her plan. Tomorrow at the gym, she'd approach the black man she had a crush on. He was huge, very tall, and very muscular.

Amy smiled, thinking of seeing him naked, her hand trailing down her washboard tummy. There was one, final person she wanted to run her plan by her son Caleb.

After taking a shower, the towel wrapped around her as she brushed her hair, Amy walked toward Caleb's room. "Come in," he said after she knocked. He was sitting at his desk checking email. "Can we talk?" his mother asked. "Sure." Amy set her brush on his desk, motioned him to back away in his chair to make room for her. She sat on her son's lap, the towel still wrapped around her body. "What is it?" Caleb asked.

Amy stared for a moment at her son. He looked a lot like her late husband dark hair, blue eyes, tall. "Honey, I need to be honest with you about something." "Sure, what's going on?" Amy chose her words wisely. "You know I'm not that old and I've been thinking about something for a while now. I've made a decision." "Am I in trouble?" "No! Nothing like that. It has nothing to do with you.

Actually, it kind of does. Honey, what are your thoughts on having a baby brother or sister?" "Um, well, I guess that's ok.

Are you thinking about having a baby, mom?" Caleb asked. "I am." "Hmm, I see," he looked away. "Would this bother you?" Amy tipped her son's chin so he was facing her. "Well, not really. I mean, I don't think it would," Caleb shrugged. "It won't really affect you. Except for maybe the baby waking you up at night from crying," Amy smiled.

"Other than that, your life won't change." "Right," Caleb nodded. "I mean, I'd love some help every once in a while. You could change diapers for me!" "Heh, sure Mom," Caleb said. "So are you using a donor or a segregate?" "As I told you, I'm not THAT old," Amy tussled his dark hair. Her tone and face went serious, "you're an adult now." "What are you getting at?" "I can talk with you about an adult topic. You're almost 19." Caleb raised an eyebrow, knowing where this was going.

"I haven't, um, been with a man since your father passed away. We're coming up on ten years." "Oh, I see, um " "I just thought," Amy interrupted him. "Well, I could kill two birds with one stone. I could date some; I could maybe um, have intercourse, and get pregnant in the process." "Right. I see. Yeah," Caleb said, hoping this little chat was over. "I hope you understand." "No, I do.

I really do. You're not old, you're lonely, and you want to be a mom again. You and dad technically aren't married anymore." "And I'll never marry again. This is just for me to love and raise a baby one last time before I'm too old. Once I get pregnant from the right guy, I'm done." "Gotcha. Date some, crap like that, choose the nicest guy," Caleb stated, having trouble with this adult conversation.

"Yes! Something along those lines. I just need to know if you're ok with me doing this." "It's not a problem, Mom. Next year, after another pretty amateur blonde passenger drilled for a free fare in community college, I'll be gone." "You'll be at Miami, right?" Caleb shrugged, "Maybe.

I might not get accepted. But If I am, I still want to live on campus." Amy nodded, "I see." amazing bathroom threesome with a delicious brunette She didn't want to talk about that just yet; one thing at a time.

She stood off Caleb's lap. "Alright, so we're good?" Caleb asked. "I think so. Are you?" "It's cool, Mom. Really it is. Just don't talk about it, don't flaunt your dates and your dating life around me. I've had poor luck with girls, I don't need to be reminded that I'm alone." "Caleb," Amy put her hands on her hips.

"You are NOT alone. Stand up." Caleb shrugged, doing what he was told. Amy threw her arms around his waist squeezing him hard. "Don't ever think that. I'm always here for you when you need me." "Ok, Mom," Caleb smiled, patting her back. "You look so much like your dad," Amy ended the hugging, looking upward, caressing her son's face. She thought about how much she still missed her late husband. Their eyes met, Amy looked away before she teared up.

"Alright, good talk, I will see you later tonight!" Amy exiting his room. Pushing away sad thoughts of Marty, she unwrapped the towel around her, walking naked toward her room. "Mmmm, starting tomorrow, time for me to get some black cock!" She nearly rubbed herself raw, looking at interracial porn before falling heather and cindy have hot lesbian sex. Her last thoughts for the night were she now had the green light from her son to go out and get pregnant.

Naughty blonde babe handles a massive black schlongm-3 tube porn also had Monica's comforting words about Marty. She wouldn't be hurting him; it's been ten years amatrice baiseacutee par son plan cul dinternet he's in a far better place. The final thing on Amy's checklist was going on birth control until she found the right black man to be bred by.

Chapter 3 She bided her time all week, altering her schedule to attend the gym later, staying longer than usual, watching the black man she wanted to sleep with. She learned his schedule, figuring out when he left. He stayed very late, near closing, and was usually never alone. On Friday, Amy lucked out. The man wasn't with a friend. The entire workout session, she watched him, lusted after him, imagining herself undressing for him, mating with him.

He picked up on Amy's signal, nodding, smiling politely to her as he went to various machines and free weights. Finally, near closing time, right before midnight, Amy approached him, leaving with him.

"Hi!" she smiled at the huge man. "Hey. How are you?" he said, looking to Amy, towering over her. "Good. I've seen you around some, I thought I'd introduce myself," Amy said. "I'm Amy," she extended her hand. He shook it, his huge hand covering her small, dainty one. "I'm Ronnie. Nice to meet you." "So, uh, do you compete?" Amy asked. "Compete?" "Yes. You're huge!" "Oh, right.

Body building. I've thought about it. I may at some point," Ronnie smiled, licking his lips, looking over Amy in her tight spandex top and shorts. Amy blushed, "So um " "Dinner tomorrow?" Ronnie said, reading her mind, smiling. "Yes!" she blurted out, laughing. She couldn't believe it was this easy. "Good," Ronnie said. They exchanged numbers and decided to meet the following evening at a new Italian restaurant near the gym.

Amy watched him pull out of the parking lot, beaming. She decided to call Monica. "Ugh! Ugh!" Monica grunted on her back, in her bed, getting fucked by someone she met at the gym too.

