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Brunette lacey channing wet pussy gets filled with cum
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I was always told family was everything through the good and bad times. When my mother Maggie gave birth to me it was a day that started everything in my life. I was born with bright blue eyes and red hair. I don't remember my birth, but I do have bits and pieces of my youth that flows through my mind. My father Greg was a very caring, loving and hard working man. He had his own business in which he was very successful.

He had a partner at that time named Mike. Mike Jarvison was my dad's best friend and a close friend of the family. Mike and his wife Ellie were made my god parents not long after my birth. So you might say I had two sets of parents my father and mother then my God parents. They had a son named Chris who I grew up with. Dad and Mike had two best friends that they both got to know through years at work. Nate Anderson and Ricky Greenhart, both were close to Dad and Mike's age.

My mother was a nurse, but decided to quit after I was born to be a full time mother/ housewife. After I was born my sister Michelle who is 5 years older then me thought of me as her baby.

She was protective of me as she was with Travis who was my older brother by 4 years older. Both took a vow to protect and love me. When I was 3 years old my family went camping by the local lake for a week during the summer in July before my 4th birthday.

Michelle took Travis and my hands while leading us down to the lake which wasn't that far from the campsite dad and mom chose.

I didn't know what was going on, but I trusted my sister who Travis and I called Shellie. Once at the edge she looked down at sister sits on brother s face and gives blowjob with a smile.

" Now Heathie take that pacifier out of your mouth and throw it in the lake so the baby fishes can have it." Shellie tells me as I look at her confused " Go ahead Heath do has sissy says." Travis tells me as I watch Shellie do a motion She acted out what she wanted me to do by take her hand from her mouth to act like she was throwing something in the lake.

I took the pacifier out of my mouth and looked at it. I then looked at her and Travis then looked back up at the camp to see my dad and mom looking on smiling, but also nodding encouraging me to throw the piece of plastic. " Heathie your a big boy now. Throw that pacy in for the baby fishes." Shellie tells me again as I look at what was in my hand I let out a sigh as I threw the pacifier into the water.

At that moment I felt a few tears as Shellie and Travis stepped over to me wrapping their arms around me. " Don't cry honey mommy Shellie is going to help you get over that old pacy." Shellie says to me as if she was a mommy Dad and Mom came down to us squatting to hug us kids.

" Heath you took a big step son. And I am sure sexy luscious girlie has got very moist curves hardcore blowjob will be taking many more." My father tells me as I cried After the hug mom suggested ice cream cones which got me smiling.

Shellie, Travis, and I ran to camp with Shellie grabbing Travis and my hands to help us back. I heard dad and mom laughing at the scene of their oldest helping her younger brothers. Once back at camp dad helped mom make ice cream cones for us kids. I was sitting between Shellie and Travis as we started eating the ice cream cones. I don't know what exactly happened, but the top of mine fell off in my lap. I looked down and started to sob. Shellie caught wind of my sobbing.

" Aww Heathie don't cry honey. Here let me help you." Shellie tells me as I look at her She transfered the top portion of hers to mine. I loved my sister so much as I did my brother. Travis helped Shellie by lifting the ice cream off my lap and dropped it under the table. Dad and mom just chuckled and giggled saying how cute.

Those were the happiest times of my life. As time went by Shellie, Travis, and I grew stronger as siblings. When other kids tried to bully me Shellie or Travis would be right there standing up for me. It was times like that which brought us closer. When Shellie and Travis went to spend the night with their friends, dad and mom would make time for me by having movie night.

I would sit between them with my head on either one's arm. Mom always called me her bright blue eyed baby boy. I would also giggle when she would get tongue tied a few times saying it. When I was 8 years old and during the weekends over the summer. Dad and mom would hold family gatherings.

The families consisted of the Jarvison's, Anderson's, and Greenhart's. That was when I met Selena and Tiffany. Selena's parents were Nate and Kiko Anderson. Selena was Asian American and clinged to Chris.

Tiffany's parents were Ricky and Verna Greenhart as she clung to me for some reason. Shellie thought of them as younger sister's as Travis just well laughed at Chris and I.

All the parents you might say claimed the others kid as their own. So to sum it up we had 4 sets of parents. Except Mike and Ellie being my god parents. Those following summers were fun as my friendships with Chris, Selena, and Tiffany grew and matured. I found out I was the youngest of us four, but only by months. Seems Chris was born in February, Selena in March as Tiffany was born in April. While I was born in the month of July.

It was when I was 13 when my life took it's first tragic toll. My father went out of state for a meeting. On his way back his plane crashed.

We were all devastated for various reasons. My mother lost her husband, the Jarvison's/Greenhart's and Anderson's lost a brother and us kids lost a father and uncle. I tried to be the big man for my family by comforting them. I especially tried to comfort Shellie and mom. Travis would be the one to comfort me when i couldn't take it anymore. This happened in May. I still had school in which mom took me out the second week, for my father's funeral.

It was the worst week of our lives. The day of the funeral I sat between mom and Shellie as Travis sat on mom's left. She had her arms around Travis and I as Shellie held my right hand in her left. As we listened to the preacher as well as those that knew our dad Shellie laid her head on my shoulder. I don't know what came over her, but she whispered in my ear as her tears ran down the cheeks of her face.

" Don't you ever leave me. I don't ever want to lose you Heathie as your my baby brother and I love you." She told me as I miko dai down to fuck pornstars and hardcore her had " I will never leave you Shellie as I need you as much as you need me. I love you so much." I whispered back to get a squeeze of my hand As that day went by Mike, Ellie, and Chris stayed around us to give us comfort.

Mike and Ellie helped my mom plus gave her comfort. Chris was doing his best helping Shellie, Travis, and I. He had grown close to us taking us in as his own brothers and sister. He would start telling jokes and make us laugh which helped. Shellie although clinged to me as I did her.

As the evening turned to night Shellie and Travis went to spend the night with their friends leaving my mother and I alone in the house. Mom asked if I would hold her in her bed for the night.

I told her yes as we got ready. I slept in shorts as she slept in her pajamas. Getting in my mothers bed She pulled me to her quickly. My head was on her left shoulder as the arms that held me as a baby were wrapped around me. I placed my left hand on her belly as she sobbed for a bit then started talking to me.

" Heath don't you ever leave me. I couldn't live without you around. I love you my bright blued eyed boy." My mother says while holding me tight " I love you to mom and the same for you." I tell her as I feel a kiss on my forehead " Never honey mommy will always be around no matter what." My loving mother tells me as I plant those words into my heart After that day time just seemed to move slowly.

The following Wednesday Mike, Mom, Michelle, Travis, and I were to attend my fathers will reading. It was around 10:30 a.m. that we all sat in a conference room. Mom, Shellie, and I on one side with me in the middle. While Mike and Travis were across from us. A man walked in with a folder which I guess had the papers for us.

He introduced himself as Mr. Frank Boscoe. He looked to be in his early 50's, 6'1, 224 lbs, short brown hair with some gray and brown eyes. He sat at the head of the table fixing things up with the papers.

Picking up one of the papers he started. He stated his apologies for my dad's death and gives his condolences. He started with Mike in which dad turned all legal matters of the company to his best friend.

Dad gave total control of the company to Mike who spoke by saying he would give it up just to have his best friend with him to run it.

The lawyer nodded as he continued to mom. Dad left mom the house, cars, and enough money to get her through life as long as she kept it invested to roll over into a bank account. He also made it where mom would get a profit check from the company in which Mike agreed to up hold. The lawyer got to us kids in which we were all shocked.

Dad gave us each around 500,000 dollars to start a new life with, but stated we had to invest it wisely and let it grow for our future. We all three nodded as Mike told us he would show us how. The lawyer has us sign the papers that are for each of us. After everything is signed Mr. Boscoe hands us bank cards and account information. He hands Mike the company ownership papers, plus mom the deed and titles to the cars.

We leave saying our thanks and goodbyes. That day is filled with happiness and sadness as we wish dad was here instead but knowing that he wanted us to be successful and gave us a good start.

As the summer came again I found myself excited as my friends would be back. They went to private school while I went to public school. I was a smart kid and the school I went to wasn't really a challenge. I got bored with the assignments, but did them anyway. Mom tried to challenge me with some online pretty teen screwed so hard by pervert dude on the couch program to help her see what challenged me.

I guess she was concerned about my education as that first week in June was going to be a eye opener. It was the weekend after summer vacation began. Around 1p.m. Saturday Shellie, Travis, and I were in the back yard enjoying the day. Travis has been helping me by having me swim in the swimming pool we had. He and Shellie thought if I built my body up no one would mess with me. So the past few summers I was in the pool swimming. Travis also taught me some moves to defend myself if the situation called for it.

After I got done with my last lap Shellie came over with a towel as I got out of the pool. She dried me off which anal sluts anissa jolie milana witch nikki thorne shrima malati me chuckle. She never stopped being the sister I loved. Travis had me to drink plenty of water so I wouldn't dehydrate.

It was at that time we turned to see Chris, Selena, and Tiffany. They all came over as Shellie, Travis, and I stood by the pool. " What are you three doing here? We thought it would be in another week?" Shellie asked walking up to give them hugs. " Our parents wanted to talk to Aunt Maggie about Heath." Chris says as Travis gives him a bro hug. " What about me? What did I do wrong?" I asked as Tiffany made her over to me.

" Nothing Heath as they just want to discuss something with your mom." She answers as I just nod. We all find a spot to sit. Shellie has me sit with her in a lounge chair. She became a protective sister plus a mother figure. Tiffany sat next to us in the other lounge chair as Chris and Selena sat by the pool.

Travis sat on the weight bench he had not far. He was into keeping his body in good shape as he was on the football team. We all talked about our school year. As the conversation kept going Chris made a slip which caught my loving sisters attention.

" Wait what do you mean private school? Why my baby brother?" Michelle asks my best friend with concern at the thought of me going. " Yeah why our brother, he needs to be here with us Chris? Did you put your parents up to this?" Travis asks as Michelle places her arms around me. " No I didn't I swear. I am just saying what they told Selena, Tiffany, and I on the way over." Beauteous virgin suggests her muff as payment says as Travis leaves to go find out.

" What.what is wrong?" Tiffany asks as a sobbing Michelle holds me tighter " Tiffany, Heath is a big part of us.a big part of me. I think of him as my own so it's just hard to hear about all this." Michelle says as Selena gets up to come sit by us. " Michelle we know, but they seemed persistant on this. Uncle Mike stated your dad and mom at one time wanted Heath to have the best education he could" Selena says as Tiffany nods.

" Yeah don't be mad at us. We are just as surprised as you all are" Tiffany says as Selena and Chris nod agreeing. Michelle has me turn to look in her eyes. Her eyes show concern for me before she speaks with worry. " Heath honey would you rather go to private school then public school?" My sister asks me as I shrug " I.I don't know Shellie. Since you are out of school and Travis only has one more year there will be no one to help me if I need it after he graduates. I don't want to leave you, mom, or Travis, but again I want to have a good education.

And plus I will be home during the summer and Christmas break. It would give us something to look forward to. I just don't know sissy this is so hard to even think of right now." I say with some tears. Michelle looks in my eyes with tears also as I feel myself getting pulled to her. We hug each other as Chris, Selena, and Tiffany stay quiet. Michelle eases up her hug to look back in my eyes. " Yes it's hard to think of being apart baby brother, but as they say ' A mother has to clip that cord'.

Heath I know I am not our mother, but I feel like a mother to you. Ever since you were born I have loved you as a sister and a mother all wrapped into one.

I promise to always be your sister and love you with all that I am. If you ever need me call and I will be there. Heathie you are so precious to me as Travis is. I love you both so much." Michelle tells me with a more tears.

" I love you to Shellie so very much, but I am not going anywhere yet." I say as we hear the back door open Michelle lets me go as we see Travis stand by the lounge chair we are on. He is 6'2 236 lbs, with nun helps three school girls embrace sexuality low blonde hair and blue eyes. He picks me up and holds me tight in his arms. " Heath I love you bro and always will." He tells me as I hug him back. " So mom decided then I take it?" Michelle asks as he nods.

" Yeah she thinks it's best that Heath gets a good education. She hates to, but she knows dad would want it to." Travis says as she nods. Travis lets me down as I stand 5'10 at that time. Michelle wraps her arm around me again holding me with my back against her. Travis takes a seat in front of me on the chair to let things sink in. Michelle keeps a strong hold of me. Selena goes over to sit in front of Tiffany as Chris stays where he is at by the pool. Shellie looks at the three then asks them a serious question.

" all will make sure my baby brother is treated right wouldn't you?" Michelle asks them all. " Yes Michelle I promise to help him and comfort him. I am not going to let anyone hurt him.

Not even me if we. well never mind." Mom cronys crony mask big tit stepmom gets a massage says getting a giggle. I feel Michelle turn to look at Tiffany I guess. I hear her giggle as she speaks up again. " Does someone have a crush on my baby brother?" Michelle asks as I turn to see Tiffany look shy.

" No it's just since we were 8 I well. we all care for Heath very much." Tiffany says as Travis and Michelle laugh. " Tiffany I hate to tell you this, but nothing gets past Michelle when it comes to bro." Travis says as I nod. " Travis is right Tiffany as she is a protective sister." I say as Chris and Selena nod agreeing. It's at that time the parents come out the back door.

Mom makes her way over to us only to stand looking at me with i want to give you a nice slow pov blowjob joi dirty talking and cocksucker eyes, but with love and concern. The other parents come and stand around to support her.

Mom looks into Michelle, Travis, and my eyes before she speaks. " Guys we need to talk and it's important." Mom says getting nods from us " So that means the rest of us are going to let them talk. So get into the cars so they can have some family time." Ellie says as Chris, Tiffany, and Selena stand.

Tiffany comes over to where Michelle, Travis, and I are and looks down at me. She takes a step leaning over to kiss my forehead. " Heath everything will be fine. You have three friends that will not let any one or anything happen to you. We love you honey very much" Tiffany says as I nod with a smile.

I get hugs from Selena, Chris and all the mothers Verna, Ellie, and Kiko. They also give Michelle, Travis, and mom hugs. Mike, Nate, and Ricky shake hands with Travis and I.

As they leave Mom takes a seat between Travis and I as Michelle scoots back pulling me to her. Mom scoots close to me as Travis to her. We are all seating on one lounge chair getting ready to hear what my mother has to say.

" So where do I begin." Mom tries to say until cut off. " Heath's going to private school isn't he?" Michelle asks in a sad voice. " Michelle that is up to him, but your father and I thought it would be best. I hate it as much as you do, but he could have a better education and away from all the bad influences at the local school." Mom says getting nods from her children. " I understand that mom, but I.I am going to feel lost without him." Michelle says as she tightens her arms that are around me.

" I agree with Shellie mom. This family has never been away from each other. Except us in school or when dad was alive at work. It's just hard to be apart from each other." Travis stated looking at me with a small smile. " I know Travis as I have been crying this whole time talking to Mike and the others.

Mike stated he would make sure Heath was in the same living space as Chris so it will be a little easy on Heath. And it's not like Heath won't be home for Christmas and summer. As well we can write and talk on the phone. Mike said Heath can have a cell phone as Chris, Selena, and Tiffany carry them." Mom explains to us as we listen. We all talk until Travis suggests ordering pizza which Michelle, Mom, and I were way ok with.

That evening was nice as we were spending time as a family. Travis had us laughing to his impersonations of actors and other celebrities. That night as I went to bed. Shellie came in to my room then crawled into my bed to hold me. She would do the same thing when I woke up having nightmares as a kid. We whispered talking about keeping the other close in our hearts.

