Petite cherry torn gets a wicked outdoor sex with some bigcock

Petite cherry torn gets a wicked outdoor sex with some bigcock
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Like any story published by this writer [nx127], and most sex stories published online, This story is 100% fictional. Don't let a 14K web file effect your life negatively.

Basicly, you're here just to get off. Remember that. *** I've always loved making friends with younger guys, since I was born or something. Specially the naughty ones. Something fun about it, I don't know. Maybe because you lead it, you don't get laid. You don't have him pay for your drink and make you feel like a bitch.

But, to be honest, I never thought I'd find myself taking it to any higher level. Than friendship. For the past five years, I've been real dudes with Leon. One of those hefty, big and kinda lazy black boys you don't wanna get in trouble with.

He works in a car wash, where I first met him actually, and he's never attended college.

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Prefered to find something and get himself some bugs. He lives with his family, in a low-class black neighborhood. I've never met, or wanted to meet anyone of them, but what I know he has two brothers and no sisters. Leon is 25 (I'm 10 years older), about 5'9" tall, near 190lbs of strong muscle, moderately fat, hairy (for a black guy) as if he never shaves, brown-skinned.

He's not bald, but loves to have that zero haircut on his watermelon head. Well, but there must be something about our relationship. For a year or more, we've been much more than just friends. Something powerful, about the look in his eyes, his voice. His smell. Something commanding, promising, in an attractive way. In a fun, cheerful way. Now I could wait for days and weeks, on hotter hot blond with a fat juicy pussy fire, until he told me he needed something.

Just to tell him something like "Okay, What's it? I'll give it up to you." and It always seemed like he enjoyed making me buy him beers, buckets, or simply just light his cigar. Something erotic about the way he blew the smoke in my face, while I was nothing but his car driver, probably driving him to some good restaurant, where I knew I'd be paying for his enermous meals.

Sometimes he farted when we were together. Not only that, and laughed. That "Yeah, smell it bitch" kinda laugh. Like "Sorry, dude I had to do this" was made for shit. It never came in an intimate way, it was always dominant, but sometimes on my high days I'd spend days and nights sporting a hard-on because of that. Well, if we'll talk about his smells, I'll never finish! *** Two weeks ago, Leon told me he was going to sleep over.

and What can you say for a guy who somehow owns your pocket? But the truth is, I was so fuckin' happy to hear that. I knew it would be no less than a week of hell and pleasure to dick riding scene with a awesome chick. It wasn't the first time he slept over, and I knew what I was in for.

While he walked through my place, slept in my bedroom, used my shower, I knew I'd be there only to service him anyway he wanted, and go with it however far. Bring him a beer, light his cigar, or wash his back in the shower, while he let me have a good look on his naked ass.

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*** Six days ago, I came back home from work at 5 PM, only to find Leon wasn't there. Well, less than a minute later, before I had time to change my clothes, he was opening the door. "Hey! Where you been at?", I asked as I took a couch a Big fat black Leon walked in, with sweat dripping from him, wearing his big red T-shirt, blue jeans and white sneakers.

"Just chilling with a dude," he answered. *and Did you win the WWE this time around?* I wanted to ask him. "So fuckin' hot out there?" "Yeah," I said. As he parked his heavy black ass next to me on the couch, he hummed "yo da wann I love, yo da wann I neeeed." I was looking with my blue eyes, in the blue sky of dear God, through the window, dreaming of the historical day they'll stop playing this damn song on the radio, when Leon took his sweat-soaked T-shirt off, showing his muscular (and fat) chest and belly.

The smell of his fresh sweat started to fill the air, as if the air wasn't already full something worse. and Now my dick jumped up from his sleep. "Will you help a friend with his shoes after a long day?" I was kinda shocked at what I'd just heard.

It felt like the beginning of something, but I didn't know why. Was it really that new to me? From a friend who wipes the floor with my ass if he wanted?

Anyway, I crouched on the floor, and obeyed. I undid the thick strings of the left shoe, and then the other, before pulling them both from his feet.

The smell of his socks was just too overpowering, and too much for me to hide my boner xxx story sex onlin free. What makes it worse: "Go on, man, my socks too" I knew I was used to that kinda stuff, and I was miles far away from cumming in my pants anyway.

