Sunny leone fingers her nice and wet pussy

Sunny leone fingers her nice and wet pussy
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So, for me it wasn't a wardrobe. It was literally walking through the door into my office. One moment I'm in a drab building with grey walls. The next I'm standing on grass next to a babbling brook. I have never been prone to blackouts, and anyway the time on my phone was what I would have expected.

I wasn't getting any signal though. Not even GPS. All there was, was the chirping of birds and the buzzing of insects. I started walking. I've read enough fantasy novels to know when I have been pulled into an alternate world. I'm probably the chosen one or some tripe. I'm likely to run across a wizened old man any moment.

Either way I will die out in the wilderness. I have no survival skills. Hell I've only been camping a couple times in my whole life. I walk for hours. Skirting a large woods, and getting hungrier as the day wears on. It is definitely some beautiful country.

I just didn't belong in it. I notice a trail about the same time three rough customers notice me. Not men, their skin is a dark green, and helmets sit atop their misshapen heads.

Dressed in worn leathers and bits of armor. They each carry a bloody weapon. Orcs I would guess. They look like they have had a bad day. Bruised and bleeding the trio advance on me. "It looks like we found a human." Says one. "Looks like we found lunch." Says another. Figuring I was about to die, I find myself taking off my belt. As the orcs get close I lash out with the buckle. Snapping it at one of the bandits' eyes, causing him to stumble back.

Then wrapping it around the wrist of another. Yanking his arm in close. I grapple with his hand holding his sword. Letting go of the belt, my other hand draws one of the daggers he has strapped to his chest.

Before he even realizes it I have run the small blade under his chin, into his skull. He slumps to the ground with a gurgle as I pull away his sword. Just in time to parry a blow from the third orc. Pushing forward I let go of the dagger. It was stuck anyway. A few quick slashes has the monster retreating.

I duck aside as the orc behind me thrusts, bumping and forcing him to run his friend through with his sword. Then with a chop I nearly sever his arm. As he screams in pain I slice his neck open. Turning, I stomp the orc with a sword in his chest.

Just to be sure. Panting I look around in surprise. Maybe I am the chosen one. I've never so much as taken a martial arts class in my life. I search the dead orcs and take anything that looks useful. Greedily chugging down most of a waterskin. The brackish water is warm, but welcome. Then I head off down the road. Really more like a path.

I doubt a cart or carriage could pass down it. No doubt that's the height of transportation in this world. Perhaps an hour down the trail I see grey smoke over the trees. But as I get closer I begin to hear screams. A lot like the sounds the orcs made when I fought them. Peaking through some bushes I see what must have been a pitched battle, but now was an impromptu camp.

A couple big tents and half a dozen giant. I guess ogres. Ugly with caricature features for faces. They were eight or nine feet tall. This must have been where the orcs had come from. There was a small stack of orc bodies. It looked like the ogres were cooking them up. Including those left alive. Which weren't many. One poor soul was still trying to scream, though the flames had seared his lungs.

There is also an orc tied to a sapling. Not far from where I stand. This one is different though. A female. Naked. She is curvy in all the right places. A nice round ass, and big breasts.

I'd guess E-cups. Her face is attractive for an orc. Not misshapen like the males. Almost human, but with little budding tusks sticking out from her bottom jaw. Her skin is a light green and she has long silver hair in a thick braid to the small of her back. A soft tuft of silver pubic hair definitely does things for me in the trouser area. I sneak through the trees and come up behind her.

Pretty sure I can't be seen from there. "Psst. If I cut you down can you help me get to somewhere safe?" I whisper. Whether she is surprised to hear a friendly voice or not she does nothing to give away that I'm there. "Yes, but you must do it soon.

Else I go in the fire." Her voice is gruff. Even as a whisper, but not unpleasant. Husky, with a growl to it. A bedroom voice. Quickly and quietly I slice through the rope binding her. "I will not leave without my axe." She tells me. "Are you kidding?" "No." She motions over near one of the tents. It looks like a pile of gear had been haphazardly dropped. Possibly we could sneak over without detection.

We nearly do too. Unfortunately one of the ogres chose that moment to exit the tent. With a 'RRAGH!' he swings his club at me. Mashing the ground as I roll away. We trade swings for a moment. I get in a couple good cuts, but secretary raylin ann gets her pussy plowed barely seems to notice.

Then his arm carrying the club flies off in a spray of blood. The orc girl had recovered her mexicana se deja manosear las tetas en el carro. A big nasty looking weapon.

She wields it two handed. "Lets go." She tells me, already running for the woods. I follow. Already I can hear bellows of rage as the ogres realize they have lost one of their prisoners. We are pursued into the woods, but we are faster.

Plus we can easily get through spots that the big fat ogres can't. Soon we leave the monsters behind. Slowing down the nude orc says, "We must keep moving. If they decide to follow they could catch up surprisingly quick." I just nod, a little out of breath. "My name is Karagoth of the Broken Wing clan. We are followers of the old ways, and I am in your debt." She says, setting a brisk walk.

"I'm Nicholas, but you can call me Nick." I tell her. "And you can call me Kara." She says. We don't talk much the hot masturbation session by my naughty girlfriend of the day.

She leads us through the woods and I huff along behind her. Spending my time staring at her sweet green ass. Just before dusk she stops and looks around. "We will make camp here." She tells me. When I look at her kind of blankly she asks, "Do you not know how to set up a camp?" "Uh, not really. This gear isn't mine. It's sort of stolen." I admit. So I tell her about the orcs who jumped me. "I thought your sword looked familiar. Those were some of our hunting band. Cowards who fled when things turned against us." She spits on the ground in disgust.

"Very well I will teach you what to do." So she starts to show me how to properly set up a camp. "How is it that you fight so well, but have no survival skills?" So I tell her the story of how I came to her world. "Sounds like sorcery. Mages are not to be trusted." She tells me.

As we sit and eat a rodent she had caught, Kara looks at me intently. "You do understand that I am your Daruun." "" I ask confused.

luscious slut alexis breeze gets impaled by lover pornstars hardcore means debt slave. I owe you my life. You saved me and my family axe at great peril to you." "Well, um, my people don't believe in slavery." I tell her.

"That is of no matter. It sounds like we are far from your people." She says matter of factly. "Well, I guess you're right. So what does a Daruun do?" I ask. "Whatever her master wishes. I will serve you as your bodyguard and companion for five years.

Then my debt will have been paid." She explains. "Ah, ok. Well I'm sure I can use the help. I don't know anything about your world. Like do you normally wear clothes?" Not quite sure how to broach that subject. "Am I expected to provide for you, because I basically have nothing." "Of course I normally wear clothes. But we didn't have time to get the rest of my gear, and you seemed to enjoy staring at my body." I blush at the totally true accusation.

"It is good. I am glad my body pleases you. It is my duty to make you happy." She walks over to me and sits on my lap, straddling my legs. Her big tits practically in my face as she continues, "I was not schooled in the ways of sexual pleasure, but I am bubbly milf body need vibepussy toy sex shaking her down play now inexperienced.

Though I have never mated with a human before." My cock is throbbing as it gets harder. She licks the side of my face. I reach around, grabbing her ass to steady her. Her green skin feels like soft supple leather. Tough but yielding. It's nice. Am I really going to do this? Cheat on my wife so soon? Actually the thought of my wife makes me more horny. She is a freak in the bed, and would regret that she wasn't here to play with the orc maiden as well.

Kara reaches into my pants. Her orc fingers wrapping around my dick and lightly tugging. I moan as she nibbles my neck. Her small tusks scraping my skin. Then she gets up. Moving over to the bedroll she lies on her back and motions me over with a naughty grin.

"C'mon human. Lets see what you got." So I frantically disrobe and lie down on top of her. We both moan as I slowly enter her. Then picking up the pace I squeeze and suck her big breasts. As we fuck I find that she isn't really into kissing, but she sure likes to lick. I flip her over and lift her hips. Ass in the air, I plunge into Kara from behind.

She lets out a low growl of pleasure. I slap her ass a few times. And her body shudders to climax as I pull her long white hair. "Ooh! Yes! Yes, human!" She shouts as she cums. I can feel my own orgasm building.

Soon I fill her with my jizz, the two of us collapsing together on the blanket. Basking in the after glowing our sex, she says, "Mmm, not bad human." "Not bad yourself, orc." I return with a smile. In the morning Kara asks permission to put on clothing. "Well, I.of course." I tell her. So she takes the sacks I had stolen, and dumps their contents into the backpack. Then cutting them up she fashions a simple bra and a loincloth.

"How do I look?" She asks when finished. "You look hot." I tell her. She gives me a puzzled look. "No, I assure you this is quite cool." "No, um. Hot means sexy, attractive. You look good." She smiles at the compliment. "This should keep my tits from flying all about if I must fight." She adjusts her straps, giving her tits a nice jiggle. "Do you want me to take care of that for you?" She asks, nodding at my obvious hard-on.

"Um.yes?" I say. Still not comfortable with the thought that she is my slave. Kara kneels in front of me. She is fascinated by my zipper for a moment after I show her how it works. Pulling it up and down. Then she pulls my dick out. Licking and then sucking on it. I don't last long as she sucks me off. "I'm, oh! I'm going to cum." She squeezes my ass as she sucks. With no choice I blow my load in her mouth. She greedily swallows, and sucks me dry.

Then standing up she says, "That should hold you until later." Kara looks at me thoughtfully. "We are far from human lands." She tells me. "I will take you wherever you want to go, but I suggest we head to Port Runwine.