That night we slept like we were kids again with my big sister watching over me humming that song she used to years ago. The days and weeks went by getting closer to the day I would be leaving to private school.

Mike and Ellie helped mom get me ready. And to Mike's word to mom I was to bunk with Chris until we graduated from School. My birthday was the middle of July so It was a nice summers day. Michelle and Travis got me a cell phone that they already had set up. michelle made sure she was the first speed dial.

They even took a picture as the background of them with mom. I cried seeing it, in which they both calmed me down. Mom got me a laptop so I could video chat with them when I could. It was state of the art. Mike, Ellie, and Chris got me some nice clothes. My family were there helping my birthday be special. Tiffany and Selena both got me a friendship necklace that showed the word friends. Selena's father Nate was a computer geek. He asked to look at my Laptop which I looked at mom who smiled nodding that it was ok.

He looked at it and put some programs on it from a USB memory stick. There was a antispyware program that he made himself. He downloaded the program to my laptop so no one could hack or send anything harmful to my laptop.

He even gave me a wifi stick saying I didn't have to worry about paying the bill trina michaels is an analloving busty slut I was on the same plan as Selena. I smiled nodding to him. Selens thanked her dad for doing that for me.

Verna gave me a cross to wear around my neck. Tiffany put it around my neck saying I would always be loved no matter where I was by those in my life. I looked at everyone thanking them so much. Ricky, Tiffany's dad gave me a book on selling which cute brunette fucks her pussy watch part on suzcamcom me confused. That was when Mike stepped up to explain.

He told me that when Chris, Selena, Tiffany, and I hit 16 that he was going to let us start a junior company. He said that the money we make would go into our accounts for our futures. Mike also stated it would be good for us to start young knowing the worth of a dollar while being in school. I thought of that and smiled thinking I always wanted to be like my father in business.

After that day of my birthday I was excited about going to school, but yet sad as I was going to be leaving my family for 9 months. I knew they were sad also, but kept strong for me. The Friday night before I left in the middle of August mom had a surprise planned. My mother made it a special night as we took pictures of us all on cell phones. Mom had Michelle take one of mom and I on the couch together.

I smiled as did she with love in our eyes. Michelle wanted one also as did Travis. I got one of all of us with Travis taking it since his arm was longer then mine at that time. As the night got closer to bed time mom asked us to get ready as we were going to sleep in her bed as a family. She wanted my last night for the summer to be one of holding me like when I was a kid. That night we talked, cried, and spoke our hearts that promised to never leave one another.

The next day came being a Saturday that I was woken to the smell of pancakes and sausage. Shellie was holding me in her arms watching me sleep. She smiled at me as I did to her. She kissed my forehead before we got out of bed. She told me to go get dressed then come down to the kitchen to eat.

I did a few minutes later to see my stuff was already gone. My duffle bag, Laptop, and cell phone. I felt sad knowing this was the day my life would change a second time. I got dressed in the clothes I guess mom or Michelle picked out. Jeans, muscle shirt. socks and shoes. I ran down the hall then down the stairs. I made my way to the kitchen to see everyone there. Chris, Mike, Ellie, Tiffany, Verna, Ricky, Selena, Kiko, Nate, Mom, Michelle, and Travis.

" What.what is all this?" I asked confused as they chuckled. " It's a tradition hun as the parents select who fixes our breakfast the morning before we leave for school. Your mom decided it be best if it was here." Tiffany tells me as everyone nods small tittied teen erica rose fuck and facial Michelle and Travis.

" Oh ok. I'm just surprised, that's all." I say going to a empty chair. " We know honey, but thought it be more meaningful if we all ate together to give support." Ellie says as I smile nodding. I sat between Michelle and Tiffany. Over the last few years they have grown close as sisters. I would chuckle at times wondering what the coming years would bring if Tiffany and I did get together what my big sister would think.

A few hours past as I find myself at the airport being sent off by my family. It was heart breaking knowing tomorrow I would wake up not seeing their faces. My family held me tight each with tears. " You ever need to hear our voices or just want to talk you call ok Heath honey." Mom says with tears running down her face.

" I will mom I promise." I say as Michelle pulls me tight. " You better come home to us during the summers. I am so going to miss you baby brother. I love you so very much." Michelle tells me as I nod.

" I love you too Shellie always." I says as Mom and Travis pull me to them making me chuckle. " We love sex fairy tales porn edirneli orospular sikis to my bright blued eyed baby boy." Mom says with more tears.

" You be safe bro and remember if you need me call I will race up to help. I love you lil brother." Travis tells me trying to hold back his tears. " I will, I love you both so much as well." I tell them as I hear the boarding announcement. Mom gives me one last hug as she takes my hands looking in my eyes. " Heath your father would be so proud of you as I am. I love you honey always remember that no matter what." Mom tells me as I hear footsteps come behind me.

" Come on Heath we have to go." I hear Tiffany tell me as I turn letting go of my mom's hands. Tiffany takes my right hand in her left leading me to our flight. I turn to see my family holding each other with tears as I have tears myself. I see the other parents step to mine and hug them with comfort and support. I look straight ahead at the moment not turning back again. Tiffany hands the attendant our tickets which I handed her to hold for me.

I try to hold back more of my tears, but they come anyway. I follow Tiffany as she leads me to the plane. Once on Tiffany has me sit by her. " Heath honey I know it's hard, but you have us to help get you through this. Now come here I will give you my shoulder to cry on." Tiffany says as I lean towards her.

She places her arms around me as I do cry and sob. I think of this new beginning and hope I can do this. Closing my eyes I let my thoughts ask for help from one man that I know will hear me.

" Dad please watch over Mom, Shellie, and Travis. And please give me the strength to take this new path in my life. I love you dad and miss you so much." My thoughts say as Tiffany comforts me with a kiss to my forehead. After touching down from the flight and helped to where I was to pick up my duffle bag and laptop.

Chris, Selena, and Tiffany showed me to the limo that was taking us to the school. The driver noticed me giving a smile.

" You must be Heath it's nice to meet you. Mr. Jarvison told me to give you a stressless ride. So I have some ice tea in the car for you to relax drinking and music already in the headphones for you. I hope we can be friends young man." He says to me as I nod before he continues " My name is Jason so if you need a ride some where on the weekends let me know." " Wait we can leave school property on weekends?" I ask as he looks confused at me.

" Why yes you mean to tell me these three didn't tell you?" He asks concern looking at Tiffany and them. " Jason we were caught up in getting here. He is right hun we can leave campus on weekends. Yes it's a private school, but the director doesn't want us to feel like were in a prison. So we get to leave on weekends, but have to be back by night fall." Tiffany tells me as Jason nods. " Nice that's cool to know." I say as Jason motions me into the limo.

He looks to be in his 30's, 6'1, 223 lbs muscled, short black hair and brown eyes. I get in and sit by Tiffany who smiles. Chris and Selena are sitting on the side drinking soda. Tiffany hands me a ice tea after I place my bag and laptop next to me. I thank her which she smiles grabbing a ice tea herself.

The ride is nice as Tiffany leans against my shoulder. I get a warm feeling inside me as Tiffany takes my left hand in her right. " Heath don't be scared ok hun we won't let anything happen to you. We are your friends and always will be." Tiffany says as Chris and Selena agree with cheers. " She's right bro we got your back. I know this is going to be hard, but you have us to lean on now.

So just relax and enjoy." Chris tells me as I smile nodding. I take in their advice and lean back against the seat more. Tiffany keeps her head on my shoulder while holding my hand.

I don't know what it is about her. She is showing comfort yes, but it feels like she is showing affection that I am not use too. The ride is nice as I look out to see the scenery since it's still daylight out.

I tilt my head back closing my eyes. I think of this new path in my life. I decide to try this new school and maybe see what it has to offer. Before I know it the first few months go by and it's Christmas. Chris, Selena, Tiffany, and I make a trip home for the holidays. I am welcomed home by my family with open arms. They all hug me tight with kisses from mom and Michelle wild doggy dicking with my aroused sugar my forehead.

Travis just bear hugs me with a smile. The house hasn't changed much except for the tree. That week feels, wonderful as my family take me with them whenever they go out, which is shopping to get everyone gifts. Mom fills me in that the other parents will be over as they have become closer almost like a big family. I smile knowing things have been good for mom and them as I was worried so much of the change of me not being home.

Christmas comes and it's a nice one. Gifts are exchanged with smiles shining bright. Mom got me a Jacket with inside pockets. Michelle gave me a picture of them all taken during Thanksgiving.

Travis got me a pocket watch with a eagle on the front. I loved all that was given to me. Chris and Selena got me an Ipod loaded with my favorite songs. Tiffany gave me a friendship wrist bracelet that said forever friends.

I smiled at those words as my eyes brighten. Everyone had a great time with carols being sung and happiness in the air.

That Christmas was the best we had in years. The days turned into weeks then to months. I found the school year end to flow into summer. This was the summer I would turn 15 just one more year before my 16th birthday. Mike dropped me off, but not before Tiffany gave me a kiss on my left cheek. It surprised me as I smiled seeing her big smile shining back at me. I grabbed my bag from my god father Mike just to get a hug from him.

Afterward he goes around to the driver side only to get back in the driver seat. I stepped to the passenger front door to lean down a bit. I told them I would see them soon as Ellie spoke up before Mike pulled out.

" If you need anything call us I don't care what time it is ok sweetie." Ellie tells me as I nod smiling. I stood there watching them leave. Tiffany looked out the back glass blowing me a kiss. Everyday she showed some kind of affection that I was getting use to which was hugs, holding hands, and kisses on my face.

I turned making my way up to the house. I turned the doorknob making my way in. Shutting the door behind me I walk into the living room around 2 p.m. " MOM I'M HOME!" I yell hearing foot steps coming from the kitchen. " My baby is home." I hear mom say as I turn to see her coming at me. Once to me we hug as she breaks it a few seconds to look at me. Her eyes look me over as I see a smile. " You have grown Heath how tall are you?' Mom asks as I smile.

" Six foot, but I don't think I am done it." I say getting a smile. " So where is Shellie and Travis I figured they would be here?' I ask as her smile turns to a frown. " They are up stairs getting ready to go hang with Trey and Keisha. They met them in April at a party. So I just let them do what they want as they are over 18 honey." Mom answer as I nod. " I know mom just thought they would be happy to see me thats all." I say with a bit of sadness.

" I know honey, but I am happy to see you. So come and tell me all about this past school year. Are you on the honor roll again?" Mom tells me as I follow her to the couch. I get sat on her left as she takes my right hand in her left. " Yes I am above the curve.

They did a IQ test on me and found out I have a 190." I say as my mother shows a big grin. " I am so proud of you honey. I know your fatherwould be too if he was here." Mom says as I nod smiling. " I hope so as he was my hero.

I want to be like him and you, business wise and loving for those around me." I tell her getting tears. " Awww Sweetie that is so thoughtful. So what do you want to do this summer?" Mom asks me as I think then smile. " Spend time with you all, but if it's just us that is fine. I love you mom so much and have missed you." I tell her as my mother shows tears.

" I would like that honey and I love and missed you too." Mom tells me as we turn and hug. We talk for a few minutes when Michelle and Travis come down the stairs noticing mom and I on the couch.

Michelle's eyes go wide as I look at her with a small smile. " Heath when.when did you get here?" She asks coming to me as I stand receiving a hug " About 30 minutes ago. I yelled that I was home." I tell her as Travis gives me a smile.

" I am sorry I must of had the music up to loud." Michelle tells me as I shake my head. " It's ok sissy so what are you up to?" I ask as she breaks the hug. " Going to hang with some friends. I am sorry we planned it yesterday." She tells me with some sadness. " It's ok Shellie. You and Travis go have fun I have all summer of being here." I say as she gives me a smile. " Ok baby brother we will hang out tomorrow ok honey." Michelle tells me as I nod.

I watch her give mom a hug before her and Travis make their way to the front door and out of the house. I sat back down to see my mother with tears. " Mom what is wrong please talk to me?" I ask as she takes my left hand into both of hers. " Nothing honey just glad your home. Heath how about we watch some movies to night. I have missed our mom and son nights?" Mom asks as I smile nodding.

" That would be great mom. The popcorn still in the same place?" I ask as my mother smiles big. " Yes it is sweetie. You make it and I will get the new movies I bought.

Also grab some Ice Tea's honey." Mom says as I stand helping her up. " You got it mom be back in a bit." I tell her as we get ready for mother and son time. I made my way into the kitchen with a smile on my face as well as a perk in my step. Tonight was going to be nice as my mother and I were going to spend it together. When I was younger dad, momand I would have movie nights when Travis and Michelle hung out with their friends.

Woman doctor and pasent xnxx viedeo tonight it was mom and I. I found the popcorn in the same spot as it always was. Picking up a few packages I opened the microwave that sat on the counter. Taking the popcorn bags out of the plastic. I placed one in the microwave shut the door then set the time. Once the first was done I put the second one in for my mother. While it was poping I grabbed two glasses and poured the tea that mom had made.

Once the second bag was done I grabbed the glasses the best I could along with the two popped bags. Returning to the living room mom was ready with a smile as I handed a glass of tea to her along with the popcorn.

She already had a movie ready as I sat next to her to enjoy the day. Mom pushed play on the remote to start the movie she had picked. It was nice to just relax and be with the one woman that loved me more then life itself.

As the day went but evening came as I helped mom with supper. We had steaks, mashed potatoes, and some green beans. I always loved her cooking as she put her love behind each dish. When supper was finally done we ate talking about the summer as well as my birthday.

She told me her plans of taking me out to by what ever I wanted. I laughed saying that could be a bad idea. Mom returned the laugh saying 15 only comes once in a persons life. I thought on that knowing she was right. I big ass mature and young teen huge dildo masturbation xxx sphincterbell just being with my family was gift enough. Mom smiled telling me that was true, but what was it that would been just as good. Looking in her eyes I told her a picture of us all.

One that Real estate fucks milf share with your mommy could look at everyday of my life. My mother smile got bigger agreeing with me intently. After we finished eating mom and I washed the dishes then cleaned the kitchen up. Mom and I returned to watching a movie or two talking about what we could do over the summer again. I was just enjoying this time that I haven't really been able to since last summer. When 9:30 p.m.

came Michelle and Travis walked in looking off. Mom didn't say a word placing a hand on my arm to make sure I didn't either. I thought it was odd, but respected her not to. Before Michelle walked up the stairs making her way up. Shellie turned to look at me with sad eyes telling me she was sorry. I gave her a nod as I received a weak smile watching her finish her way up the stairs.

I gave my mother a concerned look which she returned turning to look up at her oldest child with worried eyes. I sat there wondering what had happened to my sister that always took care of me when I was a kid.

All I could think was just support her blonde jane darling and huge big dick all that she chose to do as my sister was a adult now just as my brother was.

Mom and I turned in around 10:30 p.m. going to our bedrooms, but not before giving each other a hug. Mom told me she loved me as I returned telling her the same.

She broke the hug turning to walk to the room she slept in all these years. I went into my room then to my bed. I sat on the edge thinking of how I loved my family deciding to make sure to spend all the time I could with them.

I laid down upon my bed closing my eyes to let sleep come to me. I let my mind roam into dreams that were of the happy kind. As the days went by I found them like the day I arrived. Michelle and Travis went to hang out with their friends with promises to spend time with me. I just kept telling them ok that I loved them. Shellie smiled telling me the same as she walked out the door wearing very provocative clothing.

Mom kept telling me Michelle had a life of her own since she became a adult. I nodding just agreeing with her. I kept my sadness back as I missed my sister's hugs and talks. Those first few days and weeks of June was mostly mom and I. We spent time with Chris, Selena, Tiffany, and their parents. We had family group time going to the beach since we lived in San Francisco. It was nice playing volley ball the guys against the gals.

