Nasty students sucked and fucked at party realslutparty hoesparty

Nasty students sucked and fucked at party realslutparty hoesparty
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The following story is a work of fiction. Being a work of fiction all concerns regarding disease and pregnancy are unnecessary. This storyline was suggested to me by a fan and I hope that I have done it justice. This story contains slut wife and unfaithful husband behaviour.

If you don't like these stories please don't read it. I am also Australian and will make no apologies for using Australian terms and spelling. Enjoy. ------ Amy kept herself under control as John, her husband of six months, told her what was happening. "We are going camping." He said. "Just you and I out to Shaganon Caves" "Since when do I go camping?" She asked.

"I hate camping." "I have all the best equipment." John said. "I even have a double bed." Amy only liked seeing five stars, those above the hotel sign, when she went away. The idea of spending a night out in the wilderness was not her idea of fun. "What about toilets and all that?" She asked. "They have toilets there but no hot showers, we use the river for that." He said.

Amy knew about these camping trips but not about what went on when he and his mates Ted and Bill took off for the weekend. Before John got married they used to go fishing down on the south coast and pick up a few ladies and have a little orgy back in the cabin.

On occasion they would even gangbang any woman who was up for it. Although it was a long time ago Amy had fucked both Ted and Bill, it was through them she met John. John didn't know that Amy had fucked both Ted and Bill and assumed that the sweet girl he had married wasn't quite the slut she really was. For instance. After she finished school, almost 15 years ago, she fucked four men in one night and took two of them on at once after a night on the booze with friends. Before meeting and marrying John she'd had sex in all kinds of outrageous places with any variety of men.and women.

She loved the thrill of being caught and was once handcuffed and fucked up the arse by a policeman on the bonnet of his car in the outback. She never did get that speeding fine.

Even on her hen's night she gave a stranger a blow job in his car at the back of the hotel she was at. At 33 Amy's biological clock was ticking away furiously and the need to settle down and start having children was beginning.

Wife comes home from bar with cum in her panties took an oath in front of her friends that she would not fuck anyone else once she was married. She had decided to make it work and after 15 years of pleasing herself, she'd decided to become an honest woman. John was no angel of virtue either. On his bucks night his mate Dave shared his wife Julie and her friends Sheree and Libby in a little orgy.

He too decided that enough was enough and his new partner, who he had known for only nine months before they decided to get married, was going to be it for the rest of his life. So for the past six months they had both being playing at happy, monogamous couples.

The reality though was that both were harbouring thoughts of wild sex that they kept from each other. Secrets of past conquests and events. Secrets of past lovers. Secrets of wanton desires. "OK I'll go." She said. "Will there be many other people there?" "I don't think so." John said smiling. "School holidays are over so there shouldn't be many, if any, about." She smiled back at the idea of being alone in the bush.

"Cool." ----- John guided the Forester gently down the dirt road to the caves. The road was in fairly good shape with evidence of some kind of weed clearing going on in the piles of blackberries and Lantana on the roadside. They passed a minibus with a Green Corps sticker on the side but could not see anyone working. After about ten minutes of sometimes sickening twists and turns they reached the entrance to the park.

The boom gate was up and there was no one to be seen. The kiosk was closed and it looked as though it had been for some time. "Let's have a look shall we." Amy said. "Yes lets." John said as he pulled the car up in front of the kiosk. On opening the doors solsex for young blond with small tits encountering the heat and humidity the two took a step back in shock.

"It's a bit bloody warm." John said brushing away the flies that had immediately set upon them. Dust and leaf litter had accumulated around the verandah of the kiosk and it looked as though it hadn't been open for years, not months.

"What sort of place is this?" Amy asked concerned. They had thought that although it was a week after the summer season at least the kiosk would be open. "So we have to survive on what we bought or drive for an hour back into town to get supplies each day." She continued. "You planned this well." She said sarcastically. "What does the sign say on the door." John said as he walked towards it.

Amy held her hand up to the window and looked inside. She hoped that maybe she would see someone or at least evidence of someone being there recently. "Due to contractual problems with the National Parks and Wildlife service this business will remain closed until further notice." "I don't believe it." "Don't worry about it." John liza del sierra masseuse with anal ending as he hugged here thin frame.

"I'll go back into town tomorrow and get some stuff if we need to. Maybe I'll catch a fish for us." "You'd want to." She said hugging back. "It's a nice spot though." She said nodding her head towards a mob of kangaroos bounding through the parkland. "At least someone has been looking after the grounds." Mark said.

"And with no one else here we have the pick of the sites." "I don't want to be too close to the toilets." Amy said. "But not too far away." They climbed back into the car and headed down towards the rivers edge.

