Playgirl was sold to stranger girlfriend homemade

Playgirl was sold to stranger girlfriend homemade
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A light snow softly fell from the dark sky, it almost seemed the wind simply blew old loose snow from the rooftops. I checked my phone for the time, the clock read 9:00, Tuesday, December 31st. My parents always threw these parties on New Years Eve, which I never took much of a liking to. This time I was on break from college and had been bored all week. The loud mumbled sound of voices competing for attention rose threw the floor, and while the music was barely audible, the sound vibrated through the walls.

A few empty beer cans laid on the nightstand, I had been taking them from downstairs, and at this point felt a good buzz. I put in my headphones, and indian village couple ki chudai sulli and idian on some music in attempt to shut out the sound from the party below, I did so successfully by spending the majority of the night up in my room.

At around 11:00, all I could really hear was the loud drunken voice of my aunt Julie. I walked down the stairs, her voice became more clear. "Is that my nephew I hear coming down the stairs!" she exclaimed in a somewhat slurred fashion. I stepped down from the last stair and walked around the corner into the kitchen, she sat alone with an overfilled glass of wine in her hand. She donned a dark purple dress, with several bracelets on her right wrist, and on the other was a gold watch with a small face.

For the most part, her long, dark brown hair fell down her back with some strands falling in front contrasting sharply with her pale skin. Two dark strands, matching her practically black eyes, fell over either shoulder almost pointing to her deep cleavage.

Between her large breasts was ring suspended from a chain around her neck. She wore a pair of black pumps, with worn red bottoms.

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Julie's long legs blowjob milf tit fucks her young studs hard dick hardly covered as her tight dress barely hid the bottom of her large, firm ass. Upon seeing me she rose to her feet, the muscles in her toned legs became more defined, and her breasts bounced as she moved toward me slowly.

It seemed that at any moment one of them could just pop out, for a second I found myself wanting it to happen. She wrapped her arms around my back, and pulled me tightly into her body. Her embrace was arousing, was it because I was drunk I wondered. "You've been up in your room all night, I haven't even seen my nephew" she complained. "I haven't seen you a while auntie, it's good to see" I replied trying to avoid glancing at her breasts.

"I only came down for some food though" I had to get out of there, the feeling of attraction to my aunt scared me. A look of disappointment came over her face, "come sit down and talk to your aunt for a little while". We sat for a while just keeping conversation, other family members came and went. The entire time I struggled not to continuously look at my aunt Julie's full chest that was exploding from her skimpy dress.

At one point during our conversation she briefly uncrossed her legs, and I quickly glanced noticing her pure white lace panties.

Why would she wear these to this family party I thought, is she going somewhere else after. When no one was around she went and poured me a beer in an inconspicuous cup, and a few more beers were poured along with a couple glasses of wine.

The party began to thin out, "would you drive your aunt home", my mother asked me, obviously unaware of my consumption of alcohol throughout the evening. "Uhhhhh." I began to panic. "I'm really tire-" Julie cut me off.

"I was thinking I would stay in the guest room, if that's alright with you" Thank god she saved me on that one I thought as my aunt looked over and winked. "Oh thats an even better idea" my mother replied as she turned and left the room.

I said goodnight to Julie and the few other family members that were still around, it was nearing 2:00 in the morning now so there were few people left. Retreating to my room, overwhelmed with confusion of my feelings, I stopped in the bathroom, I had taken in quite a few beers and was feeling pretty drunk. Once in my room I got fully undressed, as this was how I liked to sleep, laid in my bed, and tried to get my aunt's body out of my mind, the attempts, however, were completely futile.

I fell into a light slumber for an unsure amount of time, and was awoken by the sound of Julie's pumps on the old wooden floor. The jingle of her bracelets grew nearer, I expected the jingle to pass my door and continue down the hall but her heels slowed as she approached my door, and then came to a halt. "Hello" she whispered from outside my door, "are you awake". Undecided on how to respond I decided to pretend to be asleep.

I heard the knob twist, and opened one eye slightly to see her brace herself on my desk with her right hand. She then slowly lifted her right leg backward, and lowered her left arm to remove the black shoe from her small, beautiful feet. Next she placed the heel of her other shoe between the brightly painted red toes of her bare foot, she pinched the heel between her toes, and pulled her foot from the confines the footwear.

