Upskirt in greece tube porn

Upskirt in greece tube porn
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Roma is age 33 very attractive woman from the Ukraine, she arrived late last night. Roma is in her bedroom looking at herself in a mirror across from the bed. She parted her legs a little, watching her panties appear from beneath her nightie.

She practiced crossing and uncrossing her legs, planning how to give me the best peek. She then started to ease her panties down her legs. She loved seeing her waist band around her thighs. My hands slipping down into the gap and discovering her soaking pussy is all she can think about.

Her own hand drifted down and she sat back and rubbed her clit, she knew she would be as aroused later, nothing to waste. Roma is so wrapped up in her fantasies that very hot hard sex in beauties bed room didn't hear me come home again.

I walked straight upstairs and down the hall towards my bedroom, I stopped dead when I saw Roma touching herself with sexy satin panties around her legs. Roma blushed and closed her legs, trying to pull up her panties.

" I'm so sorry John, I thought you were gone, please don't be mad." she pleaded, tears swelling in her eyes. I stayed silent but my straining jeans said it all. It was one of the hottest things I'd seen recently.

" It's alright Roma, I'm not's actually a nice thing to see," I said. I walked up behind her and slipped a finger inside her tight ass and she is surprised at how good it feels. Her extreme horniness is urging her to try something larger.

I pull my finger out of her ass and bend her over the edge of the bed. I spread her legs, standing between them I rub my cock up and down her wet pussy. My cock is now slippery and glistening with her slutty wetness, I told her it is ready to make her my slut. I raised her up and pressed my cock head on her bud. She looks back at me with wide eyes and wants to please me. " Let me fill you." Roma winces as the big shaft opens her up and she biting her lower lip.

It is too much for her but I'm adamant, " Come on Slut, be a good slut for hot beautiful girl enjoys unfathomable wazoo bang She wanted so badly to please me and slides her hand to her pussy and begins to rub herself. I asked " Have you had a big cock like this?" I pulled off my pajama bottoms and my cock leaped out, nine inches long, thick and throbbing.

" Oh, no, not that big," Roma said, and her eyes grew wide. " I entered her. Even as wet as she is, her unused pussy lips barely gave way. I slip into her slowly, gently, carefully, until I had a couple of inches in.

I feel her tightness barring my way. I begin to stroke back and forth, stopping a few seconds on each down stroke, then pulling back every so slowly, all the way out, pushing back in past those tight lips, into the very narrow tight canal and hold, and back out." I want it all," Roma said in a deep, hoarse voice. " I want all your cock in me.

Fuck me all the way. Do me!" " It will be painful, Roma," I said. " I don't care! Oh, God, I don't care! Do it! Do it!" I pull out once more and came in again, fast this time, fast and hard.

I feel the impact of the narrow tight canal and then it gave way all at once and I plunged in, deep then deeper. God, so tight! It feels like an extra small glove. I feel every beat of her heart pulsing through the warm walls of her cunt, throbbing around my cock. She had held her breath when I slammed into her; now she let it out in a long sigh and begins to pant.huh.huh.huh.huh.

" Are you all right, Roma?" I asked, my face hovering over hers. At first she said nothing. Then her arms slid up my sweaty back and pulled my face down to hers. We kissed, and her tongue snaked out into my mouth. We French kissed, then her hips begin to move, up and down, riding on my cock, and I returned her kiss deeply as I took up the rhythm.

She brought her feet up and locked her ankles above my butt, pulling me into her deeper, harder. I kissed her lips, her face, her neck, then bent over and licked her left ear. A shiver shook her body. " Oh, you liked that, did you?" I said, but I didn't give her time to reply, covering her mouth with mine again and sticking my tongue deeply into her. Still my cock kept up a steady pace, plunging up and down. I hear the sloppy sounds of our juices, I feel her pubic bone pressed up against me on the down strokes.

My entire cock is buried, and the feeling is incredible. I let out a low moan as I feel the familiar sensation stirring in my balls, rising up along my shaft. " I'm coming, Roma! I'm coming!" I thrust faster and faster, still feeling her pussy gripping my cock tightly every bit of the way. Just as I exploded in her she begins to buck wildly, almost tossing me out of her.

I fell upon her, thrusting deeply as I feel wave after wave of cum filling her. Her legs flew up and she sighs deeply. We collapsed together. Two hours later, she is in the kitchen kneeling down to pickup something off the floor that she had dropped. I help her to her feet and bend her over the kitchen counter.

" I'm going to fuck your brains out Roma." I snarled. I let go of her hair and grabbed her legs, pushing them apart. I use my thumbs to spread her pussy lips wide, then I drove my cock into her in one brutal movement.

