Cute hot byutiful girl ki xxx sex stories story

Cute hot byutiful girl ki xxx sex stories story
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NOTE TO READER: Drawing of these and all my previous stories can be found on the Sex Stories forum here. Please feel free to view and comment. 26. VIRGIN CONCEPTION (2013) Name: Y.J.Y. Age: 18 Cause of Death: Blood loss from incision on abdomen. Severe damage to internal organs.

Other Injuries: Slight chloroform burns on lips and nose. Time between death and delivery to mortician: 13hrs Notes: This young woman was the victim of a violent but somewhat sexy occult ritual.

Your belly was cut Impregnated with a goat I impregnate you In all my years as a mortician, I have only come across one incident of an occult killing. This particular case was noteworthy for two things. First, the victim was a lovely young lady. Secondly, the nature of the killing was really bizarre. Her killer chloroformed her and proceeded to try to fulfil a 'prophecy' which was found written in the woman's blood at the scene of the crime. "In the year of their lord two thousand one three, When the belly of the young virgin swells with the child of the Beast, Your seed shall find her yielding flesh, And the Master shall be free." He cut open her abdomen and stuffed ('belly of the young virgin swells') a goat fetus ('child of the Beast') inside.

He then sewed shut the incison and had sex with the woman ('your seed shall find her yielding flesh'), who have by now died from blood loss. He then dressed her back up and put make up on her to make her look more suitable as a partner for the Master. (Apparently, the prophecy was false because the 'Master' doesn't seemed to be freed yet.) When I received her body, she was clad in a light blue bra and bloodstained pink panties.

the coroner had already removed the goat fetus and sewed her back up. The long scar across her belly stood out starkly against her fair skin. I though it looked sexy. Especially with the hot looking make up her killer had applied onto her stunningly beautiful face which even death failed to dimninish.

It looked like another of the Kosmetics Killer's victim but the modus operandi was different so the police an intense anal penetration with silvia saige perfect asshole not suspect him this time. I gave her a long French kiss on her red lips while fondling her shapely breasts and running my fingers down the long row of stitches cutting across her smooth, soft and pale belly.

Some blood was still oozing from the wound and I licked some of it from my fingers. It tasted really sweet.

I held up her limp body and undid her bra, causing her perky breasts to pop free at me seductively. I then tore off her pair of blood stained panties and used a hose to wash her violated vagina clean of her killer and rapist's semen.

Next, I proceeded to have some hot sex with the nubile and shapely corpse of my latest customer, thrusting into her bloody vagina savagely. As I repeatedly pushed down on her body, more blood leaked from the slit in her belly, lubricating our bodies. I stroked her face and hair and flicked her tongue around her mouth with mine, savouring the taste of her saliva. I inserted my throbbing penis into her inviting mouth and shot off a load of cum down her throat which bulged sexily as she swallowed unconsciously.

Finally, I shot off my last dose of semen at her belly wound, letting it drip into her body, bonding us in a way that no other corpse had done. It was one of the best experiences I had. I collapsed in exhaustion on top of her cold but yielding body and fell asleep, enjoying the fragrant smell of her hair. I beautiful slave gets oral and fuck training up an hour later and proceeded with my work.

I gave her a good, long wash, taking extra care to wash her mouth and vagina of all my fluids. I carefully cleaned off all traces of the makeup applied by her killer. I then towelled her body dry gently, copping a feel or ten as I was doing so. Next, I took out the clothing bag her family had delivered to me and dressed her up in virgin white bra and panties.

I dressed her in a lovely pink dress which showed off her long shapely legs and helped her put on a pair of strapped sandals. Finally, I styled her hair and applied some light make up of my own. Light purple eye shadow, blusher and a layer of pink lipstick.

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With her belly wound all covered up and no other visible injury, she looked better than she was alive if I might say so myself. 27. CONCRETE LOVE (2013) Name: L.J.T. Age: 21 Cause of Death: Asphyxiation due to strangulation. Other Injuries: Contusion on back of head caused by blunt object. Time between death and delivery to mortician: 32hrs Notes: This young woman was yet another victim of the Kosmetics Killer.

This time, the killer tried something different after he was through with her corpse… Young and so lovely Unconsciously killed and raped 'Pregnant' in concrete The Kosmetics Killer didn't strike again for a few months after the Xmas Killing nearly 6 months ago.

The police was still hunting for him when he struck again but this time it was in a neighbouring country.