My aunt removed her bracelets, followed by her watch and placed them, as quietly as possible, in a neat pile on my desk. What could she possibly be doing, she must know that this is not the guest room, can she not see me sleeping here?

The large, bright moon, lit her pale skin through the stripes of darkness created by the blinds. Julie walked toward my basket of dirty laundry. As she bent down the dress rose up and I could see a small glimpse of white fabric from her lace panties.

The ring suspended from her neck swung down, it glistened in the moonlight, and as she stood up it reentered its hiding spot between her monstrous tits. In her hand was a pair of my boxers, bringing them to her face she pressed them to her nose using both hands and took in an audible inhale through her nose, then exhaled with a pleasurable sigh.

Her hand left her face and slid down her neck. As she arched her back, and her hair fell behind her back perpendicular to the floor, her hand continued its descent. The pinky and ring finger went over the surface of her dress, the middle and index, as a pair, cleaved between the dress and her breasts. Her fingers now slid down the valley between her tits, when the reached the dress fabric, she pulled it down a small amount and the top of her areolas unmasked themselves.

I could not take my eyes off of my aunt, it was like she was putting on a show. My body was on fire with desire, and my dick began to thicken progressively.

Wow, she really knew how to work her body, did she know I was watching, or was this just natural? So many thoughts were flowing through my head. I could feel myself growing in my pants, it began to throb. I directed my attention back to my aunt. Her dress had been rolled up over her hips, and her hand was rubbing the outside of her panties. Passing her middle finger up and down between her partially swollen lips, and indent began to appear in the shadows of the moon lit room.

The speed picked up, light moaning began 69 is the doctors favorite position echo in my ears, my aunt's legs buckled and she let out a little screech followed by a soft "oh my god" and a giggle. I was at full staff and pulsing, she slid her panties down a little, and let gravity take over as the dropped to the floor.

Carefully lifting her pretty little toes from the thong on the floor she tip toed over to the end of my bed. I suddenly became nervous, and had no idea what to expect. She still wore the skimpy dress but it was rolled up past her navel, and her soaked vagina glistened through the wispy dark hairs in the light of the night, much like the ring that she wore around her neck.

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Julie was close enough now that she would be able to tell my eyes were open so I shut them to avoid being discovered, I also feared she would notice my erection as I was on my back covered in only a thin sheet. The unique sound of a zipper rung in my ears, then the sound of a soft fabric hitting the floor. Her dress must be off, I thought to myself.

Anxious to what may happen I kept my eyes held shut, could she think i'm someone else, what is happening? I felt the sheet lift at my feet: "have you been spying on me?" my aunt Julie asked. She giggled, and put one knee down on the bed, followed by caught hentai with huge melon boobs titty and wetpussy fucking next, she straddled just above my ankles. I felt her hands just above my knees, and my aunts soft hands began sliding up my leg.

"I saw you watching me, and now I see that you like what you saw" her tone was mesmerizing. Her fingers were now touching the base of my penis, and I could feel the cold metallic touch of the ring resting on my cock. Back arched, legs spread wide, and ass in the air she moved her head closer to the head of my erection.

The warm moist air from her breath teased me, I wanted my aunt to take me into her mouth. Then she asked: "How bad do you want me?" Instead of answering her with words I bowed my back, lifting my dick up toward her mouth.

"Not so fast" she said, "I have to see if you deserve this mouth around you dick, you have to prove yourself." She lowered herself, and began to move toward my face, the head of my member dragged between canyon created by her full breasts, and down her stomach, as it slid past her pussy I could feel the slimy juices that remained from earlier.

Blood was pumping into my member, it felt like it could explode. Unsure of how much more teasing I could take I lowered back down, and left my hands at my side. I had yet to touch her body, and now her face moved toward mine, what is she going to do? Her lips came approached but then retreated away from my face, she stood up. Beside my head were her beautiful feet, and following up her long sexy legs, I saw my aunt's pussy. She began to lower herself down, her heels came off the mattress, as her wet lips got closer they spread, and pink lips peeked out.

Those lips pressed against mine, and she began to gently grind them sex miss pakisthan sax com my face. My mouth and chin were quickly covered in moisture as I tightly squeezed my lips around her inner labia and pulled. As it passed over my mouth I would extend my tongue to feel her slippery cunt pass over my mouth, her delicate pubes tickled my chin.

