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Sexy big tit curvy bbw kitty mcpherson in spandex fucking
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"Why am I even here," Zach groans for the fifth time as he continues to scrub the burnt remains of food out of the sauce pan in his hands. "Don't ask me," Jackie finally answers him. She is currently scrapping bits and pieces of food off of a frying pan. They are both standing side by side in front of one of the sinks in the home economics room, having been forced to stay after class to clean up the mess they made while failing to cook anything properly. "Why were we paired together anyway?" Zach continues his whining.

His bad mood is accented well by his bushy brown eyebrows which do not match his dyed red hair at all. He is currently wearing a backwards facing baseball cap which he would normally be yelled at for having during class but the end of school bell has already rung and there are no teachers in sight.

The sleeves of his striped button shirt are rolled up so as not to get wet. "We were paired together because you couldn't stop staring at my ass at the start of class," she reminds him. "Weren't you planning on pairing with Caitlyn so you could hit on her?" "Apparently she has a boyfriend," he sighs. "I had to make do with you." "Sorry for being your second choice." She frowns at him.

"You should be sorry for being a terrible cook. Besides, you're not even my second choice. I just took notice of you today because you had your hair up." He gestures to her blond locks which are currently karete mixed fight headscissor beatdowns trampling humillation back in a flourishing ponytail. "I'm not having my hair catch fire!" she exclaims defensively. "But having your food catch fire is fine," he snorts.

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"Ah man, I bet Caitlyn is sucking off her boyfriend right about now." "Ugh, is that all guys ever think about?" Jackie shakes her head disappointedly. "Pretty much," Zach admits.

"What, you've never sucked off a guy?" "I did… once," she mutters unconvincingly. "Yeah right," he scoffs. "One of my brother's friends barged into my room when he was having a sleepover.

Russian milf shows big boobs on cam wouldn't leave until I did it for him." Jackie fiddles with her fingers while blushing. "Fine, prove it," Zach is still not convinced. "How?" She raises a confused eyebrow. Zach strides across the home economics room to the refrigerator and retrieves a long cucumber from inside.

"What the hell?" Jackie's jaw drops in shock. "See if you can fit this thing down your throat, then I'll believe you've given oral before." Zach has trouble hiding his smirk.

"Why should I have to do that? There is no way I can get that thing in my mouth. Greg's cock barely fit." "Greg? Which Greg? Greg Fredericks? Greg Taylor? Or the teacher Greg Anderson?" "Why would my brother be friends with Mr. Anderson?" Jackie rolls her eyes. "So that means it was Greg Taylor," Zach is far too interested in the details of Jackie's first blowjob. "You don't know him, okay?" she snaps at him. "His name is Greg Burgart and he moved away last year." "Too bad he didn't take a picture of his cock in your mouth," Zach quips.

"He did," Jackie mumbles almost inaudibly. "What? No way. Have him send it to you right now." Zach's eyes light up. "Are you joking?" Jackie shakes her head violently. "Even if he kept it all this time I can't possibly ask for it now." "Then I guess you only have one other option." Zach grabs a bottle of vegetable oil from above one of the stoves and begins to pour it over the cucumber.

"You're really trying to kill me, aren't you?" Jackie whines. "You don't have to do it. I just won't believe you until you do," he mocks her. "But it's bigger than a cock. It's not fair." "I'll peel it to the right size," he offers. "Eww." She cringes. "I'll have to taste it then." "It'll still taste better than a cock, won't it?" "Cock actually tastes better than freshly peeled cucumber," she disagrees.

"Well you could always just suck my cock," he suggests jokingly. Jackie clenches her fists determinedly while staring down at her feet. Zach is actually taken aback by the look of her eyes with a shadow cast over them by her bangs. "Fine," she finally responds after a long pause.

"Um, what?" he is utterly confused. She slowly paces across the room and kneels down in front of him. He tries to step back but she hooks one of her fingers in a belt loop on his jeans. "Seriously?" he is laughing east teen mia khalifa tries a big black dick. He can hardly believe his eyes. Is she that desperate not to be called a liar? Zach waits patiently as Jackie unzips the fly of his jeans and pulls his cock out in front of her face.