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Apparently, the Kosmetics Killer had made his way across the border. The victim was a 21 year old woman who had travelled there on a day trip with her friends but went missing halfway through the trip.

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The police from both countries could not find her for 2 days but on the third day, someone found his dog barking at a slab of newly laid concrete on the floor next to an abandoned farmhouse.

He noticed a foul smell coming from it and called the police. They soon unearthed the corpse of the missing woman buried in the concrete. She had started to decompose but the police could tell that she had been strangled, raped and then made up and dressed up in another set of clothes. They knew it had to be the Kosmetics Killer. What I know is that her hot party sluts are looking for dicks decided to send her corpse to me to prepare for her open casket funeral.

It was going to be a challenge given her not being fresh anymore but I would not pass up this challenge. Besides, she looked really pretty from the photographs in the newspapers.

I went to her corpse the moment she arrived at the mortuary. There was a sickly sweet smell which I savoured the moment I walked into the preparation room. I pulled back the sheet covering the dead woman and realized how lucky I was not to have refused this case.

Decomposition had done nothing to her except to enhance her beauty. Her skin color might have turned greenish but it gave her a uniquely attractive appearance. Her face did not bloat or swell fortunately, probably due to the cement somehow preserving her beautiful features. Her neck bore the traces of a reddish blue strangulation mark. The most arousing part of her body was that her abdomen was severely bloated from decomposing gases in her body and she looked pregnant and ripe in her sexy pink top and light blue tights.

It sure looked as if she was expecting her killer's child, a thought which caused me much pleasure as I imagine impregnating her again with my sperm. Streaks of dried cement also covered various parts of her body, giving her a dirty, helpless and vulnerable appearance, adding to her allure. I started by kissing her on her lips, still lightly colored by the Kosmetics Killer's lipstick, and stroking her breasts and bloated belly.

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I gave her belly a gentle puch and was rewarded by a sexy sounding belch and a whiff of decomposing gases which erupted from her mouth into mine. This turned me on even more and I held up her limp body and ripped off her top, biting and sucking on her slightly rotting breasts. I then pulled off her tights. I realized that she was neither wearing a bra nor panties. Her killer must have taken them for a souvenir or maybe the police had kept them as evidence.

Either way, her full naked beauty was revealed to me. Marbling of her veins made them stand out in contrast to her skin. She looked alienyet very attractive. In the past, I might have hesitated but then given that I already have AIDS, I stripped and plunged into her without consideration of germs and infections I might get from this dead beauty.

Riding his cock in cowgirl and pleasing thrusting actions pressed down hard onto her distended belly and dark, slimy fluid spurted out sexily from her mouth and nose in a smelly but sexy fountain of gore.

More slimy fluid was pushed out from her vagina, lubricating it wonderfully.

This went on for the next one hour as her violated body was violated again by me. I licked, kissed, sucked and massaged her all over her body, hoping that I have given her as much pleasure as she has given me. I ended my pleasure the usual way by inserting my penis between her renae cruz fucking hot with bonus blowbang lips and shooting off into her wet and inviting mouth.

I was so exhausted I fell asleep next to her for an hour before waking up and starting work. She was a real challenge as I had to cover up all traces of decomposition in her. Fortunately, our sex had forced out fluids and gases from her stomach so her belly looked flat and trim once more, albeit with some stretch marks. In case someone come along, I first washed off all traces of blood, semen, cement, my semen and assorted corpse juices from her body.

I noticed that bloody fluid was still oozing out from her mouth, belly button and vagina so I washed them again. Her belly button had become an outie due to all the bloating and I lovingly and patiently cleaned and washed off all the lint in it with a cotton bud.

I then did the basic draining of body fluids and injection of formaldehyde with a trocar. When that was done, I gave her a final shower and towelled her dry.

I then applied a thick layer of foundation and powder on her body to give her a lifelike complexion. It was difficult but possible with my years of experience. The only blemish that remained was her strangulation mark, which was too discoloured to cover properly so a faint bluish line can still be seen around her now fair and slender neck.

I then helped her put on a pair of strapless bra and panties before dressing her up in a sleeveless tank top and jeans. Finally, I applied some light makeup on her face. It was nothing like the quantity the Kosmetics Killer normally used but I thought it made her look really lovely all the same.

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Finally, I combed and styled her hair and put on her pair of glasses. Now, she looked sweet and pretty, all ready for her final viewing.