Lil teen elf fucks santa smalltits and hardcore

Lil teen elf fucks santa smalltits and hardcore
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Chapter 1 "Oh honey, go and say hello to the new neighbours!" My mother cooed whilst handling the warm double-chocolate cookies from the oven.

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You wouldn't think her and my dad fucked each night like rabbits, my wall was covered in chipped paint from them screwing into each other hard into the wall, pounding each other senseless, even sounding out the grunts and moans to prove it. "Yeah sure mum, you want be to take those cookies to them?" "Oh what a wonderful idea! Here, take this plate with them on. They can keep it." She pecked me on the cheek and motioned me forward out of the door and into the stale summer air.

Ah, gooood ol' Florida. I didn't bother putting any shoes on since it was literally the next house over, and the side walk was warm on my bare skin. The house next to ours was a large one, with a porch, a middle building and two wings attached to either side, all painted a pristine white, but it was small enough to not be considered a mansion.

Ours was a simple yet modest modern ranch sunny leone fucks story download, with a trimmed lawn that was green all year round. As I entered the gates, I spotted a couple of rental vans and hired moving men lifting an assortment of home items.

Some fancy looking leather sofas could be seen being lifted into the large double doors into drunken girls getting fucked during the night at the beach house. Jav subtitles uncensored japanese french japan avidol sex stories reality xxx xxx naughty wi spotted a guy around my age, the only one not in uniform, actually, he wasn't really in anything.

Just some shorts. His muscles flexed under the sheen of sweat on his tan skin from helping with the heavy lifting, he was broad, with a large sculptured chest and peeping tom mom son incest pornstory six pack to match his physique.

He had light brown wavy hair and brown eyes to match. As I approached he spotted me, and flashed me a smile full of pearl-white teeth. I suddenly felt self conscious in my short-shorts, a thin tank top (with no bra) and my c-cup breasts.

But I was pretty proud of them, they were a handful with bright pink nipples that practically turned into diamonds when I'm super horny, and they were firm and sat high on my chest, so I didn't wear a bra all that often. But I wish I had, that guy mia malkova slutty blonde seduces her brothers friend doing things to me.

"Hey, uuuh, I guess you just moved in?" "Yeah, we haven't been introduced yet have we? I'm Shane." He held out his hand after rubbing the sweat off on his shorts. I gave him mine, balancing the plate of cookies with my other.

His hand practically enveloped mine. "Nice to meet you, I'm Hazel." I gestured to the plate of cookies once he released my hand. "My mum made you these, double chocolate chip." He gave me a sultry smile and gestured for me to follow him.

"Come on, I'll put these in the kitchen and give you a grand tour." The inside was empty as we passed the rooms, but were slowly filling up with furniture that looked like something straight out of a home magazine. The kitchen had been fashioned in a black and white colour scheme, with a large grey American style fridge, dishwasher, garbage disposal and an array of electronics that blended, diced, chopped and even wrapped food.

Shane placed the plate on the marble counter top and casually leaned against it. He stood in silence, looking me up and down, as if he were sizing me up. I wasn't very big, with a slight frame standing at 5'4" with dark brown hair, brown eyes and naturally tanned skin, since my mothers side of the family were Portuguese. "This place is amazing" I finally said, uncomfortable with the way he was looking at me.

"Yeah my dad got an awesome deal on this place. Say, where's that accent of yours from?" His eyebrows raised in question.

"I'm originally from England. My dad had to move because of work blah blah blah. So we're here now I guess." I spared him the long, boring and quite frankly cliché story. "How about you?" "Dad got a promotion so we upgraded from the state of Louisiana. Blah blah blah." We both laughed at our incredibly boring stories. "So what high school are you enrolling in?" I asked him. I could feel myself become increasingly attracted to him so I distracted myself by enquiring where he would be studying.

"James West High, I'll be starting twelfth grade." He seemed thoroughly bored by the conversation but it was keeping my sanity in-tact. "Cool. Me too, maybe we'll have some classes together." I got a little excited at the prospect of seeing him down the halls every day.

"I hope so. Now, how about that tour?" I nodded, a little uneasy about where we might end up. He stood up straight, his abs clenching, which had the effect of me silently groaning to myself. "This way m'lady." Such a gentleman. He ended up showing me the rooms that were already set up, which consisted of the games room, study, garage (which had fancy sports car in it), indoor swimming pool, private gym and his room, which we were heading to in that point of time.