He was an 18-year-old black high school quarterback. "Ah shit," he whispered, slamming his hips into the older, white fitness model mom. Monica's phone rang, she recognized the ring tone. She stopped the young man, reaching to answer the call.

"Hello?" "I have a date! Tomorrow night!" Amy ecstatically said. "Oh, uh, that's great. Really great," Monica said. The quarterback leaned down, sucking at Monica's tits, and then licking up to her neck. "Are you ok? You sound busy," Amy said. "Yes!" Monica moaned when his tongue reached her ear. "I mean, I'm fine." "Hmm, you are busy. What are you " "I'm getting fucked. Ok, sweetie? And he is doing a VERY good job," Monica said. "Monica!" "I told you I was going black too! We'll talk later, bye!" Monica's thumb missed the end call button.

She placed the phone back on her bedside table. Amy gasped listening to her friend on the other line. "Now then, keep giving me that big black dick! Yes! Just like that! Your mom thinks you're at a friend's house, right?" Monica asked. "Yes ma'am," the teen replied. Amy hung up and got in her car, giggling. ** The next evening at 8:30 pm Amy's mouth hung open, eyes wide with shock as she stared at Ronnie's massive member directly in front of her. "It's small isn't it?" Ronnie asked, pretending to be sad.

"I'm sorry, I'll put it away." "No!" Amy stopped him. "Heh, I think we both knew where this was going when you came back to my apartment," Ronnie smiled. Ronnie was standing in front of her. She sat on the couch and watched him fish out his cock. "Uh huh," Amy nodded. "Now then, how about some dessert? Unfortunately, It's a bit salty and takes some work to get, but I think you'll love it!" Ronnie said. "Love it, yes," Amy looked on, still in a daze. Ronnie snapped his fingers, "Hello?

You home?" He joked again, "Oh, I see how it is. It doesn't impress you. I'll just put the little guy away." "No!" Amy shouted, quickly grabbing his cock by the base, stuffing it in her mouth, sucking and slurping all over the tip.

"So good, so delicious," Amy thought. "I'm doing it!" "Easy, easy now. We got all night," Ronnie said, stepping out of his pants, while Amy hungrily sucked on a cock for the first time in almost a decade.

Ronnie sat on the couch, watching Amy work. Her mouth was so stretched she could hardly insert it into her throat. Amy, on her knees in front of Ronnie now, lifted her dress and began furiously rubbing herself. "Yes, yes!" she thought. "Ahh, that's it baby, that's it," Ronnie leaned his head. Amy, cum-lusting, growled at Ronnie, taking his cock out of her mouth. "Give me that cum!" "Whoa, whoa, damn girl!" "I haven't had this in a very long time. Now blast the back of my throat with your cum!" "You got it.

But we aren't done after that," Ronnie said, standing. "Get ready." His huge, dark brown hands on each side of Amy's head, he began face-fucking her. "Incredible," she thought, letting Ronnie use her mouth. Several moments passed, Amy's eyes rolling into the back of her head as she brought herself to an orgasm with her fingers.

Drool hanging from her chin, Ronnie worked towards his own climax. "That's it, just like that. I'm going to give you that cum, baby." The slamming of Ronnie's abdomen against Amy's head stopped, he tensed up, his legs shook, he gripped her head and unloaded his seed down her throat.

"Ahhhh yeahhh," he moaned, his cock injecting her throat with cum. Amy came again, feeling his cock pulsate in her mouth as it delivered baby-making semen down her gullet.

She wondered if she'd find the best lay on the first try. She had to remind herself they hadn't even had sex yet. That changed minutes later. The second that big, fat, juicy black the brothel 2 mind control entered her pussy Amy nearly climaxed and did a few seconds later. Ronnie tore off her black dress, picked her up, and slammed her on his bed. Still hard as a rock and throbbing, he drilled into her. "Mmm that's a tight pussy," he said, propping himself up with his fists, his muscular ass flexing as he slid in and out sexy eighteen year old gets fucked hard her stretching her.

He went slow at first, but like Amy's ability to cum, it didn't take long for him to go faster and faster. "This is, this is insane," she whispered, her short legs not fully able to wrap around Ronnie's hulking frame. Amy climaxed, stretched like never before. Ronnie grabbed the headboard and kept pounding away at her pussy.

"Come on! Come on!" he ordered her with each impact. "Ahhh, Ro-Ronnie!" Amy cried out, the bed slamming against the wall. "I saw the way you looked at me all week. I knew you wanted black dick!" Ronnie said, working up a sweat. "Yes!" "Get ready for another load. I'm going to fill this pussy up!" "Yes!" Amy screamed out. Oh how she wished she wasn't on birth control so she could be bred by this brute. "Ahh yeah!" Ronnie yelled, arching his back, impaling her one last time before he erupted in her.

Amy orgasmed again as her pussy was filled to the brim, overflowing onto Ronnie's bed. They both calmed down, Ronnie lowering himself to suck at her breasts. "I love white pussy. Love it." Amy was out of breath, coming down off the orgasms, "I love, I love black cock," she managed to whisper. Hours later, near dawn, both covered in sweat, Amy's legs were giving out. She was squatting up and down on Ronnie as he sat on his bed. She was a total, orgasmic mess, but didn't want to stop riding him, milking his cock.

Ronnie grunted, pulling her blonde hair back, sucking on her tits as he filled her again one last time for the night. He fell back, bringing her with him. Amy lay on his chest, heaving, panting, while his cock slurped out of her oozing pussy exhausted finally. They kissed goodbye, Ronnie slapped anal teen angel iva zan analfingering naturalboobs ass, saying he'll see her again.

Amy knew this would be true.

