Amateur euro pickedup for public car blowjob

Amateur euro pickedup for public car blowjob
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Fbailey story number 461 Fantasy Fest 2009 With Friends October 23 to November 1 was this year's Fantasy Fest 2009 in Key West, Florida.

This year's theme was "Villains, Vixens, and Vampires." My wife and I had been talking about going to Fantasy Fest for a couple of years and we talked another couple into going with us.

At two hundred dollars a night for a room we decided to split it two ways.

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We also decided to take two weeks vacation and do it up right. Flights, motel, and meals would cost considerably but it was a once in a lifetime kind of thing to do…like going to Hawaii or taking a ten-day cruise in the Caribbean. Paul and Paula were just as excited as we were.

The non-refundable flights and motels were booked and paid for. The girls ordered the sexiest bikinis that they could find on the Internet. They ordered strange pasties to cover their nipples just in case they needed to be covered. They checked out all of the body paintings that they could find and made copies to show the artist when we got there. Everything was all set…then two days before we were to leave, Paul's boss was killed in an automobile crash, Paul was immediately promoted, and then he was sent to Seattle, Washington to put on a big presentation.

That presentation would double the company that he worked for and assure everyone that their job would be safe in an unsteady economy, they would also hire more employees. Needless to say he could not go with us. With non-refundable arrangements Paula invited another friend to go with her. That friend was someone that my wife and I had never met before, but an old friend of Paula's.

So the night before we took off we met Helen. She was pretty and she and Paula had gone to college together. They had been roommates for the last two years and friends ever since. They were black sista phone sex while enjoying glory hole blowjob thirty-five years old while my wife was forty-five and I was fifty years old. My wife is a good looking woman and had a great body…however, the other two women made her look just plain old normal.

As it turned out all three women wore a 36-C bra and basically could share each other's clothing. That was great but from what I had seen in the pictures off the Internet all they needed was a few bikini bottoms and some finger paint. Helen said that she was comfortable going topless or even nude because she had been to a few nudist resorts and nude beaches over the last few years.

Paula said that she had gone to a few nude beaches too but was a little apprehensive about the whole thing. She was excited and looking forward to it but just a little scared too. It was Helen that said that the three of them should get naked in front of me and spend the evening like that.

We were going to leave early in the morning and their suitcases were with them anyway so there was no need to go anywhere…clothing was definitely optional. Helen was naked first, followed by my wife, and eventually Paula. Paula blushed when she was naked and said to me, "I'm nervous to be around you naked." I asked, "Why?" Helen laughed and said, "Because she's in love with you, stupid." Paula hit Helen in the shoulder and said, "Shut to fuck up, bitch." Helen laughed again and said, "See!

I told you that she is in love with you. She likes older men. I bet her pussy is wet. Look there's cum on her thighs." Paula blushed bright red all over, spread her legs wide, and looked at her thighs.

They really were wet from her juices but what I noticed was the size of her pussy, it was huge. Paula had the biggest pussy that I had ever seen. I didn't think that my hand would cover it. Her mound was large and her outer lips were really puffy but wide open so that I could see inside. Her inner lips were very long and her pink insides were exposed clearly. There was no pubic hair and no stubble either. Helen said, "Look Paula he can't keep his eyes off your pussy.

I think he loves you too." My wife replied, "He has always been in love with her but Paul is his best friend and he would never admit it." I just knelt down before Paula and leaned in to kiss her pussy.

Paula leaned back giving me even more access. I didn't need to use my fingers at all because she just opened up like a blooming flower.

My nose, mouth, and chin slipped into her folds. Her clit was great to wrap my lips around and suck as she moaned in pleasure. In just a few moments she was cumming down my chin because I couldn't slurp it up fast enough. She cried out, she clutched my head to her crotch, and she said, "Oh God, Paul never does that to me." My wife said, "Hold on Paula, he's just getting started." Helen said, "I can see that this is going to be a great vacation." I feasted on Paula's Pussy until she begged me to stop and fuck her.