"There is a nice spot down behind the rocks there." John said pointing with his head. "You can always pee in the river." "Yeah I suppose so." Amy's response surprised and elated John. Maybe he didn't know her that well after all, he thought. The site was perfectly located only about 10 metres from the water's edge and tucked nicely away behind some rocks and Red Gums.

A permanent table was situated near a wood barbecue and it made sense to set up camp there. The caves were about a 500 metre walk back up past the kiosk and was to be tomorrow's big adventure. Today they had to get the camp site ready. "Alright." John said taking charge. "Do you want to help me set up or do you want to go for a wander?" "I'll help." She said as she opened the back of the Subaru.

"I don't think this will be the last time we'll be going camping." With a minimum of fuss and about and hour and a half later the job was done. The tent stood firmly and flatly with the double bed inflated and in position on the floor of the tent. No bugs could possibly make it through the two screens into the main room, the table was set up and the beer and champagne was on ice.

With sweat on both their brows John declared it was time for a swim. They grabbed the towels and swimmers and headed down to the water's edge. John looked over his shoulder, back up the main track, to see if anyone had turned up while they were working. With the coast clear he pulled his T-shirt off, kicked off his shoes and socks and dropped his pants to stand in the bollocks in front of his wife. "Bugger the cossies." He said. "Care to join me?" As he rearranged his tackle she looked at his divine chiselled body.

The urge to grab his cock and suck it hard was strong but she too looked around before deciding it was safe to disrobe. She unbuttoned the side of her mini skirt and dropped it to her feet.

She then pulled her sweaty halter neck top off and she stood before him in just a bra and panties. He could feel the blood begin to rush to his member as she stood before him and when she turned her back to him and slowly undid her bra, then slid her panties down to the ground he was half hard.

She stood before him in her glorious nakedness and she did something that surprised both him and her. Maybe it was the heat or the fresh air but Amy was incredibly horny and something in her head just clicked. She dropped to her knees in front of him and grabbed his cock and felt free. "Oh fuck baby." John moaned. "That is so hot." He wanted to call her a slut just as much as she wanted to be called one. She ran her tongue expertly around his head like she'd never done before.

She recalled giving two men a blowjob at a pub while on holidays on the Gold Coast and she rubbed her tingling pussy as she recalled that moment. She cupped his balls in her hand and gently squeezed them as he grabbed the back of her head.

He remembered his mate's wife sucking him off in the laundry of his house while his mate was down in the garage fixing his car. Amy was so ferociously sucking his cock that he felt that he was going to spurt cum all over her face, something that he had not done, to Amy at least.

A glob of spit fell out of her mouth and seductively dropped down between her breasts. This was almost too much for John who saw it as a spray of cum. He pulled his rock hard cock away from her and stroked it as he looked at her.

She looked up at him like she had never looked at him before. She just saw sex. She just wanted sex. She needed sex. She stood up and grabbed his hand and said "Come into the water." She walked towards the water as he followed, completely entranced by her new sexuality. Her pussy juice was running down her leg as she entered the cool of the water which made petite babe gets banana in ass in casting nipples stand out even more than they already were.

She dipped under the water and turned and splashed water at John who dived in between two large boulders that were in the water. Amy swam over to the smaller boulder and lay back in the sun like a beach model. Her long dark hair splayed out onto the rocks and her pussy was open, wet and waiting for John's tongue.

He surfaced thinking of fucking Amy on the beach and when he turned and saw her spread legged on the boulder he figured that that would do. "I think the fresh air suits you." He said as he waded towards her. His cock was still hard as he came out of the water.

"Maybe it's the company I keep." She said. "All that masculine activity." He grabbed her by the knees and kissed the inside of her thighs and she leant back in anticipation of his wonderful mouth. He didn't disappoint as he slid his tongue into her sopping pussy.

Amy leant back on the hot rock and remembered how her friend Wendy was the first woman to ever lick her pussy and how on one hot night she had a dildo up her arse, Wendy sucking her pussy and two cocks being shoved in her face from the men they picked up. She squeezed her nipples in remembrance as John sucked her clit and she nearly cracked his head open like a walnut as she shook in orgasmic delight. The juices flowed out of her pussy as he pulled her legs apart and sucked on the nectar within.

John remembered how he had two young girls lick each others pussies as he fucked them both before cumming in one girls cunt and watching the cum spill out into the others mouth.

Oh how much would he like to see Amy licking another cunt as he fucked her. And fuck her is what he needed to do. He took one more suck on her clit and stood up straight.

The rock was at a perfect height and he grabbed her legs and pulled her slightly forward and poked his cock at her wet and open snatch. "Fuck me, baby, fuck me." Amy said reverting to the language of her past, language she had never used with John. He held her legs apart at the knees and slammed his cock into her.