It's a free city, and we could book passage to anywhere from there." "Lead on." I tell her. Following close behind. Enjoying the view of her ass. The loincloth only covers half of her cute derrière. Very nice. I love nude women, but have always found women in clothes even more erotic. We travel through wilderness for a few days. Fucking at night, and usually in the morning. Sometimes even when we break during the day.

She sets a quick pace for our travels, but I seem to have more stamina here. A week after I first met her, Kara is crouched atop a ridge line looking down at a small river. On the shore were two boats. Loaded with crates and barrels. Near the boats half a dozen bearded men fought for their lives against a group of orcs. "The orcs will win." Kara says matter of factly.

"The Dwarves are decent fighters, but the orcs were born to it." "What if we helped?" "They don't need our help. I told you they are going to win." She looks at me like I'm an idiot. A look that I get two or three times a day when I show just how little I know about roughing it.

"No. The Dwarves. What if we help the Dwarves?" "Ah. Possibly we could turn the tide." She says thoughtfully. "Would they reward us? You said we would need to make som golds before reaching the port." I ask. She nods, and without another work heads down to slay some of her kinsmen. I scramble quickly after. The orcs don't know what hit them.

I am surprised at how good I am with the sword, But Kara is every bit my equal. Better probably. She is a whirlwind of nearly naked death. Where her axe swings an orc falls. Soon the few left alive flee. Leaving us with the Dwarves. The bearded men peer at us warily. Especially Kara who stands calmly waiting. One steps forward. "Ay, your help came at an auspicious time. My name is Drogan. These are my lads." "Pleased to meet you.

I'm Nicholas, his young wife sucks and rides pizza guy cock this is Karagoth. We were happy to help." I say. "Ay, well. Don't often see a human traveling with an orc lass." He says. "Oh, she's my.uh, Daruun. It's like a slave." I finish to their blank looks. "And we don't often work for free." Kara interrupts. "Ah, of course. Of course. We'd not skimp on the value of our lives." Drogan says. Kara and the dwarf negotiate a fair fee.

Then she loots the bodies while the Dwarves finish packing up. She finds some armor for her shins and forearms, but nothing else worth wearing. She hands me a couple daggers and takes a backpack and supplies for herself. The Dwarves bid us farewell as they push off in their boats. "Was that a good trade?" I ask my beautiful companion. "Not bad for one pitched battle." She answers. A couple days later we are sitting after a nice dinner of rabbit. Kara is a good cook. Trail food anyway.

"You are my slave." I announce. "Yes?" She says, a little wary. "Does that mean you have to do anything I say? What if I ordered you to walk into the fire?" "Within reason." She answers. "It is a debt of honor I owe you. Not my life, but my service." "What.what about sexually?" I ask, embarrassed. "I already rut with you.

Often more than once a day." She says confused. "Yes. But, what if I had ordered you to lie down and spread your legs for those Dwarves the other day?" I ask. "Then I would have known what it was to be fucked by Dwarves." She answers looking at me intently. "That would have pleased you. Wouldn't it?" She grins at me as she walks over. Kneeling before me.

"Fucked by my ancestral enemy? Made to whore my self out to those dirty Dwarves?" She has pulled out my hardening dick. Lightly caressing it with her green fingertips.

"I, um. Yeah, yeah I would. On my world I have sexual tastes that would make me a deviant." I nervously admit. "Oh?" She says.

"And what things are considered deviant where you come from?" "My wife and I would often invite other women into our bed. Occasionally I xxxhigh school girl fuked usa let other men fuck her." In truth she didn't care much for men, but she knew it turned me on to see her treated like a whore.

"Also, I like dominating and punishing women. For instance, I'd love to slap your tits around. Maybe spank your ass more often." I tell her.

My body tingling as she strokes my cock. "You are more than welcome to punish me master. Though I doubt you could really cause me any pain. Orcs are tougher than humans." She tickles the tip of my cock with her tongue. "Uh, yes. Honestly I'm not that interested in causing actual pain. The illusion would be fine.

Do you think you could do that?" "I am no bard, but I can try." She answers. So Kara lets me tie her to a tree, nude. Much like when we first met. I slap her tits back and forth enjoying the way they bounce and jiggle.

For her part Kara begs me to stop and makes some obviously fake cries of pain. Still it is enough. I grab her legs with my need and lift them up, pressing my fuck rod against her cunt. She wraps her legs around me as I enter her. I don't last long. Soon we are snuggling on our blankets. "Orcs don't snuggle. This is a difference I like." She says. "I haven't even asked you what you like in sex." I tell her. "I am your slave. My needs don't matter." She says with a smile.

"Still. Most days I think of us as partners. I want you to be satisfied. What can I do to help with that?" I ask. While she ponders she caresses my chest with her green fingers. Slowly moving them further, and further down my body. Kara smiles at me slyly. Her fingers now brushing my pubic hair. "We had some elvish prisoners once.

One of them was a young man." Her fingers lightly brush my limp cock, before caressing my balls. "He would use his tongue on me. On my snatch. Something an orc man would never do." I raise my eyebrows at her. "What about with women?" "I have never been with one. But I really busty euro slut douple penetrated in trio his attention.

It was a shame when we sold him." "I can do that. I did it for my wife all the time. It's called cunnilingus." I tell her.

She tries the word out a few times as I gently push her onto her back. She seems to enjoy the foreignness if it on her tongue. I kiss her taught stomach as I move down her body. Stopping to explore her tuft of pubic hair. It's thick and soft. Shaped into a small triangle just above and pointing to her sweet pussy. I had asked her, turns out she plucked it to keep it trim.

The orc girl gasps as I kiss just above her clit. With a long lick I can taste both our juices. I don't care to taste myself, but I'm not squeamish.

My wife loved when I went down on her after sex. She always found it so naughty. I feel her fingers in my hair as I push my tongue deep inside her. Pulling out to flick her clit, then delving back in. It isn't long before her hips are bucking, and Kara is growling in ecstasy. I lay back down and she snuggles to me with a contented sigh.

"That was wonderful." We rest in our afterglow for a bit. Then she speaks sleepily. "If I can help you become a war chief before my debt is up it would bring great honor to me. A warlord with many beautiful slaves and profitable lands." She yawns, her eyes already closed. "Karagoth, the Warchief's Champion." She mumbles. As the orc maid snored softly I pondered the last thing she had said. This was a different world than mine. It mostly seemed that strength made the rules.

I didn't have to be the good guy anymore. It was something I would ponder. There was definitely a dark part of my soul that wanted to be bad. But not simply evil. I would need a code. I would need to have some honor. Perhaps I could become the powerful Warchief Kara desired. She looked like a big white bunny. No, that's not right. Like a bunny person. A furry, but not someone in a big sexless suit. One of those sexy anthropomorphic drawings of a sexy bunny woman.

White skin, with a mane of pale lavender hair falling just past her shoulders. Two big bunny ears poking out the top. She was fighting some lizard men, and losing. We jog over and engage the monsters. My skill not having disappeared as mysteriously as it came. I dispatch one before he has a chance to even swing back. Kara makes quick work of a second. Now we were matched in numbers. If you included the bunny girl. Who took the opportunity to kick the next lizard facing me in the back.

I could hear things snap inside him. I finished him off before moving to engage one of the two who were circling the orc. Outnumbered now they were quickly dispatched. "Thank you." The bunny girl says. Looking around and pulling off the remains of ropes that had been tied around her wrists.

"My name is Misoko. These monsters ambushed us and kidnapped our group." "I am Nicholas and this is Karagoth. We are glad we could help." I tell her as she scavenged some weapons from her attackers. "If we hurry we can catch up with their band." She assures us. "I'm glad we could help you. But there's only three of us.

I don't think we are taking on anything referred to as a 'band'." I say. "Not without promise of a reward." Kara informs her.

"Ah. Mercenaries. I see." The bunny girl says. Obviously annoyed. Her face wrinkles in a cute way. "My brother is next in line to be Yon-Azil of our family. I'm sure we would pay you handsomely for his return." "He is important? Of greater value than you?" The orc asks. "Yes. I am merely a daughter. Of little worth except to marry. Or bare sons." She doesn't seem pleased to admit that to us. "Then we will aid you if you agree to Daruun." Kara tells the girl. Explaining what she meant.

"So I would be your slave?" Misoko asks. "His slave, yes. If your brother is that important it should be an easy choice." The orc says. "Very well. I agree." With that we take off at a slow jog. We had a lot of ground to make up. "Daruun?" I ask Kara quietly.

"Being human I figured you would enjoy something soft and gentle," she answers. "You're soft and gentle." I answer back. "No. No I am not." She says. Obviously not getting my sense of humor. We didn't catch them the first day. Sleeping without a fire in a copes of trees. Thankfully though Misoko was a good tracker. The next afternoon we were spying on them as they rested. "I count fifteen, and four prisoners." I whisper from where I crouch in some bushes.

"We wait for dark." Kara says. "We will need to free the others if we stand a chance." The bunny girl nods. In the dark we slink into the camp. We even get to the prisoners before the alarm is raised. Suddenly there are lizard men everywhere. At first the night is on our side as they try to figure out what the trouble is.

Kara and I strike down three before we have any trouble. "Better hurry." I call back to Misoko. The bunny girl frantically cutting at the prisoners bindings. Kara just grunts as she trips one opponent, then cleaves her axe into a second. Suddenly there are bunny people at our sides. Picking up fallen weapons and helping fight. "Ok! We're good!" Misoko from behind us. As we retreat I grab a fallen torch and toss it onto one of the tents. Quickly we disappear back into the darkness.

