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Sex xxx dick woodse vodios com
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He sat there looking at her beautiful body in the moonlight she looked more attractive to him now than she had ever looked in the two years they had secretly been meeting.

Graham took her hand and guided her watching her magnificant breasts bounce slighlty as she walked next to him she looked turned and stopped looking into his eyes he was her hero she loved him from the moment he had talked to her on a chat site on line.

They never intended to have a physical relationship but after talking on the phone for 8 months after her first private messaging him she was head over heals and could not wait any longer to meet him so they organised to meet and have a few drinks as friends but after a few minutes of being alone he took her in his arms and kissed her gently running his hand along her tanned face and then through her long dark hair.

His smooth lips carresed hers and she wrapped her arms around his shoulders giggling softly feeling more at home then she had her entire life he was 13 years older than she was but they both felt as though they were kindrid spirits he ran his hands down her back softly taking her shirt from her body, kissing down her chest light then undoing xxx girl and black guy sixe bra letting her large firm breasts bounce slightly, with his tongue he slowly kissed and sucked on her now hard nipples letting out a gasp she moaned his name as he cupped her small ass and continued kissing down her body.

He knelt in front of her eye level with her tiny waist at 18 she was very mature she was the only woman he had ever me that he could have a mature conversation with, he licked around the top of her pants slowly rubbing her vagina through her pants while he stared up at her as she gasped throwing her head back she thought she would die if he didnt take her now. slowly holding her ass he lifted her up kissing her mouth again laying her gently onto the hotel bed standing in front of her he admired how toned her body was and how beautifully shaped her breasts were.

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He had never been with a woman so much younger and he had never approved of large age gaps but as he stared at her he didnt feel he was doing anything wrong she looked up at him smiling slowly parting her legs and rubbing herself through her pants lightly he felt he would burst his pants open he leant down against her kissing her neck and pushing his hard penis against her she rubbed him through his pants thrusting up towards him slowly and began to unzip his pants moaning quietly as he kissed her.

his sat up off her slipping her pants off and pulling his off she had a silk g string on and as she spread her legs he held her ass up licking her clit while pulling her g string aside she arched up nearly coming as soon as she felt his hot tongue against her his tongue slid down slightly entering her bald pussy she gasped pulling his hair not able to control herself pushing his head hard against her wet pussy.

her body began to buck as she quietly moaned he body shook and he felt her cum hit his tongue and her pussy tensing as she arched her back up gasping for air.

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slowly he moved into position looking her in the eye as he stroked his already rock solid penis rubbing it up and down her slit before slowly entering her hot pussy she was tight for a girl who had already had a number of sexual partners he met alot of friction even thou she was so wet hed seen it running down and lubritcating her ass before he had started licking her pussy.

he slowly thrusted in and out of her staring into her beautiful blue eyes like giant saphirres.

their bodies tensed up and he moaned he pussy tensing around his large penis as it pulsated against her cumming pussy walls fluid sex tubity com free sex story her vagina as they both took a final gasp of relief from the sexual tension they had been feeling his large musculine body fell ontop of her smiling and brushing his fingers throu her hair as he kissed her with passion She awoke to his familiar smell she thought it was a dream that she had met him wanting to give a suprise she noticed he was asleep naked lowering her body carefully she took his penis in her mouth running her tongue up and down his shaft making him instantly hard her tongue ran down his shaft and lapped at his balls she let out a tiny moan as her own fingers began to explore her still dripping pussyas she took a ball in her mouth sucking lightly and running her hand up and down his fully erect penis rubbing her palm in circles massaging his knob moving her tongue back up his shaft slowly she noticed him looking down at her smiling he took a small handful of hair and watched as she bobbed up and down on his penis deep throating him and gagging a little then running her small tongue around his penis flicking and licking then suck she stopped and stood up on the bed above him dancing naked rubbing her hands along her body and then lowering her self down to his penis rubbing her pussing against it still shaking her hips for him he held her waist guiding her down he slid into her easily as she rotated her hips moving in a figure eight her breasts bouncing slightly he was in a trance staring up at her moaning as she tensed her pussy muscles teasing him leaning back supporting her body on his legs she rode giving him perfect acces to rub her small clit.

he watched as his penis went in and out o her small body and smiled pulling her back up to him so he could kiss her there tongues rubbed against eachother her body rubbing against her all of a sudden she felt a tingling feeling as her pussy bagan to tense and she bagan to oragasm harder then ever before his penis reacted to her muscles trying to milk him and he began to spill his hot cum inside her pussy.

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looking back on that first day she met her sweetheard lina knew shed be with him for a very long time no man could please her the way he could she kissed him deeply spanking his ass down boy !!!!!!