Gorgeous brunette fucked hard on hookup hotshot

Gorgeous brunette fucked hard on hookup hotshot
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I can keep this story going as long as you guys want. After 100 positive votes, I'll take that as a sign to write the next part. I'm hoping to add a little of everything into the overall story, so comment suggestions will be considered for future parts as I care about my reader's thoughts. Thank you and enjoy! Tyler loved throwing parties.

Well that was a simple idea, what high school kid didn't? But you see, Tyler liked parties because it brought together all different clicks of kids, stripped away the bitchiness and the judging, and it made everyone the same equal drunken idiots that anyone would love.

His parents never minded when he was having a party either, which made it a lot easier. Taking a vacation over the weekend to visit their friends in Seattle, they left their son with $150 and a kind reminder to "not destroy the house". Tyler sifted through his phone and facebook, contemplating who to invite. Sure his inner circle was a guarantee, including Kevin, Michael, Tim, Randy, Jake, and Tayler.

A good group of guys, and a girl, they were always a blast to be around. Tyler also took the liberty of inviting countless other people. His house was rather large, so he planned on 20-30 people showing up, and knowing high schoolers and their inability to keep plans, that meant he would invite 50 and MAYBE half would show up. He started mass-sending the form letter to people he figured would be a good time and drama free.

He also was trying to keep the ratio in mind, making sure for every guy he invited, he invited two girls (that is the rule). Later in the evening, Tyler felt ready as it was around 6'oclock now. The booze was on the counter, the pizza delivery man on his way, and three people had already showed up.

Tayler (whom Tyler always assumed had a small crush on him in his small group of close friends) and his friend David along with his girlfriend. The three were just sitting in the living room talking. You see, Tyler really did have the perfect house for a party. A multilevel house that was out of the main city, people never had to worry about parking or noise volume.

Sure he had a few neighbors, but they were a few hundred feet away and they really never complained. The house set-up was equally perfect. He had the kitchen connected to the dining room where the pizza and booze would be readily available. Connected to the dining room was a rather large living room where he had fit three TVs, two for the gamers at the party, and one for movies should a few people choose to cuddle down and watch one.

A staircase leading up from the living room provided 4 bedrooms (his being off limits to guests and reserved for himself) for couples who wanted a little more privacy than the living room would allow. A staircase down from the dining room lead to a basement that he had turned into a dance-hall for the day.

He had always had a love of music, so the soundproof walls and ceiling, the DJ station, the lights, and the ample room made for one hell of a party room function.

He had set up all the wires tonight, made a few playlists, and figured he was ready for whatever this mixed crowd was in the mood for. To top off brunette caroline pierce is one of those glasses w, Tyler's dad had installed a pool earlier that year, and his backyard was a well-lit party dream.

Tyler and David now set up 3 fold up amateur comilados chicas del facebook mainconcept avc aac internet p panoraacutemico in the dining room.

On the first table he set up two triangles of solo-cups and placed a few ping pong balls in them. On the second, he brought out jav turbanli gizli cekim sikis poker set and a group of chairs. On the third, he placed 3 kegs of beer, all coming complete with long hose-tubes for easy drinking. As they finished, as if on cue, cars started pulling up. Tyler stood at the door, greeting everyone who entered.

Randy and Tim came in, bringing along with them a gorgeous looking girl, as well as a few 6-packs of beer. They greeted Tyler with the usual "What's up man?!" and heading in, making themselves at home.

The twins, Amber and Ashley were next in line, greeting Tyler with a kiss on the cheek and proudly showing off their bottle of Mascato. It was never mandatory to bring drinks to Tyler's outings, but he was always happy when people did, as to add a little variety.

The line continued, Jeremy coming in with his date Allison. Matthew coming in with a girl under both of his arms, bottles of Fireball underneath him. Dreshaun came in with his girl Jessica, both struggling with two gallons of homemade absinthe each. Tyler always loved when Dre brought his homemade concoctions with him, not for taste, but for quickly acquired black out-drunkenness.

Tonight Tyler planned on staying mildly sober, at least enough that he wouldn't be blacking out.

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Dozens of people followed, seeming to all arrive around the same time. More cars were pulling up and Tyler realized his goal of 20-30 would be increased to maybe 50-60 as people had not only followed through, but brought friends.

That was no problem to Tyler, as in his dealings, he had learned that smaller parties, while fun, were usually much more grounded. Larger parties, while much less personal, were wild and hectic, and usually people's stupidity got the best of them to make for one awesome night. He had personally welcomed 45 people, about 30 girls and 15 guys, much to his liking, when the line finally died down. He figured some people would arrive later, but it was time to join in on the festivities.