It is already semi erect in anticipation. She sticks out her tongue and touches it to the tip, causing him to gasp as her saliva is colder than he expected. She winds her finger in his belt loop a second time to make sure he does not back out. He holds his breath as she opens her tiny mouth as wide as she can and places it around the head of his cock. She is not trying to tease or play with him; she simply wants to prove he can fit inside of her.

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Unfortunately for her, he can't. Her throat closes instinctively before his invading member can even pass through her teeth.

She breathes out through her nose while staring up at him with a pitiful expression. "Is that it?" he is extremely disappointed. "You're not even going to try?" "Try what?" she mumbles while pushing the head of his cock against the back of her throat. The fleshy wall opens up ever so slightly but almost immediately she begins to gag, spitting his cock out so she can cough. "See, I can't do it," she moans when she finally catches her breath. Zach is far too focused on the drool sliding down over her chin though.

Even more than when he saw her with a ponytail at the start of class, he is immensely attracted to her right now. This cute girl just had his cock in her mouth. He has to find a way to make her try again. Without a word he leans his head back and pours a large amount of vegetable oil into his own mouth.

"What are you doing?" Jackie gasps as he kneels down in front of her. Her ability to talk buxom milf in fishnet fucked by young lover taken from her as he presses his lips to hers and forces the oil out of his own mouth. Instinctively she swallows it, letting the slick substance slide down her throat, lubricating it the entire way. She gasps for breath again when he finally breaks the kiss. Before she can say anything though, he has already stood back up and pressed his cock against her open mouth.

Her eyes widen and tears spring forth as it slides over her slippery tongue. She can hardly taste anything other than the oil and the sensation is entirely different. Even though her throat closes again his cock is too slick to be stopped. The back of her mouth pops open with ease as his penis slips into her esophagus.

She begins to moan and squeal as the tip of his cock pushes further and further, making a slight bulge in her neck. Zach tilts his head back and closes his eyes as he lets the sensation of being completely enveloped take over him. Jackie starts to panic as her throat tries to close around him.

She taps on his leg repeatedly as he enjoys her mouth pulsing against his cock. Finally she resorts to pushing against him, pulling herself backwards and away.

Before his cock leaves her throat he grabs the back of her head, winding his fingers in her ponytail, and shoves her forward again. She lets out a muffled scream as his cock pushes all the way down as far as it will go, tickling her throat the entire way.

She is now struggling to swallow her saliva before it pours out around his pubic hair and runs down her chin. "You look so cute with your mouth so full," Zach breathes out.

She tries to shake her head while squealing but he ignores her, pulling out his cell phone and snapping several pictures instead. After a while her mouth and throat become tired and she starts to relax, releasing the blissful tight hold on his cock. Desperate to maintain the feeling Zach pulls out until he is just barely still in her mouth before shoving forward again, all the way down her throat. He actually manages to push a whole half inch further in but it only lasts a second before he slides back to the same place.

He shoves in a few more times, trying to maintain his deepness but it is no use. Her eyes bulge each college fren bay mani fake he shoves though, despite the fact that her pupils have disappeared into her head. She is practically passed out, being held up only by his cock in her mouth.

In an attempt to revive her, Zach pinches her nose, closing her nostrils and her only source of air. Immediately her head starts to thrash back and forth and from side to side, impaling her throat that much more. He can feel her trying to vomit him out but he knows there is nothing in her stomach.

The entire home economics class skipped lunch today in order to save room for the food they would be making. Of course Jackie's and Zach's attempt at food had been inedible, meaning they went hungry. "Do you want something to fill your stomach?" Zach asks in a soft voice while trying to keep his own eyes from fluttering into his head in bliss. At first Jackie squeals and thrashes again but suddenly she stops.

She almost seems to be thinking about it. Zach tries to keep his eyes open to watch as her left hand slides up under her shirt. He can tell she is pinching and rolling her nipple in anticipation.

Her other hand soon leaves his explosive doggy style drilling hardcore and blowjob loop and pushes between her stomach and the waist of her jean shorts, sliding down between her thighs.

She actually starts to push her finger up into her own cunt as she imagines what african with big bang fucks herself camsgirl will be like to swallow Zach's cum.

This is more than he can take. He pushes forward again, knocking her backwards onto the floor and shoving his cock into her mouth as if it were her cunt. She squeals and flails as he fucks her mouth and throat but continues to finger herself regardless. Finally she can feel it, hot liquid shooting down her throat. She manages to swallow three gulps which give her a warm feeling of pride as it enters her stomach but soon she starts to choke.

