You wanted to see me get fucked natural tits cunnilingus

You wanted to see me get fucked natural tits cunnilingus
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Almost a week had past and Colton and I didn't talk about what he lovely brunette roe fingering her hairy pussy in my condo to see. Surprisingly it didn't make things awkward in the office. When he came into my office he would give me this creepy smile, wink, and then smile bigger.

I thought it was because he was remembering when he caught me jacking off last week. We still took our lunch breaks at my condo but still nothing was said and no advances were made towards each other.

I was totally confused from the sheepish smiles and wink in the office, but I let it pass. I thought to myself that nothing was ever to happen between Colton and I. It was Thursday and Colton had shuttle duty for the first time. He was still planning on crashing on my couch after his shift ended at 2am.

I went to bed at my normal time at about 11pm and drifted off. The sound of the front door opening from Colton coming in woke me up. I heard him shut and lock the door, then go take a piss. I got up, slipped on my boxer briefs, and snuck into the living room. Colton saw me coming into the room as you fuck kate bloom and she wants your load pov style off his uniform shirt saying, "what are busty keisha enjoys fucking her girlfriend haley reed still doing up?" "I woke up when you came in." "Sorry…didn't realize I was being so loud." "I guess that I'm not used to anyone coming in during the middle of the night." "I forgot by basketball shorts.

Since you're just in your boxers mind if I do the same?" he asked. "No…go right ahead" I said. Secretly I was thinking of course I don't mind! Go ahead and slip it all off! "Good 'cause these uniform pants are so hot!" He was wearing plaid pink and light blue boxers. I tried to see if I could get a glimpse of his dick, but it was too dark in the room. "I'm gonna step outside. I gotta smoke." I followed him out to on the balcony. It's a small balcony so we were standing really close.

Our arms touched as we were leaning on the balcony railing. If I stood just right then our legs would graze each other. He didn't seem to mind…he didn't pull away or flinch. We chatted about his first day as the shuttle driver as he finished his cigarette. I went back to bed, slipping off my boxers before crawling under the covers. A few minutes later Colton walks in my open bedroom door, "Dude, do you have an extra blanket?" "Yeah, there's one on the shelf in my closet.

Help yourself," I told him. About 10 minutes later he came back into my room whispering, "Hey B, you still awake?" He has always called be "B". It's the first letter of my name. "Yeah, what going on?" "I have something to ask you, and I really hate to" he said hesitantly. "You know I've always been honest with you…you can ask me anything" I reassured. "Well, I never realized how uncomfortable your couch is and I was wondering if I could sleep in here tonight?" Of course he could!

My crush sleeping next to me in my bed! What a dream come true! "Sure, but give me a minute to put my boxers back on. I normally sleep in the nude." "Don't worry about it," he exclaimed. "I normally sleep naked too but didn't want to impose at your place." "Sleep however you want. I'll put my body pillow between us.

You sleep on one side and I'll sleep on the other." He agreed. I turned over and turned on the bedside lamp. He didn't realize that I was doing that and was slipping off his boxers when I looked back over. He was bent over pulling them from around his ankles. This was the first time that I had seen his cute little bubble butt! It looked so firm and round. I drooled a little. "Oh, shit. I didn't know you were going to turn on the light.

Now you've seen my ass, keep it on for a few minutes while I take a piss." I watched intently as he made his way from my bedroom.

As he was coming back from the bathroom, I tried to make it not obvious that I was looking at him. His balls hung low and his dick bounced up and down as he walked slapping his ball sack. His dick was slim but about four inches soft and cut. I rolled over and turned out the light when I felt him climb into the bed. "Goodnight." "Goodnight," I replied back glam les plays with ass pornstars european I curled up on my side.

I could tell that Colton was not comfortable since he was tossing and turning over the next few minutes. My ass was against the body pillow that separated our naked bodies. I could feel him cuddle with that pillow but the next thing he did surprised me. He took the body pillow and rolled over. He wiggled a little bit to get comfortable. He scooted towards me and then firmly pressed his ass against mine. I was wide awake now with a big smile on my face.

I shook my ass and pressed it harder against his. He giggled. "Are you okay with this?" I asked. "Absolutely. I've been thinking about you since I walked in on you jacking off last week." My dick was starting to get hard. I rolled over to face him. I placed by dick at his ass crack as I grabbed his hips and pulled him close to me. My naked body was as close as it could be to his.

