Spicy j big ass latina teasing pussy

Spicy j big ass latina teasing pussy
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Fbailey story number 263 House Burglary I had cased that house for over a month. I knew where each of them was at any given time throughout the day.

I also knew that they would be going to Cape Cod just like they did every Memorial Day for the past several years. I knew exactly what I was looking for and the most likely place where it could be found. They had some very these two lesbos enjoy licking their cunts big tits lesbian paintings, some rare old books, some valuable stamp and coin collections. Then there was the known fact that he keeps large amounts of cash in the house.

His wife has some pretty nice jewelry too. The owner of the estate was a successful businessman, his wife was a local celebrity, and his three teenage daughters were pretty, smart, and very popular too. As I was following him home from work that day I got caught in a traffic jam caused by a fatal accident on the Interstate. I was helplessly trapped in my car for the next hour and a half.

When I finally managed to get free I cruised by his house. There was no sign of a car. I jumped to the conclusion that they had left for the Cape on time. I parked my car some way away from the house and walked back. It was a stolen car and I had worn gloves so I felt safe leaving it there.

When I got to the house I looked in the lower windows, I tried all of the doors, and I even looked in the garage. It was safe, so I went around to the back of the house and picked the lock. When I opened the backdoor I had just a matter of twenty seconds to get to a control box and shut off the burglar alarm.

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Since I did not know the code I would have to cut the right wires to silence the alarm. So I took a deep breath, opened the backdoor, and made a mad ran through the house to the front door. I pried the security box open, studied the wires for a second or two, and then I went snip, snip.

The alarm failed to sound aloud and I only had to wait a few minutes to see if some kind of a silent alarm had gone off. I was prepared to make my escape but I didn't need too, everything was quiet on the home front. I glamour college amateur fucked after oral schoolgirl and doggystyle planed on taking the most obvious things last, such as the paintings that hung on the walls. However, just in case something went terrible wrong I located her jewelry, his stamp and coin collections, and removed the rare books from the shelf.

I moved some books around to cause less suspicion. All I had to do was locate his safe and open it, take his money, and then grab the paintings on my way out.

I had found the safe hidden in the back of his closet and I was in the process of trying to open it when I heard a noise downstairs. I crept to the top of the stairs and looked down. Damn spy cam wife gives hookup amazing blowjob The three teenage daughters had come in. All I could think of was 'what to hell were they doing home.' I just watched and listened to them.

They were planning a Memorial weekend party while their parents were away. Apparently the eighteen-year-old Muffy had managed to convince her parents that she could be trusted babysitting her two younger sisters for the weekend. Babbs was the sixteen-year-old and Kandi was the youngest at fourteen years old. It was Friday evening and their party would start about four o'clock on Saturday afternoon and last until everyone left. That would give the girls most of Sunday and Monday to get things cleaned up again.

That left me plenty of time to do my thing and get to hell out of there. That little Kandi was too smart for her own good. First she noticed that the alarm box had been messed with, then she found my stash near the backdoor, and then she started to dial nine one one. I flew down those stairs, smashed her cell phone on the floor, and put a gun to her head. She screamed and then Muffy and Babbs came running to her aid.

They stopped dead in their tracks. Muffy explained to me that they had all taken classes in self-defense and in how to be a hostage.

What to fuck? Yeah they had all gone to some weekend course to prepare them for someday being kidnapped. Their mother had even gone with them. I had never heard of such a thing. Muffy asked me exactly what I wanted. When I told her what I wanted she seemed relieved that I hadn't wanted to ransom them back to their father. No, I just wanted their stuff. Kandi then told them that I had placed their mother's jewelry, their father's stamp and coin collections, and some of the rare books at the backdoor.

Surprisingly Babbs told me that I should take some of the paintings because they were worth a lot of money too. Muffy told me that her father had a safe up in his bedroom and the combination was their birthdays. She explained that she had been born on the twelfth, Babbs had been born on the thirty-first, and that Blonde eliza jane gets fucked by a spying neighbors big cock pornstars blowjob had been born on the nineteenth.

So the combination was twelve, thirty-one, nineteen. While I was wondering what to do with them Kandi said that she could tie them up if I let her get some rope. I produced a roll of Duct Tape and handed it to her. I had the two older girls place two wooden chairs back to back and sit in them. Kandi then securely taped each of their ankles to a chair leg with the tape. She had then hold hands and taped their wrists together. Then she carefully placed a small piece of tape across their mouths after they had pressed their lips together.

They really had been well trained. Kandi then handed the Duct Tape back to me and put her hands behind her back.

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I secured her wrists then had her lead me upstairs to the safe. Kandi took me right to the safe in her parent's bedroom in the back of the closet as if I hadn't yet found it. She also repeated the combination as I opened it. Then as if it were an everyday occurrence she said that I could fuck her if I wanted too. She told me that she was a virgin but that she had broken her hymen some time ago.

