Dirty talk webcam deutsch xxx fucking is not a game

Dirty talk webcam deutsch xxx fucking is not a game
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While taking care of the orange groves for a rancher in Visalia, California, I was always running into weird things in the orange groves.

Sometimes I'd find evidence of hastily removed drug labs, remnants of keg parties, evidence of sexual encounters, you name it, I have seen it. It was now the middle of September, a bright, warm Saturday, and I was just making the rounds to insure all of the irrigation gates were closed in orchard 21.

The lazy wind was blowing gently from the south and with it, I could hear the sounds of a not so distant moan. It seemed to be coming from the middle portion ot the grove, so I started that direction. About five rows down and to the left, I spotted the forms of two individuals, enjoying a mid morning sexual romp. I stopped my movement and took in the surroundings and could see they had not as yet heard me moving in the grove.

Silently, I started moving closer to them. The vision was very erotic. The woman lying on her back with both legs on either shoulder of her lover was intensely captivated by the driving ram rod action of a very large penis and the pounding of cum-filled balls on her round ass. They were both grunting obscenities as the passionately continued their rambunctious romp.

The woman appeared to be quite small in stature, probably just about 5 feet tall, with long brown hair. From her obscenities, it was obvious she was of Mexican descent. He was a large framed burly Anglo, with about a nine inch rod poking the glory gash of this woman. She looked to be around sixteen, but in such a state as she was in and from all the mechanics of her actions, she could have been forty or so.

she obviously had been fucked before because her motions gave great cause that she knew how to sexually please her partner. Suddenly, the guy started slapping her on the face, and yelling, "Fuck me bitch Mexican whore or I will go after your younger sister. I bet i could ebony babe enjoys a big black cock her shit, cum, and piss all at the same time!!!" It was now evident that the romp was a onesided affair that was fixing to turn really nasty.

She was gently whining and telling him not to hurt her any more and insured him she was enjoying herself. I usually would not get involved in a situation like this, but I found myself thinking, he could actually kill this girl.

I knew I had to do something. I carry a gun for protection from snakes, but it was in my truck on the other side of the grove. I remembered the hotshot that we usually carry to ward off stray dogs, etc. Loosening it from the carrying holster, I now easily crept toward them, hoping the noise they were making and their preoccupation would give me time to make my move.

He was instructing her to roll over as I made my way toward them. Luckily, his back was to me. She hesitantly obeyed his orders and was now on her knees, her ass in the air and a nice target of wet pussy was in my line of sight. With her head buried in her hands, I heard her gasp as he again entered her tortured twat. "Before we finish, I'm gonna fill your ass full of cum and you are going to like it, young lady, or your going to find it very difficult to ever make it out of this grove alive," he warned.

I was now only two trees from them. Just as her pussy farted an erotic cum load, he withdrew his sword and was just about to try and insert his monster manhood hawt mother i d like to fuck showing her skills her asshole as I gave him the first jolt from the catltle prod.

Instantaneously, his cum filled balls unloaded their passions all over her ass. I thought briefly to myself, I wonder how that would have worked if he had been inside her. Would she have received the same enormous jolt of electricity that he did?

I would like to see that in a movie. Just as he turned to see what was taking place, I jammed the cattle prod on his balls and hit him with another current load. He sagged somewhat, then I put it behind his neck and hit him again.

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He went all the way down. Knowing that this was a temporary solution for what could be a very big problem, I reached down and grabbed his leg and with an old wrestling move I had learned in college, dislocated his knee.

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The girl was still lying with her head in her hands and was not aware of what had taken place. I tapped her on the shoulder and in my very best Spanish told her we needed to get going. She reached for her blouse, shorts, and sandals and I told her to bring them, but don.t worry about trying to get dressed, She could do that in the truck. About a hundred yards away from the safety of the truck, we must have looked slightly hilarious.

We probably didn't set any land speed records, but we made it to the truck, I unlocked the door on my side, and shoved her into the truck onto the passenger side.

Crying, frantic, embarrassed, and yet happy she had escaped, she leaned over and pecked me on the cheek, said gracias, then started getting dressed. We made it to the highway, I looked at her and asked if she wanted to go to the police. She shook her head no and began to shake in terror. "Not, legal," she said bluntly. Somewhere, I had heard of a woman's shelter, so I got on the 2-way huge white cock teen blowjob and gang swallow xxx theft suspect and mother were caught asked dispatch where that would be.

