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Redhead babe dildo fuck her pussy on cam
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The Devil's Pact by mypenname3000 Copyright 2013 The Devil's Pact Side Story: Sexting Note: This takes place skyla novea skylas the limit Chapter 13 while Mary is texting Alice in bed, told from Alice's perspective. It also serves as a prologue for Chapter 14. Beep! Beep! Beep! "Get the alarm, pudding," my husband, Dean, muttered sleepily. Beep! Beep! Beep! I tried to ignore it, wanting to sleep a little longer.

Dean shifted and then reached over me and slapped the alarm. He kissed my cheek, his goatee scratchy on my neck. He looked ridiculous with the damned thing.

His face was too narrow, his hair too light a shade of brown, for his goatee to look at all normal. "Morning, Alice," Dean whispered. I sighed, opening my eyes. "Morning," I muttered. My bladder was full and I puttered to the bathroom.

Dean had to leave for work earlier then me, so if I didn't use it now, I would have to wait until he finished showering. Even after six months of marriage, I still wasn't comfortable sharing the bathroom with my husband. I was naked as I padded to the bathroom, a good looking gal I always thought, but Dean couldn't be bothered to at least try and leer at me.

Sixth months of marriage and the fire was already gone. Hell, it had been gone for months already. Two months ago, I had an affair with my yoga instructor, Esteban. I thought Esteban was perfect. He paid attention to me, something my husband couldn't be bothered with, not since he got the promotion back in January. I was about to leave my husband when I found Esteban was spending the same quality time with two other whores he taught yoga too.

So, not sure what to do, I stayed with Dean. He was a great guy. We had a lot of fun when we were dating, he was making good money. It would be perfect if I could get my husband to pay more attention to me. And not just sex, although more than once a week would be nice, but talk to me, compliment me, confide in me.

Maybe when he sees me prancing naked in front of him he could just throw me onto the bed and ravish me. But then I reconnected with Mary Sullivan yesterday. I always had a secret flame for Mary, even since she was fourteen, when I saw her naked. She had just come out of the shower, nude, thinking she could dash across the hall to her bedroom. She was coltish slim with cute, just budding breasts and a fine down of red hair covering her pussy.

She froze like a dear in headlights, and blushed college xxx story download sex stories prettily as I gazed at her. I had never been attracted to a girl before, but Mary's innocence filled my fantasies for weeks afterwards.

When I went to college, I messed around with a few girls, all red-heads, before I met Dean in my senior year. I enjoyed violandmi hermana virgen dormida por el culo fun I had with the girls, but I liked men more.

Or at least until I found myself positively dripping like a bitch in heat when Mary walked into my office. I flirted with her and to my amazement, she responded.

Apparently, her new fiancee, Mark, opened her eyes to all the fun she could have in bed, and eagerly took me up on my offer to go to a nearby no-tell motel I used to fuck Esteban at. For three hours we made sweet love and I couldn't stop thinking about her, since. Mary's slim, coltish body had ripened into a beautiful young woman with pleasant curves. Her breasts were a plump handful, her ass nicely round, and her hips quite shapely. Oh, and her tongue was dynamite on my pussy.

The girl knew her way around a woman's twat.

I finished peeing and when I wiped myself, I shuddered in pleasure. I was wet and aroused from thinking of Mary. God, I had to see her today.

As usual, I had my I-Phone with me. Usually, when I was in the restroom I browsed the internet. Dean always said I was like a man, taking a magazine to read in the bathroom.

Before flushing, I posed in front of the mirror and snapped a picture, capturing a nice, topless pic of myself. Flushing the toilet, I exited my bathroom. Dean brushed past without a even glancing at my breasts or ass.

Oh well, if Dean didn't want to appreciate my beauty, Mary would. I got back under the covers and slipped a hand down to my wet pussy, giving my clit a flick as texted one-handed. "hey mary, cant stop think about yesterday. want get together today? 1 pm, same place?" I attached the pic I just took and sent the text.

God, I hopped she said yes. There was a hiss as Dean started the shower. He'd be in their awhile. He took long showers, to help him wake up he claimed, and then he had to shave his cheeks and style his hair. He spent almost as much time in the bathroom as a woman. I gently slid a finger up into my juicy twat. I had plenty of time to have a nice jill before he got out of the shower. My phone chirped, Mary had sent a reply. "Can't wait 2 suck those titties!" That text was followed by a second one.

"Mark wants 2 buy all houses on block. Talk about it after fun! *-)" I blinked, slowing the speed I fucked my finger guwahati online xxx sex storys my wet twat. Her fiancee wanted to buy all the houses in a neighborhood. I was starting to wonder if Mary's fiancee wasn't lying to her.

It sounded like he pretended to have a lot of money and like to dream big. And even if he did it was hard getting people to sell their houses if they didn't want to. "gl getting entire neighborhood to sell," I texted back. I closed my eyes and added a second finger. I was warm and sticky and felt so good.

I picked up the rhythm, sighing hard through clenched teeth. My phone chirped and I quickly opened my eyes. "dont count mark out." There was a pic attached. It was Mary, nude.

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She was lying in bed, killer body and fashionable summer day hardcore outdoor auburn hair tousled, her freckled breasts perky, and her dusky nipples hard. Oh, God, she was so beautiful. I slipped a third finger in my twat and started frantically fucking them in and out. I imagined licking those hard nipples, kissing her red lips.

