From mouth to fur pie sex hardcore and blowjob

From mouth to fur pie sex hardcore and blowjob
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I let out a pent up sigh as i raised my hand and knocked on the hard wood door. i heard a low grumble from inside and took that as an invitation to come in. i opened the door to see dark blue walls covered in band posters and the occasional playboy girl posing seductively on a beach. my eyes trailed to the boy tangled in his bed sheets, his head buried in the pillow and his feet practically hanging off of the edge of the bed.

"sweetie wake up you're going to be late!" i called. "five more minutes" he grumbled into the pillow. i rolled my eyes making my way over to the side of his bed and yanking the blankets off of him. i forced myself not to stare or moan out loud when i saw his muscled back or the tanned skin of his shoulders "you said skinny spinner brunette getting nailed by strangers and given creampies 20 minutes ago, now get up Ethan or else" i scolded disapprovingly, turning quickly on my heel and moving back a safe distance near his dresser, so that i would jump on my 18 year old son.

"okay okay i'm up" he whined, pushing himself up off his bed and stumbling out of bed. i turned my attention to his dresser that was filled with pieces of clothes and piees of paper from school. I knew that if i saw his define and toned stomach that i would definitely do something that i would later on regret.

"when your ready theres breakfast on the table" darksome dick for white slut interracial hardcore stated allowing myself one glance in his direction before i ammi ji ammi fucking story, leaving my son to get ready for another day of school.

i didn't know when it happened but i always had this close relationship with Ethan. i always loved him with all my heart and it had only been this past year that i realized i loved him more than any mother should love their child. Now everytime he walked in the room i would feel this burning fire that would just.throb in my core and i would have to close my legs just to hide the fact that my own son had made me so wet just from walking into the room.

His father was away on buisness, never staying longer than a few days at a time before he would disappear for months on end. Even with the limited time together he wouldn't even touch me more than a kiss or a one armed hug. I was driven mad with sexual frustration almost every night being around Ethan constantly. My only solice and refuge was that in the confines of my room with nothing more than a man made toy that quenched my desires and consoled my loneliness And every night i would have to bury my head in my pillows to keep Ethan from hearing me scream his name.

I passed by one of the hallway mirrors on my way back to the kitchen. I glimpsed my reflection and stopped. I thought myself pretty but not overly so, but after my husbands ignorance i was beginning to doubt that. i had long aubrun hair that curled and waved till it stopped in the center of my shoulderblades. i didn't have tanned skin like Ethan because everytime i stepped out into the sun i came out burnt and red as a tomato. I had shapely eyebrows that i made sure to keep perfectly shaped and neat.

they along with my long eyelashes framed my bluish grey eyes. i had angular cheekbones and round full lips. My breasts were a good size, big enough to fill out my hands when i cupped them. my waist was small but my hips were wider, not overly big that i was too curvy. just enough that i had an hourglass shape I turned away from the mirror and made my way down the stairs to the kitchen.

I was clad in my dark black pencil skirt that stopped just above my knee and hugged my curves just right. i wore a simple baby blue silk blouse that i had on underneath my black suit jacket. My hair i wore pulled to the back the majority of it i kept down so that it cascaded down my shoulders in beautiful waves. I made myself a coffee as the sounds of the shower going on upstairs made me look up.

I groaned leaning against the counter as images of Ethan naked standing under the spray ran through my mind. I gripped the edges of the counter to keep from yanking up my skirt and dealing with the wetness that was already beginning to soak my panties.

Suddenly the trilling of office time boss like me phone made me jump in surprise. I ran to the table that was littered with my papers for my company meeting and quickly sifted through them digging for my phone. When i finally got it i placed it to my ear and answered. "hello bobby" i breathed listening carefully as he listed off some key points that the two of us were going to be discussing. in the meantime the coffee maker finished giving off a soft chime.

I walked over to the counter and poured myself a glass and adding 3 sugars, i never liked milk in my coffee so i always had it black. i took a sip looking at the counter as i replied to everyone of his questions. i gasped when my coffee cup was pulled out of my hands. i pivoted on my foot to see Ethan taking a swig of my coffee. I glared swatting my hand at him as he downed my drink.

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He gave me a wicked grin handing me back my nearly empty cup. My breath caught in my throat. He was so handsome.

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He had his fathers eyes, dark brown, almost like molten honey. and his lips that just screamed seduction hot milf cory chase licked teen piper perris sweet pussy perfection. I bit my lip looking away as i replied to another of bobby's question. Over the phone i could hear him sitting down at the table and taking a few pieces of toast to eat.

"so i guess that's it" bobby stated with finality before bidding me goodbye and 'i'll see you soon. with that i snapped my phone closed and grabbed the coffee pot making myself another one. "thank you for being such an admirable son" i teased sarcastically as i sat down at the table, taking my papers and putting them away neatly. he gave me a cheeky grin taking another bite of his toast. "always at your service mom." he chuckled.

20 minutes later i was pulling on my heels while i searched frantically for my car keys. "where the bloody hell did i put those darn keys?" i growled under my breath as i searched once more through my bag.

"looking for these?" i heard from behind me. i turned to see Ethan dangling my keys from his finger a large smile on his lips. i let out a pent up breath before nodding and taking them from him. "thank you sweetie." i murmured sticking them into my purse. "no problem mom. I gotta go, i'll see you later." he said stepping up to me and kissing me on the cheek.

he did this every morning and like every morning i fought back a blush and the wish that the reason he kissed me was because he meant it as more than just a son saying goodbye to his mother.

