Sweetheart exposes anal aperture for fuck hardcore and russian

Sweetheart exposes anal aperture for fuck hardcore and russian
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My family has been spit for 2 years know. My dad the one I love my mom the one that hates me. I was so sad the day my dad left but I knew why he did that. To get away from the bitch of a wife he had. I hate her so much and my sister all she does is tell mom what I've done wrong. Oh but I'll get my revenge. They will see.

What they have got coming there way. I should tell you my dad was a big guy 6'4" about 230lbs.

Know I never saw his cock but by my cock size I have to probably say he was huge. I'm around 8' and 6' around. My mom is 5'1 110lbs and small tits. Or as I like to joke only nipples. My sister is still under age so I'm just going to say she is the same as mom. I'm kind of happy she is turning 18 soon so I can go and work on both of them. My dad left me with a note telling me to get my revenge if I really want to he will take me in then. So that's my goal to get revenge then move back in with my dad.

My mom is kind of hot and attractive even with the no breast part. I can't wait to fuck her up.

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I always jack off thinking and smelling her panties. Dad always told me to force her into sex cuz that's when it's fun. I am going to have to try that and find out. Oh where have I been I've forgetting to say I'm 6'3 and 210lbs. Today I was doing my normal Saturday thing and jacking off to my moms panties as my mom walks right in "you son of a bitch." I freeze and see her staring at my fully hard cock. I think to my self well I guess it's time to get revenge on her. I say as I get up and walk over to her my cock sticking right up.

She shakes her head knowing what I want to do. "Come on mom you know it's wrong to walk in on some one." I say as I grab her wrist. She tries to fight but cuz I'm just like dad she can't get away. "Come on mom don't fight me off" I tighten my grip on her wrist and push her over to the wall. "Stop this you stupid son of mine your just like your gas dammed father" I smile and rip hot stella cox and ash hollywood lesbian action her pants "yea but that just means you know what comes next" I say as I rub my cock on her nice hairless cunt.

I go and force her legs apart "come on don't be a little bitch be a nice good slut" I smile and rub her clit and go and finger her vagina. She is fighting me off trying to get away from me and I'm not allowing her to I hear my sister call saying goodbye she's off to school.

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I smile and saying "good thing I'm not in school then again I wouldn't go anyway until I'm pleased" She cries and I go and slap her cunt "no crying" I yell at her and pick her up moving down to the kitchen cuz after I'm done she got to make breakfast or she will get more. I go and bend her over the counter rubbing my cock all over her pussy and plug right in to her smiling as I go and start to pound away in to her. I pound in and out holding her hips as I fuck her harder she cries "Jackson (my name by the way) stop your my son stop this is so wrong" I smile and grab her small ass tits.

"But it's all so good cuz this is what dad wanted me to do to you no good bitch" I say as I pound her faster and harder. She still won't give in and is trying to get away and trying to pull away not wanting to have this incest continue. I force her and fuck her harder feeling my balls swell up with cum that is going to blow "I hope you are taking a pill" I say as I pull out then bash right in and fill her with my cum that goes and covers her womb. She starts crying as I still cum and hold it in there waiting for a good time to pull out "so go on cook me some breakfast or I'll pound into you again" She went and started to cook as she whimpered like a dog I sat down in the living room and put in a porn tape and smiled and watched getting nice and hard again turning it off and heading out to cheek on her and to go for a second round I see she is crying more and shake my head turning off the burner and graving her hips "I told you no more crying" I say as I go and spread her legs once more "bad mother I sexy babe craves for a fat dick you would be better at being a slut knowing the way dad treated you" My dad was always the controlling type he always made sure mom was acting slutty and did what he wanted I remember when i was 12 walking in to his man cave and finding mom laying on a table all him and his friends fucking her like crazy animals.

"Why not behave like the night I walked in on all the guys fun" I say smiling as she looked at me shocked like she never knew I saw that. She goes and coughs up "It's cuz they drugged me that night your father that bastard he was knew I wouldn't let all them go at me he slipped something in my coffee I made." I smile and turn her to face me and sit her up on the counter by the still hot stove top "oh so your giving me good ideas for next time thank you" I smile and stick my cock in her and she starts to fight back "shut up bitch" I say as I go and pound her fast and hard pulling in and out of her.

She stopped crying and kind of gave in "good mother slut" I say as I look at the stove and see that scarlet (sister) could be home in less then an hour or so. "Hope you know I won't let you off easy you have to get me to cum before scarlet gets home" I smile and see she looks at the clock and back at me and shakes her head "no stop this she can't see this she is to young you will stop this in your mother stop fucking big mom and son dotr stop this incest right know" I shake my head and fuck her faster "she will see if you don't go and get me to cum" I smile and play with her nipples and see her scared look and then frowns as she leans back tightening her self around my cock making me work harder to fuck her.

She sees that I'm working harder at it and hopes that means I will cum soon "fuck mom your so tight it feels so good" I say as I pound in and out harder and try to go faster and faster I smile and feel my bald swelling up again I smile and see the time and pull out once then push hard into her and cum all inside her covering her womb once again making me smile and joke around "hope you are on that pill slut" I say as I go and pull out and pull on shorts as I go up to my room and hear mom say hello to scarlet that just got home.

Hope you like it please tell me if you want a next part I do have something in mind for more thank you so much I'm ready for any commentary but thank you so much.