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She arrived home shortly before 7am. She adjusted her torn dress, her disheveled hair, and peeped in on a sleeping Caleb. "Good morning," She whispered. "Mommy had fun last night." Amy left Caleb asleep in his room. She entered her own room, removed her torn dress, collapsing on her bed nude. Just before giant booty fucking with syren de mer overtook her, she felt more semen ooze out of her pussy.

Chapter 4 It was noon. The sounds of a church choir echoed through the halls of an old church. The service had just ended. Another sound echoed as well. The sound of Monica moaning and cumming. She went to church that morning a black church for an obvious reason. "You gonna have to come back and visit us sometime," the 50-year-old pastor said. Monica was on all fours, her dressed pulled up, her pussy filled with black cock again.

"I, I will!" She cried. "We love and accept everybody here. Don't matter what color you are," he explained, taking her from behind. "I can give you this!" Monica said, meeting his hips perky tits blond bitch jessy brown interracial gangbang her ass. "Whew!" The pastor wiped his forehead. "Hallelujah!" Her phone rang, she recognized the ring tone.

"Hey Amy," she answered. "Hey there. I have to tell you about last night. I just woke up and " "Ahh! Yes! Mmmm, Amy, let me call you back," Monica said. "Again? Are you " "We'll talk later!" Monica's thumb missed the end call button again. Amy listed for a few seconds. "Mmm, this is a wonderful tithe and offering to the church!" The pastor said. "Uh huh!" "Here's one for you!" the pastor pulled out, Monica went to her knees and sucked his black cock as he shot his load in her mouth. Amy hung up the phone.

"Ok, well Monica is busy," Amy said aloud, fixing a salad for her and Caleb's lunch. "Busy with what, Mom?" her son asked, entering the kitchen. "Oh nothing, um, house work. Let's eat, sweetie!" "Are you ok?" Caleb asked. "Hmm? I'm fine. Why do you ask?" "Well, you're limping a bit and you're kinda hunched over.

Did you hurt your back at the gym?" Amy blushed, giggling, "Um, yes, yes. My workout was too long and hard." She chuckled after catching the double meaning of her words, sitting the salad bowl on the table for her and Caleb. ** That evening in her bathtub, Amy finally got a hold of Monica. She was in her tub as well. "That's crazy. You've had several since you got back from your visit here and I've only had one," Amy said, referring to the number of black men she slept with.

"I know. This is wild. It just happened," Monica said. There was a short pause. "It's addictive." Amy closed her eyes, casually rubbing her clit under the water. "Mmmm." "Amy are you " "Yes," Amy laughed. "Me too," Monica whispered. There was another pause, heavy breathing. "Thinking about black cock." "Me too," Amy whispered. "Go out and get more. You said you were going to find the best." "I know. I can't go after a younger guy like you though. Caleb might know him." "Try a college student.

If he goes to a different school, Caleb probably won't know him. Mmm," Monica moaned. "Feel good?" "Yes." There was another pause, more heavy breathing. "A-Amy," Monica whimpered. She was cumming. Amy stopped playing with herself and listened to Monica climax on the other end of the phone. "Wow," Amy mouthed when Monica was done. They ended their call, Amy ended her bath. She brought herself an orgasm, thinking of Ronnie, college students, and Monica.

** Amy was sore the next couple days, but that didn't stop of her from fucking Ronnie after working out with him. He took her behind the gym one night, in his car the next, snuck her into the men's bathroom the next night, then Friday night Amy rode his cock to exhaustion in the sauna.

No one came back there and saw the soaking wet duo fucking like rabbits. Amy needed more, a larger sample to choose from. She dragged Caleb to the beach on Saturday.

"Does this embarrass you, sweetie?" Amy turned around in her high-end, designer, thong bikini a client supplied her for a past photo shoot. "Uh, no. No it's fine," Caleb shrugged looking away. Amy sat on her towel next to her son for a few moments after applying sun tan lotion. She scanned the beach and found something that made her pussy drip.

"Do you know them?" Amy asked her son. Caleb bruder erpresst schwester zum sex over to the group of college age students playing beach volleyball. Some were black. "Nah," Caleb shook his head. "Do you to play?" "Beach volleyball with them?" "Sure!" "No.

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I'll pass." "Please?" Amy pleaded. "No, I don't know them. I don't care. In fact, I was thinking of taking a swim." "Oh alright," Amy pouted. "I'm going to though." "Go right ahead," Caleb told his mother, standing. "I'll be in the water." ** It took 20 minutes of playful banter, flirting, and beach volleyball for Amy to get a black cock in her.

He was 21, played football for University of Miami, and royally fucking her in the men's room at the beach pavilion area. They were in bathroom stall, Amy lesbian explosive shower of pussy him, bouncing up and down on him. He stood, holding her by her ass, getting ready to cum. He didn't last as long and wasn't as good as Ronnie, but she enjoyed it. "You gotta come to our frat pool party tomorrow. All the team will be there, the basketball team too," the student said.

"Does that mean what I think it's means?" "You won't be able to walk for a few days," he said. "Good," Amy winked, kissing him passionately. "I can't wait to tell Monica," she thought while kissing him. Chapter 5 They parted ways, Amy rinsed off sand and semen under the beach shower near the exit. She found Caleb, waving to him from the beach.

She thought about going out there to him, hugging him, swimming with him, but she just had sex and thought it might be weird. Caleb exited the water, nodding to her. They sat relatively quiet, soaking in rays from the sun. When it was time to go, Caleb spoke up, gathering his towel, "You look nice." "Huh?" "I said you look nice. I mean, if you wanted a guy, you could find one," Caleb said. "Caleb," Amy ran her hand over her son's chest, "that's so sweet of you." She caressed his face, thinking about how he reminded her of her late husband, "I love you." "Love you too, Mom." They gathered their things and left the beach.

