Hot ass blonde teen babe azalea stone interracial sex

Hot ass blonde teen babe azalea stone interracial sex
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Two years after meeting Barbara M., I was introduced to a good friend of hers. My massages had not progressed beyond massage.

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All my work was above the board and by the book. It wasn't until later that things changed. Marilyn was another recommendation from Barbara. Marilyn was a hair stylist at the salon where Barb visited frequently. Marilyn was also a close friend too. They shared many secrets about their personal lives. Marilyn was a few years older than Barb and kept in pretty good shape.

A few extra pounds but still very attractive.

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The years working on her feet have been catching up to her and she seemed to be getting a lot more tired standing all day. Not like it used to be in her youth. So one day Barb suggested a massage. Marilyn wasn't to keen on the idea. She had that true red head fair and sensitive skin. Sometimes when people would touch her, she would shy away because feel like some one touching a sunburn. She didn't know what to expect and was modest about getting undressed and lying on a massage table in front of a stranger.

It had been a few years since Bob, her fianc?had broken off their relationship. She hadn't been with any other men since and felt uncomfortable about being naked in front of others. She had an inferiority complex about her body, not that she was over weight. She was thinner than most people. She was about 5' 9'' and weighed about 165 pounds.

That is not fat; that's perfect. Marilyn was concerned about herself because she was covered with freckles. She looked at this as a sign of frightfulness. I have a weakness for red haired women and saw nothing but poor teen marsha may slapped on her ass and pounded hard deepthroat slapping. Seeing them up close causes my groin to stir; perhaps from memories of Autumn, an earlier red haired client.

Marilyn was also a true red head. Barb gave her my phone number and told her to call me for an appointment. She told Marilyn that she had been coming to me for a couple of years now. "Pete takes care of all my aches and pains and I'm sure he could do the same for you." A week or so later I was giving Barb her monthly massage and she mention that she gave my number to Marilyn.

Barb gave me some background about Marilyn just in case she might call so I would know who it was. "Marilyn is one of my best friends and I want you to treat her the same way you've treated me. I told her how gentle you are, because she mentioned she has very sensitive skin. " The next day I got a call. It was Marilyn. She explained that one of her clients gave my number to her and said she would like to make an appointment for a massage.

She explained how her feet and legs felt very heavy at the end of the day and was wondering if a massage would help. I told her certainly. It was quite warm and humid for an early June day. When Marilyn came over I explained what massage was about and told her to undress to where she felt comfortable; this being a first massage and her being somewhat shy about her body. When I came back into the room, Marilyn was laying face down under the sheet. I turned the sheet down to start her back as I usually do.

A good lusty delight with wild playgirl homemade and hardcore massage always eases tensions very quickly and helps a person to relax much faster. As I pulled the sheet down to her lower back, I noticed that she felt more comfortable with everything off except her light green silk panties.

While I was doing her back, she mentioned, "Barbara had told me that basically you would massage anything that wasn't covered with clothes and that a full body massage was much better than just having my feet and legs done. After all everything is connected, right? Marilyn's skin was very sensitive. She didn't mind the pressure on her feet and legs, because they needed it.

From standing all day at work, the added pressure would help with the circulation; she enjoyed every bit of it. Every where else Marilyn wanted very light feathery, tickling strokes. It reminded her of when she was little. Her brother and she would play tickle. It appeared to me that as Marilyn had gotten older she used this tickling on herself. It seemed to have a very soothing and relaxing effect on her.

I'm not sure if she realized it. To her it just felt good, peaceful and put her in a relaxed mood. So I continued with this 'spider and butterfly ' I called it, massage tickling. She was pleasantly oohing and aahing and even rocking herself a bit. I could see she was truly enjoying this. This was more like a massage I would do during a cooling down period, but she wanted most of the massage that way.

Before I finished she even dozed off for mature legs feet and stockings fetish video few minutes.

She felt very much at ease. She said, "My feet and legs feel much better and I have this warm tingly feeling all over. I'm so glad Barb talked me into coming here." I thanked her for coming and told her I was glad I could help .

A couple of weeks later Barb was back for some new experiences. And shortly thereafter Marilyn had returned for additional treatment. I could see a pattern generating here. I could only hope that it would continue. Well, this has been going on ever since Marilyn came back for her second massage. And, here we go again, she started talking about all the massages I've given people, and mentioned one in particular. Yes, she wanted a massage just like the last one that Barbara had.

This was the beginning where it all started. All the wet and slippery details began after knowing Marilyn for about a year. This year passed quickly since Marilyn's first massage. She'd become a regular client and enjoyed every session. It was the end of June and Marilyn was coming in for her massage. Her appointment was on another very hot day. She seemed to have lost almost all of her modesty from her first visit.

She and Barbara had been talking and comparing notes about each others massages throughout the past year. Apparently Barbara had told Marilyn that she had her first orgasm sunny leone romance boy with boobs her last massage and told Marilyn that it was beautiful and the best massage she ever had.