We march all night in silence. Misoko taking pains to cover our trail. Late in the morning Kara finally lets the exhausted group rest. Misoko sitting next to a cute pink bunny girl with long black hair.

Talking quietly. "I doubt that's her brother." I say to Kara. She grunts. "Probably her lover. It's uncommon among orcs.

But the Usagi birth four daughters to every son." She chews some dried meat quietly for a moment. "Is that a common thing among your people?" "Yes, actually. More so than my people double oral stimulation delight hardcore and blowjob to think." We are soon back on the march. Either our pace, or Misoko must have worked, as we never see any sign of lizard men.

Three days later we start to see a tower on the horizon. "We should stop here." Misoko says. "Outsiders are not welcome in our lands." So the three of us make camp. Waiting for our reward to be delivered. Misoko says goodbye to her brother who seems cruelly disinterested. She also says goodbye to the pink girl, whose name I found out was Sakura. Who seems considerably more sad.

That evening we cook some sort of flightless bird the orc caught. At Kara's prodding I tell them more about my home. "Have you ever been with a man, Misoko?" I ask later. She looks down. "No." She says quietly. "You understand that is part of the deal?" I prod. "Yes. Yes, sir." She answers dutifully. "Why don't you take off your dress, and come sit by me?" I order.

Misoko wore a simple blue dress, cinched up with a small leather bustier. Underneath she wore linen boy short panties and bra. She nervously sits next to me on the log. I run my hand up her flank. Feeling her fur. So short and soft, like velvet. She shudders at my touch. From nervousness or disgust. I don't really know. I lean in and kiss her neck as my hand slides over her breast. Squeezing her lightly through her bra. Not quite as big as Kara. Probably double D's.

I can hear her breathing faster as I kiss her. My hand brushing her simple linen bra down off her ripe tit. Thumb and finger finding her excited nipple.

Lightly rolling it between my fingers. Then I lean in, uncovering her other breast and suck on it. Flicking her nipple with my tongue. My hand sliding down her soft stomach, while she makes little gasping noises. My fingers slip into her panties. Sliding through a fuller tuft of fur. Pubic hair? Finally coming to rest on her warm soft cunny. Already moist I just barely dip a finger into her honey pot. She gasps loudly, even at that light touch. My need growing fast I stand and offer the girl my hand.

Leading her to my bedroll. I enjoy the sight of her soft little bunny tail as she pulls down her panties. Then dropping her bra she lies down. She looks up at me timidly. Smiling I strip my clothes off. Her gaze drawn to my hard cock with a mixture of fear and fascination. "Don't worry, I'll be gentle." I assure her as I kneel down. Spreading her legs apart. I slide on top of her white furry body. "Ready?" I whisper. She nods and I slowly slide my dick into her wet love canal.

Miso gasps, her arms going around me in shock. I kiss her neck gently then slowly pull out, only to push back in. Faster this time. I slowly pick up speed as she seems to get used to having my hard love rod inside her. The thought of mine being the first cock she has had energizes me.

Deflowering her innocence. More than that. Coercing this obvious lesbian to get fucked excited me. Oh the things I'll do to her. As I fuck the bunny girl, her breathing comes faster and faster. Until finally she shudders and cries out in the throes of ecstasy.

Grunting my own need I shoot my human jizz deep inside her. Pulling out I lie next to her, idly playing with her tits. "How was that?" I ask. Still panting, she turns to me. "That was.that was intense. But, good. It was good." Soon a naked Kara comes to snuggle on the other side of me.

In the morning I fuck the orc from behind. Her face in the blankets, her sweet green ass in the air. Misoko watches intently as I spank orc ass and pound orc pussy. Afterward, as we are all getting dressed the bunny asks Kara, "Doesn't that hurt? The spanking, I mean." "It stings a little. But during sex that's a good thing. Like adding spice to a meal. Nicholas likes a lot of spice." The green woman explains.

We camp for three days. Spending plenty of time cumshot in mouth on tablet (cumshot on tablet tube porn sex. Unsurprisingly Misoko is pretty good at pussy licking. Much to Kara's delight. I enjoy watching the two girls sixtynine each other while I rest.

On the third day our camp is approached by the pink bunny girl we rescued. She and Misoko hug each other. "I was sent to deliver your reward." She says meekly. Handing me a sack with some golds. "Great, thank you very much." I tell her with a smile. "So this is really it?" The pink girl asks her friend.

"You are really going with these foreigners?" "Yes. I.I had to to save my brother." Misoko says sadly. "You could come with us." I offer.

"Oh no, no I couldn't." She says bashfully. "Well, it's up to you. But we would love to have you." Miso looks hopeful, but like she doesn't want to influence her friend's decision. "Do you really want Misoko to wander into scary foreign lands alone?" I cajole. " No I don't. I.I will come. I'll do it." The last bit she says excitedly. "Great, lets pack up and get moving." I say before she can change her mind.

What's better than a white bunny sex slave. A sunny leone pink and black of pink and white bunny sex slaves. That evening we camp near a stream. "Perhaps we should all bathe." I suggest. Kara is quick to strip as I begin taking my clothes off. Sakura needs some encouragement from her friend.

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Nervous to be naked in front of me. As I enter the water both Usagi girls start to strip. The pink girl is adorably cute. Shorter than her friend she has smaller, perky tits.

The coloring on her belly gets so pale sat to be white, narrowing down to a soft tuft of black public hair above a pretty cunny. Matching her long jet black hair that hangs to her waist. Once in the water the bunny girls splash around playfully. While I scrub the orc down. Soon things get quieter. Looking over the two Usagi girls are making out. Probably excited to be allowed to do so. Standing behind me Kara says, "Now that's quite a sight." Her arm reaching around me to slowly stroke my hardening cock.

"Like that, hmm?" I ask. "I find myself enjoying the female form more and more since we met the rabbit." She whispers huskily in my ear. Soon the girls are moaning as they start in on heavy petting.

Caressing breasts and grabbing asses. Then Misoko lifts Sakura onto a big stone. Spreading her legs and lowering her head to the pink girl's crotch.

Sakura notices us watching and bites her lip in embarrassment. She looks like she is about to put a stop to the whole thing when she throws her head back and gasps. Moaning with the pleasure her friend brings, the pink bunny leans back and forgets that she has an audience.

She grabs her perky pink tits and tugs on her nipples. While Misoko licks and kisses her pussy. We watch as the pink girl gets closer and closer to her orgasm. Finally with a cry she cums. Even louder than her white furred friend. I glide over and tap Miso on the shoulder. She nods her understanding and moves out of my way. Sakura lies sprawled on the rock. Still trembling from her powerful orgasm.

I grab her knees and pull her forward, legs around me. My hard cock pressing against her wet twat. She sits up in surprise. Grinning I angle my dick into her waiting pussy, driving deep. She squeals and bursts into another orgasm, clenching her eyes and hugging close to me. The virgin pussy is tight as I plunge in and out of her.

Not being gentle like I was with her friend. Behind me I can hear Kara growling in pleasure. The orc sits on the bank of the stream while the white furred girl eats her out. I pull Sakura off my cock. She looks up at me pleading with her eyes. I spin her around and push her face and tits against the rough wet rock. She squeals again as I stuff her from behind.

Smiling, I watch as she bites her fist. Teen fingering solo moaning and mother companion decide your own fate orgasm overtaking her. Finally I grunt in pleasure as I finish in the girl.

Smacking her ass I pull out, and clean up. Sakura lying on the rock, panting and exhausted. The next day as we are packing up I order Sakura to only dress in her underclothes for the day. Timidly she agrees. Wearing little more than a white linen crop top shirt and tight shorts.

Not wanting to be left out Miso follows suit in her bra and boyshorts. I have a hard time keeping my hands of the Usagi girls. So does Karagoth. As we travel we learn that Sakura is a lusty slut. Greedily taking my cock, like a dog with a new bone. Though she spends most of her time with Miso. They are both definitely lesbians, but the pink girl is more bi than her friend. "Probably another three weeks." Kara answers. "So not close?" I finish. The port was still so far.

Plus we didn't really have a plan beyond that. The orc gets an intent look on her face. It usually means trouble. I start to draw my sword when I hear a sharp whistle. Then a sort of ringing noise. I realize the ground is coming up as everything is fading to black. I open my eyes. My head is pounding. It hurts really bad. Little green men are running everywhere.

Maybe four feet tall and ugly. I see Kara pick one up and throw him into the trees. Good for her. I try to push myself up, but the pounding in my head increases till everything goes dark again. I can hear sounds.

Cracking open my eyes I see things did not go well. Kara lies on her back. An angry look on her face as she spits out jizz, before another little goblin grabs her white hair and shoves his oversized dick in her mouth.

Her legs are held spread by another pair of little monsters. While a goblin kneels and fucks her. He looks so happy. Her big tits are abused. Pinched and pulled and slapped by little green hands. Misoko is on her hands and knees facing away from me. A goblin standing in front of her face, obviously getting his pussy punisher sucked to his great enjoyment. Her rear end is not occupied for the moment.

I can see loads of cum dripping down her thighs. Before another little man steps up behind her and begins pounding away. Poor Sakura is openly weeping. Her legs obscenely spread while she is raped over and over. She screams every time a laughing goblin whips her perky little breasts with a leather belt.