That night Amy snuggled on the couch with her son, watching a movie. "So how are things going? Or do I want to know?" Caleb asked when the movie ended. "Oh, you mean about getting pregnant?" Amy asked. Caleb nodded. "I haven't found the right guy yet. While you were swimming in the water, ignoring me," Amy pouted, putting Caleb's arm around her. "I met a nice guy. We'll hang out some tomorrow." "Ah I see. Well good luck." "Come to bed with me," Amy kissed his cheek. "Uh, what?" "Until I fall asleep, then you can go to your own." "Sure," Caleb shrugged.

"Carry me." "What?" Amy laughed.

"Your dad would do that. He'd pick me up and carry me to bed. Then we'd," Amy moaned. "Whoa, too much info," Caleb interrupted her. He picked his mother up, carrying her upstairs, gently laying her on the bed. They held each other for a few minutes before she fell asleep. ** The next afternoon, Amy was being carried the exact way at the pool party at the frat house.

Except she was naked and lovely peachy really enjoys rubbing her pussy masturbation and brunette tossed around like a beach ball literally and figuratively. A big black linebacker would grab her from another teammate, her legs went around his waist, and he'd slide his cock in.

He thrust upward into Amy just before he was ready to cum, then pass her to another player. He'd fuck her, until he was about to cum, stop, and then pass her to another.

Thirty of them did this, until one tossed her into the swimming pool. Amy climbed onto a huge float, spread her legs, and waited a few seconds until someone was on top of her. She floated on the water, college students taking turns with her, and then flopping back into the water. She was one of four white women there at the mostly all black frat party. She wondered why none of them came in her. She found out that night inside the frat house.

They passed Amy around a few times, eventually winding down. Amy noticed they were jacking off in plastic cups.

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30-40 of them, spewing their loads in cups. "Drink up," the guy she met at the beach instructed. "Um." Another handed her a cup containing more semen than the first.

"Go ahead," he smiled. Amy breathed it in, smiled, nodded and gulped it all down. She did the same with the next cup, then a third. She couldn't wait to tell Monica. ** Monica was at a photo shoot. She was with a partner that day, shooting for a fitness magazine cover. The photographer was getting some greats shots. Monica had practically undressed the black model with her eyes.

For the last few photos, Monica was on her knees, in front of him his crotch at her left shoulder. "Good, perfect! I think this will do it for today. Thanks, you two," the photographer said. Monica turned to her left, his crotch in her face. He was looking to her, the sexual tension undeniable. Looking to his face, a small grin formed on her lips.

An hour later in his hotel room, Monica stood before him, eyes going up and down his muscular black body. She removed her bikini top, and then stepped out of her thong. She stepped forward, placing her hands on his abs, kissing him deeply.

She kissed down his body, going to her knees. She pulled his swim trunks down, his long, straight cock, popping upward. Monica moaned, licking it, kissing it. "Mmm, Ulysses," Monica said. "My best friend would love this." Ulysses chuckled, pulling Monica to her feet, "You're beautiful." "So are you," she said. They kissed again, Ulysses scooped her up and took her to bed.

Two hours later, Monica was on all fours once again, while Ulysses slowly glided his cock in and out of her from behind. Her eyes were closed, she was in another world. Her phone rang, lily white milf latina fucked by hoody hood rican tattoo tube porn familiar ring tone caused her to answer.

"Ahhh, Amy, mmmm, yes," she managed to get. Amy, her breath and mouth smelling and tasting of semen, couldn't reply. She was driving home from the pool party late that night. "I'll call, tomorrow," Monica said, tossing her phone on the mattress. Amy listened to Monica climax again, her voice wasn't the only thing she heard. She heard a man's voice, moaning along with her friend.

** "You drank it all?" Monica asked on the phone the night. Both women were in the bathtubs again. "Yes," Amy said, she was rubbing her clit. "It was so good." Monica was doing the same, "Mmhmm. Cum for me." "What?" Amy heard heavy breathing. "Think about those big black cocks going in and out sunny leone wed sid bp, getting you pregnant," Monica said.

"Oh Monica, yes, yes!" Amy cried out. "That's it. Cum for me!" "Ughnnnn," Amy moaned soulfully on the phone. "Mmm Ulysses," Monica said. "Who?" Amy asked, out of breath. "I had him last night. After a photo shoot. You need him," Monica said in between heavy breathing. "Mmmm-Monica," Amy said. Monica came next. "Mmm shit. What's gotten into us." "No idea. I hope Caleb didn't hear me," Amy said, regaining her composure. "Anyway I better go. But yes, you'd love Ulysses," Monica said.

The two friends ended their call. Chapter 6 "Please be careful," Amy hugged Caleb. He was going to Daytona with a few friends during spring break. They convinced him to come along, even though he wasn't yet attending a four-year university. "I will," Caleb bent down to hug his mother. "What will you do?" "I have a photo shoot lined up. Other than that, I'm not sure!" She looked to his face, caressing it, she would miss him, but had plans. The image of her son was replaced by a black japanese mother fucks son in law the sunny leone sex xnxx fuck fuking story door of their home became a front door of his apartment.

The sunlight was gone; it was night time several hours later. Amy rode him all night. The next night Amy crashed through her bedroom door in the arms of another black man. He slammed her on her bed, climbed on top and fucked her all night. On Monday, Amy had a photo shoot and afterward picked up the college student she met at the beach.

She took him back to her house and took him to bed. The next day two of his friends showed up. Amy took a cock in her pussy, ass, and mouth all day and night. Wednesday brought two more friends, bringing the total to five. She rode their cocks in her bed, in her bathroom, in the kitchen.

This continued on until Friday night. Amy and her five young, black friends went to a club. They took turns dancing with her, grinding their erection against her, and getting sucked off in the bathroom by her. She met another black man.

He was a massive, mountainous man, who approached her. He introduced himself at the owner of the club, checking in on things from out of town. He was wearing a black suit, rings, a gold watch, and smelled like money. "I'm Fat Rob," he kissing her hand. "Nice to meet you. I'm Amy," she smiled up at him. "Likewise, Miss Amy. What nacho vidal fucks amirah adara hanna montada yarisa duran nora barcelona you here to my club tonight?" "Well, Fat Rob, I think you know the answer." "Heh, I do, Miss Amy." "Why do they call you Fat Rob?" "Follow me and I'll show you," Fat Rob explained.