My aunt's legs spread wider, and her hand fell from her breast down to my head, she grabbed a handful of my hair and pulled it toward her crotch. "I love this!" she softly exclaimed, "you don't know how long I've been waiting for this" she let out with a loud moan. I felt her arms move back and rest on my chest, she pushed off and lifted herself from my face. He pussy dangled above of my face, she began to lower it, and just before touching my lips she lifted once again.

"Good" She said, "You're learning, you passed my little test. Now gimme that dick of yours. I could hardly wait, her body twisted, and her head hovered above my penis. Julie lifted her round, milky ass in the air, as she did this her cheeks spread, displaying her wet vagina, as well as the tight second hole.

"Don't be afraid, touch your aunties ass" She said trying to comfort me. Without even thinking it could be another test I reached up with my left hand and placed my hand on her as. I squeezed, more firm than I ever could have imagined. Adding a second hand, I placed my thumbs just outside the crack and pulled the cheeks away from each other. Simply viewing my sex xxx afrikan story com lady parts made me dick feel like it was going to explode.

"You like what you see back there?" she asked, knowing, based on the defined veins running along my member, that I loved it. "Yes, I love it" I responded, as I felt her hands start to slide up the base of my penis, and a chilling breeze pass over the head as she blew on it.

"Well, you're going to love this even more then", she dipped her neck down and gently kissed the tip. Her tongue dragged over the top once, then made its way around the head of my dick. Then, I felt her warm lips take in the tip, and it didn't stop there. She brought her head down even further, I could feel the head of my erection touch the back of her throat, I was throbing against the inside of her mouth.

As she slid it out she said hot brunette babe masturbates her shaved snatch for money you know I could do that?" I didn't know how to answer, "That was amazing." She was doing this repeatedly, and started to pick up speed.

My cock was soaking, and my finger of my right hand was stroking the inside of her vagina, while my left hand was bother and young sister porn vidoes with her ass cheek. My Aunt reached back without slowing, she grabbed my and and moved my finger to her ass hole. Not knowing what she wanted I slowly rubbed in circular motions, licked my finger to make it wet, and went back to her hole. This went on for a while and then she asked me, "Want your auntie to sit on your dick".

before I could say yes she got up and faced me, reached behind herself and grabbed my rock hard, slimy dick. She slid the tip up and down her lips a couple of times.

Julie then slowly put my head inside her and slid about halfway down, and back up, before slowly lowering herself as my dick slid all the way in and she sat on my body. I could feel my penis throbbing against the walls of her pussy, while she sat there gently rocking back and forth. After this gentle play, she lifted her body and let her weight fall back down onto my body, she slid up and down my cock as her tight ass clapped against my body.

Her tits bounced in an almost circular motion, I reached up and grabbed her breast as she rode my dick to the brink of breaking it. After she rode me for a while, I decided to take charge. I grabbed my Aunt Julie's waist and tossed her off of me. Next I returned my hands to her waist and brought her ass up at the edge of the bed.

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My penis was wet, her vagina was dripping. She placed her face on the surface of the bed, grabbed tightly onto the sheets and yelled "YES, put it in me baby!". I buried my dick in her, our bodies were in perfect harmony, and Alexis texas cheats on her husband nobelsexcom glided in and out with ease. With my hands were on her ass, my thumb caressed her supple ass hole, every once and awhile slightly inserting it, which seemed to get a pleasurable response from Julie, in the form of a moan, or twitch.

I pounded hard, getting harder and faster. I wanted to finish. "I'm almost there, please don't stop." she said, keeping her volume in check after her earlier outburst. I strained every muscle in my body trying to hold it, "yes, Yes, YES" she yelled. I inserted my thumb fully into her ass, her body began to quiver, and she moaned, then started breathing heavy.

Her legs quivered and she let out a yell. I grabbed her hair, pulled her head toward my body, and thrusted myself deep inside her, as far as I could. Her asshole was pulsating from the orgasm it tensed up around my thumb then eased off. I raised my hand and slapped her ass cheek, her pussy hugged my cock in spurts.

My dick flexed, and my seed spilled into her pussy. Julie fell to the sheets like a pile of bricks, I simply gazed at her beautiful body, my cum began to drip out of her pussy. Julie stood up.

"I'm gonna leave my number on your desk, we need to hang out more often". She walked across the room to gather her clothes, I watched her ass bounce from her post coital strut. Julie left and I fell asleep with a smile knowing I just fucked my aunt Julie.