So, while the individual smell took over my brain cells, I obeyed his command and took his socks off for him. Suddenly, he stood up, with his crotch facing me. I looked up, to find his jeans unbuttoned, already being pulled down to his knees. The heat, and the smell of his steamy crotch was intoxicating in every single way.

Through his dirty-white briefs, it seemed to be a real package. "Y'already know what it is!" "What? . Do you mean you . want me to ." I struggled "Yeah", he grinned. and That was all I basicly wanted.

Wasting no second, I moved my hands up and pulled his briefs down for him. and There was it. a Thick 7" black dick, two low hanging big balls, all covered with rough black hair. While he stepped out of his clothes and kicked them to the left, I held the base of his semi-hard dick, and took a quick lick of the purple head.

I repeated the same move on and on, on other sides of his dick, and I was getting more and more horny. "Time to use those pretty lips of yours" That was a command, and I had to obey it. I sucked the head in sunny leone fuck sex sex fairy tales lips, and let the whole thing slide in the depth of my mouth.

That was when he let his first pleasure moan. By the time the head of his sausage dick reached the top of my throat, my nose was buried in his pubic hair. Now that I thought I could breathe through my nose, and still not gag, I took a deep, horney sniff of his rank crotch. Before I pulled out, wrestling the meaty head with my tongue, and then passing it for my lips. "Yeah, get me some of that" Feeling it pulse while it grew harder and harder, I sucked his dick back in my mouth, again, using my tongue, and every little muscle in my mouth to delight him.

Now that it was fully hard, I knew he could make me choke on it anytime he wanted, for how much time he wanted. So I though I better give my very best at it, and keep him happy and pleased.

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Only using my tongue and lips, but in the best way I could. Damn I was fully in his control. So for a couple of minutes, non stop, while I was forced to taste the salt of his dick, and his precum, and breathe the stink of his crotch, and he enjoyed my mouth sucking on his muscle. Until he pulled it out of my mouth on his own.

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"Now suck on my balls," He commanded as he pulled his dick up. I bowed my head down, with my mouth open for his dirty ballsack. I closed my lips around one of his balls, and started to lick around it, feeling the sharpness of thick hair on my tongue and lips, tasting, and breathing the slick, dirty taste and smell of unwashed, sweaty balls.

After I'd serviced the other one too, I wrapped my mouth back on his dick, and continued to please him. "Keep doing what you doing, you got me almost there" The feeling of his body tightening, and the sound of his breath accelerating with my sucking, it told me everything I wanted to know: I was doing it perfect, like it wasn't the first time for me to suck cock. then It was something I'd wanted to hear for ages and ages: "YOU GOT ME almost there." My heart 'almost' exploded.

I was so fuckin' proud of myself. Adding more gas to the fire, I moved my hands to his ass, and then slid seven or eight fingers in his hairy, sweaty ass crack, starting to massage it the finest way I could. I didn't know what was waiting my nose and tongue up in there, but from the oily feeling of his hole on my fingertips, I could tell I was gonna be slayed real hard that day.

Finally, I was rewarded for my cocksucking skills by a huge shot of his stinky white lava to hit my throat, in the same time my thumb finger was up his large twitching hole. Followed by another one, which was as hard, and then three.four.fuckin' FIVE huge shots that could've been with no doubt filling my whole mouth if I'd not been swallowing. I don't know what to tell you how it tasted. It was a little bit salt, then creamy, but mor like milky and cheesy.

But for sure, nothing so nice. Like nothing but a marathon runner, he took a last deep breath, and blew it out of his barrell chest with a moan. I looked up at him as I got my mouth and hands off his body. "Sniff yo' fingers" That must've entered our heads in lesbian pussy and ass licking what are their names same second.

and Obeying his command, I put my fingertips under my nosetrils, and sniffed. It was so damn rich, full, deep and horny, the smell of my fingers.

That fucker sure knew what he was doing. He had a killer ass stink that a faggot bitch like me would die for, and he knew it. "Want more?" "YEEAHHH!!" As soon as he heard that, he turned around, putting his big black ass in my face. "Now you gonna stick yo' nose, up my black ass. and SNIFFFF!!!" He directed me. "and Brazzers new story xxx 2019 full sex stories use yo' tongue 'til I tell you" I obeyed, used my hands to depart his fat ass muscles, and then buried my face in between them.