I could almost feel Mary's fingers slipping up inside me, her thumb rubbing on my clit, gently, in small circles. "Oh, Mary!" I moaned quietly, "Yes, finger me! I'm so close, oh yes, yes!" My orgasm crashed through my body, my back arched against the bed, and I bit my lip to keep from shouting my passion aloud. I pulled my sticky fingers out of my twat. I closed my eyes and licked my sweet, tangy flavor off while pretending it was Mary's juices.

I grabbed my phone, spread my legs and snapped a photo of my juicy twat. "just came looking at your pic." I attached the pic and sent it. "later today i'll make you cum again :-p," Mary texted back, along with a picture of her twat, vulva waxed smooth and stained with milky cum.

"is that marks cum?" I texted back. "yep *-)!

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had a nice fuck!" Jealousy stabbed my heart. "lucky, havnt had a d up my vag in a while :-(" I texted back. But why was I jealous? Was it that she was getting fucked and I wasn't, or that I wasn't the one fucking her? Was I falling in love with her?

Mary sent another pick. "wish this was blonde slut is taken in both holes There was a black hair girl with pig-tails, blue and purple highlights streaked her hair, eating out Mary's cunt. "who that?" My twat tingled with arousal and my stomach roiled with jealousy. Fuck, I think I am falling in love with this red-headed angel. "just a slut that I share /w mark *-)." The shower stopped.

Did I have time for one more orgasm. My twat was all juicy and excited. My jealousy and arousal mixed together into this irresistible force. My finger slowly slid back down to my twat, unable to resist. There was something so wrong at thinking about Mary with another person, another woman. Creeping closer and closer to my hungry hole. I pressed my thighs together. The tingling was so nice. My fingers found my clit and I started rubbing it in small circles.

My phone chirped. Another message from Mary. "going 2 make you cum so hard today." I diddled my clit faster as Mary texted me nasty messages after nasty message: "cant wait to eat your twat," "going to enjoy your tongue on my clit," "going to shove my nipple up your pussy," and "just came on sluts mouth, cant wait 2 flood your mouth /w my cum." Mary was such a nasty girl, her texts were stoking my lust and my jealousy.

I was so close, my thumb swirling hard on my clit.

"Mary!" I shouted as I came, "Oh, fuck me, Mary! Not that slut! Fuck me!" "You okay, pudding?" Dean shouted from the bathroom. "Yeah, just stubbed my toe," I shouted back, breathing heavily, and texted Mary, "just came again, cant wait for later. going to make you cum harder than slut! gtg work." Mary sent one last pic, posing in front of the bathroom mirror. One arm thrown up behind her hair, her perky breasts thrust forward, a tantalizing glimpse of the curve of her ass and just the hint of her tight pussy peaking out beneath her fiery heart.

"just something to tide you ever, babe," accompanied the pic. As my husband left the bedroom, I sent one last text. "gonna eat your twat and drink your honey." "Who're you texting," he asked, pulling on his gray slacks.

"Oh, just Mary," I said. "She was one of my bridesmaids." "The red-head?" he asked. There was a catch to his voice. Was that lust! Anger spiked my heart. Was my husband lusting after my lover! That bastard! I thought about getting angry with him, but it wasn't worth the effort. Hell, how could I be mad japanese slutty babe delivered to your home kokomi naruse feat three male squirting scenes I was the one cheating on him.

"Yeah," I answered, trying to sound normal I got up and paraded naked past my husband, my thighs sticky with my juices, and still nothing. It was a good thing I had Mary, because a girl needed some appreciation of her beauty.

Mary was right, if Dean didn't want to take advantage of his hot, horny wife, it was his loss. Hell, I'm not sure I want his attention anymore. Not when I have Mary. I slipped into the shower and started washing with my apricot flavored body wash and remembering the shower Mary and I took yesterday.

I pretended it was Mary washing my body, soaping my breasts, gently squeezing them, and brushing the loofah softly over my sensitive nipples. Then she would wash down my flat stomach, my graceful legs, sliding up my inner thigh, closer and closer and closer to my aching twat.

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The loofah was excitedly rough on my clit, digging into the groove of my labia. She would rub the sponge back and fourth on my vulva, going slowly faster and faster, adding more and more pressure, until I screamed out my orgasm. I had to catch the shower bar as I nearly lost my balance when I came on my loofah.

I giddily laughed, high on my orgasm and the adrenaline fat big tits milf sara cums on black bulls cock spiked my blood from my near catastrophe, I shakily finished my shower. I spent ten minutes trying to find the perfect outfit, something appropriate for work, but still really sexy. I settled for the shortest pencil skirt I had, a deep, royal blue with gold thread woven through out.

I found a blue crop top half shirt that exposed a good deal of my cleavage and left my belly bare, then pulled a dark blue blazer on over it. With the blazer on, you couldn't tell my belly button was exposed. To be extra naughty, I wasn't wearing any bra or panties. I settled for a pair of dark brown, thigh-high stockings that just came up to the hem of my skirt. I stared at myself in the bathroom mirror after doing my hair and make up. I didn't have the blazer on.

I looked like a model, a slutty, sex crazed model. Mary was going to cream her panties when she saw me. And then I would get to lick her clean!