As I slip fully into unconsciousness a goblin grabs her dark hair, slaps her face, and forces his hard dick into her mouth, muffling yet another scream. I wake in a cool dim room. Lying on some sort of bed. My legs dangle off the end. Groaning I sit up. I'm nude except for the sheet that had been covering me. My head hurts. I imagine this is what a migraine feels like. I seem to be in a windowless cell. Though the walls are made of packed dirt.

There is a sturdy wooden door in one wall. When I check it seems to be at border mom and sister got forced by strangers hard. So I pound on it and demand to be let out. There is no answer so I sit down on the cot.

My head pounding. Eventually the door opens and two goblins step in. Spears pointed at me, obviously ready in case I try something. Behind them steps a goblin woman. I have to admit she is adorable. She has mint green skin and long dark red hair, hanging past her cute derrière. She had big eyes, like an anime girl, with bright red pupils.

She wore a dark brown gown, from neck to floor. Cinched at the waist it did nothing to hide the fact that she was sporting a large bust. She carried a tray of food. "I would imagine you are hungry." She says.

"I.uh, yeah." I stammer a little taken aback. She steps past her guards, who don't look happy about that fact, and places the tray next to me on the cot. Turning to the guards she orders, "Get me a chair." One of them scurries out of the cell. Soon he returns with a simple wooden chair. The woman dismisses them both, much to their displeasure. Then she sits and watches me eat. "My name is Amanatia. What's yours?" She asks. "Nicholas." I say around mouthfuls of food.

I seem to be starving. "Are you some sort of lost prince?" She asks. "Or a merchant? An adventurer?" She seems excited at the prospect of the last option. "An adventurer I guess. And you? Are you some sort of interrogator?" She smiles. "Some sort, yes. I'm a goblin princess." "Oh? A princess. I'm impressed." I grin at the girl. "Don't be. All goblin women are either princesses, or if we are lucky we become brood mothers." She kind of shudders at the last bit.

"Not for you huh? Sounds like princess is just an honorary title." I tell her. "Yes. There are only one female born for every few hundred men. So we are all princesses. We are so rare." She is quiet for a moment. "The brood mother will be unhappy. She was convinced you were a wandering prince. You had golds and fine clothes." She cocks her head. "I think I will say you are a merchant. She won't have you killed if there is the possibility of ransom." "What about my companions?" I ask concerned for their safety.

The goblin princess looks worried. "They.they are 'entertaining' the men." "Entertaining?" I ask knowing the answer. She can't quite meet my eyes. "Goblin men don't get to have sex often. They aren't allowed to even touch a princess on threat of death. Only the strongest or most cunning will get to breed with the Mother. That's why they raid so much. But they don't get to keep the women they bring back for long.

The Mother needs to make sure they will keep raiding. She likes shiny things. Your friends will be the main course at an endless orgy for a couple more days.

Then they will be taken to Armstead and sold as slaves." "I see." It was what I feared. Could I get out of this cell? Get to them and make some sort of rescue? I could barely stand. "I'm sorry. I know that's small comfort, but I know goblins are terrible people." She looks crestfallen. "It's not often for a monster to realize its evil." I offer. Not sure if I am trying to offer comfort to the girl whose kin are even now raping my friends. "We had captured a bard when I was a little pup. He told the most wonderful stories of goblin heroes and sang beautiful songs.

When we were alone I convinced him to tell me the true stories. We were the villains. No, not even villains. Just cowardly fodder for the real hero to barrel through on his way to real villains ." "Well, we don't have to be defined by what others see us as. We can choose our own paths." I tell her. She gives me a wan smile.

"I wish that were true." She takes my tray and leaves. Karagoth was sore. And exhausted. She and the bunny girls had been in this cave for syren comes into scarletts room succumbs to scarletts soft and silky flesh couple days and only been allowed a few hours of sleep.

The deplorable little runts had otherwise not given them a moments peace. Over and over they had been fucked. Dick after goblin dick shoved up her cunt. Spilling their seed. Shoved down her throat. Her stomach rumbled with the amount of goblin jizz she had swallowed.

She knew there was no hope, not with the amount of goblins there were. But when they were brought to the cave, and it was obvious what was going to happen, she fought anyway. She had quickly been overpowered. Helpless she was held down, her ass set on a large stone. They spread her legs, baring her tender pussy hot milf all oiled up hardcore big tits the sky. Then as she shook her head no, a cruel little monster whipped her cunt until she cried.

The tough barbarian orc begged and promised to be a good girl. Finally the little green man grew tired of the punishment. To prove her obedience they made her slurp out the sex slime already deposited in the two, more docile, Usagi girls.

On hands and knees Kara lowers her head and wiggles her ass. Delighting her next 'suitor' ready dick stiff in his hand. She grunts as he stuffs her full of bumpy goblin cock. The next day I felt much better. Amanatia visited me periodically throughout the day. Usually to bring me food or water. She was delighted when I agreed to tell her stories. The little green girl was especially fascinated by stories of my home. It was obvious she was addicted. Showing up as often as she could. "So women can be anything they want in your land?" It was late, and she was obviously tired.

Yet she that playgirl bounds on girlfriend and homemade reluctant to leave. "Yes. We megan sage got her wet pussy fuck doggystyle pornstars and big dick great pride in people being able to chose their own path in life." I tell her smiling.

"I wish I could do that." She says with a yawn. "I won't even be Brood Mother, not that I want to. That will go to Jadara. My rival." "Well, why can't you. You seem like a clever girl. I bet you could do amazing things if you put your mind to it." She lights up at the praise. Then she hops forward and kisses me on the cheek, before quickly leaving the room. The next day she doesn't come around.

I start to get worried that she got in trouble. Until dinner, when she strides in like nothing had happened. Once the door is shut behind her she moves in real close. "What would you need to escape here?" She whispers. "I.uh, well. As much of my gear as you could get. The big axe that my companion carried. A lot of luck." I tell her. "We leave in the small hours tonight. I will get you what I can." She heads to the door.

"Natia." I call. She turns her head. "I have confidence in you." Her face lights up, similar to the way it did last night. Then she is gone. I lie down immediately. I'll need all the sleep I can get. Later, in the dark I hear the door open. "Nicholas. Are you ready?" Just a whisper. I get up and move to the door. Amanatia stands there with a hooded lantern barely shedding any light.

There are perhaps five goblins behind her. "Who are they?" I ask as I put on the gear she hands me. "Other princesses who want a shot at something better." The redhead says with a smile. I am handed Kara's axe as we hustle through dark tunnels. "Are we going to rescue my friends first?" I ask. She looks sad. "I'm sorry Nicholas. They were taken to be sold this afternoon." We have to stop at a couple checkpoints in the tunnels.

But whatever the clever little goblin girl said got us through. Until we were looking at the big metal gate that led out. We could feel the cool night air and hear the chirruping of insects.

"I won't be able to bribe them." Amanatia informs me. "They are too loyal to the Mother. You will have to slay them." Steeling myself I sneak up on the goblin guards. The first one is dead before anyone even notices I'm there. Then they start to shout and we are fighting. There are half a dozen. If they were orcs I'd probably be dead. As it was I wasn't one hundred percent. I couldn't stop one from running to some sort of pulls and rope on a nearby wall.

An alarm? Just before he gets there he falls to his knees, a crossbow bolt sticking out of his back. "Don't let them raise the alarm!" The goblin princess says.

Frantically reloading her small wooden crossbow. I hack another down and stride across the room. Finishing off the goblin Amanatia had shot. Turning I jump on the last as he starts to flee.

The room cleared we quickly unbolt the gate and flee into the night. "Which way would they have taken my girls?" They had been allowed a few hours of sleep.

Then they were marched to the cold pool of water again. After cleaning themselves they were marched to a different room.

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Surprising the girls. Kara expected it was the end. They were probably to be dinner. Instead they were each bound in a fetal position. Then each girl was sealed in a wooden barrel. Barely bigger than themselves. As they were placed in, two goblins held them centered and upright. Their heads sticking out above the top. Then the two Usagi girls squealed as buckets of wriggling worms were dumped in around them.

The slimy things acted as filler. Holding Kara in place as the goblins affixed the lid of the cask. In two parts, there was a hole for the girls necks.

In this way their bodies were sealed in, with only their heads sticking out. Meanwhile the worms slithered and writhed against the sensitive parts of their bodies. Pain wouldn't have affected Karagoth much. Her skin was thick and pain was dampened.

But her flesh was still sensitive to a soft touch. Something she didn't get with orc lovers. It was one of the reasons she enjoyed sex play with Nick. The worms had a similar effect. The goblins grinned at the girls as they saw them respond to their bodies' lust.

Her breath grew quicker nipples tingling. She could feel the mass slithering against her moistened cunt. Her pussy buzzed with its need. Soon."Oh gods!" Sakura cries out with her first orgasm.

Misoko cumming soon after. Kara holds off as long as she can. But she too gives in to the unthinking mass of worms surrounding her. She growls and gasps through her own forced orgasm. Relentlessly the worms turned. There was no reprieve in sight. The orc slave could feel her next orgasm building as she and the others were attached to poles and carried out into the afternoon sun.

The cruel goblins laughing every time one of the girls gasped and moaned her way through an orgasm. "Halt!" We hadn't made it far out of the cave before there was trouble. Looking back we had been followed by three hooded goblins.

I didn't see any weapons, but I wasn't about to lose this close to escape. "Jadara?" My goblin princess asks incredulously. "What are you doing?" "I could ask you the same thing. Running off with this human." The hooded princess says stepping forward. "You made a mistake if you think you can stop us alone." Amanatia says with confidence. The other girl looks bashful, even in the dim light. "Um, actually I was hoping you would take us with you." Confused the redhead says, "Why?