He walked back into the house, passing the living room. He saw that some of his friends were already sipping on Jeremy's bottle of Fireball, playing Modern Warfare 3, and enjoying themselves. A movie was already playing, the couch occupied by his friends Tim and Randy, in the middle of them, their gorgeous girl.

Tyler was shocked, but he was pretty sure they were both going to be with her tonight. Another girl, Internal explosions sheila marie big boobs brunette cream pie latina one milf was sitting in the recliner alone, perfectly content on watching the movie as well, a solo cup filled with soda her only company. Tyler reached the living room through the crowd of people chatting around, and saw his party really taking shape.

Around ten people were already taking advantage of his beer pong setup while a few stragglers were standing around, drinking with them.

A few of his friends were experimenting with the kegs, testing out the hose spraying nozzles, one girl accidentally spraying herself in the face. Everyone chuckled, including her, as she continued to suck down the beer. No one had headed outside yet, so Tyler swung open the sliding glass door, announcing the recently installed pool. Everyone cheered, and around a dozen people rushed out, diving in with their clothes on, half with drinks still in-hand.

All in all the party was going well. Tyler turned on the speakers in the dining room, connected to the underground music-haven that was his basement.

He heard quite a few kids already down there, the bass from "KC Tea" bouncing the speakers. The doorbell rang again already, and Tyler decided to go back to his post of greeter for a quick while. Some more kids showed up, around a dozen more actually. One of them, Luis, actually brought a pinata along with seven bottles of patrone. Everyone was shocked and laughed, but never complained. Hell, it could be fun, and the added tequila was always accepted!

Finally Tyler was able to leave the front door and head back. He made his way to the back sliding door, hearing a commotion, only to find that three of the girls, Lindsey, Lacie, and Kelsey had proceeded to take thair tops off, and were now swimming half naked in the pool.

Their happy-go-lucky "WOOOOOOOOHS" were the screaming Tyler had heard, and as he watched them, excited his party was getting interesting already, he saw them pretty much tear a fourth girls shirt off, ganging up on her and throwing her shirt across the pool. "No shirts in the pool you prudy bitch!" Lacie shouted playfully, but more than likely meaning every word.

The now embarrassed girl whom they had stripped was Rylee, not the ideal good girl, but still very conservative. She was stunned, and fought her way back to her shirt, putting it on before going inside to sulk in the bathroom for a while. Tyler made his way downstairs, smiling at his early success.

This was going to be a fun night! He entered the basement to find a good two dozen people were down there, dancing their troubles away.

The flashing lights and bumping music were a great match to the teens' wantingness to party. The song "All of the Lights" was blaring from every speaker and everybody was moving to their own style. Within a few seconds of taking in his surroundings, Tyler was approached by two girls. Lacey, a different girl than the Lacie above, and her friend Kayla, who were both looking very sexy tonight.

Lacey had on a black silky T shirt that only covered one of her shoulders, allowing her amazing C-sized tits to be well-adored. It was apparent she wore no bra. Her jeans showed off her ass well, and to top it off, she had put her hair down, a wavy design of blond highlights in a dark brown base. Kayla was equally as gorgeous, a taller brunette with straightened hair, not quite to her shoulders, bangs covering half of her face. The look worked for her, but her body was what tied it off.

Sure, she had small B sized breasts, but her midsection down to her ass was just stunning. Tyler had lusted after her body since middle school. "This is a GREAT party you're throwing!" Lacey shouted over the music. "Thanks. I'm hoping everyone has fun!" replied Tyler. "Well WE were hoping YOU would have fun!" Lacey countered with a wink. It didn't take long for her meaning to become clear in Tyler's head, and the eager teen practically raced the girls upstairs to his room Holding his bedroom door open for the girls and following them in closing the door behind them, Tyler welcomed them into his room, and more importantly onto his bed.

Lacey wasted no time, grabbing Tyler by the hands and bringing him onto the bed in between the two girls. They chaotically both felt him up, his muscular front, his dick, anything that their hands could grasp. His shirt was quickly lifted up, and Tyler himself was laid onto his back.

Kayla was more known as a good girl, and Tyler figured she had never done this with someone she hadn't been dating for months, so Tyler was shocked, but even more aroused by it. Lacey took the lead again, straddling the boy, a leg on each side of his waste.