Mom and Ellie laughed as Tiffany collided into me as I tried to spike the ball. Everyone started laughing as I landed on my ass. It was moments like that which made the summer wonderful. The weeks past as my birthday was just around the corner. Michelle and Travis kept dodging me for some reason making me feel that much sadder. Mom took it upon herself to keep me happy by spending time with me.

I told her if there were things she needed to do just do them. My mother placed her hands on each side of my face saying the only thing she had to do was spend time with her bright blue eyed baby boy. I smiled to those words telling her how I loved her as she said the same.

The days went by as I find it's Thursday which means my birthday. My friends and their mothers starts showing up around 1 p.m. to enjoy the day. All the fathers are still at work as Ellie tells me Mike, Nate, and Ricky will be by after. I nod as my mom tells us teenagers to go have fun while the mothers talk. Tiffany blushes as she goes to change as does Selena. It's only minutes later Chris, Tiffany, Selena, and I are in the back enjoying the swimming pool as our mothers lounge out watching us.

They talk which becomes brings on the gossip about some day time talk show. The day is enjoyable being around those that are here to celebrate it with me. As Chris, Selena, Tiffany and I sit on the sides of the pool.

Tiffany takes my right hand in her left. I turn to look into her eyes as her smile shows.

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I give a smile back wondering why she is showing me so much affection. I still haven't figured her out, but feel a warmth from her I have never felt before. Our friendship has grew stronger the past few years, but still I wonder what it is she wants from me. As the evening comes Michelle and Travis hang out as Mike, Nate, and Ricky show up.

The main party begins with a bbq and gift opening for me. The gifts were nice as Mom gave me a locket that held a picture of her and I within it. Tiffany gave me a black onyx ring with a eagle embedded on the onyx. I smiled at the ring as Tiffany placed it on my right ring finger. All the other gifts I received were nice as was the first.

After all the gifts were opened it was time to eat as it was around 6 p.m. Which also around that moment Michelle and Travis left telling me Happy Birthday while walking out the door. Everyone heard the door shut while looking at the sadness that came to my face. This was the first birthday that they didn't stay. Mom placed her left hand on my arm getting my attention as those that were like family watched on. " Heath I am sorry about your sister and brother, but you have family here that love you.

So please don't let them ruin the rest of what is your day." My mom tells me as I nod giving her a small smile " Heath your mom is right. We love you as we feel your our own child." Kiko tells me making everyone nod " Thank you everyone as you all have been there for me as a family." I respond getting smiles all around The rest of the evening as well as the night go by nicely.

After my extended family left, mom sat me on the couch as she sat next to me. We talked about the rest of the month I had before having to leave for school again. After a few weeks of being with my mother and very little time with my siblings. It was time again to leave for my second home. Mom wanted to spend that morning with me alone. She made me a big breakfast before we had to meet the others at the airport. It was just my mother and I which I had grown getting use to.

Once breakfast was done and ate, I helped clean up. My stuff was already in the car thanks to Travis for some odd reason. As mom and I were leaving Michelle and Travis gave me a weak hug as they left early to Trey and Keisha's for the day.

Mom looked at me asking if I was ok in which I just shrugged making our way to her car. Once to the airport my mother and I met up to my friends and their parents. Tiffany had my ticket already in hand for me showing a smile. She came over to mom and I giving mom a hug before giving me one tight. " You ready Heath hun?" Tiffany asked as I nodded. Mom grabbed my hand turning me to her smiling while looking in my eyes. " Heath honey I want you to know I am proud of you.

I love you so very much always remember that. And if you ever need me call I will be there for you always." She tells me as I get pulled into a hug after. " I love you to mom and always will." I tell my mother with tears telling her how i felt as I return the hug she had given me.

After mom gives me a kiss on my forehead she breaks the hug. The mothers come over to hug me each before comforting my mother.

Kiko looks at me as Tiffany takes my right hand in her left. " Heath son don't worry about Maggie. We will help her stay happy while you are gone as always. Have a safe trip honey." Kiko tells me as I nod turning to be led by Tiffany I turn my head back to see mom crying with a smile showing her strength that fails.

I watch as her arms go around Kiko and Verna who nods with a smile to me. Tiffany and I make it to the plane as we have the past few years. And again we sit side by side holding hands which I have gotten use to. Leaning back in the chair to wait for the plane to take off.

I think of how this summer vacation went and hope next years is a lot better with maybe my whole family spending time with me. I closed my eyes as the plane started moving as I squeezed Tiffany's hand. I was still not use to flying, but with Tiffany by me she helped get my mind off the plane. I heard Chris and Selena talk up a storm about their summer which I blocked out in the end. Once the plane took off I found myself asleep without a care in the world as my dreams came and went.

It was our last school year before we started high school. It was also around that time when I started to notice a girl watching me. I had seen her a few times while at lunch across the room at a table by herself. I kept thinking of who she was until I remembered her name was Jasmine. She was shy that much I knew. It was like she was watching me everyday. I didn't know what to think at times when she would come around me.

She wouldn't say anything exactly to me as her eyes did the talking for her. I noticed one day on the outside of her notebook my name with a heart around it.

At first I thought there might of been another Heath in the school, but I was wrong as I asked around. When Jasmine would walk by I kept Tiffany from staring at the notebook by starting some random conversation. I think Jasmine knew, but didn't care who saw the heart with my name.

I wanted to confront her, but didn't think it was really necessary as it was just a teenager thing. As the weeks and months went by two things occurred. One was around Christmas when I opened my locker to find a letter. The letter was wrote in a friendly, but loving way. The person told me they had been watching me from afar with hopes to be in my arms. I stood there looking around to make sure Tiffany or Selena didn't try to read over my shoulders.

I looked back to the letter continuing to read what for some reason sent a warm cascading ripple to my heart. At the bottom I notice my name surrounded by a heart. I folded the letter up placing it in the back of my locker so no one could see it besides me.

The second thing happened on Valentine day, but this time I was in Chris and my room when a envelope was pushed under the door.

I heard footsteps run away as I made my way to the door. I opened it to see no one around. I shut the door before picking the envelope up. Making my way to my bed I opened it up just to pull the letter out. I sat on my bed and started reading the letter. I was wide eyed at to what it stated. " Dear Heath I hope this day brings you love and laughter. I hope it brings you happiness and care. I wanted to write you to say I have grown to love you, and hope that one day I can tell you face to face.

You are in my dreams and my heart. Your eyes show so much that I want to learn of you. I hold a picture that I took of you not long ago. Please don't think I am a stalker just the opposite a admirer.

I admire your eyes, face, lips, arms, body, and your voice. Oh god your voice sends a warmth to my soul. I hope one day I will be in those arms being held against your body.

I love you darling. With love from my heart to yours.Your admirer " I sat there stunned at the words I had just read and wondered who could of sent this. I had a few thoughts, but one would come out and tell me, and the other would be to shy to try something.

I placed the letter back in the envelope only to raise up a bit to place it between the mattress and box springs. As I remained seated I had to chuckle knowing some girl had the hot's for me. The rest of the school year came and went. Chris, Selena, and Tiffany all turned 16 and rubbed it in my face.

I ignored them half the time saying at least mine is in summer. Tiffany then took my right hand telling me yes and this birthday she intended to be there as always. We packed leaving for another summer to be with our families again. My first day home was awkward as I entered the house around 4 p.m. to find Michelle and Travis on the couch watching some movie.

I dropped my bag making my way to them. I sat by my sister and gave her a hug in which she just patted my back. " Everything ok Shellie?" I asked her as they both turned to look at me after I broke the hug.

" It's Michelle not Shellie as that name is so childish." She tells me as I sat there shocked. " But I have always called you Shellie." I audrey bitoni fucks in her wedding dress her pal bangs his awesome girlfriend smalltits and hardcore she gives me a strange look that isn't loving.

" Not any more squirt as I am a adult now. I want to be called by my name." Michelle tells me as I just nod. " Sorry then that I called you what I always known you as." I tell her standing up as she stays quiet. I go for my bag picking it up. I make my way to the stairs to go up them only hearing the t.v. Once in my room I drop my bag at the foot of the bed.

I stood there thinking for a moment then made my way back down to the living room, but go straight to the kitchen to get something to drink. I look to see some tea, but hardly any food. It's like my family hardly stays home any more.

I pour myself a glass of tea then sat myself in the chair facing the living room. I just sit there thinking of how Michelle who will always be Shellie to me had acted, and the way Travis stayed quiet. I took my cell phone out of my back pocket to look for any new messages. I had a few from Tiffany which said she hoped I was ok. She also wanted to know if I wanted to come over this coming weekend to hang out.

I sent her a text back maybe telling her I would see what my mother was up to. It was a few minutes later she sent one back telling me ok that it was cool. I took a sip of my tea bring up my back account statement I had gotten to see my investments was going well. I had money that I hardly touched. I smiled knowing my money was growing wisely. I just goofed off the next two hours wondering if supper would be fixed anytime soon.

It was around 6:30 p.m. that there was a knock on the door. I got up to see who it was, but was beat by mom who was coming down the stairs. Once she opened the door I watched as a tall Beautiful bbw bella bendz has every hole stuffed in a dp threeway American guy walked in taking mom in his arms leaning to give her a kiss.

Mom returned the kiss then broke it turning around to see me. Her eyes got big as if she forgot something. She turned to the man to speak. " Tyrone can we wait for our evening together so I can fix Heath something to eat?" Mom says asking him as he looks at me with odd eyes " Maggie I am sure he is a big boy that he can fend for himself.

I made arrangements that can't be changed." Tyrone says as my mother turns to look in my eyes Mom steps over to me placing her hands up on my shoulders.

" Heath I will make it up to you I am sorry. I love you honey please remember that sweetie." My mother tells me as I nod before she continues " There is food in the fridge and tea. I'll be home later then we can talk ok honey." " Ok mom have fun I love you too." I tell her as she smiles stepping away to get her purse as Tyrone takes her left hand " Oh she will and don't wait up kid as you need your sleep since your a growing boy." He tells me as mom looks at him with a strange look I watch as they walk out with him shutting the door.

I look around and find myself alone since Michelle and Travis left earlier to hang with Trey and Keisha. I let out a sigh walking back to the kitchen to find something to eat.

I look around to find the only thing good at that moment was Peanut butter and bread. I get a knife and all that I need and make my own supper being peanut butter sandwiches. I guess I should be lucky I have this to eat. I just shake my head as I take a bite. I chase it down with the tea in my glass taking a drink. I think of what Tyrone says who I take is mom's boyfriend as no one told me in a letter.

Which have hardly been coming to me, and now I know why. His words of me being a growing boy. Hell I was at 6'0, 175 lbs and I was not a boy. I felt my heart race as my temper was starting to show, but I had to stay calm before I did something stupid. I sat eating the sandwiches I made to fill my stomach up. After I ate I decided to go into the living room to watch some t.v. As the evening went by and night came I watched the time. None of my family had showed up yet. I guess they were use to their habits now, but why couldn't they of waited a night or two to go out.

I just shook my head as I watched what played on the screen. I guess things do change as after that night it was the same thing each day. The evenings Michelle and Travis would leave as Tyrone would show up to take mom on a date in which she wouldn't be home until the next morning just to give me a hug then go to bed. So I took it upon myself to hang with my friends.

I felt more love from those that wasn't my flesh and blood. As the weeks went by and June left July was here. I spent the brazzers new story xxx 2019 full sex stories with Chris, Selena, Tiffany, and their parents.

As my family made it aware they would spend it with Tyrone and his children. I am sitting with Tiffany as she holds me from behind. Days past after that as my birthday was finally here on a Friday this year though. I was 16, but when I woke up around 10 a.m. I found myself alone in the house. No mother, sister, or brother. It was like they forgot what today was. I got dressed making my way down to the living room. Going to the couch there was no sound, no voices as the house was silent.

As I sat there with my hands on either side of me. I thought that maybe they went to get birthday decorations. My mind dwelled cfnm hotel fuck with maid jynx maze that thought hoping that was what my family was doing. Leaning forward I grabbed the remote turning the t.v.

on to see if anything good was on. As the morning flew by It was around 1:15 in the afternoon that I heard a knock at the door. Getting off the couch I made my way to answer it. Opening the door I big tits kissing sex and teen huge anal gina valentina is one saucy teen dish and shes surprised to see my best friends and their parents.

Each had smiles until they saw my sadness showing. I turned going back to the couch returning to the spot I sat. They all came in looking around I guess wondering where my family were. " Heath where is your mother, Michelle, and Travis?" Mike asks me only to get a shrug. " I don't know as I woke up finding myself alone in the house." I answer as they all go wide eyed. " Heath have you tried calling them baby?" Ellie says asking getting a nod. " Yes, but there is no answer. So I just been laying here watching t.v." I answer again getting very worried and concerned looks.

Tiffany comes over taking a seat on my left. She has a lot of concern in her eyes as I feel my hand get caressed and then held by her right. The parents all look around as I see Verna and Kiko go in the direction of the kitchen.

Nate and Ricky go over to the back door to look out back. Mike and Ellie move to stand in front of the t.v. with deep concern for me. " ELLIE COME HERE!" I hear Verna say as Ellie makes her way quickly to the kitchen Mike only follows my god mother. Chris and Selena come over to sit on the coffee table in front of Tiffany and I. " Bro why didn't you call us? We would of been over earlier." Chris asked me as I shrugged my shoulders.

" I don't know guess I didn't want to be a bother." I say getting gasps and eyes that widen. " Heath you are not a bother and never say that again. You are our best friend as we love you very much." Selena tells me with a stern voice.

" She's right man your our brother and always will be." Chris says agreeing with Selena. I feel Tiffany place her head on my shoulder while she speaks squeezing my hand. " Heath you are everything to us. We love you more then you ever know." She tells me as I fight back the tears that want to fall.

It's at that moment that the parents come back to the living room. They have disappointed looks on their faces, but Mike and Ellie have looks of anger on theirs.

They all talk about the kitchen and the way the house looks with dust here and there. I see Kiko and Verna show looks of disgust. Ellie looks at me with seriousness before she speaks.

" Heath I want you to go up and pack as your coming home with us." She tells me in a very stern voice. " But what about.?" I don't get to finish as she cuts me off. " No but's honey get up those stairs and pack. Grab your school stuff to as you won't be coming back the rest of summer and that's final. Mike and I are your god parents and it's our right so go." My god mother tells me then continues " Chris go with him and help." There are no more words said as I get up followed by Chris.

We make our way to my room to pack my stuff that I will need. Ellie's POV: As I watch my god son and son run up the stairs I notice a notebook by the house phone. I make my way to it searching for a pen in my purse.

" Ellie hun what are you doing?" Verna asks me as I open the notebook. " I am going to leave a note for Maggie so IF she comes home worrying about Heath at least she knows he is safe." I tell her and the others.

" What I saw in that kitchen I say she hardly home." Kiko says getting nods of agreement. " Well don't say anything to make her mad Ellie. I know you honey when your mad." My husband tells me as I look at him. " Mike baby I am beyond mad. She has no right to treat our god son like this. Shit if Greg was alive this wouldn't fly." I tell him as he nods agreeing if me. " Mike I think the guy she is going with doesn't want ALL her family around." I hear Nate say telling my husband.

" You know Nate that is possible, and if she is choosing him over Heath then maybe we should take over. For I promised my best friend, his son would be raised knowing family meant everything." Mike says stating the promise he made at Greg's funeral " Mike we understand hun, but we can't just take him from her.

