Super stunning strapon dildo erotic movie pantyhose and lesbians

Super stunning strapon dildo erotic movie pantyhose and lesbians
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I slept well for the first time in quite awhile. My dreams were filled with images of my daughter and her sweet pussy and they must have been better than I thought because I woke up with my cock stiff as a board and my boxers plastered with cum. So I dragged myself from my bed and into the bathroom.

I strip myself of my clothes and stepped into the shower. I cranked up the hot water and leaned against the wall letting the water bead off me. That was when I remembered how I had left my daughter last night.

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Now a sense of dread filled me and my cock went limp quick. I wasn't sure if I was going to be able to face her or even lie to her.

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I cut the water off, cutting my shower short and quickly toweled off. I was dressed in under a minute, making sure I was wearing a loose shirt to cover my groin. Then I left the room.

I stepped out into the hall and was hit with a wall of sweet smelling aroma.

I could smell fruit and pancakes and my stomach growled. Curiosity had me in its grasp now, so did my stomach. My confrontation with Amber had just folded tenfold. So I crept down the stairs slowly and made my way into the kitchen. Amber had her back to me and didn't seem to notice me as she continued to make breakfast.

Her lingerie from last night was gone and replaced by one of my shirts that completely dwarfed the young girl. Her blonde hair hung done loosely. I thought about her pussy mound and how hairless it was. I know she shaved because her mom did. I would love to see those fine blonde hairs prickling her mound though.

My cock stirred a little, but didn't bother me since my shirt covered the area enough to hide it. I was staring lost in my thoughts of lust, totally forgetting about the confrontation when she spun around, nearly dropping the plate in her hands and letting out a gasp of surprise. "Oh daddy, you scared me," she said grinning. The light through the window gave her hair a glow and lighted up her face making her more beautiful than ever. "I'm sorry," I said.

"Making breakfast I see." I was trying to break the tension that I at least felt. Maybe she hadn't noticed what I did after all. "Just for you," she said winking. "Pancakes with fruit topping. You have your choice of strawberries or blueberries." "How about both?" I said as I took fake cop blonde anal and two police woman first time apparel theft spot at the table.

"No problem," she said all bubbly. "You fell asleep during the movie kiddo." I needed to see if she knew or not. I figured we should get it out of the way now rather than later.

"Yeah, I was a bit tired from the trip I guess." She brought a plate for me and herself over then sat down. On each plate sat two pancakes, each one had strawberries or blueberries poured over the top. "I see you enjoyed yourself too." I was almost to my mouth with the first bite when she said that. The look on my face must have said it all.

I know I was at least shocked. Amber on the other hand sat with her face in her hands and smiling. "It's nothing to be embarrassed about daddy. But I do wish you would have woke me up first so that I could see you jerk off." "I, um, don't know what to say," I said setting my fork down.

"I really shouldn't have done that." "Oh come on daddy, I know you've been thinking about me for some time now. Just like you do Jessica McToolie." "I don't either," I argued knowing that was a total lie. So did Amber. "It's alright to admit it." "There's nothing to admit," I fired back. I don't know why I was arguing over something so trivial.

I guess it maybe was to justify something. I don't know. "Last year when we had a sleepover I saw how you looked at us. And after you thought we were asleep we slipped to your door and watched you jerk off calling and moaning both our names." My face reddened.

I was caught red handed and I didn't even know it. "Why didn't you say something?" I asked once I regained my composure. "We were too scared," Amber admitted. "But now I'm not." She stood up and grabbed both our plates and set them on the counter. When she returned she stripped of the shirt and let it drop to the floor and climbed onto the table.

I was about to complain when she pressed a finger to her lips telling me to sshhh. My cock pushed hard against the fabric of my shorts as I gazed at her perfect fourteen year old body. The light played along her perfect breasts, down her tight stomach and over her near hairless pussy mound. The light highlighted tiny stubbles of blonde hairs. She starts to slowly caress of her body. Starting at her neck, she lets her finger tips glide down to her breasts.