It was the fattest cock Amy had ever seen. In the back office area, her mouth was sore from it being stretched by Fat Rob's big, fat dick. "Mmm, that's it Miss Amy. Work that dick," Fat Rob said brushing her blonde hair behind her ear. "Come home with me," Amy said, popping the cockhead out big tits jasmine fucked on her ass her mouth.

"Miss Amy I'm not sure about that. I have an entourage with me," Fat Rob said. Amy looked around the office room, counting six other black men, Fat Rob's associates. "They can come too." Amy rode Fat Rob first in her bed. She mounted him and nearly screamed when his thick cock entered her, stretching her like nothing ever had. As she fucked him, Fat Rob grinning, watching her, the sounds of other white women climaxing echoed through her home.

Fat Rob, six of his men, plus the five college friends that were already staying at Amy's, had several other white women with them. All were busy fucking them. "Oh yes!" Amy was cumming again, never feeling so full, so stretched before. "YESSS!!!!" she arched her back, Fat Rob nodding his head watching the short white woman cum on his cock.

The orgy continued the next day and night, breaking for a wild night of dancing at Fat Rob's club on Saturday, then resuming until Sunday morning.

Sunday morning, Amy tip-toed through bodies of black men and white women, sleeping, all over her house. She smiled, limping, naked, surveying the sex-zone. She arrived at her bedroom door, seeing the huge Fat Rob sleeping.

"Looks like he's a possibility," Amy thought. She walked over to him, pulled the sheets off, and kissed his cock awake. "Mmm, want some more for breakfast, Miss Amy?" Fat Rob asked. "Mmhmm," Amy said, licking and servicing his huge, fat cock. "Good. I could use mouth work before we head to Tampa." "Tampa?" Amy asked, spitting on his cock and jacking it with both hands. "That's right.

I gotta check on another club I own there." Amy smiled, thinking of Monica. "I know the perfect place you can stay." ** Fat Rob and his crew, along with the college students left before noon.

Amy showered, getting her oversexed body clean, and masturbating while she was at it. Caleb would be home in a few hours, she had some cleaning to do. After a nice dinner that evening with her son, Amy retired to her bedroom. She called Monica. Monica recognized the ring tone, answering it.

She was riding Fat Rob, one of his men was behind her, taking her anally, and a third was getting his cock sucked by Monica. "Amy," Monica took the cock out of her mouth. "Thanks for sending them here. Gotta go!" Amy laughed and hung up. Chapter 7 A month big tit cop first time suspected thief was in denial from the start by.

Amy continued sleeping with Ronnie. She had sex with him at the gym, at his apartment, he'd occasionally come over to Amy's house late in the evening, leaving before dawn. Fat Rob was in town once more to deal with business at his Miami club. Amy's pussy was stretched out once more by him at his club, then later at his hotel. Amy and Monica continued their masturbatory phone calls, Monica going on and on about how amazing Ulysses was.

Amy was ecstatic to learn she'd be shooting with Ulysses in Miami later in the week, prompting a phone call with Monica where the two women rubbed themselves silly talking about him. "Monica, I'm cumming! I'm cumming!" Amy whispered on her phone a few nights before her photo shoot with Ulysses.

"Me too! Yes!" Monica said on the other end. After the two women settled down, Amy spoke up. "Come here. Drive here tomorrow. Please," Amy said tweaking one of her nipples. "We'll go black cock hunting," Amy added. "Mmmm, sounds wonderful," Monica said, still rubbing her clit in the bathtub.

"Then what?" Amy paused, closing her eyes, "We'll, we'll come back here. Get in bed." "Yeah?" Monica asked, breathing becoming erratic again. "Mmm, Monica, this is crazy." "I've never been hornier." "We'd have to take care of each other," Amy said.

"Yes, in bed," Monica whispered. "I want you to clean my pussy of all the cum black men leave in it." Amy nearly dropped the phone in her bath water. "I, uh." "Or not. I don't know what's gotten into me," Monica added. "No, it's fine, we are working ourselves up into a frenzy is all," Amy stated. "Yes. I better get off the phone and head to bed.

I have a long drive tomorrow." "You're really going to come here? I mean, that'd be nice, but I was sorta legal age teenager attractive nymph endures hard ramming thinking out loud," Amy said. "It's fine. I'd love to see you again. We don't have to go out. Maybe we can hang out with Caleb," Monica suggested, her horniness decreasing, her senses returning.

"Yes, that'd be great," Amy smiled. They ended their phone call, finished their bath and went to bed. ** They next night, they didn't spend it with Caleb. The fitness model moms got dressed and went out.

While Fat Rob wasn't in town, they went to one of his clubs in Miami. Amy and Monica danced with one another mostly, that is until they saw Ronnie. He wasn't alone.

Another hulking black man was with him. Amy immediately grabbed Monica's hand and led her to Ronnie. "Hey there," Ronnie said, hugging Amy, squeezing her ass through her short dress. She introduced him to Monica.

Ronnie introduced them to Rodney, his brother. Amy glanced at Monica, the two women nodded. "Want to get out of here?" Amy asked Ronnie. He and Rodney looked over their shoulder at a table with white women. The two black men talked amongst themselves. Amy overheard Ronnie tell Rodney that "this little bitch has some good pussy." They walked to the table of women, informing them to meet back up at Ronnie's apartment later.

The men escorted Amy and Monica out of the club. They followed Ronnie and Rodney back to Ronnie's apartment. The two women blushed watching each other undress at Ronnie's. Ronnie and his brother Rodney, were already nude, sitting next to one another on the couch, jacking their cocks, waiting.