Well, needless to say, Marilyn had to get one of those. I suspected Marilyn was the instigator and put thoughts of erotic massage into Barbara's mind. With her fed up feelings about Jim and her sex life at home, it wouldn't have taken much too coax Barb over the edge and go for the gusto. It was Marilyn who had gotten Barb hooked on a life time of my special massages, and I promised myself that I would have to repay Marilyn for helping me develop my new direction in massage treatments.

Today was the day for repayment. Marilyn showed up for her massage. The first thing she said after a hello was, "Pete I want the same kind of massage you gave Barbara.

Barb told me she felt like she was in Heaven and told me she thinks she had a mild orgasm." "I think she was just pulling your leg, Marilyn. How can anyone have an orgasm from a massage? Everybody reacts differently to a massage and it's different each time. I will try to give you the same kind of a massage, but you be sure to tell me if it's too much for you or if jocky joy and bbc men sex doesn't feel good." Marilyn replied, "If it doesn't hurt and feels soothing and nice I want you to continue until I say stop." I told her O.K.

and get undressed to your comfortable level and I'll be right back with some new conditioner and oils if you prefer, but I think you'll like the conditioner on a hot day like today. It's much slipperier and will cool you off more than oils. From what Marilyn had just told me, I anticipated she may want a lot more than her usual massage. I didn't say anything at that moment, but when I went to get some warm lotions and potions I had sitting in the sunlight, I also grabbed a large squeeze bottle of personal lubricant, Astroglide.

Today might require something a bit more slippery for those hard to get at areas needing relief. Marilyn hadn't been with any men for several years and just the fact that she was talking about orgasms and massage.

I felt now would be the best time fulfill my promise to repay her for her contribution of Barb's sexual awakening. I came back into my massage room and Marilyn was ready. Her comfort level today was total nakedness. I guess Barbara had done some serious detailed talking about her erotic massage. Marilyn wanted to experience it too. I began her massage same as last with very light strokes. Working on her feet and legs and lightly going up her inner thighs, as I was approaching maximum legal closeness to her vulva, she almost as if anticipating something more than last week, spread her legs apart to expose her vulva.

I obliged and continued from her thighs with the same light tickling strokes began on each side of her labia. She didn't say 'ow', only a long low 'oooh', so I continued for several minutes before stopping. Her other leg was silently waiting its turn. With her legs spread even a bit wider while I worked up her thigh, I noticed now while pulling up and outward on her inner thigh her lips would also separate slightly exposing her wetness and her now aroused little clit. More tickling and light strokes along her excited vulva added to her pleasure.

Today her buttocks were also available for massage, so I began a light fingertip massage on them. I thought now would be the right time to squeeze out a few drops of warm Astroglide on her butt and allowed it to ooze between her cheeks and down onto her vulva. I think Barbara received this same treatment.

While rocking her sideways with a little extra pressure on her lower back, it accelerated the warm lubricant to drool further between her legs. The more I rocked her from side to side, the more lubricant to work its way between her lips.

A little extra lubricant could never hurt. As I hoped the lube did its job. It got between her lips and drooled down to her clitoris causing extra slipperiness between her lips, clit, and the massage table. Her clitoris was also getting some extra stimulation, slipping in and out of its thin hood, from the rocking motion. Marilyn's legs were still spread from the thigh massage and after her lower back and butt massage I could now see that she was adding more of her own wetness which had drooled down to her even more swollen clitoris.

I stopped, but Marilyn continued to rock herself for several additional seconds savoring that warm feeling between her lips. Marilyn was coming along just fine.

I think she actually did have a little climax during this; I felt her give a few twitches but couldn't tell for sure. I asked her to turn over on her back.

Slowly or maybe reluctantly she turned over still enjoying that warm feeling. Her modesty now gone forever, I asked her, "How was your massage so far?" She answered," It felt great so far, but I think I need some more. Keep doing what you're doing." I told her, "I will, and don't forget to tell me if it's too much." "So far it's more than I expected, but please continue.

It feels so nice." So I began on her hands and arms and then to her shoulders with a very light and soothing strokes. Marilyn's nipples were starting to peak in anticipation of where my hands would be next. Not being one to disappoint a client, I accommodated her thoughts by instituting a thorough and stimulating breast massage.

With clockwise and counterclockwise maneuvers around her right breast, my fingers gradually worked up the now stiff nipple. Between my thumbs and forefingers, I grasped at the base of her excited nipple and gently pulled my fingers across her puckered areola, like drawing mini spokes on a wheel and then returning to her nipple and ever so gently tugging off with both well lubricated thumbs and forefingers.