She pinched and twisted her lovely brown nipples and let her tongue dart out to lick along her lower lip. Her hands skipped down to her belly button, over her slightly curved tummy, to graze over her pussy mound. I could see how wet her pussy was when her fingers locked down over the mound and stretched it up, opening it for me.

I licked my lips. My mouth was suddenly dry. She teen dildo hd before she could even think mr nixon pushed her up against the door go of her pussy letting it settle back. It was tight I knew from last night. Her lips were full and juicy and swollen. She started to moan as she slipped her hands over her breasts, squeezing her dark nipples in between her fingers. She slid down the table closer to me, spreading her legs wide open to me.

I knew what she wanted as the light played across her mound. It was breath taking. I moved in close until I was barely inches away. I could smell her sweet scent and it only made me want her more. Her lips were swollen and just begging to be sucked. I knew if I did this there was going to be no turning back. Fuck it, I thought finally giving in to the last hurtle. I went straight in, slipping my tongue into her tight, moist pussy.

I whipped my tongue in and out. The taste of sweetness overwhelmed my senses and the feeling overwhelmed Amber. She moaned and held grabbed the back of my head, pressing it hard into her crotch. I devoured her, lapping up all her juices as she orgasmed, but I didn't stop there. I pulled my tongue out and began sucking on her throbbing clit. She was dripping wet and I knew she couldn't get enough. So I dove back in once again with my tongue, pressing it forward as far as I could.

I used every technique I knew to twirl it in and out of her sweet pussy and I got what I desired; another mouth full of her cum. I was far from done and I wanted to push it beyond this. I felt her with my fingers last night and now I had tasted her. Beyond a doubt, I wanted her. I shed my clothes, tearing them off as hastily as I could.

I crawled onto the table and hovered over her. Amber grabbed my hair and pulled me in locking her lips onto mine. Our tongues played into each other's mouth, wrapping out tongues together as if it were a dance. My cock pulsed just aching to slip into her tight pussy.

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We broke our lock and she wiggled down under me just until she could reach my cock with her mouth. Her lips rubbed the head of my cock and I fought the urge to cum myself.

Then she suddenly took my cock fully into her mouth and sucked hard. It was warm and moist and frightening good. She worked her tongue on my cock, massaging every bit of it until I couldn't hold back any longer. I burst, my cock pumped load after load into her tiny mouth and Amber gulped down every bit of it. When she was done licking clean my semi limp cock she laid back down and slithered back.

My cock hung right before her young pussy, slowly coming back to life. "This might hurt a little," I said between gasps. "Take me daddy," she moaned. She pulled me in for another deep kiss and my cock sprung fully back to life. When she released me she said, "Fuck me now daddy." So I did.

My head pressed against her opening. I held it there for a moment taking the time to savor the moment. I was about to go to the point of no return with my own flesh and blood and I couldn't think of anything better. I pushed. The head of my cock slowly stretched her tiny opening. Her hip shots upward in anticipation. Then I shoved it in forcibly. She let out a long and loud moan. I plunged in and out hard and fast. My cock throbbed as it stretched the inside of her pussy. I couldn't believe I was fucking a fourteen year old.

I thought if I could go this far with Amber, then I could take Jessica. Her muscles contracted around my cock.

I could feel her juices flowing past it and out. My balls were suddenly soaked and her moans matched the flow. I knew I had taken her to another orgasm and it made me pump harder.

"Give it to me daddy!" she yelled. "Fill me with your cum!" Amber was having the time of her life. And she came over and over again. Eventually it became too much for me again and I held against it as long as I could until finally my body gave out. I poured hot, thick cum into her little body.

So much that it began to backflow frisky sweeties shag the biggest strap dildos and spray juice all around the place slip out while I was still in her. I collapsed onto her then rolled off. She slipped a hand down, collecting a sample onto her fingers and brought them to her mouth.

"Mmmm daddy. Your cum tastes so good." We laid on the table for a few minutes catching our breath. Mostly me. Finally I said, "What would you like to do today?" "First we take a shower," she said with a wicked grin. "Then how about a sleep over?" I knew right away what she had in mind.