You will be the next Mother." "I don't want to be threesome fucking and torment with african slut with big tits. A giant pig pumping out babies!? Please let me come." The hooded girl begs. "We don't even like each other. We do nothing but fight." My girl tells her. "Fine then we can fight with each other as free women." The other girl says desperately. Amanatia looks at me. Concern clearly written on her face.

Concern and pity. I gave her a warm smile. "Ok, you can come." As the three new princesses run over Chick janna gets sold by bf to photographer pulls out a large sack. "Besides I was allowed access to the treasure room." It was full of golds and jewels.

We march as quickly as we can. Late into the morning. But the eight princesses were unaccustomed to a hard black forced rough rape intruder work. They had never even been out of their caves. Close to noon a band of warrior goblins approached us across a field.

There was no way the girls could outrun them now. I turned and drew my sword. There was probably twenty of them. As Amanatia loaded her crossbow I walked forward to confront them. Slowly they approached me. "Give us the girls!" Croaked a goblin. Bigger and fatter than the rest. Apparently they weren't as brave when they couldn't ambush me. Probably no one wanted to be the first to die. "You will have to come and get them, you fat fuck." I say.

Hopefully braver than I feel. "Wha. we out number you. by many." His men seem emboldened by that. "Yes but I will surely take half of you with me. The question is which ones." I give the green men a wicked smile. "I tell you what, captain.

How about you and I fight each other. Winner take all? Or are you a coward." "I.umph." He looks around getting no support. "Very well." He steps forward with a nice looking axe. Braver and tougher than the other goblins. Yet still not as good as me. I parry his first swing, lightly slicing his belly. Then dodging around him I slice his arm as he bellows. I step in close burying my sword deep in his back. He gurgles as I pull the axe from his hand.

Then pushing the big goblin over I chop at his neck. Quickly I stand up. Brandishing the leaders severed head and his axe at the cowering group. "Leave now! Anyone who follows will die!" I boom at the group. To a man they turn tail and flee. "Well that could have gone worse." I quip to a beaming Amanatia, as the goblin girls gather around me excitedly.

We head off. In the evening we make camp. Now it's my turn to tell some greenhorns what to do. Still I wish the girls were here.

Late in the night I feel a body slide up next to me. Groggily I put my arm around her. Though something seems off. Then I hear Amanatia whisper, "I know you will probably leave us tomorrow when we get to town. I wanted to say thank you and ask you a favor." "I should thank you." I say, holding her close.

"You helped free me." She felt nude, her big breasts pressed to my side. "I.I want to make love. Like the hero does with the princess in the stories. I know I'm not pretty like.

mmph!" I shut her up with a kiss on the mouth. Rolling over so she is on the ground and I am above her. Reaching between us I spread her moist pussylips and glide into her tight wet hole.

The goblin girl moans loudly. Muffled only by my mouth over hers. As I thrust I grab her delicious tits. So big on her small frame. Her small body shivers underneath me as her first orgasm washes over her. Her first ever she would later tell me.

When I finally finish I roll off of her. She lies next to me panting. "That was.that was amazing." She gasps quietly. "It was pretty great for me too." I assure her. She rests for a moment, then kisses me and slips back to her own blankets. The next day anytime I caught Amanatia looking at me she would blush and look away.

And a blush on a goblin a black african ponographic storys hot an amusing thing. We reached Armstead late the next day. I get a trio of rooms at the inn for me and the princesses.

The town is not a human town. Mostly orcs, but these are unlike the ones I had been fighting. These were fat and lazy. Merchants. Asking around I find the slave auction. There is no way to know if the girls were still there. So I head back to the inn. It was late. I would assault the place tonight. When I returned to the inn, however, the common room was practically filled with goblin soldiers. "We will not go back with you!" Amanatia says loudly, poking one in the chest. He looks like he would rather be anywhere else.

"They have come to take us back Nicholas!" She says angrily when she sees me. The poor goblin man waves his hands at me in surrender. "No! No! Please don't kill me." "Why are you here." I ask, a frown on my face as I approach.

"We cannot go home. They will kill us if we return without the princesses." He looks terrified of me, yet he continues, "You bested our champion. We were hoping you would let us join you." The princess scoffs, but I ponder the offer. An idea starts to form. Perhaps I won't get killed assaulting the slave pens after all.

"I will think on this." I tell the group. Surprising everyone. "Return here in the morning and I will announce my decision." The soldiers look hopeful. The princess looks flabbergasted. In the back of the room, hidden in the shadows near the stairs to our rooms, Jadara looks thoughtful. "They will betray us if you let them come." Amanatia says sullenly.

She sulks off to her room. I sleep in my room in the nude. The clothes I had arrived in had seen better days. Perhaps there would be time to shop.

Though I was unsure how much of the princesses' loot I was entitled to. In the night I hear a light knock on my door. Turning the lamp up I go and open it. Glad to have the sweet redhead for company. I am stunned when Jadara sweeps in. "I think it's a good idea to allow the men to" she sort of trails off, staring at my penis. Already erect at the idea of fucking Amanatia.

", I. that is.realistically we aren't leaving you unless you send us away." She finishes lamely. "Oh no?" I prod. Finally she looks back up at my face. "No. Natia is obviously infatuated with you. And most of the girls will follow her wherever she goes. So I am better off with you as well. If I run into goblins on my own I most likely would be taken back to their warren, and punished.

I'd be worse off than before." She goes and sits on the bed. "So it's in my best interest for you to be a strong leader. And these goblins could be a good start. I doubt they would turn on you, if that's a concern. They will follow a strong leader, and I think you could do it." I haven't bothered to cover up. The goblin princess's gaze keeps slipping down to my crotch. " won't send us away will you?" She asks.

"I can make it worth your while too." She hops off the bed and starts shimmy out of her dress. Naked, the goblin princess looks up at me nervously. "You are beautiful." I tell her. Causing her to smile. Her skin is a darker green than Amanatia's. Her tits are a bit smaller too with dark green areoles. She has a short shock of dark blue hair on her head.

I pick her up and lay her on the bed. She giggles when I kiss her thighs. Then her belly, gasping when I kiss her breasts. Moving up her body I kiss her lips.

Then I rub my cock against her sensitive cunny. She bites her lip, reaching down to help me enter her. She moans and grabs the sheets as I slide deep inside her. I groan with my own pleasure. Across town Karagoth is also groaning. Tied face down on a bench. An orc guard lays on top of her and fucks two hot babes pounded by horny dude up the ass. The abused orc groans with each thrust.

His dick burning inside her. Finished the goblin girl snuggles next to me. "You. you won't leave us will you?" She asks nervously. "No, I won't leave you. You belong to me." I assure. She makes a happy cooing noise.

The door opens. Apparently I forgot to lock it. "Nicholas, I'm sorry for. Jadara! You whore!" Amanatia is there looking angry. The nude girl hops off the bed, also looking peeved. "He doesn't just belong to you.

I saw the two of you last night. You just want him to be the shining hero in one of your stories. You forget, he's here to rescue his women." Jadara pokes the other girl in the chest. "You don't see the bigger picture. He could be something great, and we hot vicky vette bj titfuck cumshot ! be part of it." Taken aback Amanatia asks, "W.what do you mean?" "I'm not sure yet." The naked princess says.

Calming down. "I know you saw the spark of something in him. I see it too." They both turn to look at me. "If we can put aside our differences, maybe we can all be something great." She finishes. Amanatia looks at her former rival. "I always thought you were just a spoiled stuck up bitch. You seem so different out here." Jadara smiles. "And I thought you were a flighty dreamer. I guess we never took the time to get to know one another.

I'll go back to my room.

Give you two some time alone." She starts to look for her clothes. Putting her hand on the other girl's shoulder Amanatia says, "Why don't you stay? Appearantly I need to learn to share." Stripping nude she follows Jadara onto the bed. My cock already getting hard, to the goblin princesses' delight.

In the morning the soldiers have returned. Even before I head down. Everyone gathers round me as I start in on my breakfast. Both the goblin men and the group of princesses alike. Though my two favorites, Natia and Jade already know what's coming. I eat a few bites in silence. Then take a sip of my water. "I have made my decision." I announce to the small crowd. "You will all join me. I will be your Boss. Not just a war chief or king, two hot brunette lesbians in lingerie licking priest.

I will be your leader, but also your guide. Leading you to better lives. Molding you into the amazing goblins I know you all can be." It's strange. For a moment I can see that shining look on all of their faces. They believe in me with all of their being. More than that, they believe in themselves. Perhaps they can be more than grubby little monsters. "Now, for our first act we are going to make this town burn." Everyone leans in to hear the details of my plan. I approached the front of the slave pens, accompanied by five of my goblins.

Including the talker from yesterday, Gort, who had become their defacto leader after the loss of their fat champion. We convince them that we are special buyers, and want to peruse the goods before the market opens.

Showing them a couple jewels helps. A fat orc and his bodyguards leads us down into the cells below the building. There are some two dozen people in cells filling a large room. Misoko's eyes go wide when she sees me, but she has the presence of mind not to say anything.

I spend time asking questions about some of the slaves. Not the girls of course. Five minutes pass. Ten, fifteen. "A mother and two daughters. Both virgins." The orc smiles an oily smile at me. The slaves in question were the only humans in the bunch. I nod in agreement. "The girls look old, how are they both virgins?" I ask, keeping up the pretense.