There was no gentle introduction. He was possessed. He felt like he did that night when he and two mates fucked an ex-teacher after a party. Amy groaned as his eight inch cock punched its way into her cervix. She remembered when she went to a party with Wendy and was tied to a bed as three men with the biggest cocks she had ever seen, before and since, used her pussy all night. Her pussy squelched and she moaned in time with John's thrusts but her back was getting sore and she wanted to be fucked in her favourite position, doggie style.

She reached down and grabbed his slippery cock as he pulled it back. She rubbed the swollen head against her clit before swinging her leg over and hopping off the rock. "Follow me." She said and ran through the knee deep water to the sandy beach. She knelt down on the sand and watched him walking towards her.

His cock stood proudly out and when it came blonde milf desi dalton dominates teen kharlies petite pussy enough she slipped it into her mouth tasting her own juices on it.

She sucked and licked his cock for a few minutes before spinning around on all fours and offering her arse to him. She wanted him to slide it into her arse and fuck her hard. So did John who pulled on his cock before kneeling behind her and slid his cock into her.

His upturned cock rubbed nicely against her G spot and with the addition of her fingers rubbing her clitoris she shook once more as an orgasm swept down and then back up her body. She recalled being fucked up the arse by a policeman after being picked up for speeding near Gilgandra and she wanted it desperately and John watched her arsehole as he slammed brutally into her cunt. He wanted to spit on it and then ram his cock into it but this was his nice wife and he wasn't going to treat her like he did that teacher they fucked.

John held her waist and fucked her hard. He held and used her body for his own enjoyment. This wasn't his wife he was fucking, this was someone else. He could feel his balls begin to tighten as she reached under and grabbed his nuts. Within seconds he could feel his cock swell and 'blam' the first shot of cum spurted up into her womb. "Oh fuck yeah." He said as he continued to shoot a massive load of baby maker cream into her.

She could feel the welcome warmth of his cum spurt into her and a smaller orgasm tingled through her as he pulled his cock out. He watched his cum ooze out of her like it did out of the teacher's arse and he rubbed it into her pubes as it dripped out. Amy spun over and wanted him to lick her pussy like Wendy used to but this was her husband and she wasn't going to ask him to do it. John flipped over onto his back and lay back in the sand. Amy flipped over also and wanted to suck his cock back to hardness and do it all again, but the heat, the trip and the sex a lucky guy gets an outdoor amateur handjob worn them out and as John lay there that strange land between sleep and wakefulness crept over him.

He lay in the sun remembering how at a church gathering he fucked the ministers daughter and came over her face as his mates watched and cheered them on. Amy checked to make sure his eyes were closed and she rubbed her clit recalling how two men both came in her pussy and then made her lick it off her fingers.

In these dream like states they had forgotten to keep a look out for visitors and neither of them heard the footsteps coming down the path until the three men and one woman were only four metres from them. Amy's cunt was wide open and cum was on her fingers and John's cock was still three quarters hard and draped across his thigh when they made all made a noise. A universal 'woohoo' was all it took to wake them from their post coital nap. "Fucking hell." John said as he sat upright.

He looked down at Amy who removed her hand from her cum filled pussy and also sat up and looked around at the four intruders. Amy liked what she saw. The three men shoot your load all over my chest telsev only in their late teens, early twenties and wore only a pair of shorts each.

Draped over their shoulders was a towel and their sweaty European torsos glistened in the sun. John also liked what he saw. The woman was in her late 20's with long blonde hair and a cute petite frame. She was wearing a pair of work shorts and a singlet top that enhanced her largish boobs.

The problem was that their clothes were behind the four visitors amongst the rocks and they had nowhere to go. They need not have worried as one of the lads came forward holding up a towel. "Here take this." Gino said to John passing him the towel. John thought about wrapping it around himself and getting their own towels but instead handed it to a blushing Amy who was curled up in a sitting foetal position. As Amy sat up a huge glob of cum oozed out of her pussy and ran down onto the sand.

John was still trying to cover himself up and he was relieved when Mario threw a towel to him. "Enjoying the sun?" Alice, the new girl, said with a wry smile on her face and another quick glance at John's cock.

"Certainly were." Amy said as she stood up. She could first tim virgn girl com John's cum begin to run down her legs. "We didn't hear you drive down." John said to them.

"Our van broke down further up the road and we had to walk down through the bush." Al said. "We thought it would be quicker than sticking to the road." "But we heard your car come down and we thought, bugger, we could have got a lift." "Well we'll um, get changed." John muttered.

"You lot look like you need a swim." Amy and John walked over to the rocks and picked up their clothes. John pulled up his swimmers under the towel and flicked the towel back to Mario. "Cheers mate." He said. Amy dropped the towel to the sand and stood naked in front of them. The three lads smiled and Mario said something to Gino in Italian.

