Sunny leone sex open bf story

Sunny leone sex open bf story
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*** This is my first story I hope you like it. I am looking for Editors to help make it and any upcoming stories more readable** My name is Richard. My girlfriend had just left me. I was pissed and decided to go out for a drive alone. Let me describe myself before I go any further.

I am 5'10", brown eyes, black hair, 185lbs toned and athletic body from years of martial arts training. My skin is firm and tan from time on California's beautiful beaches. I drove by a small hole in the wall bar and decided I needed a drink. I pulled into the parking lot parked and walked in.

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it was a tiny place the air was thick with smoke yet the place was nearly empty only 3 guys sitting at the bar. They all turned and looked at me as I entered.

I sat down a few stools over from the guys and ordered a beer. I noticed the 3 guys kept looking over at me and whispering to each other, but I didn't think anything of it at the time. I was on my 5th beer and it was starting to take its effect, before I knew it I had to piss as I got up one of the 3 followed me into the bathroom. It was at this point I really noticed him. He was about 6'0" and looked like a mountain of muscle with dark eyes and dark hair.

He stepped up to the urinal trough next to me. Out of the corner of my eye I could see him watching me. I was starting to get uncomfortable, then he pulled out a massive cock. I don't know why I looked but I could see it was huge. A bit freaked out I finished up and went back to the bar to finish my beer and get out of there. as I quickly downed my beer I saw the other 2 guys were watching and whispering to each other I didn't care I was ready to get out of there.

As I was walking to my car I started feeling really lightheaded. I didn't think I drank that much, I barely made it to my car when I started to black out. When I came to I was on a bed in a room I didn't know. I tried to get up but couldn't move.

I heard a voice say "Good he's awake" I was able to look around and saw the 3 guys from the bar. They came over to the bed and began stripping me. I wanted to fight back but I could not move. They began laughing and saying how cute I was how much fun they were going to have with me. The first guy started undressing he was another muscle bound beast.

He was tall, dark and handsome. As he dropped his pants I saw another large cock maybe 8 or 9 inches. He walks over to me his cock stiffening as he gets closer bobbing and teen girlfriends have interracia sex in a den with each step he takes.

The others begin stripping as the first man straddles my chest and starts to prods at my lips with the head of his cock. "I've been wanting fuck your mouth from the moment you walked into the bar." He says. His cock pushes its way past my lips my tongue swirls around it instinctively as I try to force it from my mouth.

This only makes it more pleasurable for him he laughs and says "oh he's a good lil cocksucker." the rest laugh with him when suddenly I feel lips wrap around my soft cock but I can't see who it is. The man in my mouth starts pumping his cock faster in and out of my mouth "MMMMMMM OH FUCK!" he grunts. I then feel a finger circling around my puckered asshole before it slowly presses its way into my ass, sliding in and out then another.

The mouth around my cock and the fingers in my ass are having an effect on me. I try to fight it but I moan around the hard dick in my mouth and my cock begins to stiffen the man sucking me obviously notices and comments to the other "Hey I think he's starting to like it!" again they all laugh.

I can't believe it but my body is betraying me and the pleasure begins to take over I start sucking the cock in my mouth harder as the fingers in my ass are removed. I feel the cock in my mouth start throb and I realize he's about to cum my fears are realized when he groans out "OH FUUUUCK I'M GONNA CUM!!" My eyes widen and I struggle to get away but he grabs my face and starts to fill my mouth with his hot cum as soon as it hit my tongue it was as if I was possessed and I greedily I swallow it all.

He finally stops cumming and pulls his softening dick from my lips. Suddenly I'm flipped over placed on my hands and knees I knew what was coming next and I didn't fight it at all I wanted it. I felt the fat head of a hard cock being pushed against my asshole I feel lube being poured down my ass crack as i can not stop to enjoy multiple orgasms french amateur head of the cock is slowly pressed into my virgin asshole I classy clothed fetish slut sucks hard cock help but let out a loud moan.

He begins sliding in and out of me slowly letting me get adjusted to his girth he wants me to enjoy it he wants me to love the feeling he's giving me and I do. He reaches around me and wraps his hand around my throbbing cock.

He strokes me in time with his thrusts in and out of my tight ass. "Ungh oh fuck I feel so full" I can't help but moan as he picks up his pace fucking me harder and harder the entire length of his cock sliding in and out as he strokes my throbbing cock.

The 3rd man finally makes his move taking his place in front of me his huge member waggling inches from my waiting mouth. I lick my lips and eagerly take him in my mouth swallowing as much of his length as I can. I suck his cock hard snaking my tongue around his shaft as the thrusting of the hard dick in my ass forces me to take him deeper. "You guys have to try him his ass is soooo tight" The man in my ass groans.

Then the one fucking my face says "He's a natural cocksucker I am gonna cum!!" He fills my mouth with cum that I swallow filling my belly with the second load of hot cum tonight.

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The man in my ass moans again "OH FUCK YESSSSS!!!" and I feel him stiffen up. His cock felt as if it was swelling even bigger as he filled my tight ass with cum collapsing on top of me as he came. It was all I could stand and I started cumming harder than I had ever cum before in my life.

I came so hard that I blacked out. When I came to this time I was dressed and back in my car in the bar parking lot. What the hell happened? Was it all a dream?