She seductively pulled off her shirt and tossed it to the other side of the room. If the girls WERE drunk, Tyler couldn't tell, as they still had a smooth grace to their actions.

He didn't care either way, but he figured they could make it more enjoyable for him if they were in control of their bodies more.

Lacey started grinding Tyler through their pants, getting his dick somewhat hard. She called over Kayla and proceeded to kiss her forcefully in hopes to further entertain her host. The girls continued making out for quite some time, undressing each other and Tyler slowly.

After a while, all three were naked and both girls found themselves on their knees before the boy. This time Kayla took the lead, leaning over Tyler's lap to pick up his member, jacking it off with her hands as her mouth playfully licked at the tip. Lacey allowed her friend to work on his dick, while she decided to kiss him and play with her tits in front of him. Tyler reached with his mouth, sucking on the girl's nipple, much to her liking, as the three played out their situation. His dick now completely hard, and thanks to Kayla, well lubricated, the shy girl (I guess not so much anymore) wasted no time in straddling his dick, plunging the object deep into her pussy.

Tyler was in heaven. Easily the most eager girls he had ever been with, he loved the feeling of the tight cunt wrapped around his dick. He instructed Lacey to stand before the bouncing girl, so Kayla could pleasure the both of them, to which Lacey eagerly agreed.

Kayla, a look of slight disgust on her face, quickly shook away her inhibitions, and proceeded to lick at her friends pussy anyway. If Tyler was in heaven, Lacey was in just as much pleasure. She had long dreamed of having one of her many gorgeous friends lick her pussy, but had never wanted the reputation of a lesbian.

Now that Kayla was willingly doing it for Tyler, not to mention Lacey was next in line for getting his cock, she was aroused greatly. Just as she was about to comment on how much fun this situation was, the door swung open, Jeremy and Allison sloppily making out as they stumbled into the room. As they looked up, they apologized embarrassed, and turned to go into the next room. "WAIT!" Lacey shouted at the pair. "Can't you read?" She pointed to the paper sign taped to the outside of the door reading: "Reserved for Tyler and 'guests' only".

Jeremy stammered his apologies, that they were just in a hurry, but Lacey would have none of that. She grabbed Allison by the hand, dragging her further into the room. "Since you can't read, we're stealing your date. Don't worry, you can have her back when we're done with her!" With that, Lacey slammed the door on Jeremy's face, and quickly locked it, as to discourage the boy from taking her back.

Allison was in small tit cutie fucks for first time, this not being at all what she was expecting. She looked puzzled at Lacey, but the eager sex-driven girl paid her confused look no mind. Instead, she laid the girl back on the bed, straddling the girl and old man spy cam xxx finally at home finally alone her shirt up slowly.

"Um, no! This is NOT what I signed up for!" Allison protested, matched by pounding on the bedroom door from the furious Jeremy. But Lacey, now joined by Kayla, pretended not to hear either. "No! I want to keep my shirt ON!" Allison demanded. Only seconds passed before the two girls succeeded in lifting it over her head. The pounding on the door continued, and Allison looked frantically around the room when her eyes noticed Tyler still sitting very attentively to the entire situation, his cock still fully erect.

Forget the fact that he seemed to be enjoying her molestation, her mind was only concerned with his dick. It was HUGE! At least nine, maybe ten inches, and equally as impressive in diameter.

Lacey and Kayla felt the girl quit struggling as Allison not only accepted her fate, but longed for it. She took the dick in her hand, a look of wonder on her face as she played with it. "Okay, I want that. Now," Allison stated, clear as day.

"What'd you say?!" Jeremy screamed through the door, shocked, now pounding harder. Paying her forgotten boyfriend just outside the door no mind, Allison tugged down her skirt and black panties and climbed up onto Tyler's lap, positioning her opening for impact.

Lacey was a little upset that she would have to be the third girl of the night to fuck that dick, but was happy that Allison, one of the sexiest girls she had ever known, was now willing and ready to play.

Allison was a year younger than all of them, and had developed a reputation of being a slut. In reality, she had only slept with two boys (Jeremy being one of them, an old middle school ex being the first).

Unfortunately for her, her flirtatious nature and her tomboyish attitude left an impression on people, so she was constantly harassed and picked up for being loose. Now, no one in the roomed cared, as she was 100% beautiful. Her long brown hair sank half way to her waist, her gorgeous face with not a single blemish. Her ass, although she constantly nitpicked it, was stunning, as it stood out from her developed hips the optimal amount.