"Oi you two." Alice said. "I told you before. English only." Amy felt as horny as hell and her pussy was dripping with more than John's cum. John was admiring Alice's nice tight arse as she talked to the boys who were still ogling Amy. Amy slid her bikini on and threw the towel back to Gino who sniffed it and said. "Bellisimo" "Ok you lot." Alice said. "Hop in and cool off while I work out what to do about the van." The lads took their shorts off and stood only in their undies before running into the water.

Amy decided to join the three lads in the water and hoped to wash out some of the cum in her pussy. "So what do you think is wrong with your mini bus?" John asked. "I think it's the battery but we can't even ring the NRMA because there is no bloody mobile reception until you get back up the top of the hill." Alice said.

"I can give you a lift up to the top of the road if you like." John said. "Ring the NRMA and get them to bring a battery and it will be an hour tops." "Would you do that?" Alice said looking relieved. "I was wondering what I would do, other than swim, once we got down here." Alice began to unbutton her shorts and John felt his cock firm up.

"It's pretty remote down here." John said as he checked out Alice's arse as she bent over slightly to slip her shorts over her feet. He desperately wanted a piece of that arse and was already organising his plan. "Couldn't you get Amy to drive me up?" Alice asked as she slipped her top off revealing two very nice boobs hiding behind the black bikini top. "Um. She sexy slut gets banged on the couch pornstars cumshots know how to drive a manual." He lied.

He wanted to get her on his own. "Fair enough." Alice smiled. "Are you sure she is safe with those three." "She can look after herself." He said watching Amy lie back on the very rock they had just fucked on. "I think." "They shouldn't be able to get up to much mischief in one hour." She said.

"You'd be surprised at what you can do in an hour." John said winking at her. She smiled and looked him up and down. "By the look of you two I imagine you can." "Settle down." John laughed. "Go and cool down." He had her. He could tell. Amy lay back on the rock and imagined the three lads taking turns using her body on the rock.

She wanted desperately to have these three men that when John came wading over she had almost forgotten that she was married and trying to be celibate. "Alice wants to know if it's OK if I take her up to the top of the hill so we can get a signal for her mobile." He rubbed her inner thigh as she lay back. "We shouldn't be more than an hour or so." Amy was well pleased with this news and her pussy tingled at the possibilities that lay ahead.

"That should be fine. These boys look like they'll be in the water for a while." It was her turn to lie now. "I'll just go and have a lie down and read for a while." "No worries." John said "Do you know how to light the lantern?" John said. "It will be dark soon." "I'm sure someone will be able to work it out." Amy said.

"Cool." John said as he looked around to see Alice walking out of the water with her bikini top clinging tightly to her slightly protruding nipples. Gino was on a rock further along the river and Amy watched him rearrange his cock through his swimmers. She was going to have them. She knew she was. John wouldn't know. He would never suspect it if she did it properly.

John was behind Alice as she walked towards her towel and he almost burst out of his shorts as she bent down on all fours before lying down on the towel.

"Amy is OK with me going." John said as he kneeled down next to her. "Cool." Alice said. "I'll just rest a bit and we can go before it gets too dark." John looked up at the sun which was close to dipping behind the hills. "That won't be too far away actually." Amy looked over at John and Alice and as they were facing uphill, away from the water, she got Gino's attention and then spread her legs ever so slightly.

Gino smiled and nodded to Al who looked at Amy as well. Al splashed water at Mario who noticed Amy. All three of them were staring at Amy and she felt so horny that she just wanted to rip her bikini off and take them all. Mario shot a look over to the two on the beach and pulled his cock out of his swimmers.

Amy nearly died trying to you will cum times in minutes october b the desire to hop into the water, swim over and suck his cock down her throat. She was about to flash him her own pussy when Gino called something out in Italian making Mario fall backwards in joyous laughter causing Alice to look over to them. "Maybe we should go now." She said flipping over and sitting up. Inadvertently her right nipple almost came out of her top.

She made no attempt to adjust it. "Ok you three we are heading off soon to get the car." The four of them came out of the water and Alice noticed how much larger the lads packages were. She had, after all, been looking at them for amateur teen first fisting riding the old wood now.

Her job prevented her from shagging any of them and she was particularly horny at the moment. Especially after seeing John's just fucked cock only minutes earlier. Once they were all dry they walked back to the campsite and the car. They all had a small bag with them and they threw them on the camp table in front of the tent.

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Alice excused herself for a moment and grabbing her bag excused herself and went to the toilet block. The other five struck up some small talk about the weeding they were doing and Amy threw on a small skirt and a top.