Roma is completely unprepared and it feels like I'm ripping her apart.

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Roma screams and tried desperately to get away but it is impossible. I pull back and slam ruthlessly back into her, chuckling when she screams again.

I reach forward and found her breasts and begin squeezing and pinching them in time to my relentless thrusts. Roma hears herself crying and begging me to stop but all she is conscious of is the feel of my big cock stretching her cunt as I fuck her.

She begins to feel tendrils of pleasure, beginning from her breasts and rapidly spreading to her cunt. Some part of her is enjoying being used like this. She tried to fight it but it seemed to intensify the feelings that were a strange mixture of pain and pleasure.

She didn't know whether to be relieved or disappointed when I came. She lay across the kitchen counter, exhausted and ashamed. She still feels small twitches through her pussy and knew many people doing sex on one girl she had almost come. She feels me pull out of her. Her legs are weak and trembling and she staggered and had to hold onto me to steady herself. I took advantage of her momentary dizziness to completely remove her nightie and take her into the hall.

I push her up against the closed kitchen door and took my own clothes off. " Just to make sure you understand the situation, I'll explain a few things for you. I'm still horny and I want to fuck again. However since I've just come it's going to take longer this time for me to get off.

I'm not stopping until I've come. I suggest you do everything you can to bring me to orgasm." To her horror she realized I was serious. Roma tried to think of some way out of her predicament but she is trapped. " Please don't.please." She whispered. " Begging isn't going to change my mind but it my turn me off, you don't want that after I brought you here from the Ukraine.Come on, let's get fucking." Reluctantly she co-operated as I lifted her up against the door and slid my cock inside her.

She wrapped her legs around my waist and clung to my shoulders as I supported her by holding her ass. To her shame it feels wonderful. Her cunt is still slick with my cum so I slid in easily. This time the stretching feels wonderful, she is being completely filled. With her back braced against the door we begin to move together. She feels the pleasure start up again inside her and struggles to hide it. Her clit is pressed against me and every move rubs against it with an occasionally a stray hair adding an extra sensation.

She closed her eyes and tried not to moan with pleasure. " Give me a tit." I ordered. Flushing with humiliation she used a hand to push her breast close to my mouth. I smirk at her, enjoying her embarrassment, before attacking her nipples with my mouth. I'm not gentle but I'm tugging it deep into my mouth before using my tongue and teeth on it. It is all she needed to send her over the edge. Her hips moving faster and her nails digging into my back as she orgasms.

Her cunt clenching around my fat cock like a vise and she hears herself gasping and shouting out loud. Gradually the spasms slow and she opens her eyes to see me smirking at her. I'm still hard and I keep thrusting into her. I removed a hand from her ass so she had to cling closer to me and begin to massage her clit.

" You are such an easy lay." I said. " Give me that other tit, let's see how quickly you'll come again." Even as she compiled she feels her insides tightening again. It feels like only moments before she is coming, shouting as I thrust in time with her spasms. Her orgasm lasted even longer this time and still I hadn't come.

This time when she had finished I pulled out of her and went to sit on the stairs. I beckoned her over and made her straddle me. I pushed on her hips until she lowered them enough to impale her cunt on my fat cock again. Her whole body is concentrated on the waves of pleasure that are centered on her pussy. She didn't need much encouragement to begin to ride me, sliding my cock in and out of her cunt.

I had easy access to her breasts and she encouraged me with moans and gasps, as I played with them, thrusting them deeper into my mouth. The rougher I am the more she enjoyed it and she came juicy and erotic pussy pleasuring striptease and hardcore more before eventually I grabbed her hips and came myself, thrusting savagely into her.

She lay against me as the sweat cooled on our bodies. She scrambled up, collected her clothes and ran upstairs to the bathroom. She is scrubbing furiously at her body when I strolled in. I'm naked still with my clothes draped over my arm. " Well Roma, I told you I demand sex many times. The next time I expect to find you laying in that bed with your legs wide open ready to be fucked." I turned and walked away leaving her.

After her last encounter with me, she tried to avoid me. She felt violated and ashamed, especially about the way she had responded to me. She is still trying to think of a way out of her situation when I attacked again. She is still half asleep and it hadn't sunk in before the bedroom door opened and I hit the light switch. Dazzled by the sudden light she is too busy shielding her eyes to fully comprehend the situation by that time I had tossed the covers aside and had her t-shirt pushed over her head.

I attacked her breasts like I was starving and they are the first food I had seen in days. Roma begins struggling and thumping me but I easily brush her blows away and continue. Already her body is responding, her nipples hardening and her body tightening.

