Lick my mans cum from my pussy

Lick my mans cum from my pussy
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Incredible Amie Many years ago, in the days of Prodigy chat, you could go to chat rooms related to the state you lived in. I had been hanging out in the chat room of the state I lived in and had met a number of people on it - both in person and just to chat online.

My wife was aware of most of the people I chatted with and would sometimes sit with me while I chatted. One person I began chatting with was a woman by the name of Amie. Amie lived about young teens eating pussy the booty drop point km outside base miles from us and was a 38 year old single mom.

Physically she told ne she was five foot five an weighed about 150 pounds and that she knew she need to lose weight. It wasn't long before our conversations turned very sexual.

She knew I was married and we would only have these sexual chats when my wife wasn't around. There was one time where she told me about an uncle or an older man, I forget which, that had sexually abused her when she was a young teenager.

How he had started kissing and touching her and she didn't know how, or didn't want to say no to him. When he pulled out his cock he put her hand around it and showed her how to jerk him off. I asked how she felt about that and she said it was ok. I sensed she was a bit uncomfortable talking any further about this so I let it drop.

I learned through our chats that she liked her tits being played with and her nipples pinched. She enjoyed fucking in any position and enjoyed oral sex, both giving and receiving.

Anal sex was something she tried and didn't mind it. I told her that I loved eating pussy and fucking pussy.

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Our chats seemed to center around what I would do to her and what she was would do to me… or what I would make her do to me. Over the course of a few weeks I got the definite impression that Amie was very submissive. Video chatting was just coming into being around that time and although the video quality was poor because the old dial up modem speeds it was still fun.

My wife and I had found a couple of adult sites and had messed around on them but she had no idea that I played with others or engaged in sexual chats with anyone. I had asked Amie if she had a video cam figuring it would be fun to play with her on that but she didn't. as she couldn't afford one. Out of the blue one evening my wife told me she was going to have some kind of product party… plastics, clothes - I really don't remember - and asked nice chick wrenched and she likes it I would ask Amie if she would like to come to it.

The next time we chatted I made Amie aware of the party and she said she would love to come. The night of the party arrived and people stared showing up. I was upstairs in my office room when my wife brought Amie into my room. Amie was she had described in height and weight. She wore glasses, had dark hair and was fairly plain looking. She had good sized tits and was wearing a dress that fell below her knees. As we shook hands the doorbell rang and my wife went back downstairs to greet who was ever there.

As soon as she was gone Amie came and kissed me with her tongue greedily entering my mouth. My tongues touched hers and my hands fell to her ass and I squeezed and rubbed it. I told her that it was too bad that she was here for my wife's party and that she had to go downstairs for that. She said she knew and then asked about the video cam and how it worked. I showed her some things very quickly but then said she'd probably better go to the party.

We kissed again as I rubbed one of her tits. The kiss broke off and she went downstairs. About an hour later Amie was standing in the doorway telling me she had asked my wife if it was okay to go upstairs and talk with me.

She had placed her order and even though the party was going strong she felt a bit out of place because she didn't know the rest of the women there and everyone seemed to be friends.

My wife understood and jav rare story mother in law temptation no problem with it. She sat down beside me and asked to see the video cam program again. This time we found a few men jerking off but no luck finding a couple. I could tell that Amie was enjoying the video cam/ We were keeping our voices down because I certainly didn't need my wife hearing us.

The party downstairs was in full swing and I could hear the women talking and laughing. I was wearing a pair of sweat pants that had a fly opening and for some reason I decided to take a chance and stood up telling Amie that maybe she'd rather see a real cock instead of someone on video. As I was saying this I pulled out my semi hard cock. Amie looked up at me and then my cock and with out hesitation leaned over and began sucking the head of my cock.

My cock began to harden to it's full 6 plus inches as more of it entered her mouth. She bobbed her head up and down sliding her lips over my cock. At one point she took it out of her mouth and licked the head. Looking up at me she asked if she was doing it right. I told her she was doing great as I reached for her tits and slid my hands into the top of her dress and then inside her bra and began pinching her already hardened nipples.

When I started playing with her tits she began sucking me harder and reached around and grabbed my ass as she pulled my cock to her. She got my entire cock in her mouth and I could feel it sliding into her throat. I have never had anyone ever deep throat me before. I looked down and watched her suck me praying that my wife wouldn't show up in the doorway.

I could tell I was about to cum and told Amie in a whisper that I was going to cum. A few moments later my cum began shooting out. She took some of it and swallowed but then took her mouth of my cock. I shot a few more streams of cum against her chin and her dress.

She kept ahold of my cock and asked if I liked it. I told her that it was the most incredible blowjob I had ever had.

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In my mind it was a combination of how good she did it and the fear of my wife catching us. Amie went into the bathroom and cleaned her face and wiped the cum off of her dress saying she hoped my wife wouldn't see that! I kissed her again and she went back downstairs.