Alice didn't like wearing a wet bikini and as she entered the change room she immediately began peeling off all her swimwear. She noticed that if she stood on the seats she could look out at the campsite and the five people sitting around in the failing light.

Naked she stared at them and when her nipples rubbed against the brickwork it was like a jolt of lightening through her body. Her cunt tingled and became wet as she imagined them all naked and fucking.

Her hand automatically moved down to her slick shaved pussy. If she couldn't have the three workers she would try to get John but she didn't know how or when. Her pussy juice was sticking to her fingers as she rubbed her gaping hole.

With one leg up on the back of the seat she went to town on her cunt shoving her fingers into her hole and rubbing her nipples on the wall. Within minutes her body began to shake as a small orgasm trickled through her body. It only served to heighten her sexual appetite and she hopped down off the seat with a simple plan. She left her underwear in the bag and slipped on a short skirt and a halter neck top. She was simply going to make it unbearable for John. The five looked up as she sashayed back down the hill with a discernible glow in her cheeks.

John took in her fine form and her outfit left very little to the imagination. "Ready to go?" She said to John. "I might light these lanterns." John said as he looked towards the dusk sky.

"It will be dark soon." John got all three going and hung one off the tent, one on the table and one near the fire that Gino was lighting. John went over to Amy and kissed her before leaving. Her lips were wet and she kissed him hard, more in anticipation of the fucking she was about to receive than in love for John.

John looked over her shoulder at Alice who was opening the car and as she sat on the front seat he was sure he could see up her skirt and she wasn't wearing panties. Amy watched the Subaru take off up the gravel road and her mind uncouth japanese anal gang bang hardcore blowjob over as to xxx kannada aunty in yellow saree the rest of the evening had in store for her.

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Behind her stood three very good looking and extremely horny young men and she had at least, at minimum, an hour to fuck all three of them.

The car was finally out of view and all that could be seen was the headlights hitting the tops of the trees as it weaved up the hillside towards the broken down van.

She turned towards the boys and they looked at her with a smirk on their faces. Mario whispered something in Italian to Al who nodded and laughed. "What did he say?" Amy asked. "He was wondering if you would like to have another swim so we can have another look." Al said. "I'd like to see what the rest of you boys have." Amy smiled and winked as she said it. "Those swimmers left little to the imagination." She looked down at teen dp casting xxx training my lil teenager rump whore crotches and licked her lips.

Gino grabbed his cock through his shorts and rudely shook them at her. "You want to see mine?" In answer she walked slowly over to them and said "I want to see all three of them." She was back.

The fuck anything slut inside her had returned after a six month absence. Gino was the first to move and he grabbed a hold of her top and pulled it down at her front.

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Her right boob fell out as Al leant forward and sucked her nipple into her mouth. Amy rubbed Al's cock through his pants as it was her guess that he was the biggest of the three. Mario was behind her and he lifted up her skirt and rubbed her arse. Amy pushed her arse back at him and he moved his fingers under the elastic and felt the wetness in her recently fucked cunt. Amy moaned as he roughly shoved two fingers into her. Gino undid his shorts and pulled them to his ankles with his undies.

"Suck this." He said as he pulled her head forward towards his seven inch cock. Amy obediently leant forward and as Gino grabbed her hair with his right hand he fed his cock into her with his left. The first prick in six months, other than her husbands, felt and tasted good as it slid across her tongue. His precum leaked out onto her taste buds as she sucked his dick with as much vigour as she lazy latin babe mia martinez wants to get fucked in the ass girlfriend blowjob muster.

She could feel Mario pull her panties to the side and she german girl gets a lot of cum and cumshots in porn theater!

tube porn her legs apart as she heard him pulling his zipper down. "Time to fuck this horny wife." He said as he rubbed his already hard cock up over her slit. "Fuck me hard." Amy said between sucks on Gino. Mario bent his knees and easily slid into her in one fluid motion. Al squeezed her nipples hard and soon enough, with her pussy and mouth full of cock she climaxed.

This was not any ordinary climax. This was the sort that made people weak at the knees, which is exactly what happened to Amy. Her knees collapsed as Mario plowed into her and she found herself kneeling on the grass with three cocks around her semi naked torso.

"If only her hubby could see this." Mario said. But John didn't need to see it. He was too busy looking at Alice's legs and boobs as they motored up the hill. "So what's the story with those three blokes?" He asked. "They are part of an employment program for the long term unemployed." Alice said. "I think they spend too much time pissing about. They mustn't need to work. I reckon they sell drugs and desi indian young girl fuck in car mms scandal video tube porn whores." John laughed.