"And this, my good lady, is my humble abode." Shane made a dramatic scene of bowing and letting me walk past him and into his room. Which happened to be surprisingly tidy apart from a few empty and flattened boxes.

He had the colour scheme of brown and blue walls, adorned with shelves filled with the typical guy stuff; trophies, video games, class note books and photos of his guy friends.

"It's not much but I'm planning to re-do it." He followed in behind me and lay down on his bed, (brown covers) and placed his hands behind his head. I took this as a cue to snoop around. Immediately going to a bookshelf in the corner of the room, I found that it was full of action, horror and thriller movies. I heard the bed groaning behind me, but thought nothing of it. Not until I felt hot breath on my neck. My heart rate picked up speed as his hands reached around me and picked something from the shelf, his hand skimming my breast and making my breath hitch slightly.

"You like movies?" I heard a smirk in his voice. "Y-yeah I guess. I mean, I watch them I guess." My mind was racing a mile a minute. Shane retreated his hand, but only to put it low on my waist. I tried to retreat but as soon as I got out of his grip, he spun me around and pinned me against the wall. He pressed his body to mine, his head craned so he could put his neck into my shoulder. "What are you doing?" I gasped as he moved his hands down my side, but repositioned them so I couldn't get away.

"Shh it's okay, you'll love it." Trying to deter him, I asked; "What about your dad?" "Don't worry babe, he's in New York." I should have been curious cock crazy seductress alice romain double penetrated at work to why his father was so far away, but I was too focused on preventing the inevitable.

He was a good 6'4" and towered over me. His one hand could hold both my wrists above my head like they were a doll's. Which gave him a good view of my up-lifting chest. Before I had a chance to protest, he mashed his lips to mine. My mouth was instantly aching from the effort of denying his tongue full entry.

I was wearing down and before long, my lips parted and he moaned as he skimmed along my teeth and explored my mouth. He released my hands and I pounded on his chest, begging for him to release me, but he responded by going under the thin material of my tank top and rubbing his hands around my stomach.

I instantly froze, like a deer caught in headlights, as the contact shocked me. His touch went higher and higher, until he could feel the bottom of my tits. He took the opportunity of my stillness and grabbed my breasts, each one filled the palm of his hand, and he delicately started to massage them. Since there was no room for my hands to begin pushing his chest away, I opted for wiggling my body free which only aroused Shane further, as a bulge suddenly appeared and pressed against my groin.

He started to pinch my nipple, making me wince and gently cry out out in pain. Despite my obvious distress, he persisted on playing roughly with my nipples, twisting them, rubbing them and even lowering his mouth to them, making me gasp in surprise. "See, you're rock hard." I was too in shock to reply. I could only shake my head no.

He returned his head to my neck and started to caress it, biting and nipping. I wondered where his hands were until I felt them undo the zip on my shorts. Eyes growing wide, I struggled and resisted, terrified of what would follow, but to no avail. Once he loosened my shorts, his hand found its way down and over my panties, cupping my mound. He began to rub slowly up and down, a ghost of a touch that sent tremors through my body. Shane started to go deeper, sending the material into my folds and making them wet with lust.

"No. Stop. You.Can't do this." I whispered hoarsely. He only replied with deeper and longer kisses. He tried to get his finger deeper into me, but the material prevented him entrance. So he moved my panties aside and as he invaded me, I grew stiff and rigid.

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Shane's knee moved in-between my legs, spreading them wider so his finger could go deeper into my pussy. He went further in me than anybody had before, the tightness made me visibly flinch. "Jeez, you're so tight." He moaned against my neck. I began to produce tears that had started to well up, hazing my vision. Whilst his hand probed me, his other one snaked up my top and resumed groping my tit.

I was growing weak and gave up my attempts of escape, adorable babe courtney loxx is engulfing dong for cash leaning over his well-built shoulder. I felt his large finger hit my Hymen, it didn't hurt but it wasn't a pleasant feeling. I tightened my grip on his skin and tried to dislodge his assaulting hand. "You're a virgin? Don't worry, I'll take good care of you" He raised his head to meet my eyes and removed his hands.

I sighed in relief, thinking he would stop. But instead he lifted me up by my waist and made me tuck my legs around his back, carrying me over to his queen-sized bed.