I leaned in and gave him a kiss on his shoulder. He gave a slight moan. That was my signal to go on. I moved my hand to his think pubic hair bush, then rubbing his semi-hard cock. It was growing in my hand. I'm sure that it had to be at least eight inches hard. I let go of his cock and pushed his back to the bed as I climbed on top of him. I thrusted by hips causing our dicks to grind against one another.

I looked him in his beautiful blue eyes and leaned in for a kiss. My lips met his soft juicy red lips. We kissed and our lips played with each other's. I then stuck my tongue in his mouth exploring around. Our tongues met playing with one another. As I pushed myself up I slightly bit his lower lip. He let out a sigh. I really didn't know where this was going but I liked it!

I started kissing his neck moving down to his nipples. I like and fondled with them until they were erect. I started down towards his happy trail that I've only dreamed about. I was so turned on! I got down just below his belly button where my face was just about in his pubes when he reached down and pulled me back up to his face.

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He kissed me passionately then pushed me over on my back. He rolled on top of me pushing my legs up and forcing me to wrap them around his back just above his ass. He stuck his tongue down my throat again biting my lip softly has he pulled away. He played with one earlobe in his hand and the other in his mouth.

Chills ran down my spine. I couldn't help but throw my head back and moan loudly. I could see the smile on Colton's face as he knew that he was pleasuring me. He went down on me the same way I had done to him: staring with kissing the neck, playing with my nipples, then kissing his way down to my pubes. By now my legs were practically around his neck. He placed his hands on my hips and then looked up at me saying, "I've never done this before." "Me either, just go for it!" I said breathing heavily.

Colton looked down at my fully erect cock, grabbing it with his mouth. He covered his teeth with his lips and starting sucking. I couldn't believe that the guy I had been crushing on and thought I had no chance of being with was sucking my cock! And quite good at it, too. I could feel by dick head hitting the back of his throat and he would gag a little. He'd come up for air, then lick it from the bottom of the shaft to the head and suck some more.

I let him know if felt great with some deep breathing and load moans. He then moved down to my balls kissing and sucking on them. He could only fit one ball at a time in his mouth sucking and playing with them with his tongue. No girl has ever done that before!

"How's that feel?" He asked. I answered with a question, "Sure you haven't done this before?" "No, I just know what I would like so I did it to you. Seems like you've been enjoying it with all the moaning you've been doing." He didn't let me answer as he moved even farther down my body.

He moved my legs on his shoulders and moved one of his hands to my ass, the other lifting up by balls. He licked and sucked on the skin below my balls going farther down. He took both hands and spreads open my ass. He found my hole and started to play with it with his fingers. "Got any lube?" I managed to move big tits jasmine fucked on her ass to the side of the bed and reach in the bedside table to bring out the lube I had stashed there.

Colton squired a little bit on his fingers and started to play some more. I relaxed my ass hoping that he would shove his fingers up my ass. He was gentle pushing slowly two fingers up my ass until his fingers were all the way up my ass. He started messaging around in circles in my as moving in and out. I couldn't do anything but lay there with my head back enjoying every minute of this! He pulled his fingers out and I heard him lubing up again.

I was not expecting it when he grabbed my ankles and stuck his dick in my ass. I'd only fingered my ass before, so I was glad that his dick was slender. But it was long and I've never had anything go that far up my ass before. It felt so good as he was pumping his dick in and out of my no longer virgin ass. Getting it on with shemale renata araujo wasn't being gentle anymore with more hander and faster strokes.

He stopped and pulled out. "I'm about to cum, but I want you to fuck me before I cum." He rolled over on his back and I moved down to where my face was in his crotch. I picked up his balls and tasted them. Then moving down to his ass. I spread open his ass stuck my face between his cheeks. I stuck my tongue to his ass hole as he moaned load with pleasure.

I rimmed him then told him to relax. I opended his ass and stuck my tongue down as far as I could eating him out. I came up for air looking at his beautiful blue eyes.

He passed me the lube and said, "Here. Finger me like I did you. I've never played with my ass before." I did exactly that. I lubed up and fingered his ass. I could only get one finger in at first, but when he finally relaxed I could get my pointer and middle finger in his ass. I fingered him for a few minutes then lubed my dick and rammed it in his ass. I wasn't as gentle as he was with me.

He screamed at me, "you fucking asshole!" "You're right, I am fucking your asshole," I said back sarcastically. "Be a little bit more careful. I've never had anything up my ass but your fingers and now dick just now." I started out slowly and when I could feel that he was opening up more and I could slide my dick in and out without any friction, I started to go harder and faster.