"Typical reaction." "Typical of what?" Alice said. "Well I reckon you want to shag one of them and you're jealous." "One of them?" Alice said slyly. "Any of them would do just fine at the moment." "Well why don't you?" "Because they do everything together that's why." Alice said. "Gino would be my choice though." "I reckon he'd be the best." She was exciting herself.

John was getting gamer. "Would you take on, say two of them?" Alice knew she would but she wanted to tease John. "I've never done anything like that." She said smiling at him. "Have you?" John, for once, decided honesty was the best policy. "Heaps of times." "With Amy?" "No." John said seriously. "Amy's not like that." Like hell she wasn't.

Gino grabbed the picnic rug and laid it out on the table. Mario had all his clothes off and he and Al picked Amy up and placed her on the table. "You guys are so fucking hot." Amy said as she lay back on the table. "Fuck my pussy and fuck my arse." "You will be filled." Gino said in his broken english as he held his cock at her mouth.

Amy sucked it down her throat as Mario slid into her sopping cunt. Her body was alive with sexual excitement as the two pumped into her body. She looked up at Al who was stroking his cock as he watched. Not for one minute did she think what she was doing was wrong.

And neither did John. The van came into view and as Alice slid out of the car she deliberately lifted her skirt to show John her naked arse. John leapt out of the car and almost ran around to where Alice was looking into the storage area on the side of the van.

John placed his hand on her arse as she looked into the vans storage area. She didn't even flinch as he gently massaged her tight rump. "Do you always go out without underwear?" He asked. "Or is this just a special occasion." She answered by bending over more and slightly spreading her legs. "When I see something I want," She said.

"I know how to get it. Especially cock." She rubbed her arse up and down on his hand before spinning around smiling at him. "I also know how to fix the van." She said. "We can use the jump leads." She had them in her hands. "Now we have about an hour." "It's amazing what you can do in an hour." John said as he pulled his shirt off and moved towards her. Alice grabbed him around the waist and drew him down to her to kiss. Their tongues intertwined as John slid his hands up under her top and grabbed her large boobs.

His hands wrapped around her boobs as her hand went down to his cock which was growing in girth very quickly. John let go of her boobs and pulled up her skirt. He slid his hand down and found her arsehole and gently rubbed it before moving down to her wet and hairless pussy. Gorgeous teen beauty gets her pussy drilled was too much for Alice and she almost came when he slid a few fingers into her cunt.

Alice undid his shorts and pushed them to the ground before pulling his dick out of his undies and pulling on it. She squatted down and took it into her mouth. John held her head as her expert and desperate tongue licked and sucked all around the head. She then did something that no other woman had ever tried. She tilted her head back and managed to get his entire cock down her throat.

"Good God woman." John said. "When did you learn that?" She couldn't answer with her nose buried into his stomach. She slid his dick out without gagging and let some saliva drop down onto her cleavage. "You'd be surprised what I can do." She said before sucking it back down again. Amy was also sucking on her fair share of cock as Al replaced Gino who replaced Mario. Mario was holding her left leg and sucking her toes as Gino slammed into her. Mario would occasionally rub his dick on her foot before going back to sucking her toes and wanking his cock.

Mario soon swapped with Al who went over to the tent and opened the flap before going inside and dragging out the air mattress. Mario must have gone over the top with excitement at playing with Amy's feet and as soon as she began wanking his cock as she sucked him he couldn't control himself and holding her mouth open he shot a stream of cum into her mouth.

Amy was taken by surprise and the first few shots spilt out of her mouth and down onto the ground. Mario squeezed her left nipple and the view of Amy taking her first load of cum into her mouth and over her face was also too much for Gino who pulled his cock out and sprayed a string of cum onto her belly and cunt.

"Hey you two, bring the slut over here." Al said tapping the air mattress. They didn't need to carry her. She hopped off the table and ran to the mattress. She grabbed Al's cock and squatted down in front of him. She took as much of his cock into her mouth as she could and rubbed the cum on her belly into her skin and open pussy.

She pulled hard on his cock as she sucked him. "Man, look at her suck cock. She's gonna pull your spine out through your cock Al," Al laughed. "I'd better stop here and just fuck her." Amy threw herself back on the bed and spread her legs wide. "Fuck me you dirty bastards!" The cock-hungry slut said. Al dropped to his knees and easily slid his cock into her wet hole.

"Oh yeah, fuck me hard." Amy said. Gino and Mario knelt down next to her and each began sucking her nipples. The sensation of total sexual excitement was building to a peak once again and when Al sat back and rubbed her clit she exploded once more. "Oh for god's sake." Hardcore rough ebony first time cashing in screamed.

"Someone give me a cock to suck." Mario didn't need another prompt and he slid his newly hard cock back into her mouth. She almost gagged as he pushed his cock into her throat. "Man I wish that Alice was like this horny bitch." Al said. "She is too frigid." Alice stood and removed the rest of her clothes and bent over the Spying on a couple having incredible sex bonnet. "Fuck me." She said. "Fuck me with that delicious big cock of yours." John bent his knees and easily slid his engorged cock into her.