He laid me down on my back and spread his body over mine. He sat up on his knees and raised my shirt over my head, leaving me with just my shorts, which quickly followed after. I was too defeated to battle him off. Considering he was sat on me, he seemed to remove his pants and boxers smoothly, leaving us both naked. When I saw his dick, my eyes bulged. It must have been a good 8 inches long and as thick as my fist.

"Nonononono it's too big!" I shouted. "Don't worry, it will fit perfectly." He smiled at me and I turned my head away to avoid looking at him. Shane laid beside me and entwined our legs, moving his hand between them to get to my freshly shaven mound and re-entered my pussy, this time stretching it out with two fingers. "You're mine now, I'm your first and nobody touches you but me, understood?" I nodded slowly, still avoiding his gaze.

He fondled me for a good ten minutes until Shane shifted his weight to sit on my legs again, his dick was visibly hardening with each moment that passed, standing straight up so it was against his stomach, touching his abs.

Even though he was straddling me, he managed to keep his fingers in me, keeping a slow and steady pace that rendered me breathless.

I was boiling hot and it felt like I was burning up. Shane caught me staring at his cock, and laughed. "Don't worry Hazel, you'll get it soon enough." "Why?

Why me?" I said, barely audible. "Why not?

A totally hot girl that lives next door and is available any time I want? I had to have you." I should have been happy I guess since a guy was actually interested in me, but I was terrified. Not because of what he was doing, but because I was starting to like it. I could feel my juices leak onto the bed horny babe getting a meaty dick for her hungry pussy could only just manage see Shane's fingers glisten with them.

My nipples were standing to a point and Shane knew it too. "Bet you never had a guy do this to you. Huh" He smirked. "I'm gunna be the first one to enter you baby, and you'll never forget it." He leant forward so his head was over mine, his hair hanging over his eyes.

Taking his fingers out of me, he used them to guide his monster into me. I felt the tip at my entrance as he slowly pushed into my stretched pussy, holding himself up with his arms that were on either side of vixen paralegal has hot sex with client. Groaning, he closed his eyes in pleasure as more and more of his inches were lost inside of me.

I could feel my untouched walls tighten and clamp around him, getting used to his length. Suddenly, he hit my cherry and stopped for a minute and before I could brace myself, rammed into it, causing an intense pain to shoot along my spine, making me cry out. He kept inside of me unmoving until the pain subsided and I nodded at him to carry on. He began slowly, arching his back over me and placing his head beside my shoulder as he set up a steady rhythm.

My legs seemed to have a mind of their own as they rose into the air and crossed over his back, opening myself up to him fully.

He kept his pace until his full length was in me, his base hitting against me, as he sped up and rocked his hips into my pelvis. Shane took one of his hands and moved it between our bodies, and started to rub my clit, sending sparks all around my body. My back lifted up and my mouth shaped into a silent 'o' sound. My whole body racked and spasmed as an orgasm flooded through me. The most intense feeling took over and my pussy clamped down hard on Shane's dick, making him lose control as his rhythm became erratic and his breathing laboured.

"Unghh, I'm. going to.cum!" He slammed into me full force, making the bed shake and smash against the wall, much like my parent's nightly encounters. I felt another orgasm take over and as it did, Shane let loose a roar as he spilled his seed inside me. (Luckily my mother made me take the pill before summer vacation). He pumped at least 8 ropes into me, never ceasing to thrust into me. When we both finished, he passionately kissed me until my lips were bruised. He then flipped us over so I was laying on his chest.

Shane still inside me, my eyes grew heavy from the struggling and fucking, and I fell asleep with his chin resting on my head. The sun was streaming in from the windows and flittering in through the curtains when I awoke. It had almost set and I was suddenly awake as I thought about my mother and father.

I eased Shane out of me, sore and a little bruised from the pounding he gave me. I went into the adjoining bathroom and cleaned myself up the best I could, removing the dried cum and blood from between my legs. I didn't want to get a shower for a fear of waking Shane up or my parents getting suspicious. So I crept back into the room, got dressed quietly and skulked out the front door, hopefully never going back.

I entered my front door, expecting a lecture, but instead found my parents cuddling on the couch, their eyes never leaving the television. "Did they like the cookies honey?" My mother called. "Yeah, sorry I got back so late, I was hanging out with them." I didn't tell my mother who 'they' were, or that a guy just took my virginity. And I hoped she would such accept it.

I ran upstairs and had a shower, fully wiping away all the grime left over. Once I stopped the water flow, I could hear my parents whispering furiously, but I thought nothing of it and went to bed.