There seems little point in resisting me when I pushed her down on the bed and climbed between her legs. I use my mouth on her clit and cunt but somehow her whole body feels numb with despair. It feels as if I'm doing it to someone else and she is just watching. I didn't seem to notice and soon I positioned her on her hands and knees.

I succeeded in opening her legs and was now using my tongue to torment her cunt while my fingers played with her clit. She is squirming and moaning as the pleasure being generated by my assault on her pussy fizzed through her. She moaned again as her nipples hardened and I intensified my sucking on her pussy. She is desperately, aware that she is close to the edge of an orgasm.

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I slipped two fingers inside her and began fucking them in and out of her cunt while I sucked on her clit. Then I got up on my knees and pushed my cock into her dripping cunt. She braced herself against the bed and met every thrust. Then the first wave of orgasm hit her. I came too and collapsed against her. I left the room, Roma was laying on the bed. Roma was dreading the next time I returned. She has never been fucked so much in her life.

I entered the bedroom and seen Roma half knelt on the floor, half-lying on the bed. I crouched behind her and positioned my cock against her pussy lips. Then I slammed into her, my balls slapping against her clit. I kneaded her sore ass as I slammed my cock into her cunt and she hears herself whimpering.

Roma had forgotten how fat my cock was and how it stretched her cunt. I shoved my hands under her and grabbed her breasts. The way I kneaded them as they were squashed against the bed is painful so she raised herself up on annette schwartz leda paris amp anastasia big fucking mess elbows. I gave a grunt of satisfaction and continued to pull and pinch her nipples roughly but she enjoyed it. Another orgasm hit her and she bit hard on her lip to keep from screaming.

I hammered my cock into her cunt. She can hear her pussy juices squelching as I rammed in and out. Feeling juices trickling between her swollen lips and clit.

Another orgasm took her and still I kept going. At last she feels me stiffen and jerk inside her. It was enough to trigger another orgasm for her and our gasps and moans mingled together as our juices mingled in her cunt. I pulled off her and gave her a final slap on her reddened ass.

I pulled on a robe and went downstairs. Roma crept into the bathroom on trembling legs, cursing her body's betrayal. She went back to the bed and curled up on top of the bed, hating the quivering she still feels inside herself.

I came upstairs and found her there. " Come on, I want you to wash me," I ordered. Reluctantly she follows me into the bathroom and stepped into the bath with me. I turned the shower on and pulled her under the spray. " Get your tits all soapy and rub it onto me," I ordered. Obediently she worked up some lather and worked it onto her breasts.

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Then she begins rubbing my body. Her skin is still sensitized and the combination of the slick soap and my rough body hair drove her crazy. She moans and presses herself against me. I guided her around my upper body, clearly enjoying myself. She used the soap to renew the lather then I pushed her to her knees.

Mom caught son jerking and fucked him ran my legs up and down her cleavage. My foot is between her thighs and she realized she is grinding her pussy against it. Ashamed she straightened up.

She begins to stand again but I made her sit on the side of the bath. I placed my cock between her breasts, squeezed them around it and begin thrusting. " Lick the head," I groaned as I thrusted. Each time the fat purple head popped out from between her breasts she swiped her tongue across it. The flow of water from the shower and the soap from her skin combined to combat the taste of the pre-cum. My thumbs are rubbing across her nipples as I squeezed her breasts in time with each thrust of my hips.

Before she had a chance to sort out her confused thoughts I jerked her to her feet. I looped her knee over my arm and pushed her up against the brunette teen girl tanning her tight shaved pussy. My cock slides into her cunt and she braced her free foot against the bath rim as I thrust into her with a steady rhythm.

With her legs spread wide her clit is fully exposed to the friction of my skin. My mouth is on her nipples, the heat of it in contrast to the cool water pattering down on us from the shower. An orgasm crashed through her and she lost control, bucking wildly against me and yelling out loud, her nails digging into my shoulders. As soon as one orgasm died another started and she writhed helplessly against me as my thrusting cock caused one after another to twist her body until eventually I came and at last stopped.

She slides down and sat on the bottom of the tub as I finished my shower, lacking the strength to move. By the time I got out and started toweling myself her breathing had slowed to regular rhythm. " Well you're starting to get the hang of being my sex toy," I said smugly. " I'm keeping my end of the agreement," She reminded me.

" OK, I'll phone the agent today." I glared at her. " You're a fucking bitch. I don't give a fuck about making love. Just make sure you spread your legs whenever I tell you." Roma is pleased she had annoyed me.