I looked at my wife and she just smiled. Helen told me to go for it. With all four of us in agreement I slipped gorges burnett teen is pleased by her bf hardcore and anal cock into her. As big as her pussy was I could feel her muscles gripping my cock like a virgin.

She had a very talented pussy. Fucking her was a pleasure. No offence to my wife but Paula was my perfect woman. As I fucked into her I noticed that her breasts hardly shook at all, they were that firm.

I lasted longer than I thought I would but as they say all good things must come to an end and we climaxed together. Her orgasm was tremendous and caused her to shimmy and shake for a full minute and a half before she smiled and kissed me.

Paula said, "That felt incredible. You gave me the best orgasm that I have ever had." My wife said, "I told you so." I looked at my wife and she said, "What! I told her that you were the best lover that I had ever had." Helen said, "Now that her husband won't get in the way you two can spend two weeks together." I asked my wife, "What about you?

Are you okay with this?" My wife smiled kinky girls poke the biggest strapons and spray jism all around said, "I get Helen you goofball. You know I like girls.

Well so does Helen. You can have Paula. Fuck her all you want. You obviously aren't going to wear that hole out. God knows that I've tried." I had to smile, then I kissed Paula again and said, "How do you feel about all of this?" Paula said, "Now that I know you like my big pussy I like it just fine." I said, "I love your big pussy." My wife and Helen said in unison, "I love your big pussy too." Then they laughed.

It seems that we all love her big pussy and have made love to it too. Our American Airlines flight from New York City to Miami, Florida took about three hours and fifteen minutes to go about eleven hundred miles. The three women joined the Mile High Club with me, thanks to a very understanding Flight Attendant.

She knew that I was traveling with three women, she knew that we were headed to Fantasy Fest, and she knew that we wanted to join the Mile High Club together because Helen told her so when we boarded. Our Flight Attendant then made sure that we had the opportunity to use their kitchen area for a few minutes every hour.

My wife told me to join with Paula first, then with Helen, and to save her for last. At least there was some room in their kitchen, unlike their tiny restrooms. Our Flight Attendant stood guard for us on those occasions.

Paula lifted her miniskirt and sat up on the counter while I slipped it in her from the front, Helen lifted her miniskirt and bent over taking it from behind, and my wife just stripped off her dress and jumped on my cock naked.

I noticed our Flight Attendant checking us out all three times ever couple of minutes. She would smile at me. That last time my wife noticed her and asked her if she wanted to join us.

Surprisingly she did and she got another Flight Attendant to cover for us. My wife helped her out of her panties and onto my cock while she kissed her ass, and played with her tits while I fucked her. When I filled the Flight Attendant with cum, my wife ate it out of her and then kept her panties as a souvenir.

Our Flight Attendant had us wait and depart last. That way we could go back and pose for pictures if we wanted too. I couldn't believe that we didn't think of that at the time. Paula and Helen posed as they had before with my cock in their pussies. Then my wife and our Flight Attendant did too, which amazed the other two women. I took pictures of my wife eating our Flight Attendant out a second time because I cum in her again at ground level.

My three women stripped naked and our Flight Attendant was just wearing her jacket in the pictures but the jacket didn't cover up her two major assets. A good time was had by all and no one got caught. We rented our car and headed out for a three and a half hour road trip covering a hundred and fifty miles without traffic. It was a very picturesque area and we tried to stop for pictures whenever possible. We got to the hotel after sunset and checked in. The Desk Clerk knew exactly why we were there and suggested that we head out to the beach for a hotel sponsored meet and greet.

He said bikinis would be a good choice and that the women could loose their tops when they became comfortable. To hell with that, my women just went out topless after we put our bags in the room. The booze was free but I know that we had paid well for our room. The Desk Clerk sex com xxx full sex stories right the women were all topless before too long and posing for anyone with a camera.

