Alan got lucky thave drunk and sexy chick in his bedroom

Alan got lucky thave drunk and sexy chick in his bedroom
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I will never forget those words my mom said to me, big black cock for a brunette stunner was only 8 when she looked me in the eyes and said "never trust aunt Angie, ok?" It was the first time she spoke to me like an adult.

That moment played in my head today, 13 years later When i found a secret folder on our home computer. Now just to make it clear, aunt Angie is a very nice person, she always smiles and gives me long loving hugs when i see her, my mom has a complicated relationship with her, but they are as close as sisters can be. "Never trust aunt Angie" i kept thinking As i examined the biggest collection of porn I've ever seen, it has to be Aunt Angie's. My aunt has been staying with us for a year now, it's not a big house, but being just the three of us is usually ok.

When my sister comes home from college things get a bit less comfortable, but she rarely does.

I've never really thought about aunt Angie in a sexual way, i mean she's my aunt. She is beautiful and sexy i guess. But still, my aunt. But looking in that folder really got me thinking about it, about her watching it, touching herself, looking for just the right video to finish with. I closed it and went straight to my room, i undid my pants and thought about my aunt watching her porn, I didn't need to actually watch it, all I needed was to know it exists.

I guess i did manage to fall asleep eventually, I've been thinking all night about a plan, about being this strong clever guy that had something on her, and now she has to do what i say, or else. Well the reality is that i will never do it, i wont blackmail my aunt for sex, I won't sleep with my aunt. All of that stuff is just wrong and sick, my mind goes to such sick places, i wish tiffany doll dani daniels orgy and dps for these young rich girls fullhd please comment could just stop thinking about it, now i was mad at her for being so sloppy I mean can't you put a password or hide it better or just call the folder "boring work stuff" (it's not the best plan but it's something!) I walked to the kitchen sleepy and grumpy, she was sitting there, fully dressed and ready for work "That's a surprise" she said "What are you doing up before 2?" Aunt Angie had been teasing me about not having a job for a while now, I absolutely hate it (So i don't have a job, I'm young and i need to find out what i want to do with my life, don't judge me) I was going to get angry but as i looked at her all i could see was her sitting in front of the computer, watching her porn.

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My cock started growing slowly in my pants, i think i was blushing but I'm not sure. "Oh you know I'm just teasing sweetie, I'm just worried about you sometimes that's all I keep telling your mom, you treat him like a baby and he'll never grow up" Now would be a good time to mention I HATED AUNT ANGIE I would never tell that to her or to blade nikal gaye dalte hi mom But i just hate it when she thinks she knows everything, and i hated her stupid brown hair and her stupid sweet coconut small and her stupid big breast and her big round ass.

Suddenly i froze, I just looked at her and I knew in my heart *I am going to fuck Aunt Angie* I guess she kept talking all this time, when she was done, i just looked at her, then i stepped forward and said "have a great day at work" i hugged her like I always do, but this time i stayed in the hug longer, Feeling her close to me for an extra few seconds. She looked at me for a second after letting go, She grabbed my cheeks with one hand and squeezed them "you are so cute!" She said in a baby voice It made me so mad She always makes me feel so small She already opened the door capri dawn getting big cock in her pussy and cum on her heine i finally said "Angie, come back" She looked back "yeah honey?" I swallowed and tried to sound braver then i was "I know about all your porn" This was the longest few seconds of my life, i regretted every life decision that led me to this moment, After the eternity that was 10 seconds she closed the door slowly and turned around "" She said carefully "So." I was blowing it Shit, so what.what do i say to that "So i.i will-" "You are just a kid aren't you?

You were going to tell on me to your mom" she laughed and i felt like the smallest creature in the world She kept laughing as she opened the door to leave I don't know what came over me, but I didn't feel small anymore Just angry I was behind her in a second, my hand slammed the door hard She looked at me, scared for a second Then back to her regular grin She just looked at me "If you don't want your little secret to be out the next time you open your mouth it better close around my cock" Wtf was i saying?!

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What's wrong with me? We stared at each other for a full minute and then it happened. I saw defeat in her eyes, she got on her knees slowly, still making eye contact with me, she unzipped my pants and took my cock out. What the fuck am i doing?! I tried to remember what happened in the last 10 minutes that led to this but i couldn't focus right now, She held my cock in her hand and looked at it for a while She moved her hand slowly and then came closer She opened her beautiful mouth and closed it around my fully erect cock I felt so powerful as she sucked my cock She was mine Suddenly she stopped and looked up at me "I have to go to work" she said, almost begging "You are not going to work today" i said firmly She seemed like she was getting angry for a second.but then she calmed down and said "can i at least call in sick?" "Only if you'd be a good girl" i said "Will you be a good girl?" I pushed "Yes" she mumbled "I grabbed her cheeks with my hand roughly and repeated "will you be a good girl?" "Yes.sir" she said looking in my eyes Sir.

I didn't see that one coming, but I loved it. "Get up, go to the living room, bend over on the couch and wait for me" I kept waiting for her to tell me to go fuck myself, I mean it's just a bunch of porn, what's the big deal But she didn't, she got up and went there I waited a few minutes and then followed, she was there Ass up, head down on the sofa I walked in closer slowly Moved my hand on her back Then i positioned myself behind her, took off her pants slowly, she didn't move I saw her beautiful ass, i slid her underwear to the side and pushed my dick inside if her slowly She couldn't stop a big surprised moan, she quickly moved her hands to cover her mouth I slapped her ass hard "Did I tell you to stop moaning?" She screamed in pain and said "no sir" "Keep your hands down, i wanna hear you" I started fucking her She moaned and screamed, i pulled her hair and slapped her ass when i felt like it.

She was mine. I was fucking her, losing myself in the amazing feeling of power Enjoying her screams I held her hips tight and moved faster I felt her body start shaking "I'm going to cummmm" she said I pulled her hair and shouted "Not yet!" I slapped her ass hard She screamed "Please please i want to cum, Please sir let me cum I've been good I've been a good girl" I kept fucking her fast, ignoring her begging.

"PLEASE LET ME CUM SIR" I leaned in and whispered "you can cum" After a quick second she let out a huge moan Then she screamed with her beautiful voice She kept going for more then a minute Yelling and screaming and moaning. She fell down on the sofa after she finished, Turned around slowly, her legs spread, she looked so tired "Ok" she said "That wasn't all bad" I just stood there above her "Did I say we are done?" For a brief second, I could see a small spark of excitement in her eyes But then she looked tired again "I can't, i cant keep going" she said "Start touching yourself, now" i was firm She started touching her breasts Squeezing them, her gaze never left mine She sent one hand down to her beautiful pussy that was red and sore She rubbed her clit softly I looked at her touching herself, our eyes still cum on ass part 5 started rubbing my cock We picked up the speed without talking We did it fast and strong now Then i saw in her eyes she was ready I let myself cum I came all over her body, she came immediately It felt amazing, we both xxx story kp mom and son as we came together.

Our eyes were still locked for a while after I was looking down at my cum filled aunt What have i done? I just blackmailed my aunt into sex I'm a terrible person Aunt Angie got up and stood in front of me Something was off, she wasn't weak anymore She had confident She held my dick and closed her hand tight "Well i hope you had your fun Because from now on, you are mine" I was so confused "Shut up" i desperately tried to get my power back She just grabbed my cheeks with one hand and squeezed them "You are so cute, but what do you think your mom will say when she hear what you did to me?" I felt like such an idiot What was her plan?

What will she make me do? And thats when i finally understood Never trust Aunt Angie She always wins