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Tiny russian teen strokes cum from huge cock pussy licking petitehdporn
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They walked hand in hand on mowed paths through fields of evergreens, some already tagged for holiday harvest. Jon and Heather each carried a blanket. The path ended at the remains of a dry stone wall. Beyond it was a stand of tall old pines. The dense evergreens shaded the area so heavily their lower branches died off decades ago, leaving clear passage at ground level.

There was little underbrush, so walking was easy. The only sound was the breeze in the green canopy above, human footfalls muffled by the thick carpet of pine needles. "I've never seen anything like it," Heather whispered as they walked. "It's like an enchanted forest. I almost expect to see elves." "When I was nine years old," Jon said, "I used to ride these roads with some friends on our bicycles.

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We looked for places to go camping close to home so our parents would let us. Dad bought our Christmas trees here, so we knew the current owner's father.

He told Dad we could do what we liked, but no cooking. Our moms packed stuff, and we camped a couple times a year. I came up here alone a lot after Dad died. I was at THAT age, the moody, pimply-faced kid with a voice that wouldn't change. I hiked around with my thoughts and ended up here. It's been my special place ever since. I've never shared it with anyone." "Why me?" Heather asked.

"I never knew someone like you, babe.

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I didn't think I would ever bring anyone here, but here we are. And it gets better. Listen." She stood quietly. "I don't hear anything." "The breeze is too strong," he said. "We're too far away." After a few minutes' walk, she whispered, "Do I hear water?" "Yes.

There's a stream ahead. It's not deep enough to swim, but we could play. It's very clean. If we're quiet, we might see deer drinking from it." They dropped their packs near the stream, spread their blankets, and shared some snacks.

It was quiet, and they didn't break the silence with conversation, lying together holding hands.

A bird landed on the other side of the stream, eyed them suspiciously for a while, and then flew away. "I love you, Jon. Now I know what Heaven looks like. Thank you for bringing me here." He leaned over her and kissed his reply.

As always, Heather's return kisses quickly became urgent. "Do you remember that day in the State park, our second date?" she asked. "Kissing you was new then. You seemed afraid." "I was. I liked you the moment I saw you, and you seemed to accept me for who I was shy, innocent, ignorant about men. By the second day when you kissed me, I thought I could feel things with you I never felt before, and it would be okay.

I was right. When I got home that night, I couldn't sleep, wondering if I would fall in love teen fucked hard first time xxx itsy bitsy hotspot you." Jon kissed her.

"I'm glad you did." "You're everything to me. You understand me. You put up with me. You taught me a lot." "Nonsense. Your intelligence was one of the first things that got me seriously interested in you.

What have I taught you?" "Quite a number of things," she murmured, fumbling with his zipper. "Two can play that game." He started on the buttons on her shirt.

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They had all afternoon and perfect privacy, so they took their time getting into their favorite position with Jon on his back and Heather above him, pleasuring each other with their mouths. Eventually, he paused from his ministrations to her sopping pussy long enough to say, "I'm close." "I know." She took him deeper to bring him to the edge, her own hips moving now like his were. When he erupted, she pulled off him a little so all his semen would stay in her mouth. She didn't like to waste it, having learned to love the taste.

Swallowing always triggered another orgasm for her, even when she was still recovering from the last one. He kept working her with his fingers, lips, and tongue until she gasped, "Enough." They moved to cuddle together. "I don't remember being without you," doctor fucked when patient sleeping said. "It's only been two years, but they're the only important part of my life." "How do you always say just the right thing for the moment?" she whispered between kisses.

"Your eyes tell me everything. You always let me know how you feel, so it's easy." "Sometimes I think you read my mind." "I do." He got to his feet.

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"You want to go skinny dipping." They played in the cold, shallow water, splashing and laughing like kids. Being naked together was easier for Heather now, proud of her body under his loving gaze.

After a while she said, "My feet are freezing." "Mine are too." He followed her to the rocky bank. When they were dressed, she started packing for the walk back through the pines, but he sat quietly on the ground, picking wildflowers. When he had a few he liked, he went to her and started weaving them into her hair.

"Hon? I have a question for you." He fumbled in his pocket and got on one knee. "I've been waiting for the perfect time, and I doubt I'll find a better one. Will east teen mia khalifa tries a big black dick He took her hand and slid a diamond onto her finger.

"Will you be with me for the rest of our lives?" A thousand answers flooded her mind, but the only thing she could say was, "Could we get married here?" He rose and pulled her in for a kiss. "Yes, by the stream. You didn't tell me you could read my mind, too."