Her tits, while always covered, seemed to be her best feature. They were easily Ds, if not doubles, and Tyler was very excited to be able to finally be with her. Sinking herself onto Tyler's member, Allison decided to make it quick and, hopefully, less painful in the long run.

She squatted quickly, slamming her pelvis against Tyler's, the entire monster dick deep inside of her. She squirmed and screamed out her enjoyment, met by even more slamming fists from her boyfriend right on the other side of the door. His emotional pain for some reason made her more turned on, and she moaned louder for his benefit. She picked her hips back up, and again slammed herself down onto Tyler, screaming in more painful pleasure.

"Fuck Tyler, you are so amazing!" she screamed, met by three more pounds to the bedroom door, followed by a sliding sound, Jeremy's defeated body falling to his knees outside of the door. The group heard him shed a tear before walking off in an emotion-filled rage. "Oh she loves big hard jocks girlfriend hardcore gosh you're such a fucking slut!" Kayla scolded, before smiling and adding, "I think I love you!" Everyone in the room laughed, but quickly recovered, as to continue their sex driven activities.

Allison was told to get up and position herself on her hands and knees. She complied happily, knowing Tyler would fuck her senseless. She was quickly surrounded by bodies, Tyler spanking her ass before slamming his dick deep inside of her, no warning or mercy added. The better angle made the humongous dick feel even bigger as it seemed to tear Allison apart.

She screamed, but was only met with Tyler's ferocious pumping. She moaned every time the dick slammed into her cervix, and both Kayla and Lacey were quickly turned on. The girls started by removing Allison's black lacy bra, leaving the junior completely exposed, her delicious tits hanging down. Lacey proceeded to crawl underneath the girl, getting a close up view of Tyler's cock diving into her. Lacey took the liberty of tonging at both of them happily. Kayla figured it was her turn to have a girl experiment with her pussy, thus she placed herself right in front of Allison's face.

Allison quickly turned her nose up at it, stating matter-of-factually "Um. NO! I may be a horny slut right now, but I'm not bi.

That is disgusting!" She was met with no words, only disappointed faces. It was then that she felt Tyler completely slip out of her pussy, leaving her vaginal walls feeling as if they were collapsing on themselves. She was sore, but she wanted more of that dick in her, and was puzzled as to why he removed it. Only then did she feel the head of his dick come in contact with her puckered anus, which sent chills down her back as she screamed "NO!

No anal sex! Fine, I'll lick your cunt, just do NOT fuck my ass. OFF. LIMITS!" The original trio smiled as Kayla again presented her shaven mound to the girl. Allison again felt Tyler's dick slide into her pussy, and she felt amazing once again. She begrudgingly stuck her tongue out, barely making contact with the girl's outer labia. She still was able to taste the feminine juices, and she was repulsed.

Apparently the rest of the group didn't care, as she was quickly grabbed by the back of the head by Kayla, pulling the girls face hard into her own cunt. Tyler threw his two-cents in by spanking her, quite hard, causing a yelp to arise from Allison. "Alright! Alright! I'm licking her!" Allison shouted, though muffled by Kayla's pussy in her face. She wasted no time in licking at the drenched slit, making Kayla purr her compliments.

Allison felt Tyler pick up tempo, now forcefully fucking her, causing her to shriek, but she knew that she longed for him to fuck her harder and faster still. To match the increased pace, she felt Lacey finger at her nipples below her, causing her to shudder.

Her nipples had always been majorly sensitive, she had guessed that her breast size had something to do with that, but wasn't sure the exact reasoning. What she was sure of was that it did not take much for her to fucking ex girlfriend and her friend together with dildos lose it when it came to her nipples. Now hardening, they became perfect targets for the girl below her to roll in between her thumb and forefinger.

Allison's eyes closed slightly as she was in bliss. She subconsciously continued to lick at the pussy in front of her without even realizing it, her own mind was racing from her own pleasure.

Lacey's fingers were now pinching at her nipples, and Allison was screaming out "Oh my- Uh. Fuck!!! YES!!!!" Her orgasm hit her hard, as she reeled back, pulsating around Tyler's dick, Tyler not stopping his powerful fucking at all during this, nor Lacey her nipple torturing. Kayla now reached down, grabbing Allison's face romantically in both hands, and kissed her.