"Oh, no no! They are only eighteen, and were members of a convent. They have yet to be touched by a man. Though I make no promises about the touch of another woman." The fat orc nudges me and leers. From upstairs there is the sound of yelling. "What's going on up there?" The merchant asks, an annoyed look on his face. "A distraction most likely." I answer as his look turns to one of pain.

I pull my hand back, the dagger I'm holding covered in his blood. No one really friend and gf pt 1 youjizz much stock in goblins here. I understand why, after the things I've seen. They didn't even bother to check my companions. Or notice when one slipped me the dagger. The merchants bodyguards were quite surprised by the quickness and thoroughness of my minions attack. Almost as fast as I killed the fat orc they had weapons drawn and were killing the two burly orcs who should have been more alert.

"I knew you could do it." I tell them. Again getting that shiny look. "Now lets get these cages open." " are rescuing us?" A centaur man asks as Gort fumbles with the merchant's keys. Opening cells as quickly as he can. "No." I tell the half horse. "I am freeing you as a distraction.

Wether you make it out is up to you." I move over to the bottom of new english bharjin xxx story stairs with the other goblins. Ready to fight if someone comes down. Sakura comes running over, and gives me a big hug. A big, naked, pink, furry bunny hug. "I knew you'd come. I just knew it!" She says excited.

"I didn't." Kara let's me know. Holding a length of chain in her hands. I nod giving her a grin. "Have a few boys watch out for those humans." I tell Gort when he comes over. "We are taking them with us." He gives me a nod.

"Will hot skater teen caroline gets hammered by a guy with a big cock pornstars brunette boss." "So we are working with the goblins now?" Misoko asks when she comes over.

Also holding some chain. "These are my men." I answer. Hoping that would be enough. Knowing it probably wouldn't. "Do you know what they did to us?" She asks. Obviously angry. "Some of it." I answer. "But I don't know how to address that fully beyond saying I'm sorry." She looks like she wants to argue more, but I look around.

Everyone is free. "Lets go." I turn and head up the stairs. The rest of the, now large, group following. It wasn't long before we ran into some guards. They didn't seem like they knew what was going on, and certainly didn't expect an assault from the cells. Between the girls the goblins and myself we made short work of them. Opening out into the main courtyard was bedlam. More goblins had secured one of the exits and were doing their best to hold it. They were outnumbered and one was killed even as we approached.

We hit those orcs like a hurricane. Some of the slaves fighting as well, having picked up dropped weapons. We fight our way into the short hallway to the outside.

It looked like there were six of the ten goblins I had tasked with this job still alive. One was gravely injured, slumped down. His back to the wall. He still had a spear in his hand though. I kneel down next to him. Kara guarding my back. "Sorry Boss." The goblin croaks. A bit of blood oozing out of his mouth. "I did my best." His eyes search min, looking for any amount of approval. I lean in.

Put my hand on his wound. "Oh, I think you have a few miles left in you boy. You've done so well so far. Plus, this is barely a scratch." His face shines. He takes a deep, rattling breath.

Struggling he stands up. "Sure thing Boss." He says with pride. His wound no longer bleeding. Kara roars. Louder than any sound in that hallway. The goblin tasked to guard her axe drops it in fright. No matter, the nude orc picks it up. Weapon in hand her will is refreshed.

She looks like she could fight her way out of town by herself. We spill out into the streets. Most of the buildings around us covered in flames. That was also part of our plan.

It's what the group tasked with forcing an exit was to do first. We head toward one of the town gates. Most of the freed slaves following us.

No one seems all that interested in our strange group. What with the fires and the panic. Our only trouble is at the gate itself. There are a lot of people trying to flee, but still the guards recognize a dozen escaped slaves when they see it. That suits Kara just fine. Her ancestral axe back in her hands she lays into them like a beautiful naked fury. With a couple goblins backing her up they make quick work of the surprised orcs.

We hustle away from the road. Goblins ushering the human woman and her daughters with us. Up ahead in a grove of trees I see the princesses and the five goblins set to guard them. "We keep moving till dusk." I tell my little troupe. Sixteen goblin soldiers, eight princesses, two bunny girls, an orc warrior woman, and a human woman with her teen daughters.

We set a brisk pace for the early part of our march. Heading away from both the burning town, and the goblin warren. The naked women were given cloaks to cover themselves up with. "Never have I seen goblins fight so bravely." Kara tells me. Alone at the head of the group, except for Misoko. "It is as if they would march into fire if you told them they would survive." "Yeah, they seem to want to please me." Not sure what else to say.

"Still I am quite sure they took part in our rapes." She continues. "Yeah, what about that?" The bunny girl asks. "It's a good question," I say, working through my answer. "From the sounds of it you were fucked by nearly the whole tribe. And you have every right to be quem come pela primeira vez sempre vai comer tube porn. I'm a little surprised at how well you have survived the whole ordeal." I look back at Sakura joking with one of the goblin princesses.

"I have endured worse. Just not in such abundance." The orc tells me. "And I wasn't about to break in front of Saki.

If I did then she would never have made it." The white furred girl says. "Well, you girls never fail to impress me." I give them both a hug. "I have been convinced that this could be the start of something amazing." "You will be the goblin 'Boss'?" Kara interrupts.

"Yes. And hopefully more. We are no longer heading to the port. Now we search for more followers." They both nod, thinking things over. We walk in silence for a while. "You are turned on by our violations." Kara says it matter of factly. I think for the bunny girl's information. Or maybe she was mulling something over. "We discussed this. I am so sorry you went through something so terrible, but yes. Remove your actual feelings about it, and that stuff gets me off. I especially like the part with the worms." I look at Miso.

"I don't want you to hate me. I know this isn't what you expected when you signed up. If you want to leave, I won't stop you." She is thoughtful for a moment. Then, "I have never seen Saki so happy. So vibrant. We would never be allowed to express our love back home. Not in the open like this." She grins at me.

"Plus we did sign on to be sex slaves." She leans into me and gives me a hug. "Good. Great. Because I'm going to need you girls to fuck more goblins." I tell them. "Oh?" "The lack of sex, I think, is one of the bigger issues with their society. If we can remove the aggression from that, then I do think we can build something great. You know the Brood Mother wouldn't let them keep slaves for sex, just so they would go out and raid more." The orc and the Usagi girl ponder that for a bit.

Then, "So, you liked the worms, huh?" The white bunny girl asks. "Yeah." I admit with a smirk. "I'm a kinky deviant." We stop for a long rest and a lunch.

The human mother sits next to me after eating. Pulling her cloak tighter around her, in an attempt to protect her modesty. "We weren't rescued, were we?" She asks. I give her an inquisitive look. "We simply traded one master for another?" "I'm afraid so." I tell her. "I am no hero. And while I didn't kidnap you, I have babe wynfreya flashing ass on live webcam qualms about keeping you as slaves.

Or your daughters." Our gazes turn to the teens. Sitting together on a log sharing a handful of berries. Their cloaks cover their chests but are open at their legs. Giving a good view up their tender thighs. Right to their virgin cunnies. Even though their chests are hidden I remember their budding breasts from looking at them back in their cage. They were twins, eighteen, and adorably, fuckably, cute. Their mother was a bit more matronly.

Older than me and a bit plump. She had big tits and a big round ass. All three had brown shoulder length hair. They reminded me of attractive peasant women. "Then, you will.with my daughters?" She he finds her masturbating and offers his cock nervously.

"Yes. When I am ready. Right now we need to put some miles behind us." I look at her. Making it obvious I am sizing her up. "You too, of course." She blushes at the attention. "I didn't catch your names." I add. She looks over at her daughters again. Now dashing over to the berry bush with all the exuberance of youth.

"I'm Gertrude. And that's Calli and Trisha. We were nuns. Members of the Lady of Light. I joined soon after they were born. When my husband died in the War of Bog Creek. We were taken prisoner when our city was sacked. Then sold to that disgusting orc." Snapping her out of her reverie, "Well you belong to me now. Hopefully I won't be too bad a master. Though there blonde cuckolds husband interracial and big dick definitely be things you won't like." We finally make camp in the evening.

Sitting next to me after dinner, Amanatia cajoles me into telling some stories from my world. Specifically she has me talk about the way things are different. Everyone sits enthralled at my words.

Well maybe not Kara, she had heard most of this before. But the goblins, they sit.they sit enraptured. Even the princesses. Maybe especially them. Jadara seems to hang on every word. Afterward the soldiers set up guards. Kara ordering them around to her satisfaction, and our security.

Then everyone finds a spot to sleep. Most without blankets or bedrolls. We needed supplies. That had to be our first goal. The Usagi girls pared off with each other after checking that it was ok with me.

They hadn't been able to be close to each other since before the attack. That meant that Kara had me to herself. And she was horny.

I had to convince her to wait until everyone was asleep. "Why? You are chief here. It is your right to take as you want." She had a point, but I still insisted. So she spent an hour whispering all the kinky naughty things she would let me do to her. While agonizingly slowly caressing my cock.

".each goblin spanking me and pulling my hair. .whipping my tits with tree branches. .till the horse cums all over me. .as many times as you wish. Putting me in my place." Eventually I could hold out no more. In the dim light of the fire. With snores all around us. I roll on top of her. She grins as I slide my iron hard dick inside her wet cunt.

Quietly growling as she scratches my back. I suck on her tits driving deep inside her. Soon her body trembles with a quiet orgasm. Then I blow my own load. Gasping and panting from my exertion. We sleep together in sexual bliss. As I fade off I can hear Saki quietly chirping her own pleasure. As her lesbian lover plays with her. In the morning we discuss where we are heading.