A low groan was all that Alice could muster as his cock head pushed against her cervix. John looked at her arse and licked two fingers before sliding it into her arsehole. "Oh fuck yeah." Alice said. "Shove them in deeper." "I'm going to shove my cock in your arse soon." John said as he pushed harder. "Imagine if Gino was here as well fucking your mouth." This sent Alice over the top and she shook with a delightful orgasm.

Gino was having his cock sucked but not by Alice. Al kept plugging away at Amy's pussy as now both Gino and Mario took turns having their cocks sucked. Amy knew that time was limited and she wanted to have the full service in the time remaining. "Who wants to fuck my arse." She asked. "We all do." Gino said. "Me first." Al slid his cock out of her gaping hole and spat down onto her arse hole. "You are such a dirty bitch I think we will fuck both your holes." He said.

"We will fill you with cock." Mario said. "Is that what you want married lady?" "Yes fuck all my holes." Amy said as she lay there rubbing her clit.

"Cum over me. Make me a slut again." Mario lay down next to her. "Hop on." He said. Mario thought that she would simply climb on facing him but Amy had other ideas. "You wanted to fuck my arse first?" She said to Gino.

Gino nodded. "Well lie down then." She said. Gino hit the mattress and Amy, rather than climbing on, got into a reverse cowboy position. "I haven't had two cocks in me for months boys, so take it easy." "You are a true slut." Mario said. Amy squatted above Gino and dribbled some spit down onto his cock before rubbing it in.

She relaxed her arsehole and slowly slid the cock in. "Oh yeah." Was all she could moan as Gino's meat slid into her back passage. Mario wasted no time in standing up ready to slide into her pussy. Gino held her up slightly and Al moved around to her face.

Mario and Al had excellent timing and they slid into her together. When she was filled, for the first time in her life, she almost passed out as the largest anal and vaginal orgasm she had ever had swamped her body with endorphins. The cocks in her pussy and arse rubbed one of her g-spots like never before and she had trouble keeping Al's cock battle banging pornstar lexi belle pornstars hardcore her mouth.

She looked up at Al and said. "Cum in my mouth and then you can fuck my arse next." Al must have been close to exploding anyway as it didn't take long for him to wank his cock a few times and then blow it into her mouth. Mario watched Al's cum dribble out of her mouth and spray across her face. His load was massive and Mario enjoyed the sight of her trying to lick the cum off her face.

"Scoop it in for her." Mario said. "The bitch is hungry for cum." Al pushed the jism around her face with his cock and she sucked his cock back into her mouth. "Anybody else want to cum on my face?" Amy said looking at Mario. "After I've fucked you in the arse." Mario said.

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"Then we all will, hey boys?" "Too fucking right." Gino said from below. "We do everything together." Al said. "Now it's my turn for your arse you slut." "Suck this first." Mario said as he pulled his cock out of her pussy and moved towards her face. Her pussy sat open and inviting as Gino's cock plunged into her arsehole.

Mario fed his slick and shiny cock into her mouth and she tasted her own lovely cunt juice. "Suck that cock." Mario said. "Al fill that fucking hole." He nodded to her pussy. "You fill it." Al said "I want her arse." "Now boys don't fight." Amy said lifting herself up.

"Al is first." With saying that the boys were quite and she hopped off Gino and bent down on all fours. Exactly the same position that Alice was in.

After fucking her pussy for a while over the front of the Subaru. John's back began to hurt so he got her to get some matts from the back of the van which they threw on the ground. Alice's arse was up in the air and her pussy was open, wet and red. John cupped each cheek in a hand and spat down onto her arsehole.

"Are you ready to be fucked in the arse?" He asked "Yes." Was all she could moan. "Tell me you want to be fucked in the arse." He yelled. "Fuck me in the arse." She yelled back.

He slapped her on the right rump. "Do you want it?" He slapped her left cheek. "Fuck my arse you cunt." She almost spat at him. "Fuck it, fuck it." John pressed his cockhead against her hole and pushed it in. The stinging sensation of his cock sliding in was quickly replaced with a rush of endorphins to deal with the pain. "Oh fuck that feels good." She cried. "My arse is so tight around your cock." "You'd love to have a cock in your pussy too wouldn't you?" John said."And one in your mouth wouldn't you." He slapped her arse again.

"Yes, yes, yes!" She cried as she rubbed her pussy. "I want to be filled with those boys cocks." Her body shook as she came at the words she said.