Allison was still not in control of her body, her mind shutting on and off every millisecond, as she realized Kayla's tongue was exploring deep into her mouth. She didn't react at all to this, as Kayla continued to lick her tongue and inner cheeks forcefully. Tyler pulled his dick out and laid Allison down on the killer body and beautiful summer day hardcore and outdoor. Finally coming to, Allison looked at the trio, but they were not even paying attention to her.

They were already situating themselves so Lacey could be fucked by the massive dick. "Hey assholes! Just move onto the next bitch already?" Allison felt more used than she ever had in her entire life.

She was furious, but she was so turned on at the same time. Being completely used felt so. dirty. But no. This group was nothing but a bunch of assholes. They couldn't even smile at her as she came down from her massive orgasm? But it was SUCH a massive orgasm, the biggest of her life. She loved the feeling more than she hated the feeling she decided, and was ready to give them the same experience.

Kayla stood Allison up, Allison still hazed from the amazing orgasm she had experienced. Her body still twitched, and her mind was still buzzed. She allowed Kayla to lead her across the room, where Kayla proceeded to open the door, throw the naked girl out, throw her T-shirt out with her, kinky hardcore action with a mature stunner straight and facials slam the door back in her face.

Allison's mind snapped to attention as she attempted to get back into the room. The door was locked! She banged on the door, pleading that they let her back in, to which she was only met by giggles and "Can't you read the sign?! Go away bitch!" "Please!" Allison begged, "at least give me my clothes back! I can't go out there in just my T-shirt!" "Maybe Jeremy will let you borrow his pants!

We told him he could have you back when we were done!" The girls snickered, and with that, they turned back to Tyler, ready to please him. Allison bawled, not sure whether to hide upstairs the rest of the night, or to act normal, wearing nothing but her T-shirt downstairs.

Another couple passed her on their way to one of the bedrooms, laughing at her predicament, the boy subtly grabbing her ass as the pair walked by.

Allison knew that that was the treatment she would receive the rest of the night, but she couldn't just stay up here. Tyler's room was the only upstairs bedroom that had a lock, and the master bedroom was downstairs across the house, and also probably locked.

She cried a bit more as she pulled her T-shirt over herself, hot busty milf and teen beauty pleeasuring in the bedroom was barely long enough to reach her waist, let alone to cover her swollen pussy.

She sulked as she headed downstairs, terrified of what torments she was to endure at the hands [and dicks] of horny adolescents. Back in the bedroom, Lacey was already getting fucked, screaming for Tyler to keep it up.

She happily licked Kayla's pussy as it towered above her face, while Kayla and Tyler made out above to complete the love triangle. Lacey was so turned on that she knew it wouldn't be long before she was also going to be struck with a major orgasm. Tyler's hands joined his dick attending to her pussy, his thumb pressing down on her clit with great force as he circled his motions.

Suddenly his hand slapped the top of her mound, sending chills down her spine. "Fuck yes! Do that again baby!" Tyler didn't need more convincing as he repeatedly smacked the girls pussy lips as he fucked them. After the sixth or seventh slap, Lacey started crying out "Oh yes! Oh yes!

I'm cumming baby!!!" And with that, her eyes rolled back, her pussy gripping her lover's cock inside her, pulsating around it as the positive feedback forced her body into overdrive. Tyler had been close for a while now, but the added grip of the girls pussy now that she was cumming was too much for him to handle.

"Are you on the pill, hun?" He asked hurriedly. Lacey smiled, still enjoying her orgasm, but letting out a happy "Yes, fill me with your cum baby!" Tyler happily complied elegant sweetie opens up pink twat and gets devirginized his dick shot it's wad deep into the girls cunt, filling her infertile womb with his negated seed.

His dick slowly shrinking, he removed it, only to have Kayla happily plop it into her mouth, enjoying the last bits of the four teens combined juices. "That was the best fuck I've ever had!" Tyler thanked the girls, bringing even larger smiles to them as they were glad they could please their party host well.

The group decided to go downstairs and check on the little slut they had abandoned, but first thought it would be smart to hide her clothes.

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Deep in Tyler's closet they were tossed, just in case she got wise and came looking for them while the group was enjoying the party. Tyler got redressed, a grin never leaving his face. Kayla also dressed herself, planning on going back down to the dance room. Lacey however elected to leave her shirt and bra behind, also hiding them with Allison's clothes.

"What fun is a party without a few topless chicks?! Besides, I'm going to try out that pool!" Dressed in only her friends short shorts, as Kayla had decided to trade for Lacey's jeans, the trio returned downstairs.

Their adventure wouldn't end there, however, as the three were all shocked at the scene they saw as they came downstairs!