It took a little convincing, but she agreed to go there. I stopped at the nearest phone and called their number, explained who I was and what had taken place. In a few short minutes, one of the case workers was in the parking lot. Her name was Elena. She had been working as a prostitute in Vera Cruz for the last two years before making her way into the States at the beginning of the year. Most of the time since then she had spent cleaning houses for a real estate company.

That's where she had met her attacker. He was a real estate broker. i was sure there was going to be some backlash over what had taken place, but I felt that I had done the right thing. I would much rather have to face the music for dislocating a knee than to have found a body or bodies while making my rounds. The shelter left with Elena and I took the opportunity to check in with the boss man to relate the story to him.

I was pretty sure the guy was not able to identify me, but I was a little afraid for Elena and her family.

The boss man told me not to worry, he would take any flak that might come of it and would try to find Elena's family and offer them some type of work where they would be safe. The next morning, the topic of the local news was a viscious attack in an orange grove that left a well know real estate broker with a badly damaged knee. His side of the story was that he was attacked by a gang of Mexican's as he walked through the grove, surveying it for possible prospective buyers.

The attack was an attempt to hold him up, he fought visciously, but there were too many to overcome the odds. I laughed at first, then became angry because now there would be open season on any group of farm workers who ventured too far from their own ranks. In a month or so, the excitement over the attack ahd died down. Elena and her family had been reunited in Tulare, the county seat. She was working as a domestic house keeper as were her mother and both sisters.

I had heard that was the case form the boss man, but didn't know for a fact until I went to Tulare to pay property taxes. Not far from the courthosue, I actually ran right smack dab into Elena at a burger joint across from the county court house.

I reallydidn't recognize as she came up to me in the line and started talking to me in Spanish. Her hair was long and curly, she was dressed to the max, and looked like a supermodel.

She was telling me to come sit with them, her sisters and mom, so I could meet them. It was their day off and they were out buying things for her older sister's up and coming wedding. Joining them, I was impressed with the humbleness of her mother and sisters. They were polite and seemed awe struck that I would consider sitting with them.

Elena related some of the story to them, about how I had saved her from certain dreadful harm. She also related that what had happened had made everything change in her life. The shelter had provided elsa gives me a blowjob and i fuck her pussy pornstars big dick means for her to get a GED and she was now hoping to take some college classes in the spring, when she turned 18.

It was an enjoyable chat and as I started to leave, Elena gave me a phone number where she could be reached in the evenings. Shaking their hands, and wishing them well, I made my way out to the truck and headed home. That night, I dreamed heavily of Elena and her family. I had dreams of her and I fucking out in the same orange grove I had rescued her from. Later, we were joined by her mother, who was only 35 and a pretty woman to boot.

She had sucked my cock while I fingered Elena's pussy to a frenzy. Then, as Elenea squirted her pleasure juices all over my hands, Mama mounted my maypole and began to artistically and rhythmically screw the living shit out of me. Just as we were about to climax, a bolt of thunder interrupted my early morning dream. I woke up with a hard cock and the sound of rain pelting on my windows. Looking at the clock on the wall, it was only 1:00 a.m. It was a fitful night as sunrise finally stirred me up from the on and off pattern of sleep that had tortured me all night long.

It was Saturday, and since I really didn;t have to work, I went out to the garage and was ready to start a tuneup on my vehicle, when the phone rang. Elena was calling from a phone booth just outside of Visalia in a town called Woodlake. "My hero, " she said, "meet me at the liquor store in Woodlake in a little bit, please." The way she said please was enough to help me make up my mind to go.

I assured her I was on my way and immediately got into my Mustang and headed to Woodlake. Elena was still at the phone booth when I pulled up to her. "Would you buy me a bottle of tequila?" she asked. That's when it hit me, she is still too young to buy liquor. Realizing I could get into a whole bunch of trouble, I hesitated just a little before committing myself. Just as I started to say yes, she came over to the car and said, "You can fuck me tonight, or any other night, just get me a bottle of tequila.please!," she said more forcefully.

Shrugging my shoulders, I went inside and bought a couple of bottles of Cuervo Gold. Elena was sitting in my car when I got back outside. I handed her one of the bottles of tequila and slid the other under the front seat. Taking my hands she moved it to between her legs, gently putting in under her skirt and guiding it to her pantiless pussy.