Her hands fly from her cunt and chest in an attempt to push him off of her. Not wanting to leave the warmth of her mouth until he has finished cumming, Zach tries to resist but is unsuccessful. Jackie gasps for air as his cock finally slides out of her throat after nearly twenty minutes.

Suddenly she grabs her stomach with one hand and covers her mouth with the other in an attempt to keep from puking. She fails miserably though spewing cum from her nose and from between her fingers over her mouth.

After taking a moment to recover from his post orgasmic bliss, Zach pulls out his phone again and proceeds to snap picture after picture of the cum messed girl lying in front of him. She looks absolutely gorgeous in his opinion. Her blonde hair is splayed out on the floor above her head, her face is dripping with cum and saliva, her stomach, which is slightly exposed, is shining with sweat running into her outward bellybutton.

The crotch of her jean shorts are dark with her own cum and her bare thighs are shiny and wet as well. She is quivering and shaking, her eyes only just returning from the back of her head. She is gurgling something inaudible at Zach.

He kneels down above her so he can hear her better. "That was amazing," she gasps and coughs. "I really thought I was gonna die. You have to do it to me again." She opens her mouth as wide as she can in preparation. Zach's eyes travel up and down her entire body, a look of awe and admiration on his face. "I think I'm in love," he whispers before kissing her, a huge sex toy for cute chick masturbation fingering his tongue into her saliva dripping mouth.

She playfully bites him but otherwise does not respond. She is far too exhausted. As they continue to make out, he lowers his crotch to hers, pressing his cock, which has only just started to re-engorge, against her went cunt.

She squeaks into his mouth as he yanks the zipper of her shorts down and pushes his semi hard cock into her cunt, forcing the fabric of her cotton panties inside of her.

"No not my cunt. I want you to big boobs blonde woman railed by two men my mouth again," she squeals when she finally breaks their kiss.

"Your mouth is amazing but you'll die if I fuck it as hard as I plan to fuck your cunt," he warns her. "I don't care. I want to choke to death on your cock. I want to feel what it's like to pass out from being fucked in the throat." "Maybe some other time," he refuses. "I want you to be conscious for this." He yanks the fabric of her panties aside so his cock and actually penetrate her.

"No, I'm a virgin!" she screams as he rips through her hymen. "Not anymore," he taunts her while sliding his hands underneath her butt so he can lift her into him.

"Please, I'll let you fuck my mouth everyday for the rest of high school. Even if I get a boyfriend I'll still let you use my mouth, okay?" she pleads with him.

"What are you talking about? I'm not letting any other boy have you. You're my girlfriend." He hugs her tightly while thrusting even further into her freshly deflowered cunt.

Her jaw drops in disbelief as she lets her whole body shake with his rhythm. It is far too painful for her to enjoy it but hearing him say she is his makes her happy for some reason. "Okay, I'm your girlfriend," she whispers while closing her eyes. "You can do anything you want to me." As if to test this he stands up, bringing her lower half with him so she is only being supported by her shoulders on the floor as he fucks his cock straight down into her cunt. She moans and yelps repeatedly but otherwise does not argue.

Wanting to push her even further he pulls out and sunny leyon sexul xxx story her shorts off before slamming back into her as quickly as possible.

She gasps and tries to cover her exposed asshole as it quivers in the cold air. He picks up the discarded bottle of oil and pushes her hand away so he can poke the tip into her anus.

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She starts to kick wildly but he does not stop. He tips the entire bottle up, pouring the oil into her asshole. Her eyes cross as she feels the cold slippery liquid making its way up her intestines. She actually pukes up a little more cum when her stomach turns over from the sensation.

Without her seeing, he grabs the large cucumber which he never did get to peel and pushes it against her anus. She squeals and gurgles as her oily hole gives way.

The long cylindrical object stretches her asshole to the limit while straightening out her intestines as he shoves it all the way inside of her. "No, please stop," she moans. Her eyes are still crossed, making it impossible for her to see properly.

"It feels like going to the bathroom in reverse. Please take it out." Zach slides the foot long vegetable all the way out and lets her hole close up completely before shoving it back in again.

He can actually feel it scrapping against her insides and see her organs rearranging from the outside of her stomach. "No!" she squeals.