She said that her father keeps condoms in his nightstand so that I wouldn't leave any DNA inside her. She was way too cooperative. When I asked her why she was so cooperative she said that it had been part of the training that she and her sisters had taken. She was to cooperate fully with any demand to preserve her life. Sure that was all well and good but why was she going to let me fuck her if I hadn't asked for it in the first place.

Good question! Her answer was that she needed to practice, that a boy she really likes is coming to their party, and that he might want to fuck her. Interesting! She told me where her mother keeps her sex toys and that she keeps several restraints in their so that her husband or one of her boyfriends can tie her up and ravage her properly. She even said it with a British accent.

She knew about her mother's boyfriends.

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What to hell! I cut the tape around her wrists and released her. Kandi got the four restraints, several condoms, and a ball gag.

Then she undressed as if she were alone and getting ready for bed. I admired her young naked body. For a fourteen-year-old Kandi sure had a nice body.

She could have easily passed for an eighteen-year-old. Kandi said that her tits were 32-B, that her waist was 22, and that her hips were 34. She said that she was five feet four inches tall and that she weighed one hundred and twenty pounds. She said that according to all that she had read that she had the perfect body. She sure was perfect, with her long brown hair hanging down her back to the top of her ass crack.

She got on her parent's bed and placed her own leg restraints on and even showed me how to do it. She had me secure the other ends to the bedposts while she attached her wrist restraints. I then secured the other ends to the bedposts. She told me that if I wished to inflect pain on her that I should gag her first and then force my cock into her dry. Otherwise, she would like it if I licked her pussy for a while like Babbs does at bedtime or if I wanted to use some of the lube in a tube pretty teen in stockings dildo riding on webcam her mother's nightstand that I could.

She said that her mother uses it for anal sex. I asked Kandi how she knew so much. She said that she is very observant and that she is very sneaky too. She has watched her mother having sex with most of her boyfriends, with her husband, and with other women too. In fact her mother has had sex with all three of her daughters on many occasions.

They have mini-orgies together too. She said that her father jenna did some convincing act with officer gunn doggystyle and fantasies both of her sisters but that he thinks that she is still too young yet. Then Kandi asked me if I wanted to see his family pornography collection. Now that certainly got my attention.

She told me to go into his closet, remove everything from the floor, and lift the rug up. When I did a board came up too revealing a good size area with several metal boxes in there. One was labeled wife, one was labeled daughters, and one was labeled other. The forth box was not labeled at all. I looked in them to find pictures, underwear, DVDs, and computer discs. His wife and most of her boyfriends were in her box, the girls nude and with their father fucking them were all in their box, and his box contained him with a whole lot of other women.

That forth box however contained envelopes with names, dates, and places on the outside and nude pictures on the inside. I assumed that he was either blackmailing them or using the pictures as leverage somehow. I was certainly going to take them all. I thanked Kandi for the information. She told me which paintings were most valuable and where her father kept glamorous sex kitten flaunts huge butt and gets anal pounded newest rear books.

Again I thanked her and started to go but she stopped me. She said that I hadn't fucked her yet. I tried to tell her that I didn't want too but she told me that I had better do it. Then she closed her eyes and recited my height, weight, features, and exactly what I was wearing.

Then she opened her eyes, smiled at me, and repeated that I had better fuck her. Man I just wanted to punch her right in the face and rape her. However I took my clothes off, slipped a condom on, and knelt between her legs. Kandi cautioned me that I could leave DNA on her if I licked her. As much as I wanted to lick her pussy I just opened it up and looked in. I had never seen a virgin pussy before but it looked just like all of the other pussies that I had seen.

I grabbed the tube of lube, squirted some in her, and then I slipped my condom-covered cock in. She was not at all surprised by the intrusion. She had put several dildos in that hole before I got there. So anyway I just started fucking into her.

She gave me encouragement, told me what she liked, and what she disliked. She liked her breasts played with and her nipples sucked but she didn't like them pinched and twisted. She liked it when her mother ate her out but not when her father bit her outer pussy lips. She didn't like it when he spanked her hard, gave her hickeys on her breasts, and inflected pain.

Her father was a sadist. I started fucking her to give her some pleasure. It was the least that I could do for her. She had been more than good to me. This heist would bring me double or triple what I had originally anticipated. I made Kandi shutter with an orgasm. It was her first cock induced orgasm and she said it had been the best yet.

I believed her. When I cum Kandi told me to be sure to take the condom with me so that nothing was left behind. I shoved one of her mother's biggest dildos in her pussy and placed a ball gag in her mouth after kissing her.

I moved the stuff down to the backdoor, found the new rare books that had been purchased, and took the paintings. Once everything was in position I went back in to where the older girls were. I told them that I had found their father's stash of porn and that I had pictures of them naked being fucked by their own father, making love to one another, and several DVDs, computer discs, and even their used panties.

Then I told them that if they gave my description to the police that I would make them famous. They understood what I was implying. I took the girl's car, filled it, and then went back upstairs to Kandi. I released her ball gag, released one of her arms, and then I kissed her again. I thanked her for all of her help and her virginity. She told me to come back and fuck her any time that I wanted too. Then I left.

The End House Burglary 263