Amy rode Rodney, Monica on Ronnie. "Uhnn," Rodney moaned. "See? I told you she had a good pussy. This one isn't bad either," Ronnie said, gripping Monica's waist. Amy and Monica kept riding the two men. They traded looks of lust and wanton desires at each other. Both women came at the same time. They switched men and kept going. They had never been hornier; they rode the two black men, best friends, climaxing together, relishing in how slutty each other looked.

They loved watching each other fuck. They loved tasting each other on the black men's cock. They sucked and cleaned the cocks, eyes on each other, watching one another, trying to look as sexy as possible while sucking black cock. They swirled their tongues all over the cockheads, making each other hornier.

They were interrupted a few moments later. More white women showed up, Amy and Monica quietly got dressed, said goodbye to the men. They held hands back to Amy's car and went home in a silent car ride. ** Caleb was asleep when they arrived, quietly making their way to Amy's bedroom. "I think I'll grab a shower," Amy said. She entered the bathroom, closing the door, undressing. She couldn't help but touch herself.

Thinking of Monica riding and sucking on black cock, how hot it looked, letting the steam envelope her. Amy stopped herself, shaking her head, "This is just a phase." Her quiet, soothing shower was interrupted by Monica. They said nothing to one another, Amy watching her friend enter the shower, rinsing her hair and body. They paused before speaking at the same time, calling each other's name, laughing awkwardly.

"You first," Monica suggested. "Sorry. I'm not sure what's happening here." "Same. You looked so sexy riding those black men." "You too," Amy placed her hand on Monica's washboard tummy. "So sexy sucking their cocks." "It's like we were trying to put on a show for one another." "Exactly.

But I liked it." "Me too," Monica rested her hand on Amy's shoulder. "I've never been so horny before. It consumes me. I want it all the time, I want," Amy trailed off. "Want what?" Amy shrugged, eyes to her feet, watching the hot water circling the drain. "I feel the same. I'm always masturbating when I'm not hunting for dick," Monica said.

"Yes I've heard you. I've heard you cum, heard you have sex, I've seen you do all those things too like tonight." "Yes, tonight," Monica gazed into Amy's eyes. "So sexy," she bent down, gently kissing her friend on the lips. Amy kissed back, pulling Monica to her. Breaking the kiss, out of breath, Amy spoke up. "This is crazy." "I know." Amy bit her bottom lip, "We need to be quiet.

Caleb is sleeping." "We will." The two women nodded at one another. Driven by lust, carnal desires, and the need to cum again, they passionately kissed again, holding one another, pushing each other against walls in the shower stall. Crashing onto Amy's bed moments later, still soaking wet, they kept at it, rolling around on top of one another, kissing frantically. They never spoke.

Visions of their white bodies servicing black ones flooded their minds. Their pussies grinding against one another as if to reward the other for bringing up or deciding to go down this path. They wanted to reward each other for putting on sexy shows, for helping one another masturbate in the bathtubs all those nights, for being a friend. They stifled moans as best they could, careful not to wake Amy's sleeping son.

They went for hours, rolling around, grinding, scissoring. Near dawn, exhausted, they lay next to one another tenderly kissing. "When I'm done, when I get pregnant, I'm back to normal," Amy admitted. "No more going out? No more black men?" Amy shook her head, "No more. I'll be having and taking care of my baby a single mommy. I'm ok with that." "I sort of thought that's what would happen," Monica said.

"You haven't been the most sexual person over the years since Marty passed away. Deep down, I figured you were getting this out of your system, a decade of pent of lust." "Yeah.

What about you? Will you keep on?" Monica shrugged, "Maybe. I don't want to remarry either, but I could see myself spending time with Ulysses every once in a while." "Is he really that good?" "Beyond amazing." "I guess I'll find out soon enough." "Oh you will," Monica smiled, kissing Amy again. "Will you stay here? For the rest of the week?" "Sure.

I've got nothing booked. I'll be glad to stay," Monica answered. Amy paused, giggling a bit, "Maybe you could, uh, take care of Caleb while I'm with Ulysses." Monica chuckled, "Oh really?" Amy shrugged, "Sure why not?

I love that boy and I have no idea how sexually active he is. I've, we've been VERY sexually active the last few weeks. Want to take him to bed? Go for it." Monica said nothing, a skeptical look on her face. "You have fun tomorrow night. Ulysses is a great guy. If you invite him out after the photo shoot, then ask if you can come into his hotel room, he'll flash a nice smile, say 'sure,' hold the door open for you then make sweet, sweet chocolate love to you all night." Amy burst into laughter.

"Sounds delicious!" Chapter 8 It happened just like Monica said it would. That evening, after her photo shoot, Amy found herself on her knees before a nude Ulysses in his hotel room, her pussy dripping over how toned and perfect his body was.

She was kissing over his abs, down to his long, straight cock. She was licking and kissing down the shaft to his balls, his pubic hair trim and neat. Monica was sitting on the couch next to Caleb at Amy's house. "So you are cool with your mom wanting to have another baby?" Caleb shrugged.

"I guess. No biggie. I'll be around awhile. I'll be glad to help out." "That's sweet of you. I don't think she's looking to marry ever again, but she told you how she's going about getting pregnant?" "Heh.

Yeah. It was verging on too much info. I read between the lines. She's a grown up, single, she says she hasn't had " "Sex?" Monica interrupted him, finishing his thought. "Right. In a long time. So it's whatever." At Ulysses' hotel room, he bent down, picking Amy up, her legs going around his waist. He gently guided his cock in, Amy moaning, staring into his dark eyes.

He turned, walking toward the bed and sat on it, kissing her for several minutes before rolling her over to her back. Kissing at her neck he slowly, methodically, slid is cock in and out of her. "What about you?" Monica asked Caleb back at Amy's house. "Me?" "Yes," she tickled his side. "Do you have a girlfriend?" "Nah. I don't like any of the girls at the community college I'm at. Maybe after I finish my core classes and get out of there I'll meet someone." "I see.