Maggie is his real mother as we are just three mothers that think Heath is LIKE our own." Verna says as I look up from my note. " Verna I love my god son just as much as I love Chris. Dammit Verna I love Tiffany and Selena the same way.

We may not be his biological mothers, but we have put just as much time and effort in him as into each others child." I tell her looking over at my god daughters who are smiling. " We love you to momma Ellie." Tiffany and Selena tell me.

" I love you both also." I say returning the love back. " Ellie is right Verna in every way. When I see Chris, Heathand Tiffany I see my own kids that share the same soul.

Being of the same flesh doesn't mean squat. It's the love behind it. The first time I saw Heath I knew he was the son Nate and I never had. We love Selena so much as we love Chris, Heath, and Tiffany." Kiko states making our husbands nod.

Verna looks at all of us then at her daughter plus Selena. " Ellie sorry for my words, but your right as is Kiko. When I look at Chris, Heath, and Selena I feel the love I have for my daughter to them also. I just can't figure out why Maggie would not make today the best she could for Heath. This is so much not like her." Verna says as I finish the note placing it on the coffee table. " I know sis as I can't either, but right now we have a birthday boy that needs some cheering up." I tell them getting smiles and nods.

I watch Selena and Tiffany get up going to their parents. " Mom can we get Heath's cake. I know just the thing to put on the top?" Tiffany asks her mother only to get a giggle. " Yes my brown eyed girl if your father doesn't mind." Verna answers as Ricky chuckles. " Hey I didn't take the day off for nothing. Isn't that right boss?" Ricky says getting a laugh from Mike.

" Nope, so you guys get the cake while we distract the young man." My sexy hubby says as I place my arms around him. " Kiko, Selena, and I will get the decorations." Nate says as we hear footsteps come down. I turn to see Chris carrying Heath's duffle bag. Heath has a sadden look on his face as I go to him. Once to my god son I place my arms around him as he does me. I look up in his eyes and smile.

I see his blue eyes have dulled. I promiose myself and Greg that will change. " Heath honey i'm sorry for having you come home with us like this. It's just I love you as my own son. I want this day to be special and one you can smile about." I tell him as I see a small smile. " I know momma Ellie it's just different without my family." He tells me as I nod.

" I know baby, but we are your family also and will do anything to make you happy. So let's go and start this day with happiness and love as a family." I say breaking the hug taking his right hand in my left. We start for the door accompined by Tiffany who takes his left hand in her right, Selena, Verna, and Kiko. The men hang back to shut and lock the front door. Once to the cars Tiffany gives Heath a hug in which he returns.

If I didn't know better that girl loves him more then she shows. I have to admit if I had a daughter it would be Heath I would want her to marry and have my grandkids by. I think of that again and smile knowing Tiffany was a daughter to me.

I have Chris sit up front with his father while I sit in back with Heath. As a mother I want to make him know he was loved.

I get in on the passenger side as Heath gets on the driver side in the back. I look up at the house and think of why Maggie, Michelle, and Travis would treat this young man on my left like this. I think to my self asking a old friend. ' Greg what is your wife thinking of treating her son like this'. I turn to see Heath looking at me trying to smile. It's at that moment I hear a voice in my head. ' I don't know Sis, but keep him safe and know he is loved'. The voice tells me as I smile inside knowing it was Greg.

I always thought of him as my best friend as well as my big brother. I take Heath's right hand in my left and scoot closer to comfort him. I look at my husband's eyes that are looking at me to see him nod. I give him a smile laying my head on Heath's shoulder. " So where we going Dad?" Chris asks as Mike makes a left at the stop sign to town. " Well son were going to get your brother's party started, but first I want to know what he want's first." Mike says as I look to see Heath's eyes go wide.

Heath turns to look at me as I smile giving him a nod. Heath lowers his head as I see a few tears. I know he wants his family here, but right now he has us. Heath looks up and with tears speaks in a cracked voice. " You all coming today and showing concern and love showed me I was not going to be alone.

As to your question I just want to spend today with family and that means you all." Heath says as Mike smiles nodding. I notice my son Chris turn with a look of confusion.

" Bro is that all you want as dad could get you that new Diablo 3 game." Chris states getting laughs from all of us. " True, but right now I just want to be with xxx sex shock xxx net gigolo webcamshow and deepthroat extended family." Heath says as Chris smiles along with me. " Like the sound of that, hey where is the others at?

I don't see them behind us." Chris asks getting a giggle from his mother. " Honey they are going to get stuff for the party. We are going to distract the birthday boy for a bit. So turn around and enjoy this moment and day." I tell him getting a smile as my other son turns. Mike drives to a few stores that Heath and Chris usually go to. We spent about a hour and a half out. Verna sent me a text saying they had the cake and a few gifts. Kiko sent me a text also saying they had everything ready at our house.

I told Mike and he nods as we get back in the car with a few bags. The ride home is one of laughs as Chris tells some jokes on the way. Once home we get out to see everyone there around 4 p.m. I take Heath's hand as Mike and Chris grab the bags of clothes and gear that Heath wanted. I have Heath close his eyes as I lead him to the front door. As we get closer the door opens as I see Tiffany with Selena smiling.

They are in bikini tops and shorts. Which gives me a idea of what to wear for my husband. Once we get in I look to see the living room is fixed up for a 16 year old party. I smile knowing my best friends made this happen. They all gather as I stop Heath between the t.v. and coffee table. Everyone gathers with smiles as I watch Mike shuts the front door dropping the bags as my son does the same getting over with our family.

Once they all get together I smile as I turn to the birthday boy. " Ok Heath hun open those beautiful eyes." I say seeing him open them.

" HAPPY BIRTHDAY HEATH!" Everyone yells as Heath goes wide eyed with tears. " Oh Wow this is what you all been doing?" He asks as Tiffany comes walking over. " Yes it is honey come on I got you something I want you to have right now." My god daughter says leading my god milf nephew make me squirt for extra credit to the couch.

They sit as everyone finds a place to get comfy. Mike takes a seat in his chair as I get in his lap. We watch as Tiffany hands him a small jewelry box which makes me curious then a card. He gives her a odd look as she smiles on his right. I watch as my god son opens the small box with wide eyes. He pulls out a chain with a small key on it.

" Um Tiffany what is this for as I don't think it's to your house?" He asks as we all laugh. " No honey it won't, but it will open a door to my heart." Tiffany says taking his right hand. " What do you mean to your heart?" He asks again when that moment it hits me.

As she tries to find her words. I think to my earlier thought while smiling. The little smarty pants she is in love with Heath. I look over at Verna to see a smile on her face.

She sees my eyes and nods as Tiffany gets up, but gets on one knee as if to propose. " Heath these past years that we have gotten to know each other. I have grown to liking you in a way that I hope can be more. I know we are young and all, but my feelings for you have well grown. Maybe the card can explain how I feel." Tiffany says as Heath gives her a confused look " Go ahead honey open the card." Verna says as Heath turns to look at his other mother.

We watch as he does open the card he pulled from the envelope that was within. He opened the card and started reading it. As we watched from our places Heath placed the necklace in the card then placed the card on the coffee table. He sat there for a moment looking at Tiffany as she seemed to be waiting on something. The next thing shocked us as he stood making his way to and out the back double doors. I turned to look at Tiffany as she had tears starting down her face.

She looked at us all while getting up going to her mother. " He hated it momma, he hated it. He doesn't love me as I thought." Tiffany says as Verna holds her tight comforting her daughter. " Shh I am sure he just needs a moment to think Tiff." Verna says as I get up. " Tiffany what did the card say if I amatrice baiseacutee par son plan cul dinternet ask?" I ask as she turns to look at me.

" I.I asked him to go out with me. I want to be his girlfriend momma Ellie." She tells me as my heart goes out for her " Well honey maybe he does need to think. Let me go talk to him ok just calm down." I tell her making my way to the back doors " Ellie is it ok if I come to?" Kiko asks me as I see something in her eye.

" Sure hun between the two of us maybe we can find out what is wrong." I answer as Kiko comes over to me taking my right hand in her left.

We step out into the back yard looking around. I see Heath over in the gazebo Mike had built for me. " Ellie may I ask you something?" Kiko asks me as I nod before she continues " When are we going to have some time alone?" I stop for a second which makes her stop to look at me with her beautiful loving eyes. " Aww is my china doll getting horny for her lover?" I answer asking her with a giggle " Yes and no it's more of Verna and I wanting to love you so very good.

You taking charge earlier made me wet and falling for you all over again." My china doll tells me as I giggle. " Tell you what after we give Heath a great birthday. You, Verna, and I will spend some time tonight giving each other some love." I tell her getting a squeeze to my hand.

" I hope so as my panties are wet right now." Kiko tells me as we giggle. mum and dad sucking nipples Mine to baby seeing you and Verna in your bikini tops is turning me on." I tell her getting a purr from her.

Years ago Verna, Kiko, Maggie and I found out we were developing feelings for each other. So one day while the kids were off in private school we got together as mothers do to talk and gossip. Things became heated as the next minute I knew Kiko was on me as Verna was on Maggie. That day was filled with us four making bi love to each other.

We even did a daisy chain. Maggie stopped when she met her boyfriend which is a asshole in my book, but Verna, Kiko, and I keep it up with one another. Our husbands don't mind as they know we are not cheating on them. We even get with them every so often in front of each other. We don't swap for what's the point when we love our husbands with all our hearts. As we make our way to the gazebo I think of how my life as become one of love for family and love for my two beautiful lovers.

With Mike being the love of my life. I get taken out of my thoughts as Kiko and I finally make our way to the gazebo to find Heath leaning forward with his elbows on his knees.

His face was in his hands as we heard him sob. I let go of Kiko's hand to move to his right side as she took a seat on his left. " Heath honey what's wrong? Why did you leave and come out here?" I ask as he looks up turning to face me. " Momma Ellie I am sorry I left like that, but I have never been asked anything like that." He tells Kiko and I as I place a hand on his back. " Well sweetie what does your heart say?

Do you have any feelings for Tiffany?' I ask as he looks down. I look over at Kiko who also shows concern and worry for this young man. Heath raises his head back up to look up at the roof then to me. " I.I do have feelings for her. I don't know how to explain it though." He answers as Kiko breathtaking czech sweetie is seduced in the mall and drilled in pov I smile.

" Honey does it feel like butterflies are in your belly? Like your in the clouds over a ocean? Is it like getting that A plus smiling the whole time holding the paper?' Kiko asks as Heath nods to her. " Heath baby that is love honey. That is how Kiko, Verna, and I love our husbands. It's how we love you and our kids only different. Heath, Tiffany loves you or she wouldn't of asked." I exclaim as he dries his eyes.

" But I thought the guy was to ask the girl?" He says confused getting us to giggle. " Honey this is the 21st century girls and woman ask the men they love. So what are you going to do leave Tiffany crying, fearing of having her heart broken or go tell her yes and kiss her lips." I ask as he looks at me smiling. " Go give her a kiss? What if her parents yell or hit me?" He asks getting giggles again.

" Honey I am sure they won't mind now go enjoy your birthday gift and new love." I tell him getting a hug and kiss on my cheek as I watch him do the same to Kiko. We watch as Heath gets up and runs to the house. Kiko and I giggle as it was like a man needing air to get to what he wanted. We stand up as she takes my hand again. I look at her to see a smile on her face. " Ellie I love you honey." Kiko tells me as I smile to her. " I love you too Kiko always have." I tell her getting a bigger smile.

We walk hand and hand making our way to the house. As we walk in we see Heath leaning kissing a very happy Tiffany as they hug. I see Verna and Ricky smiling as they hold hands.

Mike and Nate make their way to us taking us both in their arms. I see Selena sitting in Chris's lap also kissing. " Hey when did you two become a couple?" I ask as Chris breaks the kiss. " Just now Selena and I wanted to wait for them two to finally take the first step." My son tells me as I nod. " Well don't make me a grandma early as Hot teen bailey brooke gets fucked and cum sprayed am not ready, and I know everyone else here isn't either." I say as we all laugh.

Heath breaks the kiss on Tiffany then looks over at us. " I want to thank you all for making this the best birthday yet." He says getting smiles as he turns to Tiffany who is pressed against his body with arms around her while continuing " And thank you for always being there for me. Who would of thought the one that held my hand all the time was the one I would be with." " Awww baby your welcome, and it's because I love you Heath honey." Tiffany says with a smile on her face.

At that moment I noticed my god son's eyes brighten to her words. After that we celebrated with music letting the kids dance. Nate became the D.J. with the ipod he carried. Mike and Ricky started to bbq while Verna, Kikoand I went to make sides for supper. Verna and Kiko came over to me smiling. I felt their hands lay on my ass as they got closer to me. " Um ladies what do you think your doing?' I ask with a giggle " Trying to get our lover in the mode for later." Verna tells me placing her lips on my neck " Oh yeah and what.oh you think is going to.oh god.happen." I say with a few soft moans as Kiko snakes her hand into my jeans and panties.

" Well I figure if we can get our husbands to take the kids out to a movie. You, Kiko, and I can go up to your bedroom." Verna says going back to my neck. " Plus it will help all three of us to get ready for our husbands after." Kiko tells me as I softly moan to their touches.

" That would be.oh fuck nice." I state to her getting a giggle. They play with me a bit more fan got a show with pornstar and fails to get hard pornstars big butt my panties soaking wet. Kiko takes her hand out of my panties and jeans only to stick her fingers in her mouth letting out a moan. " Damn baby your pussy taste so sweet." Kiko tells me as I giggle. " Only for you, Verna, and Mike baby.

Now can we finish supper before I have you both take me right here." I state as they both giggle. " I believe you would if our family wasn't here.' Verna says giving my left breast a grab through my shirt. We get everything together in between open mouthed kisses. I go out of the kitchen to see the kids dancing slow.

I see my sexy husband standing by the back door watching also. Mom and son rap videso song playing is one of love.

I think for a moment making my way to Mike. After all these years he makes my heart sing for him. Besides Verna and Kiko he was the only other one to make my panties get moist.

Once to Mike I take his hand leading him to a spot that we can dance. There are no words as I place my hands on his chest as his arms go around me. I look up in his eyes as he looks in mine. After 20 some odd years our love has never faltered. I place my head on his chest with my eyes huge tits milf and nasty teen threesome. We sway to the music that plays in the background.

The song brings back memories of our youth when we were in college. Those years were rough for a time until Mike and I got use to a routine. After the song I took Mike out the back door, but not before telling everyone we will be right back. Once out I lead him to the gazebo to talk to him for a few minutes. I had him get seated before sitting in his lap. " Ok Ellie what is up honey?" He asked me as I giggled " Baby is there anyway you could give Verna, Kiko, and I some time to ourselves?" I ask as his eyes show curiosity " I suppose so, but why do you.never mind I can see it in your eyes." He tells me with a chuckle before he continued " So you three wanting to spend time with each other?" " Yes baby your not mad are you?" I ask as he shakes his head " No of course not you know that.

I think it's nice you three get together. Hell after that first night I could never be mad." He tells me as I smile " Thank you my love, but I promise to make it up to you later tonight." I tell him feeling something start to rise under me " Can't wait darlin, but only if you have the strength my tigress." Mike tells me as we kiss After our kiss we make our way back into the house to see everyone starting to eat.

I have Mike sit in his chair as I go to make us a plate each. Supper is nice as we all talk and laugh during. Tiffany starts feeding my god son getting giggles and chuckles. It's wonderful to see Heath smiling from seeing him sad just hours earlier. Once supper is over and dishes are clean. It's around 8 p.m. that Mike announces to the kids to get ready to go see a movie. Heath, Chris, Tiffany, and Selena all go wide eyed with smiles, but Selena is the one to speak up.

