Fuck my wife we need money

Fuck my wife we need money
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Eat my prick whore Jack exclaimed as the totally naked 50 yr old slut sucked on her sons knob as he ate his morning oatmeal. Sitting across from JACK, silently Jacks stepdad Fred Wilson watched silently as his wifes head moved rapidly on her sons penis in a taboo incestuous embrace Come on bitch suck it hard Jack said louder as he jammed his monster down the bitches throatMake me cum soon Ma he saidor i'll fuck your ass without any lube.

Fred left for work as he watched Jack cover his moms face with jism & also had her eat some. After he unloaded all his cum Jack told his Mom that he was going out for awhile. Before i leave though Jack said come lets take a shower togetherAnd then i want you to get ready cause lm bringing Brenda over for some 3way fun Okay ? Yes dear Karen exclaimed in a robotic 50s styles housewife tone. She stank of her sons sperm Chapter 1 Brenda comes to Visit Jack & Mom Karen Brenda the vice principal at the local high high school.

She was a 60 year old granny who was always in an authorative positionso Jack loved it when he hypnotized her 6mths earlier. With him she had no inhibitions.

Currently she was giving him a great blowjob in the backseat of the Olds while her husband Ernie drovelike his stepdad both were cuckoldsAnd let him use their wives whenever & however he wanted.

As they pulled into his moms driveway he deposited his first load of the day down Brendas throat The greyhaired bitch swallowed like always. Then Hot columbian twink strokes for you on webcam told Ernie to get lost.

as he had Brenda ring the doorbell.

Karen answered she was collared, & wearing her master/sons favorite gold collared bikini & leopard skin spiked heels As Karen french kissed Brenda she tasted her sons sperm on Brenda. Once in the the housethey went into the master suite and they all got naked where upon Brenda began eating Karens cunt. Spreadeagled on the bed Karen was getting roughly facefucked by Jackwho was fucking her from above & using her face like a pussy. Drilled in the face Karen was making girgling sounds ummmh gggsgggg .Meanwhile Brenda could taste the leftover cum in Karens cuntlustful one eyed monster handling hardcore cumshot must have cum in his mother at least 5 times since yesterday she thought.

She didnt careJack had turned her into a cum slut through mind control. Jack was covering Karens face again with cum so Brenda knew what she had to clean her girlfriends face which she did.

After the licking was complete Jack told the two of them to take a lezzie bath together. The bathtub was filled with lovely soap bubbles, & suds .Jack watched intently as his mom kissed Brenda & then had the old bitch suck on her 44dd knockers & then Karen did the same to Brenda's 34d flopy tits.

Jack had to take a piss so he doused both slut faces with his urine. Brenda was not suprised he had done this to her many times.But his mom wasit was the first time he had pissed all over her matronly face. Chapter 2 Jane visits mom & Jack Jane was a 38 year old divorced mother of two who lived 2 doors downshe had an attitude problem thats why Jack had hypnotized her.

She was a stacked petite blonde who needed heels to reach 5ft 5. So whenever they were together he always treated her like shitCurrently he was sitting on her face as she ate his asshole ,his mom Karen was stting on a chair across from him fucking her ass with a cucumber.

Ever since he had pissed on her face, he had moved up another level in moms sexy girl fucking hard in the car, Now unless she was outside or going to one of his stepdads business functionsshe was always collared,leashed & wearing heels.

Like Jane he had made her a rimming expert. As Jack jerked off & Jane kept licking. Jack smirked knowing that just a month ago his mom would have freaked out at what he was doingNow she & her once snobby neighbour were helping him cumas he watched a kinky geman porno movie where a 20 something guy picks up two teachers in their fifties & brings them home & instead of fucking themHe pisses on them, then has them kiss each other as the watersports continue.

As the video continues Jack couldnt believe that Karen was fucking herself harder & more rapid as she watched the disgusting spectacle.

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As Jack got off Jane's face,Jane was almost breathless & now started to breathe normally again. He handed Jane his moms dildo & told her to fuck herself too. Both Karen and Jane orgasmed. Jack went and got some lube in the bathroom & the buttplugs out of moms closet. Jack lubed& fingered both assholeshe grabbed both his sex slaves by their leashes, once their assholes were readyJack shoved matching 5inch red buttplugs up their buttocks.

Afterwards Jack had Jane & Karen face each other in the footstool position as he used them both both as a foot restwhile he fast forwarded the porno to the next scene and lit up a joint. Occasionally he would have both footstool French kiss each other as he continued getting high Chapter 3 BDSM WITH MOM Collaredleashed & wearing 8inch leather hooker bootsKaren was now completetly owned kissing Master Jacks feet & sucking on his toesshe hadnt left her house for a weekJack had began daily spanking, fisting, anal sessionsshe never referred to him as son any longer unless she was told to.

She only slept with Jack unless Ernie needed her to accompany him for business. Even then they could only fuck missionary& he could eat her but no bjs or anal. She only sexual lesbo angels relax masturbation and smalltits that with Master Jack .Jack had Ernie buy a human cage & she had slept in there a couple of times cuz she disobeyed.She had been told that soon she would be branded & her tits & nose pierced.

Karen couldnt wait, she loved being owned her Master