Sex private bbw com boob

Sex private bbw com boob
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It started on craigslist, as most of my sexual adventures have.

I had posted an add looking for someone to treat me like the slut I wanted to be. There were a few responses, but only one really stood out to me.

He was a 43 year old man with a picture of a nice thick black cock. My mouth was watering as I responded. Being he was downtown and i was a couple miles away, we agreed to walk towards each other and meet up. I was so excited the entire time, I couldn't stop messaging him. Asking me what he had planned, and where he was going to take me. He simply responded "Don't worry slut, you'll love it." I couldn't stop shaking.

I had walked well over half way, and was starting to get nervous. It was about 10:30 P.M. as i was nearing downtown. Being a darksome dick for white slut interracial hardcore white male, 5ft 8, 160lbs, with a big bubble butt, walking down the dimly light streets in tight yoga pants and a black lace thong, I was a bit of a target.

Nonetheless, I craved that thick black cock I saw in the pic, so I walked on.

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As I rounded a corner I spotted a tall man, about 6ft 3, 250lbs leaning on a tree smoking a blunt. "Smells great" I said to him as I walked closer, hoping. "You Jimmy?" he replied offering me a puff.

I took a long drag simply replying "Yep" and "Lets go" he said walking off.

I followed quietly as he led me along the river. I remember hoping god I hope I don't get robbed.

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We walked a couple more blocks and he led me into a kind of park in the middle of downtown, all concrete and below street level next to the river. I could smell the booze and normal signs of a makeshift homeless den, but fuck it I thought, just fuck me. He turned around and pulled me into him tight, running his hands around my back, grabbing my ass firm and squeezing through my girly yoga pants.

He kissed me deeply, our tongues darting in and out of each others mouths. Breaking our kiss, his hands down my pants, one squeezing a cheek tight, the other letting a finger caress my asshole. He said "Damn you a sexy little white slut. Your gonna love you some nigga dick." I blushed as he pushed me down to my bottom, sitting on sex priyanka chopra xxx vedios hit com of the many steps, he walked up to my face, and dropped his pants.

Now inches in front of my face hung a delicious looking black cock. He was only about 6 inches long once I had worked him hard, but oh so thick.

His big cock felt great filling my mouth, and he started to rock his hips, making me take all of his black inches. I gagged and spit on his yummy cock, savoring it for all it was worth. Then he pulled me up, yanked my pants off and laughed. "Look at this little white fag wearing him a lace thong.

I'm gonna tear that ass up and thing about your girlfriend the whole time fag." he spun me around and walked me up the steps, bending me over so my head was poking out at street level, thankfully no cars. Grabbing a handful of my hair he yanked my head back and slapped my ass hard.

"Gonna get you some big nigga dick tonight white boy" he taunted. He pulled my thong busty rachel starr is handy with a cock the side and spit on my ass rubbing it into my hole. He rubbed his head against my asshole and I started to get nervous, this was alot thicker than I had ever taken. He grunted and slipped the head in, and I went into ecstasy.

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I could no longer control myself and pushed back against him. He started pumping himself into me and my hole slowly stretched. Soon he wasn't holding back, and I swear in the quiet streets you could of heard him slapping into my ass for blocks. A few cars drove past from time to time, but I payed them no mind, I was finally getting fucked properly by a big black jolly teeny fucks oldman while decorating christmas tree, my dream.

He pulled out of me and came and sat on the third step, pulling me over to him. I faced away from him and slid his fat cock into me as I squatted down. I rode his cock as he taunted me some more "Yeah get that cock you white slut. I'm gonna let all the brothas have a turn on this ass." I didn't care, I was becoming the slut I wanted to be.

I stood up and turned around, straddling him again I lowered myself onto him, facing face to face. I rode his cock for a few more minutes and I could tell though his mocking that he was enjoying this. Then he looked down and said "Look at that lil white cock, no wonder you love taking some real nigga dick" then he flicked my little placid cock, sending me into the most intense sissygasm I've ever experienced.

My asshole clenched again and again, waves of pleasure coursing through my body causing me to shutter and shake. This got a big response out of him as he jumped up another step, grabbing me around the back, and begging to pound me with everything he had. As I opened my eyes I noticed that my head was again at street level, but now we had attracted a couple gazers.

I was so embarrassed, and couldn't do anything to hide my face, and the look of pleasure. It was then that he asked me where I wanted his cum, and the only answer that left my slutty satisfied lips was "Fill my slutty white hole with your black seed daddy."