Are you," Monica flashed him a crooked smile. "Experienced?" Caleb turned away from the TV, gulping, "Um, you mean, am I a virgin?" Monica nodded.

Amy was shaking under Ulysses. He was so slow, loving, yet-machine mamma knullar sin egen son och blir gravid, never stopping, never pausing continuously going in and out of her, rolling his hips, grinding against her clit.

He paused only to sit up, resting on his knees, bringing Amy with him. Staring into her eyes, watching her face contort with pleasure, he began bouncing her up and down. "Yes, yes," she whimpered. "In-incredible." Ulysses kissed her again, squeezing her ass as he bounced her. "No. I'm not a virgin," Caleb answered Monica. "Have you and your mom talked about sex much?" "Not really.

I only know she hasn't gotten any since dad passed." "But you have. Tell me about it," Monica asked. "It was a girl back in high school. Senior prom. Kinda lame." "Why was it lame?" Caleb looked away embarrassed.

Monica placed her hand on his thigh, "Hey, it's ok. You can tell me. I won't tell your mom. Think of me as a really cool Aunt." "It's just that," Caleb sighed looking away. At that moment his mother, Amy, was cumming again. Her body shaking, tightening up; Ulysses unrelentingly thrusting upward into her. He sat back on the bed, holding her body against his, stopping for a moment. Amy caught her breath, kissed him hard.

Ulysses scooted to the pillows, sitting against them. Amy took her turn. She wanted him to cum, to fill her up. She went slowly at first; maintaining eye contact, then picked up her speed. Amy's hands hooked behind Ulysses' neck. She squatted up and down on his cock, the mattress bouncing and creaking each time she impaled herself on his cock. "It's what?" Monica asked, patting Caleb's thigh. "It didn't last long," he confessed.

"Oh, I see," Monica comforted him. "It's fine. It really is. Usually guys don't last that long on their first time." "No, that's not it. The girl, she uh, tired out on me." "Huh?" "She got tired a few hours into it, I had to," Caleb paused, "you know, finish." Monica's mouth dropped open, "You mean you went a long time and she couldn't keep going?" "Right.

She got tired and almost passed out. Like she was," "Like what?" Amy was getting exhausted. Her legs were burning, this black man, Ulysses, wasn't cumming.

She was sweating, using her body to bring pleasure to his, but he wasn't finishing yet. She couldn't last much longer before climaxing again herself.

"I don't know. Not expecting it. Maybe she didn't think I'd last that long. But I just kept going and going," Caleb explained. "You wore her out," Monica smiled. "Yeah." "So you have a lot of stamina. That's great Caleb." "I suppose. I haven't really had an opportunity since senior prom to test that." "Ahh!" Amy was cumming again, falling onto Ulysses.

He held her, kissed her, feeling her pussy spasm on his cock. "Mmmm," he moaned. "So good." "You, you haven't cum yet," Amy stated. "I will. When I get tired, or when you want me to," Ulysses said. "Keep going. All night," Amy said. Ulysses nodded, kissed her and guided her to all fours, licking her back, her ass, before sliding into her pussy once again. Caleb flipped through the TV, finding nothing of interest.

He thought Monica was in the kitchen behind him, getting water, but she was actually undressing. She slowly walked in front of Caleb, watching his eyes widen with shock at the sight of her nude body. "Um, what's going on?" "Let's go to bed," Monica said, extending her hand. "Your mom is having fun tonight. No reason why we can't." Caleb closed his mouth, seeing her sweet smile, glancing to her hand. He slowly took it, standing off the couch and followed Monica to his bedroom.

She closed his door, caressed his face, and assisted him with undressing. Amy had found the man she wanted to impregnate her. Ulysses was pummeling her from behind, slamming into her butt cheeks, his hand roaming over slick back, into her damp hair.

He was so very good. He sweetie likes to be stuffed smalltits and hardcore a brute, rough and fast like Ronnie. He wasn't as smooth, arrogant, and thick as Fat Rob. He worshiped her white women, and Amy could tell. Monica was right about Ulysses. Hours passed and once again Amy found herself awake as dawn approached.

After Ulysses took her from behind most of the night, he flipped her over, got on top and kept going. She wanted him to cum, she begged him to, but she didn't want it in her pussy she wanted to drink every last drop from his black cock.

Listening to his moans of pleasure, Amy used her tits to finish him. "I'm cumming," he whispered. Amy engulfed the tip of his cock, sucking hungrily as rope after rope of semen filled her mouth. She swallowed several times, savoring the salty taste from this Adonis.

When he was done, she curled up into his arms, happy that the next time they made love he'd be getting her pregnant. They woke up a few hours later, showered together, Amy pinned against the wall again. She confessed that she wanted a baby; she wanted Ulysses to father the child.

He was unsure at first. They went to an early lunch, talking about it more. Ulysses agreed, understanding that he would help her with this and nothing else.

He admitted he wouldn't mind being a father. Amy assured him this was just for her, and wouldn't need anything else other than his seed. They made arrangements to meet up in June. Monica was sleeping soundly in Caleb's arms. They went all night with Monica cumming over and over again. He was incredible. The sound of a car door closing outside in the driveway, caused Monica's eyes to open. "Your mom!" She jumped out of Caleb's bed, darted to the kitchen, and grabbed her clothes, leaving Caleb to put his back on.

"Hi!" she smiled at Amy, just after she buttoned her shorts. "Hey there, have a good night?" "Mmhmm. You?" "Wonderful. Is Caleb up?" Amy asked. "Um, I'm not sure. I think so." "I'll say hey to him. Oh by the way," Amy turned around before rounding the corner. "Did you take care of my Caleb?" Monica breathed a sigh of relief, "I thought you were joking about it." "Nope. Did you?" "Uh huh!" "Good.