I got my fair share of those pictures too. At my suggestion they formed one long line of topless women for us men to photograph. I counted fifty-seven topless women with about half of them bottomless too. They posed for several minutes until everyone had all of the pictures that they wanted.

Hell, I took over twenty pictures myself.

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The next morning we had a free breakfast at the motel before starting out into the streets. The first thing my girls did was to go to a Body Painting Artist to get their breasts painted. They were simple but cute. My wife had big cherries painted over her breasts, Paula had tiny kitten faces painted on her breasts, and Helen had green Alien hands panted over her nipples. Then we walked o romanca buna se fute in masina streets.

They were in their bikini bottoms and I was in my shorts with three bikini tops stuffed in my pocket. I took pictures of them getting painted and with an assortment of men that admired them. I took pictures of at least a hundred other women with painted breasts…and the festivities hadn't even officially gotten started.

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Later in the afternoon the parade took place signifying the beginning of the Fantasy Fest. That night at one of the bars, topless women could drink beer for free so we went. They got drunk, they got molested, and the men in the bars licked the paint off their breasts. Walking back to our motel a police officer asked the women to please put something over their nipples while out in public.

He then produced a roll of electrical tape and proceeded to apply an "X" to each of their breasts. He was so polite that the women wanted to give him a blowjob, which he politely refused. We slept very well that night and started out early the next day to austin taylor and monroe valentino nice asses it all over again. Paula was enjoying letting loose without her husband around.

So in the morning she would get a really cute body painting and pose for me so that I could send some pictures to her husband. Then in the afternoon she would wash it off, paint her nipples with some flesh colored latex paint, and wear the skimpiest bikini bottom possible. She also slept in my bed every night while my wife slept with Helen. About half way through our vacation we went to a bar so the girls could show off their bodies on stage. Paula insisted that she go on last. A bunch of college girls and young newlyweds went on first, then my wife and Helen had their turn, and finally Paula was up on the stage.

All she did was remove her tiny bottom, lay back on the stage, and expose her rather large pussy to the audience.

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She had carried out a box that the owner had provided for her. Paula shoved a small beer bottle into her pussy and fucked herself with it, then a normal beer bottle, followed by a wine bottle.

Everything went in bottom first and went in all the way to the neck. The smaller bottles could actually disappear inside her big pussy. She slipped in a Champaign bottle and fucked herself with that too for a while. Then when she pulled that big bottle out of her pussy she inserted a tiny bottle of Tobacco Sauce. The audience could not believe that her pussy could go from one extreme to the other that quickly.

After she came down into the audience and over to me she asked, "Would you mind if a few of the older guys fucked me? They are offering me two hundred dollars a piece." I said, "It's your body. Do with it what you want." Paula asked, "Would you be my last customer and still love me afterwards?" I kissed her and slipped my fingers into her wet hole.

I then said, "I would love to be your last customer." She said, "If you take care of the money and film me getting fucked then I'll do you for one dollar." So I watched as Paula gathered up a few of the older men and took them into a back room.

There just happened to be a bed in there. The first guy handed me two hundred dollars and climbed between her legs. He could not believe the muscles in her pussy were actually fucking him as he lay there motionlessly.

He cum and then thanked her for the most unusual sex of his life. He was replaced by a number of men over a period of a few hours. I had lost count when she finally said, "No more. I've had enough." However, she didn't mean me. I climbed on and didn't move a muscle. She said that I didn't play fair but she milked my cock just like she milked all of those before me. Before we left that room she had me count brother gives her sister sleeping medecine and then rape money in my pocket.

Twenty-seven men had paid to have sex with her. She demanded that I give her twenty-eight dollars, one for every John that she serviced. I was to keep the rest. That way I was her pimp and she got paid for sex, making her a prostitute. That had been one of her long time fantasies and after all this was Fantasy Fest. The End Fantasy Fest 2009 With Friends 461