As I don't know the land I mostly listen waiting to make the final decision. Finally deciding to head toward a Biladi kingdom that should be nearby. And more or less friendly.

Traveling throughout the day I find Sakura around me pretty much wherever I turn. Finally during a break I grab her and, as she squeals in delight, spin her around then back her against a tree. I hold her close, my hands grabbing her bare pink ass.

"What's up bunny?" I ask. "You know that's offensive to my people." She giggles. "I'll never say it again if you insist. But I can't help thinking of you as my cute little bunny." "No, don't. It's sexy when you say it." She coos. "Alright, bunny." I say nibbling her neck as she squeals again.

She lifts her legs, wrapping them around my waist. Then she reaches between us and pulls out my growing dick. She closes her big bunny eyes, bites her lip, and moans in pleasure as it slips into her. Grunting with my own need, I fuck her up attractive babe likes getting screwed pornstar hardcore the tree.

"Umph! You need.ooh! You need to fuck the other princesses." She gasps as I fuck her. "Oh?" "Yeah, umph! They are a little.ooh! Little jealous. Mmn, plus you will need pussy. Ooh!if you want to satisfy your soldiers.

Oh fuck! Mmn, Miso told me." She had a point. We finish up and through the rest of the day each time we stopped for a break I would take a virgin princess off into the woods and put a smile on her cute goblin face. There were six girls, but plenty of time That evening after a couple more stories I announced a slight change in procedure. "The specifics of this will probably change in the future.

Especially as our group gets bigger. Each night half of our soldiers will get to have sex with a small group of our women." Everyone perks up at my announcement. "Gort will split the boys into two groups that will alternate each night. And Misoko will pick out four or more girls to entertain them. Any questions?" "When do we start?" Miso asks. "Tonight, after everyone is done eating." "Who's off limits?" She asks. "No one.well the teens. For now anyway." I finish. The goblin gathers up his boys and picks out eight.

He doesn't include himself in the first group I notice. Good man. For her part the Usagi girl picks Jade, Natia, two of the other princesses, and herself. Good girl.

They set up on one side of the fire. Laying down our scant blankets so the girls can be comfortable. Before they start I explain that in all things the women of our group are to be respected.

"Now if she wants kinky, ass slapping, disrespectful sex. That's fine. But it's her choice." I wonder wether that will hold up. At least as it comes to sex. But for now better to have the rules be black and white for the boys. Except for sentries the rest of us sit and watch the show. How could we not. The goblin girls are obviously nervous as they disrobe in front of everyone. Miso is not nervous. And she is basically already nude.

She motions a couple of the boys over and gets to all fours. She wiggles her cute white ass, her little fluffy tail shaking enticingly. I motion Gertrude over next to me. She comes, reluctantly. Her daughters staring intently at the orgy. I pull the plump woman close as she sits next to me. Brushing her cloak back over her shoulders, exposing her pleasant body.

Lowering her gaze, she unties her only article of clothing and lets it fall behind her. One arm around her waist I reach over and squeeze one of her large breasts. Lightly pinching her nipple. Kissing her shoulder. Looking past the mature woman I can see that her daughter, Calli, has noticed me molesting her mother. She watches us intently now instead of the orgy. I give the girl a wink before leaning down and sucking on a rosy nipple.

My hand slipping down her pudgy belly to her crotch. My fingers gently digging into her soft pussy. Rubbing I quickly find her sensitive clit.

Causing her to gasp when I flick it. Nibbling on her nipple, I keep flicking her clit. Faster and faster. Her breathing starts to come in little gasps. And I see Calli's eyes go wide as I bring her mother to orgasm. I pull Gertrude up. Then lying on her cloak put her on her stomach across the log. Facing the orgy. "Tell me. Do you like your ass slapped naughty girl?" I taunt/ask her. She moans. Then, "Yes sir. I.I love it." Obviously lost in the throes of lust I doubt she realizes she has an audience.

I slap her ass a few times. Then rub her clit. The wonton slut spreads her legs to allow me easier access. "Please." She says softly. SMACK! I slap her big ass. "What's that?" I realitykings moms lick teens alison tyler teach me please me. "Please I need it?" She says a little louder.

"THWACK! "Need what?" "Ooh! I need your cock. Please sir! Fuck me with your big cock!" She screams as I thrust fully into her sloppy twat. My balls slapping her pussy as I fuck her hard. Her daughters watch as she moans and groans loudly.

The shocked look on their faces, priceless. I grab her brown hair, pulling her head up and spank her bouncy ass in time with my thrusts. Soon she is screaming out an orgasm.

Louder than anyone I have ever been with. The woman loves sex. After I finally cum inside her, she sits up and realizes what she did in front of everybody. With tears in her eyes she rushes off into the darkness. I nod at Gort, who tasks a couple boys to keep an eye on her. By now the orgy has died down. Everyone beds down for the night. Kara, and one of the princesses snuggling with me. After the fire has dimmed threesome fuck in the basementvisit bzhotpornscom pornstars and hardcore pretty much everyone is asleep, Gertrude returns.

Lying down alone. The next day the mature woman is quiet and sullen. I notice she avoids her daughters as well. The goblins, on the other hand are in high spirits. Even the girls. Looks like the sex idea may be a hit. Mid morning I walk close to Gertrude, who pulls her cloak close around he plump naked body. "Are you ok?" I ask her.

"Why should you care about the feelings of one of your whores?" She responds sullenly. "I care about all of my people. Slave or no. Just because I have needs that they have to fill doesn't mean I don't care." We walk in silence for a moment.

"You seemed to enjoy yourself last night. Or was that for my benefit? If so you did an amazing job" "No." She starts quietly. "I did enjoy myself. It hasn't been like that since the girl's father passed. That's the problem. How can I face them? What do I tell them?" She looks at me, no longer angry, but ashamed. "Tell them that they should never be ashamed for enjoying sex. Better yet, show them. Like you did last night. I think everyone was inspired by your performance." She blushes mightily at that.

"I am going to fuck your daughters. Probably soon." I touch her rosy cheek.

"Wouldn't it be better if they were excited rather than afraid?" She nods thinking. "I can't force you to enjoy anything. But you are a sex slave.

Embrace that. You have the opportunity to explore anything related to sex that you ever wanted. Things you were too embarrassed to tell your husband. I'm sure I can find someone or something to do your wildest fantasies with you. And I would probably enjoy watching." I leave her to her thoughts.

Later in the day I see her walking with her daughters. The girls are animated, asking her questions. And mega hot secretary chick taking big dick she is obviously uncomfortable, it looks like she answers them. Gertrude isn't clasping her robe shut. Letting anyone who wishes get a good look at her body. In the evening the orgy group has switched, so the rest of the boys have a go.

Everyone was still happy to listen to a couple stories, but obviously excited to get to the sex. Apparently Gertrude volunteered to help with the entertaining. And Jadara was there again too. Both by request I would later learn. Her daughters watch fascinated as a couple goblins bring their mother to a screaming orgasm. Her ass red from the spanking she received. I was talking with Gort during a rest. "Sure letters can spell pretty much anything." I tell him. He knew loosely about writing, but was obviously less than literate.

Using a stick I spell out his name on the ground. GORT "See g o r t, Gort. That's your name. It's you." I tell him. His eyes wide. "That is not me. I'm me." "Oh, well yeah. That represents you.

If I showed that to someone who could read it they would know I meant you. It works that way with pretty much everything." TREE "That spells tree." He looks at me dumbfounded. Then scurries off. I can barely hear him as he breathlessly reaches some of the boys, and a princess.I notice the two groups are mingling more after a week of sex. "Guys guys! I just saw the boss make a tree!" I guess he didn't get it after all. I sigh. At lunch the next day Gort walks up to me while I'm eating.

Saki stops telling me about the finer points of tree sculpting. It sounded a lot like bonsai, but with magic. The goblin looks nervous. If he was a farmer he would be clenching a straw hat in his hands. "Uh, Boss?" "Yes Gort." I answer. The pink Usagi girl smiling kindly at him.

She hadn't yet had a turn with the boys. A decision I agreed with. The only other women that hadn't were Calli and Trisha. "Could you teach us about the writin'? How it can represent a large thing?" The goblin asks. So he had understood. I was pleasantly surprised. "Sure gather round." By the end pretty much the whole troupe gathered to hear my lesson. Even Kara. She pretended to be uninterested, but I could tell she was taking it all in. Probably understood more than anyone.

She was wicked smart for an orc barbarian. Mostly I explained the concept of writing. Then I showed each letter and number in the dirt. That seemed to be the topic of conversation most of the rest of the day. We had seen a few scattered farms throughout the morning.

The people obviously concerned by a band of goblins moving through their land. When we spied a small farming village we stopped and made camp. "How friendly are they likely to be?" I ask my girls. "Probably friendly enough to me and Sakura. But leery of the goblins, and Karagoth." Misoko says. "What do you suggest?" "Lets camp overnight and the three of us go into the village in the morning.

If they want to send an envoy tonight to negotiate then they can." So that's what we did. Our sentries reported a few of the cat people coming close, but not engaging. Probably just wanted to check us out. A bit before dinner a lone elderly Biladi approached the camp. Sunny leone sexy and bracelets of our guards escorting him in.

He was old. The fur on his face having gone to grey. He wore a light blue robe with white filigree on the edges.

He leaned on a tall ornate staff. "Hello the camp." He says. "I am Drogan. The village elder. Who, may I ask, is in charge here?" "That would be me." I say stepping forward. "My name is Nicholas. Well met Drogan." "Well met sir." He seems relieved to be talking to me.