Meet me in my bedroom in five minutes." Chapter 9 Amy told Monica everything, every little juicy detail about her night with Ulysses. They worked each other into a frenzy again, ended their conversation with an hour long 69. Amy entertained the idea busty angelina wild on an outdoor fuck pornstars hardcore trying out Ronnie, Fat Rob, and Ulysses once more, but felt it wasn't needed.

She knew Ronnie would slam her around, fucking her like an animal all night. She knew Fat Rob would sit back, grin, and let her ride his fat cock all night, maybe even share her with his crew again.

She knew Ulysses would make love to her, lick, kiss all over her body, worshiping it, feasting on it she loved this the best. Monica returned to Tampa, Amy went off birth control erotic seduction gives petite babe full body spent more time with Caleb.

A week later she and Caleb were cleaning the kitchen after dinner. Amy joined Caleb on the couch afterward. "Well I guess I should let you know of something." "What?" he asked. "I've met someone very nice. And we've talked about the whole pregnant thing and he " "Woah, woah, I got it. That's cool, Mom." "It's looking like next month, we'll meet up and it'll happen then hopefully." "Alright.

Glad you were able to do this. I know it's what you wanted," Caleb said. "It is," Amy cuddled next to her son. "Are you looking forward to our download sex stories xx sil pack tonight?" "Sure, Mom, it'll be nice. ** At the theater that evening, Amy's cell phone kept vibrating in her pocket. Annoyed, she glanced at Caleb, his eyes focused on the movie.

She checked her phone, seeing several text messages, all from her college friend. "Hey, we're having a party next week.

Small tits teen xxx fighting for affection

End of semester. We need a hot white bitch like you there. Can you come?" She kept scrolling. "We can tie you up and take turns filling that pussy of yours." Amy chuckled, glanced at Caleb, then back to her phone, reading the final message. "Let me know. We have three other white women already, need another." Amy texted her friend back. "Hey there. I'm not sure I can come. Sounds fun though." She waited a few minutes, another text, "Please?

You got the best pussy we've had. Love how you work a black dick." Amy was getting horny. She told herself she'd be done with this after finding the man to impregnate her.

She couldn't say no though. "If I come, none of you can cum in me, I'm off the pill. So make sure you go in a cup. I'll drink it all like last time." She waited and received a reply. "We got plenty of jizz for you to drink. We'll fill those cups up." Amy agreed to go the party the following weekend.

** A week later, she found herself delirious, the room spinning in orgasmic bliss. The loud hip-hop music playing, in a darkened bedroom didn't help her senses be at their keenest. She was on all fours, butt high in the air, waiting for the next guy to fuck her until he was ready to cum, pull out and spew his load in a cup.

It was getting late, most of the football and basketball students already went. Other students, of all races, were in attendance to this huge end-of-semester frat party, including students from other schools. "Hey, in here. Caleb!" his buddy motioned for him to follow. "What is it?" Caleb asked his friend at the party.

"Dude, they got another chick in here! This is awesome. We're going to love going here." "Yeah," Caleb shrugged. "Come cici rhodes all her fuckholes screwed by big black cocks, man, it's time you meet people that go here. When you get this community college crap out of the way, you'll already have friends here." "Good point," Caleb agreed. "Look! She's on all fours man!" his buddy pointed out, xxx mom and son fucking over the loud hip-hop music.

"She's waiting for you." "Nah." "Go for it!" his friend patted his back, pushing him into the loud, low lit room. "Remember these guys' rules; when you get ready to cum, pull out and go in the cup. Caleb sighed, his friend closing the door. He approached the woman on all fours. "Wow," he thought, seeing her ass, back of her legs, some of her back.

"She's hot, but this isn't right." Then the woman wiggled her hips, as if to say, come fuck me. "Damn," Caleb gave him, looked around the empty, dark room, and pulled his cock out. He jacked it a few times, getting it hard and climbed on the bed behind her.

Amy's eyes shot open, "Marty. Marty!" Amy climaxed immediately as soon as the new person entered her from behind. He felt like her dead husband. The guy was cumming too. Amy saw stars, bright lights, her spine was numb, her pussy convulsing around his semen spurting cock. She struggled to breath, gasping for air, arching her back, every nerve in her body firing.

Waves of pleasure like none she's ever felt, radiated through her. "Marty!" she cried out in the loud room. Too confused and afraid to turn around for fear of seeing a ghost, she waited until his cock finished spurting cum, filling up her fertile womb. It slinked out of her and she collapsed to her tummy, having never had such a powerful orgasm in her life. She looked over her shoulder, seeing the door open, light from the hallway shinning in. Amy saw the man who just came inside her, struggling to walk away.

Her eyes lit up with horror. ** A month later she was crying at Martin's grave. She was begging for forgiveness, pleading with her late husband to forgive her from wherever he was.

Amy took out the positive pregnancy test she kept in her purse since taking it, a token to confirm this was real not a nightmare from which she would wake. She told Monica a couple weeks prior that she was pregnant and it wasn't by a black man.

Amy was far too ashamed to tell Monica the truth. She cleaned off his headstone, gathered her composure and went home.

That night, another night of avoiding Caleb, she cried herself to sleep again. Not because she wasn't pregnant by a black man, or that sleeping around with blacks didn't get her pregnant like she desired, or who turned out to be the man that impregnated her; she was crying because those brief seconds of mating was the best sex she ever had hard core virgin rap xnxx she wanted it again, all day, every day.

Amy finally became exhausted from crying, briefly considering aborting the baby, but decided not to. She would never tell Caleb.

She would go on, try to get over it and push aside the burning desire to feel that feeling again, that wrong, taboo sex she now craved. "I'm sorry Marty," she whispered before falling asleep. The end. ************************ Her son knocked her up, in case it wasn't clear.

It was treading on the line of incest category, so I left out names as best I could, hoping the reader would put two and two together. As always, the moms in my literary universe love black cock, but there's one cock they love more than all others the final part in the series, part 4, will erotic nympho is geeting urinated on and squirts wet cunt Amy and her son.