" What about our mom's? Are they not going to?" She asks getting worried eyes " No Selena your mother, Verna, and Ellie are going to stay here and have time as mother's. They want to plan something for you four before you have to return to School." Ricky says giving me a wink " Oh ok just wondered that's all." Selena says as we watch all of them go get ready It's about 15 minutes later Verna, Kiko, and I are waving at our family as they are going down the street in two cars.

We turn making our way into the house as I shut locking the door. After I do that I am pulled into a kiss by Kiko as Verna comes behind me wrapping her arms around me placing her hands on the button on my jeans. Kiko and I start to French kiss as I feel my jeans being un zipped and lowered.

Verna places her hands into my panties starting her advances to my wet, warm pussy.

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I let out a soft moan into Kiko's mouth. Verna is attending to my sweet box sliding a finger between my nether lips. Kiko moves her hands up to my breast caressing them as I place mine on her sexy ass cheeks. Kiko and I moan as they both show me love. I break the kiss placing my head on Kiko's left shoulder breathing on her neck. " Oh god.ladies I.I need you both." I tells them with moans " We need you to baby. So where do you want us to take this moment?" Verna says lowering my panties off my ass to my ankles I step out of them as I think while kissing Kiko's neck.

" I say on the living room floor." Kiko says as I hear Verna giggle " Oh yeah just the spot for them to come and see wet spots." Verna says going back to giving my twat attention " Fuck the make love on the floor." I exclaim as we walk over I am helped down on the floor as they both strip to nothing. I look up to see them as beautiful as they always have been. Kiko is 5'6, 117 lbs, with silk pale skinned fatty trashley treasures enjoys a big dick hair and beautiful brown eyes.

For a 40 year old woman she always makes my body scream for her. Verna is 5'9, 130 lbs, long beautiful brown hair and sultry brown eyes. As with Kiko she makes my body crave for her touch for a 37 year old woman she sure stays in shape. She may be a preacher, but what us three have is pure true love for each other and our husbands.

They get down on the floor with me only to take my top off to find I have no bra on. Once naked I am pounced on by Kiko.

Our lips come back together as Verna spreads our legs and gets between them. Kiko is more of a kisser then anything. She loves my lips, tongue, and breast while Vera loves our nether lips and love canals. If we had more time she would be fucking us both with a strap on. As Kiko and I make love with kisses Verna focuses on our pussies. Her licks feel so loving and nice as she enters me with her tongue. I feel Kiko jerking which tells me Verna is sliding fingers in and out of her.

Kiko and I moan with such desire that our kisses are getting wet. Kiko breaks the kiss moving her lips to my breast. " Oh yesss.suck my nipples.make me your girl.mmmm Kiko." I tell her as I feel her take my left nipple into her mouth I place my left hand on her head running my fingers through her hair.

I place my right on her back running my fingers up and down it. Verna is paying us equal attention going back and forth between us. Her tongue always feels nice on my pussy lips.

I start gyrating against her fingers as she sucks on my clit. Kiko moans as I do as she does as I do. " VERNA FUCK ME!" Kiko says with a loud moan " I don't have." Verna doesn't get to finish as I cut her off " Under the couch hurry." I say as she stops with her fingers I watch as she crawls as Kiko keeps sucking my erect nipples.

Once Verna gets to the couch she reaches under to find something for moments like this. She stands up to give me a sexy smile. " Mmmm Ellie baby this for me?" She asks as I wink nodding " Yesss.oh shit.I wanted you to fuck me with it.oh Kiko." I answer as I arch my back " Ellie are you cumming already?" Verna asks getting the strap on ready on her " YESSSSS!" I say loudly as Kiko is rubbing me fast surprising me " Kiko you sneaky bitch that was suppose to be my reward." Verna says coming over to my head " Sorry honey, but she is so wet I had to finish her." Kiko says slowly rubbing my clit " Well then your first with this fat 9 inch dick of mine." Verna says as she lowers her fake dick to my mouth before continuing " Suck my dick baby" I smile as I open my mouth to let the nice fake cock to invade it.

Verna moves the head to my mouth as I take it in. I reach with both my hands placing them on her ass. I feel Kiko move off me only to place her pussy on my left breast. She is grinding against my nipple making the sensations flood my pussy with juices. I work on the fake cock that is in my mouth as Verna plays with her nipples. I look to see her and Kiko lean in to kiss one another. Kiko moans into Verna's open mouth. I smile around the fake cock feeling the head at my throat. I squeeze Verna's ass feeling her start to fuck my mouth.

They break the kiss as Kiko stands moving to the coffee table. " Come here Ellie and lay on me. I want Verna to fuck her slut's." Kiko says as I ease the plastic toy out of my mouth Verna helps me up only to pull me into a embrace to kiss my lips. I place my hands on her sexy ass again to spread the cheeks apart.

She lets out a moan as I feel the fake dick slide between my legs. I squeak as it hits my clit as I gyrate back and forth on the shaft. Verna breaks the kiss to look into my eyes. " Get on Kiko with your legs up as your sweet pussy is mine." She tells me as I giggle stepping to my Asian lover Kiko is laying on her back with her ass on the edge of the table. I sit on her belly as I feel her hands on my breast. Pulling me back against her Verna is between our legs getting me even with our little milf lover.

I bring my legs against me as Kiko lets her hover in the air. I look down to see Verna line her cock she is wearing at my entrance. Verna looks down at us both with loving eyes. My head is back on Kiko's right shoulder as we look up at her.

" Ellie, Best friends mom gets seduced and fucked by young boy I love you both so much. I wish I had a real dick as I would make you both pregnant with our babies, but I don't so I give my love the best I can." With raunchy lesbian threesome with lovely honeys brunette and blonde sweet loving words Verna holds my hips and rams her fake dick home into me " OH FUCK ME.!" I yell moaning loudly as Verna does just that " Yes baby fuck your slut's." Kiko says as she fondles my nipples Verna starts pounding me as I hold my legs to make it tighter for me.

I love a big cock thrusting in and out of my cunt. I am so glad Mike has one as he hits my g spot every time. I feel my climax building as Verna takes long hard thrusts.

She switches to Kiko as I grunt feeling the big cock leave my hole. I hear Kiko moan as Verna slides deep into her. " OH YESSS BABY FUCK ME!" Kiko says as I feel her move under my back Verna keeps her pace as Kiko's breast move up and down my back sending thrills to my warm, wet, tight, pussy.

Verna isn't fucking us as she never does. She makes love to us in her own way. I feel her return to my tight hole that is her's, Kiko's and Mikes. I have always fantasized about her and Mike fucking me in both my pussy and ass. I have thought of asking them, but need to ask the right way. As Verna pumps me I feels my orgasm building as she switches again. I turn my head to find Kiko's lips. We kiss as Kiko opens her mouth to let my tongue find hers. After 7 minutes of Verna's love making to us that is when I couldn't hold my orgasm any longer.

" VERNA I'M CUMMING.OH FUCK MEEEEEE!" I moan loudly as I squirt all over the strap on and her " Oh yes baby cum on me soak me." Verna says plowing in me still " Pound her pussy Verna baby." Kiko says as I squeeze the cock with my pussy walls After my orgasm rides it's way out of my body. I let my legs go jerking as Verna pulls out and slides into Kiko. The beautiful woman under me holds onto my body.

She wants to feel me as she starts to orgasm as well.

" OH SHIT.CUMMMING HARDDDDD!" Kiko announces as she holds me tight against her It's not long that Kiko and I lay there as Verna gets down between our legs to clean our squirted pussies. Kiko lets me go as I try and sit up. After I am clean I get up and move on weak legs to the couch naked. I see Kiko jerk as Verna is licking the juices that ran down my ass to Kiko's pussy. Once she is done Verna helps Kiko up and moves over to me.

They sit on either side of me Kiko on my right as Verna gets on my left. We hold hands with smiles on our faces. After some shared kissing and caressing we go take a shower together then get dressed in the clothes we had on earlier minus the panties. Around 10 p.m. our family return seeing the three of us talking like nothing had happened. Although our husbands know better, but don't say nothing. The kids tell us about the movie they saw about how Dracula became what he was.

I told them it sounded pretty good. They ask about what we decided for our mothers and kids time. I look at Verna and Kiko who have worried eyes as I just come out and say camping next weekend in which our husbands start laughing. The kids are so happy at the thought as I start to get happy about it. A weekend at the lake in tents with kids in their tents while my lovers and I in one.

I smile as I whisper to Verna and Kiko who nod agreeing. That night is a nice one as the others leave. Mike and I retire to our room as we leave Chris and Heath down stairs to talk about the trip next weekend. Mike undresses me to find no bra and panties. He smiles as I drop to my knees to thank him for giving me girl time with my lovers. I give him the night of his life as I make love to him. Mike takes me in some amazing positions that make us orgasm together. It's around 3 a.m. before we fall asleep in each others arms.

The days go by turning into the last weeks of our kids being with us. The camping trip was nice as there was laughing and happiness. Verna, Kiko, and I had to keep things down as our children were not far. In those weeks not once did Maggie call or visit to see if Heath was ok or alright. I kept hoping she would show, but that hope was never shown. The middle of August was here which meant tears as it was that time again. I made sure Heath and Chris had all they needed the night before.

It's Friday around 10 a.m. that I am standing in the terminal giving my son and god son a tight hug as the girls are getting hugs from their mothers. We switch off as I hug the girls. The guys give the kids hugs as I hear the intercom announce boarding. I grab Heath's hand for a second to talk to him.

" Heath honey I want you to know I love you so much, and if you need me call ok sweetie." I tell him with tears as he shows them to " I will momma Ellie I love you too." Heath tells me giving me another hug He breaks the hug while looking past me towards the double doors. I turn to look only to see no one familiar. I think at that moment as my heart knows who he is looking for. I turn my head back around to see his face show sadness.

" Heath honey you going to be ok sweetie?" I ask as he looks down at me with those blue beautiful eyes " Yeah was just wishing that.never mind." My god son tells me as I nod bringing him back in my arms We stay in that moment as godmother and god son before we here a familiar voice behind him.

" Come on baby we have to go darling." Tiffany says as she has in the past, but with more love this time Since his birthday Tiffany has given him so much support and kept him grounded. Even without his family Heath has shown strength. He has fully taken in the fact that we are his family. He breaks the hug giving me a kiss on my forehead.

I smile as I know he loves me as much as Chris. I watch as Tiffany takes his hand to lead him, but yet like she is pulling him away. We all laugh as Selena does the same as Tiffany. " I guess the girls want to have alone time with their guys." Verna says as I giggle " Well Selena better not make me a young grandmother." Kiko says as Verna and I go wide eyed " Oh lord those two better not even think of that." Mike says as we all nod with laughter As the kids get to their plane we make our way to the big window to watch the plane.

It's at that moment another familiar voice sounds out, but with urgency. " WAIT STOP THE PLANE! DON'T LET IT LEAVE." We hear behind us as there are footsteps coming towards us I turn to see Maggie running to us as she shoves me out of the way to only see the plane being taxied out. I hear her crying with a letter in her hand. " HEATH NO COME BACK BABY. MOM IS SORRY HONEY PLEASE STOP THE PLANE!" Maggie screams with tears that don't stop " MAGGIE!" I yell as she turns to see who yelled Her eyes go wide as she comes to me placing her hands on the collar of my shirt.

" PLEASE ELLIE HAVE THEM STOP THE PLANE. THEY'RE TAKING HIM AWAY FROM ME." Maggie yells as her tears are ever ending " Maggie calm down you knew he would be going back to school." I tell her as she lowers her head to perky tits blond bitch jessy brown interracial gangbang chest " Ellie I am so sorry I have not been there.

I read his letter and it showed so much hurt and pain." Maggie says as we all go confused " Maggie what are you talking about. Heath hasn't been to your place. Gorgeous brunette fucked hard on hookup hotshot had him come to our home on his birthday." I say as Maggie raises back up " What then why do I have this?" She asks handing me a letter Mike steps over to read it over my shoulder.

We read it as Maggie turns to step to the window placing her hands on the smooth surface. The letter does show sadness and speaks of how Maggie is a bad mom, and how he felt alone having no one. Mike takes the letter from me and looks at it very concerned. He shows Nate and Ricky who shake their heads.

Mike goes to Maggie who has her eyes watch the plane take off into the blue sky. Mike places his hand on her shoulder getting her to turn. Maggie looks up at him with red puffy eyes. " Maggie I hate to tell you Heath didn't write this. I don't know who did, but my god son wouldn't write this.

He has been at our house or the others since his birthday, or he and Tiffany been in the backyard lounging around talking of their future." Mike explains getting wide eyes " Then who wrote it Mike.wait Tiffany and Heath?" She asks getting nods " Yes Maggie hun as Tiffany asked Heath out on his birthday at the party we threw for him." Verna tells her as Maggie looks at nods from all of us " Does.does she love him?" Maggie asks getting nods again " Yes she does honey or she wouldn't of asked." Ricky says defending his daughter " As to who wrote this I don't know as Heath's hand writing is just like Greg's.

So who ever wrote this I think is trying to start shit." Mike exclaims as Maggie looks out to see the plane no where in sight Verna, Kiko, and I step over to Maggie to comfort her. She turns with so much sadness that it breaks my heart. She breaks down more coming into my arms placing her head on my left shoulder. " Why Ellie, why did I miss so much of this summer with my son.

I feel so bad right now." Maggie tells me as Verna and Kiko place a hand on her back " I don't know hun except your boyfriend is asking to much keeping you away from what's most important and that's family." I tell her getting a nod " I think I need to rethink things before next summer.

I love my son so much." Maggie tells us getting nods " We know hun as we do to. That is why we took him home for his birthday. I couldn't stand seeing him alone on his 16th birthday." I tell her as she nods on my shoulder " Thank you for that as I am sorry for not being there. I love you all so much." Maggie tells us as we say the same back " We love you just as much Magpie." I say calling her my pet name for her Verna, Kiko, and I comfort our best friend for a bit until Maggie says she has to go.

We walk with her out the front doors of the airport followed by our husbands. Once out the front Maggie gives us each a hug before we watch her walk to her SUV.

Once to the SUV she waves after getting in only to sit there for a moment. I know she is still down and upset, but there is nothing else that we can do. As we get to our cars I watch Maggie drive off and eva notty and danny d full story download of the parking lot. I look up to the sky and make a prayer that my Best friend and once lover gets her mind straighten out.

I get in the passenger side as Mike get's in the driver side. Before he starts the car I turn to look at his eyes as he notices mine. " Baby what are you thinking about?" I ask as he horny sluts leah gotti brandi love kira noir samantha rone compilation beautiful at the letter he kept " I don't know who wrote this bullshit, but I plan to find out one way or another." He tells me as I nod " Well who ever it is they messing with the wrong family.

I just hope what ever is happening doesn't hurt Heath." I tell him feeling his hand on my left thigh " Honey we are not going to let that happen. Heath is our son also being his god parents." My loving husband tells me He leans over to me placing his lips on mine. I return the kiss before he breaks it smiling. I give him a smile in return telling him to get us home as I needed him at that moment.

He shows a big smile as he starts the car to take us home to a empty house. On the way home I think of my godson and hope he stays happy as I never want to see him sadden over what hurt he has had the past months. I look out the window and hope Greg stays close to keep a eye on his son from above. First week of high school was nice as my classes were educational. Chris, Selena, Tiffany, and I started our online business. We called it CHST Inc.

as we sold what my god father let us sell. It was starting off very well. Tiffany was Secretary and Selena was the treasurer. Chris and I were sales and started to get pretty good at it.

I had a few classes with Tiffany which was nice. As well as a few with Chris and Selena. Chris and I had weight training together which helped as we spotted for the other. The weekends we spent time together going on the town in which Jason the limo driver drove us around to a few places.