"Let's get a room for the night," she beautiful latina babe toying pussy amp ass, "there are many little cabins you can rent by the day all along the river." There was no saying no to her, as we drove off in search of a place to fuck.

Keeping my hand between her legs, she initiated contact with aher vibrant clit. "Si, Si," she said softly, as my forefinger stroked her clit. She put her other hand to her mouth and muffled her moans a little, as I pulled under a vacancy sign next to a small frame cabin. Next door, a small sign hung in the window that simply read, "Office." Removing my finger from her slurry pit's fuse, I got out of the car and walked up to the office and entered.

The clerk inside could not have been older that 17 as I asked for that one vacancy, she said" That will be $32.00 for the both of you. No smoking and check out time is 11:00 a.m." I gave her the $32.00 in cash and took the key from her as she slightly blushed and smiled. Elena had already opened her bottle of Cuervo and was taking shots from it. Everything else was a blur up to getting into our cabin.

Elena was so hot and the smell of her prefume and sexual ardour, mixed together, extra petite teen aubrey rose sucks cock in the couch pornstars and big dick to lull me into horniness. Before I knew it, Elena was completely nude and almost doing a hat dance around me as she drank from her bottle of tequila. Finally, she sat her bottle down and moved over to me, wrapping her arms around my neck and inserting her hot tongue into my mouth.

Reaching down, she undid my belt, button, and zipper, allowing my pants to fall to the floor. She then knelt down and removed my boxers, picked up all the clothes and went and sat them on a chair by the bed. Taking my hand, she led me over to the bed and playfully pushed me down. She was eyeing my rising cock and eagerly began a n attack on it with both hands. When it had reached its peak, she eagerly sat down on the length, allowing it to slide all the way into her steamy cunt.

I could feel her wettened walls move aside to allow my entry deep into her heavenly gash. Sitting atop my dick, facing me, and in complete control, I felt her wetness squirt and ooze from around our union.

The flood of her first climax flooded beneath us, wettening the bedspread as well as my balls in the process. "You like fucking Elena?", She queried. "Elena has been waiting many months to do this for my hero," she added. Her up and down attack was more intense now as her slippery snatch slid up and down my rigidness. "Play with my clit, "she whispered, as she leaned forward and kissed me on the cheek. Her desires were no longer secret as she began to say, "Oh, how I love to fuck good men.

I love stiffness in my pussy and a finger on my clit.My pusy melts for a hard man." Twitching ever so slightly, I felt the spurt of her second orgasmic release, escaping from her stuffed crevice.

With increased moaning and heavier breathing, She rolled off of me and and onto her back, coaxing me to get on top. I mounted her and was beginning to gain entrance into her welcoming wetness, when she turned and said, "Fuck me until I cum again, then I want your cum in my ass." With her legs wrapped around my waist, we were off to the final leg of our fucking frenzy. I could hear her squirting everytime I gouged her horny hole, her wetness had by now saturated everything.Just when I didn't think she could get any wetter, she lesb sexy #22 strapless strap-on from lesb sexy tube porn a cum gusher that would have nade Old Faithful jealous.

"Now, in my ass, fill me with your hot cum Please!" she wailed. I could feel the pressure in my balls begin to become more and more ready to explode. Rolling onto her knees and with her stomach pulled in and her head almost buried between her legs, She reached back and guided my prong into her ass hole. Breaking through the sphincter walls, I began to feel excited as my cock was already on the verge of spewing off. She gasped as my cock head slid easily into her gaping, gasping, asshole.

Her tight tunnel seemed to be sucking the very life out of my manhood. She turned up the heat by increasing the up and down pumping motion. With each ramming motion down on my shaft, my balls ached more and more fro a release of their pent up jizm. I felt her shuddering in ecstacy as my cum load was released deep into her asshole. She was rubbing her clit vigorouslynow, as she expelled my shrinking manhood from her cum filled butthole.

Silently, she drew a deep breath as her pussy and asshole flloded out the remnaants of our love juices It was a glorious sight to see the hot cream seeping from both of her orifices.

Easily, she laid prostrate upon the bed as the final shudders of ecstacy ran through out her love ravaged body. We lay there for several quiet minutes before she wrapped her arms around me and kissed me, thanking me for all I had done for her. It was still early afternoon and we decided to take a shower and go see what was happening in the little town of Woodlake, California.