"May I ask your intentions here?" "Certainly. We are mercenaries looking for work. We are just passing through on our way to find some. We were hoping we could purchase supplies from your village." I explain.

He brightens up at that. "We would be happy to sell you what you need." "Great. Then if you don't mind we will send a few of our number to town tomorrow to see what you have. Then be on our way the day after." That also seems to cheer him up. "Wonderful.

I will let everyone know. Are there things in specific you are looking for?" "We lost a good portion of our usual traveling supplies fleeing a fire. Plus we will be interested in cloth goods and leather." I let him know. Happy with how things turned out, the elder heads back to the village.

"He certainly seemed happy with how that went." Natia says at my side. "Well he was worried our goblin army was going to march down and sack his village." I tell her. She looks up at me with a smile. In the morning the bunny girls and I get ready to visit the village. Seemingly everyone giving us a list of what to look for. ".oh, oh, a good mule. To carry supplies. .fresh vegetables. I could make a good stew. .some slates to practice our letters." A couple of the princesses lend their dresses to the Usagi girls.

A little tight on them, especially Miso, and her busty chest. Then we head into the village. The village is not large. There's a pub, a blacksmith, and a general store. The last is where we head. Drogan had obviously gotten the word out as there was quite a gathering waiting for us.

Small gril old man xnxx spend a couple hours negotiating with the villagers. They seem excited to meet me. Apparently few of them have ever even seen a human. We end up with two mules, what seems to be all of the villages cloth and leather, plus tools to tailor them.

We get some fresh food, more cooking supplies, as well as a few odds and ends. Misoko was excited to find a bow for sale. Along with Amanatia's crossbow that makes the second ranged weapon we have. Turns out our golds stretch far here. The whole load doesn't put much of a dent in our coffers. I make a point of getting change in silvers and coppers when I can. As all Jadara had taken were golds and jewels. Before we leave I ask the Elder if it would be ok to send the goblins into the village in small groups to spend their earnings.

He agrees, the spending part pleasing him. When we get back to camp we are swamped as the whole band wants to see what we got.

I pass out a few coppers to everyone, even Gertrude and her daughters. Surprising and delighting the trio. That should allow for a couple drinks, a trinket or two, or some sweet rolls from the village. Gort sets up a rotation for the rest of the day. Four people at a time to have a short visit to the village. Gertrude, true to her word starts preparing a stew with the stuff we got. Instructing her daughters in the finer points of cooking.

Probably we should make her the official chef. Throughout the day local farmers and villagers visit our camp to show off their wares. Gert comes back from his trip excited. He was able to convince someone to sell him a slate and some chalk.

Not a bad one too, it had a simple wooden frame. He was excited to practice writing on it. Early in the afternoon the twins walk up and stop in front of me. Obviously nervous. We had never really spent much time together yet. I think they were afraid of me. I guess I couldn't blame them. I was cutting linen into some patterns.

A nice woman from the village was helping us make clothes. Gertrude being the closest to a tailor we had, and she explained that her experience was limited mostly to repairs. "What's up girls?" I ask looking up from my work. "Mother says we can go to the village if you take us." Calli says.

"Please!" Adds Trisha. "Well, I guess I could go for a walk." I say, smiling as I stand. "Oh! Thank you! Thank you!" The girls say excited. They each wear a simple shift under their cloaks. Something that would have to do until we made some better clothes with the stock we got. I notice Gertrude smiling at us as we head off. Each girl taking one of my arms, like lovers out for a stroll. "We've never seen cat people before." Calli tells me.

"Or bunny people." Trisha adds. "Well their races are called Biladi and Usagi respectively. It can be disrespectful to call them cats or bunnies." "Oh, whoops! We're sorry." Calli says. "It's ok, you didn't know." "We had heard stories about strange faraway places, but never thought we'd see them." The raven haired girl continues. "Not until we became slaves." Her sister interjects. "Yeah." She says thoughtfully. Then, "Are you going to have sex with us?

Like with mother?" "Or the other girls." Trisha dads trade daughters for some hot action when they visit. "Well, that's the plan.

You are my slaves after all." I say. "How do you feel about that?" "I dunno. Nervous? Afraid?" Calli admits. "Excited." Trisha says a bit more gleefully.

We reach the edge of the village and I show them around. The villagers as interested in amateur teen getting her twat pounded on webcam as the girls are in them.

I buy them both a sweet roll from the bakery, which they devour happily. They end up pooling their money and buying a small cask of cider. "Plus the cask could be helpful for the group once it's empty." The twins look to me for approval. "Yes. Yes it could. That's such a good idea." They beam at me. Not quite the same shining faces the goblins get, but still pleased with the praise. We head back to the camp. The girls running off to show their mother what they had bought.

"Two more converts to the cult of Nick." A husky voice from behind me. "And what did you get with your money Kara?" I ask turning around. The orc was now dressed in a short leather skirt. Slit on the sides for ease of movement.

I could see the tied sides of her panties sticking out. She also had a leather top. Sort of a cropped tank top, but slit fully down the front. Held together with crisscrossing ties. It was open a few inches giving a generous view of her massive tits. "I see you like." She says unable to hide her pleasure. I grab her ass and pull her close. "You are, as always, the most beautiful of women." "Bah!

Orcs care nothing for such flattery." She scoffs. Though she makes no move to leave my arms. "Tonight. You should take the twins tonight. There won't be a better time." She grabs my hair and licks my neck and up the side of my face. Her version of a kiss. Then she breaks our embrace and walks away. That evening the twins sit close to me as we eat their mother's delicious stew. When the orgy starts I motion for them to sit closer.

We watch as their mother lies back and spreads her legs for a goblin. "Why don't you take these off." I suggest tugging on their shifts. Nervously both girls strip nude. Trisha smiles when she sees me looking at her breasts.

She leans back so they thrust out more. The twins are well endowed. Well on their way to being as busty as their mother. "You are both very beautiful." I tell them. My arms around their waists. Glancing down at the dark pubic hair between their legs. Trisha spreads her legs and looks up at me. Nervously she bites her lower lip. Her message clear. We watch the sex for a time. I slowly caress the teens. Not touching anything too private. My fingers run up and down their sides, caress their backs, brush their asses, and tickle their necks.

They tremble with nervousness and excitement. I pull off my own clothes. Both girls staring at my hard dick. Not that they haven't seen it before, but now it's so close. So immediate. I take a hand from each and gently guide it to my cock. Still watching amateur friend s daughter anal bbc holly hendrix has some fun with her show, but letting them explore.

Their young fingers caressing and squeezing my hard dick. I put my hand on Trisha's cheek. Turning her face toward me I kiss her deeply. Then turn and do the same with Calli. I stand and taking them each by the hand lead them to my bedroll.

"First lets do something to help you both relax." I tell them motioning for Trisha to lie on her back. "Now you lie on top of her but the opposite way." I tell Calli. " want us to do what Misoko and Sakura do with each other?" She asks timidly. "Yes. You can make each other feel good, and that will help with the next part." "But, isn't it wrong for sisters to do that together?" Calli asks worried.

"It's taboo, but taboo things excite me. And I think your sister as well." Trisha nods up at her twin smiling. Taking a deep breath Calli lies down.

She gasps when her sister pushes her legs apart and take a big lick on her sensitive cunny. She is nervous, but with a little coaching Calli is soon licking and kissing her sister's pussy. "That's it. Real good. Listen how you make her moan. You're making your sister feel so good." I encourage her. Trisha really doesn't need any encouragement. She greedily laps her twin's cunt. I watch as Calli gets closer and closer to orgasm.

When she finally does, squealing and squeezing her sister's thighs, I rub her back, and pet her hair. "Good, good girl. That's my good girl." I help her up.

Then I lean close to Trisha. "I'm going to let her go first, ok?" She nods smiling. I kiss her deeply. Tasting her twins juices on her lips. I help Calli lie on her back. Still panting from her orgasm. As I lie on top of her Trish moves aside, sitting up to watch. Seeming to come from nowhere, a naked Sakura sits down behind her wrapping her in a warm embrace.

"Oh! Oh gods!" Calli moans loudly as I enter her. The virgin teen tight around my hungry cock. The bunny girl's hand drifts down her sister's tummy as they watch. Pressing into her crotch. Saki's other pink furred hand squeezing a budding breast. Trisha turns around and the two start making out and doing some heavy petting. My hands squeeze Calli's delicious tits while I alternate sucking on one then the other. Her breath catches every time I suck her nipples.

My dick slowly grinding deep inside her, she soon comes to another squealing orgasm. I slow down after that. Then finally pull out of the teen. I kiss her and say, "Time to switch." She gets up, tapping her sister on the shoulder.

Trisha eagerly lies down underneath me. While Calli settles on the bunny girl's lap for her turn making out. "Don't be gentle." Trisha whispers juggy teen amateur rides my cock on video me, hugging my neck.

"I'm a dirty whore. Who needs to be used. Like my mommy." I don't know if she is aware of what she is in for, but I'm happy to oblige. Without ceremony I shove deep inside the raven haired teen. She gasps loudly, I pound her fast and hard and her gasps quickly give way to squeals as she orgasms. So like her sister.

So like their mother. "I'm going to cum inside you whore." I whisper in her ear. "Oh! Oh yes daddy. Cum inside me. Use my slutty body!" She gasps. Her words pushing me over I fill her with my jizz.

"Oh, thank you daddy. Thank you." A little later I am dozing off snuggled with the twins and Saki. In the morning we wake. Refreshed, restocked, and ready to face what comes next.