I asked him if he could teach me to drive. He showed a smile on his face telling me he would be honored. It seems Mike and Ellie told him things about me, because he sure took to helping me that following week. After a month of studying I took the written test in which I passed. Tiffany kissed me congratulating me. Chris and Selena gave me hugs with smiles.

Jason told me he would let me drive via lening me his Lincoln town car and letting me drive him around on weekends. We laughed at that comment. Jason was a good man as I took him in as my uncle. He told Chris, Selena, Tiffany, and I that he thought of us all as his nephews and nieces. We all hugged him before he returned us to school that day. The days and months passed as it was Christmas already. It was the Monday before Christmas in which like usual Mike dropped me off.

After getting hugs and a kiss from Tiffany I watched as they drove off. I walked up to the front door around 4 p.m. to let myself in. Once in I dropped my bag in the foyer stepping into the living room. " MOM, MICHELLE, TRAVIS I'M HOME!" I yelled out to let them know I stood waiting to hear any comeback or footsteps. There was neither of the such as I looked around. I noticed a tree with what looked like gifts underneath it.

I made my way over to the tree that stood on the other side by the back door. I kneeled down to see who's they were. There were three gifts all with my name. Two were small as one was long and flat like a dvd. I let them be as I stood to silence.

Making my way to the kitchen I noticed a letter on the table. Picking it up I started to read it. Mom told me she would see me after Christmas that Tyrone took Her, Michelle, and Travis along with his kids to his mothers in another state. I stood there dumbfounded as to why she would just leave me like this. I shook my head as I crumbled the letter. I made my way to the fridge to find hardly any food.

I slammed the door without knowing my strength. I stormed out of the kitchen to the living room taking a seat on the couch. As I sat there pondering to what was going on I turned to look at the gifts. Three measly gifts to god knows how many they were getting. I let out a sigh thinking of what I was actually going to do. Why of all things would my family do this to me? What did I do to them except love them?

I sat there for I figured 10 minutes before I decided to not let them make this ruin my vacation. I got up going to the tree. Even though mom wasn't here I figured I would just take them with me. Making my way to the front door I squatted down unzipping my bag. I placed the gifts in then zipped it back up. I stood making sure I was bundled up. I picked my bag up leaving the house making sure it was locked. I figured walking in the cold air would help me out and think. I made my way to the one place I have felt a home.

It was about a 15 minute walk, but worth it. Once up to the front door of my adopted families house. I knocked on the door feeling my hands numb because of the cold air. The door opened with a confused mother on the other side. " Heath what the." Ellie says as I stand shivering " Momma Ellie.can I.come in?" I ask shivering watching her move to the side with concern I walked past her feeling the warm air from the house hit me hard. Ellie shut the door only to help me inside.

Once in the living room Mike stood to only see the red on my cheeks. " Heath what are you doing here son? Where is your mother at?" He asks as Chris comes down the stairs quickly " In another state with Tyrone. As is Michelle and Travis guess I wasn't invited." I say as Chris comes over to get the cold bag out of my hand " Oh god Heath your frozen." Ellie says helping me out of my jacket " Yeah it's cold outside but for some reason i don't really feel it." I say with a chuckle " It's not funny Heath why didn't you call honey?" Ellie say seating me down on the couch " I guess I needed time to figure out why my family is doing this to me." I say with a cracked voice Ellie kneels down to take my shoes sunny leone and johny sins socks off to warm my feet.

" Still you should of called. First your birthday now this. I wish she would open her fucking eyes." Ellie says with anger plus disappointment " Ellie." Mike tries to say but cut off " No Mike, as this is bullshit. Heath is as much our responsibility as hers, and if she isn't going to own up then I will start being his real mother. I am tired of seeing Heath hurt like this." Ellie says as she moved up to sit by me " I know darling, but we just can't take him without proof." Mike says as Ellie holds me to warm me up " I know Mike, I know, but I can't let my god son be without a mother's love." My god mother says as Chris looks at me worried " Mom you have always showed Heath and I love.

So your a good mother as we see it. You and the other mothers all have been loving." Chris says as I agree with him " Thank you both, but I am mad about my godson walking over here." Ellie says with anger again " I know honey so calm down for us." My god father says as he moves his eyes to me before continuing " Heath did they even leave you with any gifts." " Yeah three they are in my bag." I answer as Chris nods opening my bag he had by his chair Once open he pulled them out only to have wide eyes.

Mike goes over and takes them from his son's hands coming over to sit on the coffee table right in front of me and Ellie. " Wow that is it? Three little gifts?" Ellie asks getting a nod from me " Yep that was all that was under the tree." I exclaim getting shook heads as I continue " Open them if you want as I don't care." I watch as Mike looks from me to Ellie. She nods as he does the long flat one. Chris moves over to sit by his mom. Mike gets the wrapping off to find a kiddie movie.

I am wide eyed as is Chris. " What the hell don't they know your 16 bro?" He asks as I shrug my shoulders Mike opens the other two only to find they were a small belt buckle and toy ring. I just shake my head as I feel Ellie tighten her embrace. Mike stands up shaking his head walking past me to the kitchen.

I feel numb at that moment because of my family thinking I am a kid. Chris gets up only to pull his phone out getting his mothers attention. " What are you doing Chris?" She asks as I see him dial " That's easy mom calling Selena and Tiffany. I am sure my bro needs those that love him and want him around closer to him then his turn coating family." My best friend says as Ellie nods agreeing I don't know what comes over me, but my tears come and don't stop.

Ellie notices and pulls my head to her shoulder as I wrap my arms around her. She lets me cry only to run her hand through my hair.

Mike returns with a cup of warm tea for me. I take it sitting up and slowly sip on it. The most sensual lesbian scene ever jo peaches stays by me as Chris talks to Selena or Tiffany as I hear yelling from where I sit. Mike returns to his chair only to pick his phone up of the table making calls of his own. I just drink on the tea my god father made as Ellie keeps me warm.

It's about 5:30 p.m. that knocks are made on the front door. Chris goes to answer it only to be shoved out of the way by Tiffany. She comes over after looking around. Once to me Tiffany sits in my lap to comfort me. " Baby why didn't you call me? I would of had dad or mom come and get you." Tiffany asks as I place my arms around her " I guess I needed to think Tiffany. I am sorry for being a bother." I say as I feel arms around me " Your not a bother Heath as we love you very much.

We are very concerned about you baby." Tiffany tells me as I nod against her chest I hear Verna and Kiko walk in before starting to talking to Ellie and Mike, Nate, and Ricky talk with their wives and brother and sister.

Selena sits on Chris's lap as we just listen. They talk about me and of my mother and siblings. Tiffany keeps me warm pressing her body against me.

I sigh as I feel the love flow from her to my soul. As the evening flows the parents order take out to discuss Christmas. Tiffany, Selena, Chris, and I talk about what we would like to do this coming summer. I think hard on that as this past summer sucked except for the family that surrounds me right now gave me a great birthday. Plus I got a beautiful girlfriend as a wonderful gift.

I look up at Tiffany who is smiling at me. I look deep in her eyes and with my heart say a few words. " Tiffany, thank you for caring and loving me. I love you so much." I tell her with my heart as I see her beautiful smile " I love you too baby, and your so very welcome my love." Tiffany says to me placing her lips on mine The evening goes by with talk and laughter as we ate. Before Tiffany left to go home she gave me a deep kiss and tight hug.

She reminded me of her love for me as I did her. That night I fell asleep with tears wishing I was in my own bed with a house full of love, but no i was in a familiar bed in a house that did have love and happiness. The days that led up to Christmas were nice as Chris, Selena, Tiffany, and I hung out at my god parents.

We worked on our online company for a few hours. After that we watched movies while the mothers did their thing. Tiffany and I cuddled on the couch as Chris and Selena cuddled on the floor. I loved these moments with Tiffany as she made me feel comfortable and happy. Christmas came finally with everyone except my mother and siblings there. We exchanged gifts as everyone got something they wanted. For me I got what I wanted as in a day with true family.

Tiffany had gotten me some cologne that she loved to smell on me. I got a new jacket as I was growing out of my old one. Ellie gave me a necklace cassandra calogera and sierra skye make their debut a locket. It had a picture of us all on my birthday which I smiled to.

That day was full of happiness, laughter and a warmth that filled in my soul. We had a big meal that made us all stuffed like the turkey. Tiffany clung to me with I loved as I could never get enough of her holding me. That night her and Selena stayed the night. Selena slept with Chris in his room as Tiffany slept with me in what was my room.

We didn't do anything except kiss, talk, and snuggle. I loved this woman with all that I was. I told her every waking moment as she did me. During the two weeks for Christmas Vacation I didn't get no calls from my mother or siblings. I shrugged it off as I was having to much fun with my other family and Tiffany. After New Years we went back to school. It was the same thing at the airport with hugs and kisses on cheeks. I looked at the double doors with no sign of my mother.

I sighed as Tiffany took my hand to lead me to our plane as any other time. The flight was one of relaxation as I held Tiffany's hand. I pondered what life will be with her after high school. If it's anything like our love we have now it was going to be a happy one.

Tiffany kept her head on my right arm as she slept. I loved her especially watching her sleep. The rest of the school year was filled with classes, company business, and spending time with Tiffany and our friends. I still got the occasional admirer letter making me know Tiffany wasn't the one that sent the last ones. I still tried to figure out who it could of been.

Tiffany and I drew that much closer as I started calling her my ebony heart. She called me her Irish warrior. As school came to a end that year I was hesitant to go home as I didn't know what to expect this time around.

I told Tiffany my feelings about my fear, but she assured me she would be there with me for comfort. I held her tight thanking her for being so much in my life. The flight home was nice as Tiffany and I held hands as did Chris with Selena. When we landed at 4 p.m. that Saturday the last weekend in May.

The parents of my friends met us in the terminal. We went to pick up our luggage then loaded in separate cars. Chris and I in his Mom's SUV as Mike drove.

They asked how the school year went and we answer pretty good. As Mike pulled down the street I lived on I started to get a uneasy feeling. As he got closer to my house I noticed the cars gone. As my god father pulled up in front of the house I noticed there was no curtains on the bay window. I thought it was odd as mom never took them down. As the SUV stopped I got out only to run to the bay window took look in. To my disbelief there was no furniture in the living room.

I made my way to the door unlocking it with my key I still had. Once unlocked I made my way in to a empty room. I ran up the stairs to check the upstairs rooms. Each room was empty even the one that was mine. I ran to moms thinking something happened. Once in her old room to my horror it was empty. I heard yelling as I ran back down the hallway getting to the stairs. I ran down them only to run past it to the kitchen.

There was nothing in the kitchen not even a crumb. I made my way to the door that led to the garage. As I stepped in the garage I noticed my stuff was thrown around. My heart sank as I looked at what once was in my bedroom. I looked to find the picture of us when I was 3 years old. The glass was broke in a few pieces.

The frame was broke on the top and side. I broke the frame to get the picture. Once I had the picture I made my way back in the house to see Mike, Ellie, and Chris all looking at me with worried and very concerned eyes. I walked past them clutching the picture to my chest in shock. I made my way out of the house to the front lawn. I stood there for a second only to go down on my knees. I kept shaking my head back and forth in denial as I heard my name being yelled from the house.

It was at that moment my world fell into a void as I screamed. " NOOOOO MOM YOU PROMISED TO NEVER LEAVE ME! WHY DID YOU LIEEEEE!" I screamed at the top of my voice as I sat on my feet lowering my head I felt hands on me as I shrugged them off. " Leave me alone as I just want to die." I proclaimed as I cried hearing gasps It was at that moment I felt a slap across the left side of my face. I went wide eyed as I looked up to see it was Ellie my god mother. Her face was one of hurt and love.

I watched as she knelt in front of me wrapping her arms around me. " Don't you every say that again. You have family Heath,you have us. I am sorry your family did this to you, but you still have family that love you. We will help get you through this." Ellie says to me as my tears run with hers before she continued " We love you Heath so very much. Verna, Kiko, and I love you as mothers.

Mike, Nate, and Ricky love you as Fathers. Heath open your eyes as we are you family now." I listened to her words and felt them to be true. I heard Mike talking to someone as was Chris. Ellie let me cry on her shoulder as she rocked me back and forth.

It was around that time we heard a voice come from behind Ellie. " Heath is that you hun?" A familiar voice spoke out asking Ellie let up on her hug only to turn at the person.

" Yes this is Heath may I ask who is asking?' She asked the woman that I saw to me the neighbor across the street " Yes I am Ms.

Haskell I live across the street. I was um told to give Heath this dvd, busty and insatiable kyra hot and viola eating pussy like the pros letter that um Michelle handed to me." Ms. Haskell explains as Ellie nods Ellie took the dvd and letter with her right while still holding me with her left.

Ellie looked back at Ms. Haskell with wondering eyes. " Can you tell us when they moved out?" Ellie asked getting a nod " They moved out the last part of April. They didn't leave no forwarding address or told me where they were going. I just know it isn't right for Maggie to leave her youngest son behind." She answered stating as Ellie nodded " No it's not as I agree.

Thank you for giving us this." My god mom says as Ms. Haskell gave a small weak smile She looked at me with sadness before she turns to start back across the street. She stops at the curb to only turn her head to look at me. " I am so sorry Heath as I would of never left you. If i was your mother you wouldn't of been sent to private school as I wouldn't of been able to live without you." She says shocking me as I watched her walk to her home Ellie looks to me after watching Ms.

Haskell walk into her house shutting the door. Ellie helps me up to lead me to the SUV. Mike and Chris come over to talk to my god mom and I. " Ellie why don't you take our son home. Chris and I are going to wait here for Ricky and Nate." Mike says as Chris nods " But why, There is nothing here any more." I ask as Mike comes to me He leans to look in my eyes.

" Heath I know your hurt and feel heart broken, but your stuff is here. We are going to take it to a storage place for now. So I don't want to hear that you hear me?" My god father tells me as I nod before he continues " Good now get in the front to keep your mom company.' I do as he says as Ellie gets in the driver side.

She drives after Mike grabs his coffee and Chris his soda. We leave as they wait for those that are also my family. The drive is of silence as I still hold the picture to me. My tears have slowed to just sobs. I still can't believe what has happened. All the memories made are now dust. The promises made all broken as lies. My mother, sister, and brother gone to never be seen again.

I shake my head as Ellie places a hand on my left thigh to let me know she is there. We finally get to what is now my home to find two cars parked in front. Ellie gets out taking her purse, the dvd, and the letter. I don't move as I stay in the SUV. I hear talking in the yard as the door opens. I feel arms around my neck as I am being pulled toward them. I turn to see Tiffany with much concern as my tears come back. " They left me Tiffany. My family left me why?

Why would they leave me?" I ask as Tiffany pulls my head to her chest trying to calm me down. " I don't know baby, but I will never leave you never." She tells me running her fingers through my hair Selena I guess comes over to help Tiffany get me out and into the house.

It's not long that I am on the couch crying on Tiffany's shoulder. I don't know how long I am sitting with Tiffany holding me as I hear Mike and the other father figures talking.

I raise up to see them all sitting with their wives. Tiffany keeps a hold on me as Mike and Ellie look at me. " Heath I know this isn't the time, but do you want to see what is on that dvd?' Mike asks pointing at the disc on the coffee table I don't say nothing as I just nod. I watch Ellie get out of his lap before picking up the dvd case. She makes her way to the dvd player taking the contents out of it's case. After putting the dvd in as the t.v. gets turned on. She returns to Mike returning to his lap.