"I'm going to cum" I moaned.

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"Cum in my ass. I want to know what it feels like," Colton exclaimed. I wasn't going to disobey him, so I shot my load right in ass. I stroked a few more times until my dick became soft. I pulled out was about to whipe off my dick when Colton said, "No.

I want to taste it." I looked at him like he had three heads. But I obeyed him again. I crawled on top of him as he sat up eager to taste my cock after it had just come out of his ass.

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"Ummm. That taste good. I can taste your cum, too. I want to shoot my load in your mouth. Plus you haven't sucked my dick yet." I wanted him to cum in my mouth, too. I wanted to feel his load shoot against the back of my throat and taste his sweet cum. I moved down to his dick and licked his shaft from the base to his head. Srep sister with x mas then moved my lips over his pink shiny head and went down, sucking and slobbering all over his dick.

My right hand was fondling his balls. He moaned, "I'm cumming." Then his warm load shot in my mouth. Too much for me to swallow so it oozed out my mouth down his cock. I continued to suck his cock until he became soft.

While cum was still in my mouth I leaned up and made out with him swapping his cum back and forth between our mouths. I pulled away asking, "Wanna shower?" Colton responded, "I normally shower in the morning to wake me up." "I normally do too," I responded with a sheepish grin and wink. He knew exactly what that meant as he had done that to me every day for the past week.

I got up and turned the shower on. Colton got up and hugging me from behind kissed the back of my shoulder as I checked the water temperature.

It got warm quickly so I jumped in the shower. Colton rapidly followed my lead. We both stood under the water getting ourselves wet. I turned around to face him. I pulled his hips towards me so our cocks touched each other's. I stroked out dicks together in one hand until we were both hard. He was a couple inches larger than mine. About eight inches erect.

This was the first time that I had got to see his dick in the full light. It was impressive, plus the first dick that I had ever seen in person. I still couldn't believe everything that has happened and that I'm standing in the shower with Colton's dick in my hand! I stroked our dicks a little more while Colton lathered my hair with shampoo.

I turned us both around and did the same to him. We stepped out of the water to the end of the tub/shower. I took some of the virna flores storys big caseros caserxxx mexicana mexicanhotel from his hair and started to stroke his cock again.

He liked it so he decided to do it to me too. We stepped back into the water fall and finished washing each other's hair. I was facing away from him when I bent over with my hands against the wall, water falling on my back, saying, "Fuck me again." Colton didn't say a word.

He lined up his dick and stuck it in my ass. He didn't have any problems sticking it in this time. It was still wet from before. He fucked me like a pro. I told him, "This time I want you to cum in my ass." He put his hands on my shoulders and pumped my ass hard.

He moaned, "I'm cumming" as he squirt his warm juices arab hijab comes to an old man who fingers her pussy then gets fucked by another my ass. It felt like nothing I've ever experienced before. He pumped a few more times then slowly pulled his dick out of my ass, squeezing every but of juice from his cock.

"Let's switch places," he said eagerly. I got into position behind him as he was bent over with his hands against the wall.

I spread open his ass cheeks and placed my dick at his ass crack. He exclaimed, "go ahead." I did exactly that and rammed my dick in his ass for a second time tonight. He moaned with pleasure. "This time, don't cum in my ass. I want to taste your cum." I fucked his ass good unitl I came close. I pulled my cock out of his ass.

I sat on the side of the tub as he quickly got on his knees to suck my cock. I was sure that it had to taste horrible since I just pulled it out of his ass. He went to town sucking and drooling his saliva all over by shaft, balls, and head.

I leaned back and told him, "I'm about to cum." He sucked even harder then. I shot my load down his throat as he swallowed and continued to suck. He sucked my dick until I was soft.

We kissed swapping my cum between our mouths this time. We washed each other's bodies and then dried each off. We crawled into the bed looking at each other when he finally broke the silence saying, "I'm glad you were my first boy." "I'm glad you were my first boy, too." We made out again then snuggled and quickly fell asleep. 6:30 am came really fast.

I wasn't feeling like going into the office, so I called out. I told them if they needed me, then I was would be right over (since I lived on property). Colton didn't have to be in until later that day when he would be going in for his second shuttle driver shift. I watched Colton sleep for a little while until I feel back asleep with him in my arms. This had been just what I hoped for! I can't wait until later today or even tonight when Colton will be back at my condo after he gets off of his shift at 2am.

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