I started to take deep sniffs of his filthy hairy ass, which smellt like 9x stronger than what I'd expected. I just don't know what to say. It was so fuckin' fierce, so commanding, so serious. Just a little whiff, it almost stopped my heart from beating, and just left me craving for more. The dangerous smell of dirty black male ass, the feeling of his hot, sweaty, hairy skin on my smooth face, my nose and my lips.and now add to that, the nasty sound of his laughter.

He got my head spinning, without even trying, like no other had done before. "Take a deep whiff" Had I taken a hot shower that morning for any reason better than having my clean white face messed up by his ass crack after a sweaty week of no shower? Abseloutley no! That was just what I was gonna do anyway.

I inhaled, pumping more and more of his ass scent into my lungs. That seemed to be nothing to him, though. "Deeper" Now this time, I did my very best. As he reached for the back of my head, he pushed me further inside his ass, this time I made sure every cell of my body got intoxicated by that animal stink of his ass.

"YEAHHHH!!!!!", while he grabbed a hand full of my hair. "You love that smell faggot, huh? You love having yo' nose in there?" With my face still buried in there, my voice was being muffled into the fat thick meat of his black ass. "YETHH". "Yes what, boy?" "YETH THIRR" "Yeah? Don't worry, though, you gonna smell it bigtime", before he laughed.

What only made me hornier. Finally, he pulled my face out of his ass, and freed my head. "You love to be my sniffing pig, I got a lot of that shit for you". "YES, SIR" He turned around, "and You gonna be my full slave, and serve my ass any way I want anytime I want?" "YES SIR" "Are sensational love tunnel slamming hardcore and blowjob gonna disobey me?" "NO, SIR" "Yeah", he said.

"Now you'll come with me to the bathroom and hold my dick while I take a piss". "YES SIR" Walking on my doggy fours, I followed his footsteps to the bathroom, until I was on my knees, next to his left leg, while he stood in front of the toilet bowl.

I held the dick I'd just sucked, and pointed it at the bowl. a Thick, heavy yellowish piss started to spray the bowl, fill the toilet water, and tickle the air around my nose with its rank smell.

I listened to that rich, catchy sound, while I enjoyed the smell, and it was that sweet feeling of submission keeping my hard dick pressed against my pants. "I've been stanking like hell for a week, but I'm not even gonna take a shower today. Now that we both know yo' ass is a sniffing fag" "Thank you, SIR" He shaked off the last drop of piss from his dick, then I pushed the button to wash it down the toilet. "Lick it clean boy" "Yes SIR" I obeyed. Still holding his dick, I placed my tongue tip above his dickhead, and licked his salty pisshole clean.

"Next time maybe I'll let you taste more", he said as he stepped out of the bathroom. "Thank you, SIR", I said as I walked behind him on my hands and knees. We ended up in the bedroom, with him lying on the bed, on his back, soaking the white covers with his naked body sweat. "Listen up, boy. As long as you're here for my service, you'll remain fully dressed in that work suite.

Understood?" "Yes, SIR" "I don't wanna see what a faggot like you is hiding under there, you're only here to service my ass" "Yes, SIR" "You'll follow me anywhere I go.

To the toilet, to the bathroom, anywhere I go, on yo' hands and knees, in case I needed for something" "Yes, SIR" He took a deep breath, "Now get yo' ass on the bed, between my legs" "YES, SIR" "and Keep yo' face in my balls" I obeyed. climbed on the bed as he commanded me, and adjusted myself so that he contained me all between his thick hairy legs. I then moved my head to his crotch, until my face was buried hard his sweaty, hairy balls again.

I could still smell his musky ass from there, but his balls didn't smell any cleaner either. I knew I didn't have any choice for air better than the mixture of his crotch perfumes. He started to laugh, "Yeah boy, that's where you belong". "You keep yo' face right there, just like that. I'm gonna take a good nap now" *** To be continued. *** Question: What was the most part you liked?

and What do you think part 2 should be all about? Excuse me for any typos, as I'm not a real writer. I'm 19 y/o, Arabian, and English isn't my major language. OK, and I'm always ready to receive your comments. Whatever that was, just tell me. Thanks for reading this.