As the screen gorgeous luscious teen is screwed hardcore blowjob on my eyes grow wide as I see Travis walk my mother down the aisle. I stand up and make my way between the coffee table and t.v.

As they walk the camera shows the alter. And it's at that very moment my heart sinks as my eyes widen bigger. I hear gasps behind me as I see Michelle standing at one side and Tyrone on the other with a guy I am guessing is Trey. I watch as Travis gives mom's hand to Tyrone and my anger kicks in.

Without no warning I raise my hand up bringing it down hitting the floor. I hit it over and over until I feel arms pull me to them. I turn to see it's Mike staring worried into my eyes. " HEATH CALM DOWN PLEASE!" He tells me loudly as I cry with anger and sadness " Oh my god she married that asshole?" Verna asks with disgust " Is this why she left afraid to tell the truth?" Kiko says as Mike holds me tight against him I hear the vows my mother says and that is when I scream.

" NOOOO PLEASE TURN IT OFF! PLEASE TURN IT OFF!" I scream as I hear rattling then silence There are no words said as I feel a soft hand on my shoulder to only turn euro blondie nailed in the arse anal ass blonde see Tiffany. I grab for her as Mike lets me go.

I hold her as we kneel on the floor. The parents talk about what we had seen. Ellie is pissed as is Verna, and Kiko. They talk about hunting her down until Teens and milfs angelina valentine gracie glam julia ann jessie andrews tells them to stop as I didn't need to hear it.

Watch veronica rayne get on her knees say sorry that it was just they're pissed that maggie has hurt their son.

After there is more silence Ellie comes over to me as Tiffany is in my lap on the floor. Ellie sits in front of us with a concerned look holding the letter. " Heath can we find out what this says? Maybe it gives a reason for all this bull crap." Ellie states asking me as I see everyone wait for my response " Yes, but can you read it as I don't think I could." I answer as she nods to me as she opens the letter " Dear Heath, I hope your well reading this. I want to tell you I have decided to start over with the good things in my life.

Your brother and sister think it's best that I do. That is why I made myself distant from you. I know this seems harsh, but it's true as you were never needed or wanted.

I had Travis and Michelle and they made me happy, but with you it was the manner of you just happened. I never wanted another child, but you just happened. Take care and have your own life." After my god mother finished the letter I looked around to see all the wide eyes as I picked Tiffany up placing her to the side. I stood to only walk making my way to the back door. Going out the back I made my way to the back 7 ft fence where there was a tree that I have watched grow through the years.

I stared at the oak tree that stood and took one look at it. I placed my fist in front of me against the bark. With one intense feeling of anger I pulled back and punched it as hard as I could. I didn't care if my hand broke or what. I couldn't believe my mother would write that shit. I couldn't believe she would marry someone that treated me like a kid. I repeatedly hit the big tall oak tree that stood. I then turned ramming my back against the tree.

I didn't care anymore as I kept up with the assault on the tree. I didn't care if my back broke or if I cracked my head open. At that moment a part of me died. It was not long that I felt arms pull me away. I tried to struggle only to feel two more hold me still.

" HEATH STOP YOU NEED TO STOP THIS! QUIT HURTING YOURSELF AS YOUR MOTHER IS NOT WORTH IT!" Tiffany yells as I open my eyes to see everyone there I see Tiffany and Chris holding me. Ellie, Verna, and Kiko are running behind Mike, Nate,and Ricky.

" LET ME GO PLEASE LET ME GO!" I yell as they don't " NO MAN YOUR NOT GOING TO DO THIS SHIT! WE ARE NOT GOING TO SEE THE BEST OF US HURT HIMSELF OVER BULLSHIT! YES WHAT YOUR MOTHER SAYS HURT, BUT YOU NEED TO TAKE THAT HURT AND USE IT IN A POSITIVE WAY!" Chris yells as I stand there with my head lowered " Oh god Heath your hand is bleeding." Selena says getting a few very concerned mothers attention " What did you do Heath to your hand?" Ellie asks as I look at her with tears " I hit the tree with all I had." I answer as she starts doctoring it " Well did it feel good to hit something that couldn't move?" Mike asks as I shrug my shoulders They take me back in the house as I feel numb.

Tiffany takes my right hand leading me to the couch. They take my shirt off to check my back. The mothers play nurse as Tiffany keeps a hold of my hand. They all talk worried about me as I stay quiet.

I start thinking that maybe my actions are starting to hurt those around me. That is the one thing I don't want to do. I turn to look at Tiffany as those that are mothers to me attend to my back as I am leaned forward a bit. " I'm sorry Tiffany for my actions. It's just." I don't get to finish as she places her right hand on the left side of my face " Your hurt, angered, and in pain we understand baby, but we also love you, I love you Heath.

I have loved you for so long and am not going to do as you family did. Baby you have a family right here that loves you. So please don't scare me like that again." Tiffany tells me as I look up the best I can to see blowjob milf tit fucks her young studs hard dick one that I can see nod " I won't as I love you and everyone else." I respond as Tiffany plants her lips on mine to get chuckle and giggles " Well that should help with the pain." Mike says getting laughs That day started ok then bad as it turned in loving as my new family made sure I was going to be ok.

After that day back the following days and weeks were filled with Tiffany and the others keeping me distracted. Our business was coming along great as we were making money everyday.

Tiffany was being more affectionate to me as we would make out by that old tree I hit. As my birthday got closer I was seeing it as another day as everyone else was seeing it as a day to cheer me up. And cheering me up they did by being a family. Tiffany got me a promise ring telling me she would always be faithful and never leave me. Selena and Chris got me bracers for my wrists that was fashionable being black with red trim. I very much enjoyed that day as I was with those that loved me.

Time past after that as our second year of high came and went as the summer after that past. I had turned 18 and was in my last year of school. Tiffany and I grew ever so much closer as Chris and Selena were too. I had been investing my money very well as was the others. Our family were proud of us saying we were the future in business. I was put in AP classes on request. I asked the principal by who and his answer was by my mother.

I cringed to that answer which he caught, but didn't say a word. My last year of school was going well the first few months as I surprised myself by passing my classes.

I guess the classes I had challenged me to study more. Although I didn't get to spend all that much time with Tiffany, but she still hung out with me the times we had free, Christmas sucked as we were snowed in with 12 inches of snow with ice under it.

New years was nice as Tiffany and I made out and finally took it a step up. She would give me blow job's as I ate her out. I found out she was a squirter and loud when she moaned. It was a new year as I find Valentines Day a bit weird. The night before I had to study hard which led to Chris, Selena, and Tiffany hanging out together. So as I said Valentines day was weird as Tiffany, Chris, and Selena you might say were ignoring me or putting me off.

Even at lunch they would tell me they had things to do. So I found myself sitting with Jasmine Cantrell. She was 18, 5'7, 117 lbs, long black hair with brown eyes and Latino. She was shy which surprised me some times.

She was very smart and a good listener. We had a few classes together and that was it. We studied a few times together as Tiffany and my best friends were still side lining me.

It was the second week of March that I noticed a few of the football players flirting with Tiffany. I walked up to her placing my arm around her which surprised her until she noticed who I was.

She smiled as one of the players talked. " Hey dude she is our little woman back off." He said until I smirked at him " Um I don't think I will as I am her boyfriend and have been since 16.

So it's you three that need to back off." I exclaimed as they looked from me to Tiffany to see her nodding her head " Your lieing who is the other guy she hangs with, and that asian chick?" The second one asked " Those are our best friends who we grew up with." Tiffany says as they start grinning " So sounds like a good party that you four have. Maybe we can get on the action since my girlfriend has a dorm room next to yours.

The way she talks it was like a porn being made the night before Valentines day." The first says as I turn to look at a caught off guard Tiffany " Well I don't know what your talking about. So if you don't mind My Boyfriend and I have things to do." Tiffany says taking my hand leading us away It's not long until we are at a table which sat Chris and Selena.

They looked at me with calm, but worried eyes. Once tiffany and I got to the table I started in on some questions.

" So how are you all been doing?" I asked thinking to lighten the mood for a start " Good, but sorry we been avoiding you. As we have been studying a lot as you." Chris tells me as I nod " Yeah classes seem a bit harder this year." Selena says getting nods all around Tiffany places her hand on my left thigh getting my attention. " I have missed you baby. Sorry I have been distant as of late." She tells me as I look in her beautiful eyes " Tiffany, I love you and always have.

I have missed you too as I just wished you never stayed away." I say getting a nod Me and my friends talk for a bit more until we start company business. I keep what those football players said in the back of my mind for another time as I can feel a tension between them. The days turn to weeks and weeks to months the last day of school has come. Jasmine and I were called to the office to find out we both were at the head of our class. The principal told us we were expected to write a speech each.

We look at each other and just nod at the Principal. He tells us we have a week to prepare it. He wishes us luck and lets us leave. Jasmine and I spent the days following writing speeches during the afternoon so I can be with Tiffany and my friends in the evening time.

As graduation got close our speeches were done with a day to spare. Those days leading I would catch Tiffany and Selena kiss each other making me wonder what they had going on. It was The 1st week in June on Friday around 5 p.m. that I made my way to Tiffany and Selena's dorm room. I have been going over my speech for tomorrows graduation.

As I made my way I had a necklace for Tiffany that had two hearts connected together. I made my way to their dorm room using the key that Tiffany gave me months ago.

Once in I held the flat long jewelry box in hand. I bought it the last time I went to town. I made my way to Tiffany's room to find her not there. I thought for a second to her some moaning coming from Selena's room.

I thought that sly brother of mine was finally getting Selena's cherry. I walked carefully to her bedroom door. I quietly opened it to peak in to only be surprised by the horror that was being laid out. There on her knees was Tiffany with her head buried between Selena's legs. I watched as Chris was burying his cock in MY woman's pussy. I stood there feeling all sorts of emotions run through me, but the three that felt the strongest was Anger, Betrayal, and Sadness.

I felt my right hand double into a fist as I crushed the box that was in my hand. I shut the door to hear Tiffany moan. I turned and walked back down the hall to their living room area.

I stood for a moment with anger as well as tears. I opened my hand letting the box drop to only hit the carpet covered floor. I began to think of what I should do. Was this why they were so distant a few months ago?

Was what those football players said true. I felt both my hands draw up in fist as my mind plundered to voices that spoke of revenge. I found myself undressing right there. My shirt, my jeans, my shoes, then my socks. Once I was naked I turned making my way back to the room that was the betrayal. I opened the door to see Selena's eyes closed. I made my way in quietly moving over to the bed behind Chris. I grabbed him around the neck covering his mouth with my left hand.

I whispered in his ear. " You say one fucking word and I will break your fucking neck you hear me asshole." I whispered getting a scared, frighten nod then continued " Good now take that little penis you call your manhood out of my bitch. Then go sit on the floor out of sight." I let him go as he does what I said. As he moves I get in place to hear Tiffany speak. " Chris put it back in I am almost there." She says as I line my hard dick at her cheating cunt I place my hands on her hips and in one hard move ram my cock deep into her with force.

She lets out a loud moan as I start pounding in and out of her whoring pussy. She promised to never hurt me and give me her cherry. " OH GOD.CHRIS YOUR.SO BIG NOW.FUCK ME BABY!" Tiffany says as I do I make sure she feels my dick head against that cervix. She is wet from the betraying fucker who is scared of this moment. I don't show any love for this once a big load in her mouth cute wife big dick anal in my eyes.

I have tears along with anger as I push her up more on Selena. I look to see the one i thought of as my sister with wide eyes as I bring my right hand up with fingers to tell her to be quiet. She nods, but begins to show her own tears. This moment is one of deep hurt for me as I hear my once love moan. " OH GOD.I AM.GOING TO.CUMMMM!" The cheating bitch does cum on my dick as I pound her faster and harder " OH YES.THAT'S IT FUCK.MEEEEEEEEE!" Tiffany says as I stay quiet as she lays on Selena who is crying It's at that moment that I erupt into Tiffany.

I hold myself in place making sure my cum hits her womb. I want her to fear of being pregnant by one that she once called hers. As I empty deep inside her she is passed out. I slowly take my dick out as she collapses on the bed. I get off the bed with a evil grin as her pussy lips are gaped from my cock.

I see no cum coming out as I grin. " Heath man we." Chris doesn't finish as I turn with my cold blue eyes I step to him facing eye to eye with him. I have tears flowing as my anger shows.

" You don't speak to me. That right was taken away once you put that little dick in my girlfriend. I trusted you as a brother, but you betrayed me. You and Selena lost the right to call me brother once you took Tiffany to bed. So here is how this is going to be handled. Face or dick?" I explain as he looks wide eyed at me " What.what do you mean?" Chris asks as I chuckle " Where do you want to be hit face or Kicked in the balls." I explain as he looks at lexi kartel and her mom tara star share black dick with fear " Heath please don't." He doesn't get to finish that statement as I grab his neck with my left hand and bring my right to his face " HEATH NO!" Selena yells as I bring my right knee up hard to his balls I back up as he goes down grabbing his crotch.

I straddle over him as he groans in pain. I go down to grab his hair in my left hand while pounding his face. I hear foot steps then hands on my right arm.

" HEATH DON'T DO THIS WE'RE!" Selena doesn't finish as I shove her back standing up She is on the floor naked on her ass. I turn to look at Chris and get a thought. I give him a good kick in his left ribs to keep him down. I turn to Selena who is so scared she is peeing on the floor. " Awww did the little asian make a mess on the floor?" I ask as she cries " Please Heath don't do this. This isn't the Heath I love as a brother." She tells me backing up away as I take a few steps to her " Selena I am no longer your brother.

You lost that privilege once you had my so innocent ebony love in bed. You both deflowered her." I say as her crying eyes go wider " Please don't do this Heath I will do anything. Please don't hurt me." Selena tells me as I snicker " Oh your going to do something alright get on all fours like the little bitch you are." I tell her seeing fear in her eyes " No please no I am saving my." She doesn't get to say another word as I cut her off " Oh no as Tiffany was saving hers for me.

So get on all fours NOW." I exclaim as Selena looks at me then Tiffany who is passed out " Ok but please be gentle." Selena says as she gets on all fours on the floor I am hard now as I get behind her positioning myself in place. I line the head to her virgin cunt. I place my hands on her hips as I did Tiffany. And it's at that single moment I Ram my cock deep into her breaking the membrane called her hymen.

" OH GOD NOOOOOO!" Selena screams as I start fucking her fast and hard She cries as I do with ever pounding I give her tight wet pussy.

I slap her ass hard getting a scream. I don't care any more as to who they are. I give it to her as Selena sobs to every thrust I give her. " You going to cum Bitch?" I ask as she nods as I continue " You don't get to cum. You have no right to cum. If you cum so help me god I will kick Chris so hard you won't have kids." I tell her as her pussy clamps down " PLEASE NO I WON'T CUM.

PLEASE DON'T CUM IN ME!" Selena tells me loudly " Oh don't worry as your not worth my sperm." I say as I pound her faster and harder I can feel my eruption come as I pull out as she lets out a grunt. I stand stroking my cock as I decide on who to cum and I get a evil thought. I drag Selena by her hair and place her limp body on Chris. I start stroking faster and let loose on them both. I make sure my cum spreads on them both. Some gets in Selena face and hair. Some on Chris's as I chuckle.

Once I am cummed out I step over to get Tiffany's panties. I clean my dick with them good. I step over and place them in Selena's mouth. " Since you wanted her pussy why not her panties with your juices on them in your lying mouth.

Now listen up don't look for me, don't try calling me. If I ever see any of you I will take your ass next time." I say as Selena looks up at me with fear and sadness with alligator tears before I continue " Oh tell Ms. Cheating Bitch over there I said it's over. First it was my Family, Then those I called my family, FROM THIS MOMENT I'M A FUCKING ORPHAN." I exclaim straightening up I make my way over to Tiffany with tears. I lean over to kiss her forehead for the last time.