"You want them to fuck you badly don't you." "Yes I want them to take turns and then cum all over me." She puffed. "Cum over your face and tits." "Yes and in my pussy and arse." "Where do you want me to cum?" John said as he sex xxx dick woodse vodios com closer.

"On my face and tits." Alice said. John pulled his cock out of her arse and slid it into her pussy. Al was giving Amy the same treatment and was swapping between her arse and her pussy.

He had decided he liked her pussy better and really gave it a pounding as she sucked on Mario's rigid pole. "My turn man." Gino said. "Save yourself for the bitches face." Al jammed his cock back into her arse causing her to moan. He gave her a few quick pumps and then after sliding it back into her pussy declared. "Yes her pussy is nicer." He stood up and Gino quickly rammed his cock into her pussy. "I'm not decided yet." Gino said before he slammed it into her arse.

"Nice tight arse." A few pumps and then back into her cunt. "Nice wet pussy." After swapping backwards and forwards for a while and sliding his fingers into her arse as he fucked her cunt he declared.

"I like both for fuck's sake. I could fuck them all night." "Let's all finish this lady off, hey boys." Mario said. Finishing off was on every bodies mind. John stood above Alice as she lay on the car mats rubbing her pussy. He missed sluts like Alice. He missed wild and crazy sex. He thought about how Amy lay back on the rock and looked wild. Maybe she had it within her to go a little crazy.

Maybe he might try to spice things up with her. "Cum all over my face." Alice said. "Fuck my tits and then cum over me." John knelt over her and placed his cock between her fleshy orbs. To his surprise Alice lifted her head and spat down onto his prick. He followed with a drool of spit down onto her cleavage. He began to fuck her cleavage and enjoyed the sensation of his balls rubbing against her body.

She occasionally raised her head and sucked his cock as he pumped between the soft mounds. Alice lifted her legs and spread them wide opening her pussy. "Rub my cunt." She said. John reached behind and fingered her clit as she grabbed his cock. "Cum over my face." She said. John could feel her clit harden between his fingers and he held the back of her head as he fucked her face. "Imagine the cum of those three studs spraying over your body." He said to her at the same moment that Amy was receiving a second spray from the three cocks that surrounded her kneeling body.

Amy had cum dripping down the left side of her face from Mario who was the first to unload on her, cum in her mouth and on her nose from Gino, and now Al was to her right ready to empty his balls over her. "Come on." Amy said looking up at him. "Cum all over your little slut's face." Al rose to the occasion and sent a decent spray into her open mouth. "You are a fucking dirty bitch." Mario said. "But you don't look like one.

You look like an innocent lady, not some freaking whore." Al finished cumming on her face and Amy sucked his cock back down into her mouth before swallowing.

Swallowing is what Alice was about to do as she knelt down in soft pussy stimulation for insolent girl miu watanabe toy insertion and sexy lingerie of John who was now standing. "Do you want me to suck your cock down my throat again?" She said.

"And then you can cum down the back of my throat." "Yeah go on but just let me shoot some on those beautiful tits." John stood pulling his cock as he looked at Alice and she cupped his balls in her hand and moved closer to him. "Come on baby." She said. "Cum in my mouth." John thought back to the fuck on the beach with Amy and how much he wanted to spray all over her face and when he looked down at Alice he imagined that it was Amy and his cock erupted over her face.

"Fuck." Alice said before she opened her mouth and slid Johns exploding cock down her throat. "Jesus H Christ." John said as he held the back of her head. Alice let the cock out of her mouth and swallowed the remaining load of jism. She scooped up the cum off her face and smeared it on her tits before standing up and giving John a quick kiss. "We'd better get going." She said. "Move the car over and we can start this bastard bus." In silence they started the bus and began the ten minute drive back down into the camping ground.

Amy was satisfied and ready to clean up the mess. Still naked she hopped off the bed and took charge. "Mario light the fire, Gino put blonde mastrubates on webcam more videos on sexycamsorg mattress away, Al clean up the table. I'm going to have a quick dip and clean up before they get back." She ran over and dived into the river taking care to keep her hair dry. She washed her arse, cunt and face and quickly dried off before returning to the three lads who were now dressed and lollng about like nothing had happened.

Amy quickly dressed and soon enough the lights of the two vehicles came into view and rolled into the camp site. "All done." Alice said as she hopped out. "Those NRMA guys are very efficient." John gave Amy a kiss. He couldn't taste the cum of the three guys due to her chewing gum. "We'll be on our way then." Alice said. "Will you be back tomorrow?" Amy asked.

"We are coming here all week." Alice said. "We might see you again then." John said. "Most probably." Alice said as she waved the three men over to the bus. Within five minutes John and Amy were alone. Their secrets safe. Their minds both thinking of what they could do. Not only to each other. But with others.