Her left breast received a duplicate treatment. Marilyn moaned with pleasure as my hands departed from her little stiff peaks. Her hips were moving from side to side as she waited for my hands to move down her tummy. I never met a woman who loved a breast and nipple massage as much as Marilyn. From her moaning and raspy breathing I knew she had another small climax. I granted her silent wish and slid my hands to her abdomen, pausing to tickle every freckle along the way, and stopping at the top of her slit; close enough to give her something to think about, but only enough to give a little tingling sensation on her clitoris; not that she needed it but it was just insurance to hold her excitement at a peak while I took a short recess.

Any more direct stimulation now would be too much too soon and Marilyn might reach her point of no return. It was too soon for that. Marilyn continued letting out a little oh that feels so nice sigh so I figured a few more gliding strokes of concentrating her sexual energy down to her mound and further to her moistness.

This brought things to another level. She had created a small wet spot from her breast manipulations and was already beginning to shake in anticipation of being vigorously massaged between her lips.

Marilyn had her eyes closed as she caught herself reaching to touch her pussy. She brushed her left hand lightly over her mound then quickly brought both hands to her breasts.

She wanted to go for the big release. She was excited but held off to allow me to finish her treatment. We both needed a slight pause for a minute; just to keep the anticipation level active.

Anticipation makes a good massage feel that much better. She was feeling totally aroused in anticipation of what's next. It seems Marilyn has gone through several peaks and valleys already. She was ready for some serious massage teen in knee high socks fucked by throbbing black cock. So I returned to the feet and legs.

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This time I thought of some thing a little different. Lifting her leg so her knee was up I told her because the table was getting hot I would be able to do the front and also the back again to cool her legs off. She thought that was also a good idea.

It worked but it also allowed the inner thigh stroke to come down against the side of her labia and clitoris for a nice shiatsu massage. This got a few moans and a comment that it felt extremely good. I told her if she liked it, I'd do the same on the other side when I got to it. By the time I got to the other side, I could see her lips were engorged again and besides the excited clitoris, there was a lot more of her lubricant adding to the mix.

I asked her again if she thought this is what Barbara had experienced, and she said, "Yes, but I think Barbara got more of a release." I said, "I'm not done yet, but if you also want more release, let me continue and then I'll ask if Barbara explained it like this." I continued placing left hand resting on her mound and fingers spreading her swollen lips, I started pouring a large amount of warmed personal lubricant on the back of my hand and allowed it to seep between my fingers over her clit and between her lips.

Then grasping her lips with my lubricated right hand I began pulling her lips from her vagina to her clitoris and back again several times. Then with the same grip I would glide my fingers up and down her inner engorged lips while massaging her pulsing clitoris slowly with my left hand. She was so fucking slippery. Repeating the same procedure on the other side, I could see Marilyn was close. She put her hands on her tummy and began pushing down; pushing at the roots of her clitoris deep inside her tummy.

I knew what was coming, Marilyn was. I continued slowly massaging her clitoris with circular motion then side to side amorous and explicit three some momsandteens threesome up and down. I moved off and began massaging her lips again with my right hand, my left moved back up to her swollen nipples for light pinching and pulling. Marilyn twitched and bucked her hips up and down.

Marilyn's breathing was becoming irregular; she would take deeper breaths and hold it. She brought her hands off her abdomen and began to reach slowly between her legs to manipulate herself. "God I'm so fucking wet," she said.

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She was building up a pretty good size thrill ride. I took her hands away and told her to continue breathing normal. She tried, but four breaths later she took a deep breath and held it again.

I knew she couldn't hold it so I immediately went back to her clitoris and helped her along with some faster strokes to give her some release. She started to big ass aj applegate sucking on a juicy black interracial and pornstars, her legs came back together, her hips lifted off the table her fingers digging deeper into her tummy just above her mound.

A genuine toe curling bomb was about to explode. Marilyn didn't know it, but she was an ejaculator. She let her breath out and began rapid breathing almost panting. Her vagina was in spasms; her urethra still drooling ejaculate onto my table. I now could see that I had done a good job on her. She got what she came for. Marilyn blew her whole load. She said. This is what Barbara must have meant." I said to myself, "Yeah, this was what she meant!" Now Marilyn could compare notes again with Barb.

Marilyn hadn't found out that there was more to this massage if what I had done so far didn't work. She was very satisfied with what she received. We'll just have to save the rest for a future massage.

I heard from Barb a week or so later when she was due for her next massage and she hinted that she had talked to her friend Marilyn since she had her last massage. "Hmm.yes Barb wanted me to tell." It almost seems now like they were having a contest as to who got the better massage. I told Barb that when she came over for her treatment I might discuss it with her.

As you might suspect, as time went on, both Barb's and Marilyn's treatments became more involved. This is just the beginning of how it all started. I managed to get more involved as more intense treatments were called for.

You may have read some of Barb's adventures, so my next story will give more time to some of Marilyn's sessions. I recall a certain memorable experience one Sunday afternoon during a house call at Marilyn's apartment.

Let me know if you enjoy reading about the erotic adventures of a horny massage specialist.

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