"I can't take it. My stomach's going to explode. I'm gonna die." "Didn't you say you wanted to die?" he reminds her. "No," she pleads. "I don't want to die like this. Please, you can fuck me all you want just take it out." "What if I want to fuck you in the ass?" he taunts her. "You can," she screams before puking again. This time nothing comes out though. "Stick it in. Shove your cock in my ass," she continues to scream as soon as she manages to stop dry heaving. "Please rape my ass like you did my throat.

Cum inside my stomach from both ends." "You asked for it," he warns her as he pulls the cucumber out of her ass. She groans at the sensation of the girth leaving her but her relief is short live as the next time he pulls back with his cock he slips it into her gapping asshole instead of her cunt.

She covers her mouth to keep from puking again while her eyes disappear into her head once more. "Do you like it?" he continues to taunt her. "Ye-yes," she is barely able to answer through hiccups.

"I love it. I love getting raped in the ass. Please rape my ass until you cum. My entire body is yours to do with as you please." "You're absolutely right about that," Zach snickers while shoving the still oily cucumber into her bleeding cunt.

Jackie is unable to stifle the scream that follows as the vegetable penetrates her once virgin pussy further than his old dude fucks teen hard poping pils ever could. "Please," she gurgles at him. "Please what? Please return it to my ass?" he offers her only one alternative.

She stays silent for a moment before responding.

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"Please fuck my pussy with it. Shove it as far in as it can go," she resorts to accepting it in her cunt rather than having him return the impossibly huge shaft to her sore asshole, which he is currently pounding relentlessly. Jackie's legs flop uselessly group sex rewards euro gorgeous bitches with joy they dangle down with her feet next to her ears.

She is a complete mess facing up at Zach as he thrusts down into her ass while pushing the cucumber into her pussy. Her pink shirt is now riding up around her shoulders, exposing her breasts to him. Sweat is running along her entire stomach, soaking her bra which is also skewed.

Her abdominal muscles are contorting as she clenches her anus repeatedly, which only makes the intrusion worse. "Are you almost done?" she asks in the sweetest voice she can muster, focusing her eyes on his face affectionately while smiling. It is made slightly lewd by the drool and cum on her face though. "What was it you wanted me to do again?" he asks smugly. "Cum in my ass," she grunts. "Fill my stomach with cum from both ends." "As you wish." He slams into her as hard as he can.

She clenches her eyes shut as she feels the warm fluid rushing into her bowels. It feels soothing after all the punishment they have taken. It is nothing compared to the relieve she feels when he finally pulls his cock out and lets her drop down to the floor again. She takes several minutes to catch her breath before finally pulling herself to her feet.

"Can you help me remove this?" she asks while bending over one of the tables in the room to expose her cucumber filled cunt to him. "Why not leave it there?" he suggests jokingly. She just frowns at him in annoyance until he finally reaches into her cunt and pulls it out. She quivers at the sensation before suddenly squatting down as clear liquid starts to spray from her.

After everything she has been through the relief shows in the form of relieving her bladder. Zach does not say anything as he retrieves a set of rags from one of the cupboards and proceeds to clean up the mess. Jackie washes her face in one of the sinks before removing her bra and panties and shoving them into her bag. They are far too wet to wear on the way home. She has no choice but to slide her slightly damp jean shorts back on though.

"Shall we go?" she asks sweetly while leaning against the door frame to the room. Her legs are still shaking too much to stand on her own. Zach knows it will be his job to escort her all the way home. She links her arm with his as soon as he is close enough. As they walk out of the room together he slides his hand down her back and into her shorts. Her butt hole is still dripping with cum and oil, making it easy for him to slip two fingers inside of her.

"Don't," she whines while trying to step away but her legs are already trembling even more. "You know you like it," he laughs while swirling his fingers around inside of her. She yelps and hops on boyfriend set up cam watch part on ulacamcom tips of her alison telar mom sexxx com in surprise.

He uses this chance to kiss her.

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She moans into his mouth in response. He is right, she does like it. She can hardly wait to get home where she plans to let him fuck her senseless all over again. She actually hopes he does not stop teasing her the entire way.

She is not wearing any underwear at all and she has two other holes and two nipples he can play with. She is already drooling in anticipation, as is her moist cunt.

She can already feel it running down her bare legs. She almost wishes she had left the cucumber inside of her.