"oh! that reminds me. I'm going to be late tonight Ethan, i have a big corporate Gala to go to in a few days and i'm part of the setting up team, so here's some money to order pizza or what ever you like." i stated pulling out a 20$ bill and handing it over to Ethan. "what time will you be coming home?" he asked a frown in place. i shrugged unsure of the time. "probably between 10 and midnight" i rambled off, before ushering him out the door so i could lock up.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ That night when i let myself into the house i made sure to be quite, afraid of waking up Ethan. i slipped off my heels and padded up the stairs, letting out a tired sigh and running my hand through my tangled hair. Just as i was passing Ethan's door a muffled groan made me stop. I frowned in curiosity before brushing it off. I moved to take another step when i heard the sound again.

turning,i gently grabbed his door handle and opened it a crack. i peered inside and nearly died right there and went to heaven. Ethan was standing over his bed, his eyes shut in pure ecstasy, his muscled chest bare and shiny with sweat. He wore only a pair of running shorts that were currently pushed down till they hung off his thighs, while his hand pumped rythmically over his throbbing erection. from what i could see, Ethan was a solid 9 inches long his girth a good size that his hand was able to circle right around its width.

i instantly became wet, my eyes locking onto Ethan working his hand up and down his penis. I bit my lip to hide my whimper as i leaned against the door frame and trying to fight the itching my hand was having as my body throbbed with need. The sound of Ethan cursing under his breath made me look up, afraid that he had seen me but when i noted that his eyes were still shut i let out a shaky breath.

He looked older and down right irrestible with his brow furrowed in pleasure and his mouth hanging open slightly as he panted with effort.

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He let loose a loud groan as his hand began flying over his cock, his muscles rippling as he started bucking into his hand. my breathing accelerated as i imagined Ethan making the same noise and movements as he pounded into me.

By now my pussy was throbbing so badly and my panties were completely soaked, causing my juices to begin to run down my thighs. "oooh fuck" he growled moving his other hand under his cock and massaging his firm balls, his other hand beginning to rub over the tip of his cock, spreading the precum that was leaking from its slit.

i unconciously licked my lips, just wishing that i could taste him on my tongue, and feel his hardness in my mouth. Then that's when Ethan came. His back arched, his hips thrusting blindly into his hand as he shot one long string of semen one right after another all over his bed sheets.

he grunted, his chest huffing as he continued to milk his cock of every drop of cum before he stumbled sidways, catching himself on the edge of his bed. He lied back on the soft covers, running a hand through his hair as his hand still massaged his balls. I gripped onto the edge of the door frame just to keep myself from collapsing to the ground. My core was now throbbing after seeing him shoot his load. I quickly moved away from his door making sure to be quiet as i stumbled to my room, closing my door behind me.

i all but ran to my bedside table, yanking open the drawer and pulling out the dildo i had bought the year before. i've never needed to get off so badly then i did now. i yanked my skirt up, the fabric bunching up on my hips as i walked over to the edge of my bed frame. i lifted my leg and hiked it over the railing using it to hold myself in place so i could get the most pleasure out of my masterbating I quickly pulled aside my soaking panties and lined the dildo up with my entrance.

Not wasting any time i pushed the dildo into my pussy letting out a groan of pleasure as it filled me, stretching the walls of my vagina. I imagined it was Ethan rather than a plastic toy, his hands slipping into my shirt as he thrusted up into me, his hot breath tingling my neck and shoulder. unconciously i slipped my hand under my bra and started tweaking my nipples as i thrust the dildo into my aching pussy, moaning and sighing with pleasure.

I imagined ethan whispering dirty things in my ear as he slammed his hard dick into me, the feel of his balls slapping against my clit. "yesss" i moaned breathlessly, undulating my hips as i rocked my hips back and forth, my hand still thrusting the dildo into my pussy. "oh god.ethan" i let myself whisper, remembering the look on his face as he stroked his cock.

I whimpered moving my hand faster as i felt my orgasm coming closer and closer. "feels so fucking good" i whimpered, my body beginning to shake as my hand moved even faster, the dildo now flying in and out of my pussy as i tried to mimick him slamming his cock into me. Then suddenly my toes curled and my body quaked as i toppled over the edge of the cliff a loud screech escaping my lips as i climaxed, my hands instantly grabbing the railing i was leaning over using that to keep myself steady as my legs threatened to give out on me, leaving the dildo buried in my pussy.

I hadn't heard the door open nor the gasp of surprise as i road out the waves of pleasure. almost a minute later my body was still shaking, my breathing eratic as i reached down pulling the dildo out of my soping wet pussy.

i groaned running a hand over my slit and feeling my juices running down my legs. "m-mom?" i heard someone choke out from behind me. i spun, marry lynn fucked by inches of black meat inches of black meat my leg and saw to my horror Ethan standing there with his jaw dropped wearing a pair of sweat pants and no shirt.

"e-ethan!" i cried, looking at the dildo in my hand and quickly hiding it behind my back and yanking down my skirt in the porcess to hide my nakedness. "w-what are you doing here?" i murmured looking anywhere else but directly in his eyes. fearing what i would see, after he had caught me masterbating with a fucking plastic dildo. my cheeks heated to an incredible degree as i waited for his answer. "i-i heard you scream" he mumbled. i was worried." "well i-m fine." i blushed again.

"i-i think you should go back to your room" i breathed still not sexy brunette enjoys being penetrated from behind homemade and licking his gaze. "but i-" he started stopping when i cut him off.

"please just go ethan." i whispered closing my eyes and biting my lip, trying not to cry with humiliation. when i heard the click of my door closing i opened my eyes and when i knew i was alone for sure i collpased onto the ground hot tears falling down my cheeks.

how was i going to face ethan after this?