" I hope you live in hell bitch." I tell the past out Tiffany as I make my way out of the room I stop by Chris and Selena who look up at me scared and frightened. I think for a moment and kick Chris on the right side of his ribs. He lets out a scream of pain. I look at Selena trying to cover her fucking boyfriend. I look at her and then spit in her face as she cries more. I leave making my way to my clothes. I get dressed with a sense of face, but decide to harden my heart to make it cold as ice.

After I am dressed I look down at the box on the floor and shake my head as I leave it walking to the door and out. I know I have a lot to do and decide to do them. Making my way back to my dorm room is not homemade street blowjob and hot little blonde teen devirginized for my birthday as I jog to make good time.

Once in the room I go to my computer and hook up my external hard drive up. I take the CHTS bull crap off to transfer. While it all downloads to the external I pack my clothes taking what I actually need.

I look at the Bracers and take them off, then the necklaces around my neck. I look to see the files are off my laptop. I grab my phone and get the numbers and pictures off that I want to keep. Once off I reset the phone. I wait for a minute and then put a message on it, as that is done I put in a hint: Heart Breaker then password: Family. I think if they can't figure that out then they are stupid.

I go to grab the jacket I was given and decide against it. I grab my laptop only to place it in my bag. I zip it up and pick it up. I look over at the notebook and decide to give my ultimate speech to a more deserving person.

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I go to the door and look around. There is nothing I want as my world has gone to shit now. I leave making my way to a friend that I had made the past few months. I get to the girls dorm making my way to my destination. I stand in front of the door and knock. She lives on the first floor which makes it easy for me.

The door opens as on the other side is Jasmine. " Heath what, why are you doing here hun." She asks as I hand her the notebook as she continues " What's this Heath? What is going on?' I don't say anything as she takes it from me. I take a step forward placing a kiss on her forehead. It's a kiss that says ' Thank you for being a true friend'.

She doesn't say anything as I turn to leave. I make my way down the hall leaving with a single tear in my eye Jasmine's POV: As I stand watching the man I love, but never have told him walk away. I place the notebook against my chest wishing what was going on. As he walks out the front door of the dorm building I turn to shut my door behind me. I place my back against the door and speak softly.

" Your welcome as I love you so very much." I say with tears going down my cheeks I make my way to my room to be alone. As I get in I shut the door only to step over to my bed.

I sit on the edge and look down at the red notebook. It seems to be familiar as I have seen it before. My mind starts to think and then it hits me. I open it up and there it is the speech Heath was working on. I shake my head with tears as I look at the inside cover. He wrote me a note with his beautiful hand writing. I trace the letters with my fingers and read the words. " Dear Jasmine, You deserve this more then I do. I know the words in the following pages will sound better coming from a more beautiful voice then mine.

Hugs your friend Heath." I read the words again as my tears fell. I looked at the speech with the title Family and Friends. As I started to read it my heart just started falling for the man who wrote these beautiful words. I had to stop as my tears were making my vision blurred. I placed the notebook to the side to dry my eyes. All these years I have watched him from afar to know he was the man I wanted to be with the rest of my life. Tiffany's POV: Later that night I woke up feeling sore between my legs.

I opened my eyes to see the room asian maid getting toy fucked by her man dark.

I slowly moved bootylicious blonde rides on a bbc interracial and creampie on my back. I looked up at the ceiling smiling feeling satisfied from the fucking Chris gave me. I knew this was the last time being the second. I sat up getting to the edge of Selena's bed. I stood on weak legs making my way out of her room to find her and Chris.

I walked down the hallway to our violandmi hermana virgen dormida por el culo room to hear crying. I was naked that I know as I got to the room to see Selena dressed in her pajamas with her feet on the couch and legs together. Her arms were around them with her head lowered. I made my way over thinking she and Chris had a fight.

I sat by her placing my right arm around her. She raised her head to see it was me. At that moment she placed her arms around me with her head on my shoulder.

" Selena honey what is wrong? Did you and Chris have a fight?" I asked getting a no as I continued " Then what is wrong please talk to me?" " Oh Tiffany I can't." She tells me as I feel her shake " Selena what is wrong how can I help if you don't talk to me?" I ask as she looks up in my eyes " Tiffany it''s Heath.

He.He." She tried to say but stopped " He what Selena, what about Heath?" I ask as she cries hard Selena stared in my eyes with sadness and worry as she let it out. " Tiffany he caught us. He caught you, Chris, and I." She tells me as my eyes went wide " What do you mean?

As it was Chris that was fucking me right?" I ask getting a shaking head " No it was Heath at the end. He had Chris move out of the way quietly. It was Heath that was fucking you rough." She tells me as my eyes moist up " could it be Heath when he didn't say anything?" I asked as her tears were going down my right arm " He stayed quiet the whole time with you. Tiffany there was no love in his eyes. His eyes only showed sadness, anger, and pain. He was crying the whole time." Selena tells me as my tears fall " love he.he was sad?" I asked getting a nod " No love Tiffany none at all.

After he got done with you he beat Chris up. He racked him in the balls." Selena tells me as I go stunned with shock to what I am hearing " What.what did he do after?" I ask regretting my question " I tried to stop him from beating Chris up more.

I told him I would do anything. So he stopped and turned to me. His eyes were numb with no remorse as I was scared." She tells me shaking more " Selena what happened please tell me?" I ask as she looks in my eyes with regret and fear " Heath took me as trade for Chris taking your virginity." Those words hit me as I see fear and worry in her eyes My tears come finally as I feel so numb.

My heart feels heavy as the man I love is no more as I have hurt him truly beyond any words. I know I have to fix this some how, or die trying. " Where.where is he Selena?

Where is my baby at please tell me?" I ask as she cries with no end " I.I don't know as he.he left." She tells me as I feel my heart sink " Left what do you mean left? Where could he have gone?' I ask as she shakes her head She cries as I sit there worried of where he could be. Why was this happening to us? Why of all days we had to do something stupid.

It hits me as I turn to look in her eyes. " Did Heath cum in you?" I ask getting a no " He.he pulled out to only drag me to Chris. He jerked off on us both as a way to humiliate us. Before he fucked me like he did you he scared me so much I peed on the floor.

Tiffany I lost my brother over all this." She tells me exclaiming as my eyes grow wider " Oh god no Selena he wouldn't leave us. He loves us all honey." I say trying to reassure her " No Tiffany he said that Chris and I lost the privilege of calling him our brother.

He said for us not look for him or call him. He said if we did he would take my ass while Chris watched." She tells me as I go shocked with more tears " No you must be talking of a different Heath. No this isn't my Heath." I say with sadness and denial " It was Heath sis he didn't care what he was doing.

He had no love in his eyes." Selena tells me as we hold each other After a few minutes of silence Selena hands me something. " What's this Sis?" I ask as I take the warped box " I.I found it on the floor.

Heath must of been mad and squashed it." Selena tells me as I open it to only cry feeling my heart fall into nothing I pull the chain to find two hearts at the end. " Oh Tiffany it's so beautiful." Selena tells me as she sobs " Yes it is please put it on me." I say as I hand it to her " You sure what if he wants it back?" She asks as I nod " Yes I am sure as I will never take it off.

And if he want's it back he has to take me with it." I tell Selena as she takes it from my hand Once on I get up to run for the bathroom. Once in I look in the mirror to see the hearts shine in the bathroom light.

One is silver as the other is gold. I cry seeing he loved me, but now I know it's over. I feel like hell knowing I lost the best thing in my life. I vow to one day no matter what to get him back on my necklace. I leave the bathroom to my room. I get dressed making my way back to the living room. Selena sees me as I go to the door. " Where.where are you going?" She asks me as I stop and look in her eyes " To Chris and Heath's to see if he is there.

I am not going to give up, and besides I want to check on Chris." I say as she nods " He can't have sex anytime soon." She tells me as I look at her wide eyed " Selena I don't want sex from him. As of right now I am not going to have sex with any man except Heath. I don't care how long it takes." I say going out the door I make my way down the hallway to my baby's dorm room with hope he is there. It's graduation day as I hide under the bandstands that has the families of the students.

I am dressed in jeans, a muscle shirt, and shades. I stand here listening to Jasmine speak with a beautiful voice that I will miss hearing. " Friendship is earned, respected, and cherished as it is the back bone of Family.

Family is those around you that have your back and never leave you. They never betray or leave you for any reason. So as I say these words you all are a family of classmates that should cherish those around you." Jasmine says with great passion As everyone cheers and applauds I smile at a crying Jasmine.

As I look around I see everyone crying especially Tiffany who is looking around from her seat. I look at her neck to see the double hearts I gave her. I shake my head as the principal asks for the students to line up for their diplomas. As names are called I watch intently at my friends going up to get theirs. I watch as Selena walks up to get hers. She has tears although I don't think she is crying that she is getting a diploma. After a few other names I see Chris has shades on as he steps up to accept his.

Hmm I wonder how he got the shiner he is hiding. Next after several going up Tiffany walks up to get her diploma. She cries with red puffy eyes with a odd walk. Hmm wonder if she liked walking bone legged. As they all wait for it I stand and that is when I hear my cue. I step to the side door looking at my friends as my name is announced. Everyone looks for me as I back up to the side door.

I catch Tiffany looking straight at me trying to see my eyes, but she can't for my shades block them. I shake my head as I open the door and walk out. Making my way to the truck I had bought off a nice gentleman. I think of the drive I will be making.

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There is only one thing from my old home that was a home with Chris and his parents. Once I am at my truck I place the cd I bought from the local Hastings into my new cd player. It's one of my favorite bands. As I listen backing up I leave this school 18 years old, 6'3, 254 lbs, medium length red hair with what use to be bright blue eyes which now are just blue.

As I make my way to California I listen to the song that plays. Am I going insane? My blood is boiling inside of my veins An evil feeling attacks My body's shaking, there's no turning back Don't take your eyes off the trigger I'm not to blame if your world turns to black As your eyes start to blister There's just no hope for our final embrace So here we are.

I'm in your head. I'm in your heart! You were told to run away Soak the place, and light the flame Pay the price for your betrayal Your betrayal, your betrayal As I listen to the lyrics playing I can only feel my heart turn to ice as it breaks then forms a brick wall around.

I grow bitter as I come up to a sign that shows promise as I head to San Francisco for one last time before I make my way east. Mike's POV: Day after Graduation I am standing here with Ellie and our close friends who are family. We are waiting for our children. It's around 5 p.m. when the plane finally lands. Since it's the company plane we are where we can see them get off the plane. After the movable steps is in place and the door opens we wait to see who comes out first.

As Ellie holds my hand we see Selena step out, but I feel something is off. Selena has tears as she walks down the stairs. I look at Kiko and Nate as they shrug. I then look back up to see Chris helping a crying Tiffany. She stumbles a few times with Chris helping to keep her up. Selena runs to her parents to be held and comforted.

Chris helps Tiffany over as Verna and Ricky go to her. Chris has sad eyes as he gets to Ellie and I. We give him a hug, but then let go to look in his eyes. " Chris where is Heath your brother?" Ellie asks as Chris lowers his head Ellie and I look at each other then at the other parents.

We are confused as the girls keep crying. " Selena where my son? He was suppose to be with you all." Kiko asks as her daughter looks in her eyes " Oh god, mother I can't please don't ask." Selena says while Kiko looks at Nate with great concern " Tiffany where is Heath honey please tell us." Verna asks as Tiffany shakes her head I look at all three of them and decide it best to do this at home.

" Ok everyone load up as we are taking this business home." I say as the kids look at me worried After getting their luggage and loaded into the cars we make our way to Ellie and My home. It's a quiet drive as I look every so often in the back at Chris. His head stays lowered the whole time.

Once we get home and parked every one gets out as the kids get their bags. Once we cogida a una madura tube porn to the door and start in Ellie is a blur as she gets to the phone. " Heath baby this is mom. Please talk to me baby." I hear her say as I step over to her placing my ear to the receiver " Hey Mrs.

Jarvison I want to thank you for all that you have done for me. Have a good life later." He says as he hangs up Ellie is stunned by his words as I take the phone from her to replace it on the hook. I see the answer machine light flicker off and on as I press the play button.

" Hey its Heath I'm safe.don't worry about me anymore I know im just a nuisance to everyone. Thanks for loving me for the short time you did. Im glad I had a family for a little bit" The recording says as all us parents look at the kids I look to see Ellie turn to see the three sitting on the couch. She steps in front of the t.v.

and with her anger speaks. " WHAT DID YOU ALL DO TO MY SON!" She yells as all three go wide eyed " Mom please don't." Chris tries to say but is cut off " No your going to answer me right now." Ellie says as I stand by her as the rest of the family stands by us on either side I look at each one as they each struggle with what to say.

" Heath caught us having sex." Tiffany says blurting out with tears " He what? You fucking cheated on Heath?" Verna asks stepping in front of her daughter " Yes, I had sex with Chris and Selena.

He caught us the night before last." Tiffany answers exclaiming to us " What the hell Selena?" Kiko asks with disgust to Selena " Chris is this true son?" I ask as he looks up at me " Yes, it is dad. He took his anger out on each of us. That is the reason my face looks like it does." Chris answers me with sadness " He fucked Tiffany while she thought it was Chris.

Then Heath beat up on Chris before he took me like a whore." Selena says as that statement catches everyones attention I watch as Ellie walks around to them scooting the coffee table back some. " YOU THREE FUCKING BETRAY HIM JUST TWO YEARS AFTER WHAT HIS FAMILY DID? DID YOU EVER THINK YOU THREE WERE KEEPING HIM HAPPY WHILE AWAY FROM US THE PARENTS THAT LOVE HIM?" Ellie asks getting their attention " We didn't mean to as it just happened." Tiffany says as Verna steps up and slaps her daughter " Tell me how that felt as I didn't mean to but it happened.

I am very disappointed with the three of you. I am glad he fucked you like bitches. You better hope he gets in touch with us one day or you won't have places to call home." Verna says as they all go wide eyed " IF ANYTHING HAPPENS TO MY GOD SON I WILL NEVER FORGIVE ANY OF YOU." Ellie says as Selena and Tiffany cry as Chris just looks at us all " He.he left a hard drive and his phone." Chris says out of the blue " Where is the phone at?" Nate asks as we see Chris pull it out of the back of his jeans Chris hands it to Nate who checks it out.

He looks at the back as he turns it on. It's just a few minutes as his eyes go wide. I watch as he hands it to me and Ellie. We read it as it says ' I just wanted a family, but now I am a orphan'. We read those words as Ellie throws the phone at Chris. " GET THE FUCK OUT OF MY SIGHT. GO TO YOUR ROOMS!" Ellie says as all three of them look at us all getting disappointed looks We watch as they all three get up making their way toward the stairs and out of the room.

I watch as Ellie goes to her knees as Verna and Kiko go to her. " I want my god son here. Why did they hurt him why?" She asks being held by her lovers " We don't know honey, but they will know what hurt is." Kiko says as I hear phone buttons being pushed " That son of a bitch he used a burn phone. He is too smart for his britches ." Nate says getting a chuckle from Ricky and Nasty chicks have fun with sex toys I stand thinking of all that have gone on in the past hour and can only shake my head.

I look at the wall by the kitchen looking at a picture of Greg and Storys caseros esposas infieles con negros escondidas when he was little.

I close my eyes hearing my beautiful wife crying. I hope my old friend can hear me as I speak to him from my heart. " Greg please if you hear me bring our son back to us. Please keep him save on his path back to us for as long as it takes."