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The Chiefs' Daughter Ch 2 By Jax_Teller Saturday morning we woke together and the girls got right to taking a shower together. I went through my usual morning ritual of turning the Tv on and getting breakfast together. When the girls came out they seemed disappointed that I had not joined them. That quickly changed when they saw and smelled the western omelets I was making.

They both were naked and I was appreciating having them around. It seemed to me as if they had adopted me. As we sat and ate latina schoolgirl giving birthday head and sex the Saturday morning cartoons, the girls discussed the time they'd have to leave from here to get to work on time. I knew Clair was a stripper but wasn't sure about Janis.

After breakfast was over we went down to the table and it was a typical morning after party morning. Lots of moaning and coughing with naked people wandering in looking for their clothes. It was sort of an amusement for the regular folks watching the visitors try and figure out what they did and with who and how they got this or that bruise or marks. The roaring fire from the night before just a pile of ash smoldering like the sexual tensions fueled by copious amounts of alcohol the night before.

This was the usual time when people figured out that being naked in front of others wasn't the end of the world. On the other side of the coin it was the ultimate height of amusement when some female would realize her state of undress and go screeching into the shower room.

Yet another source of amusement was the young men who would sneak up and try to get glimpses of the women in the shower, only to get chased off with a broom like a chicken, including all the clucking. It was all in good fun and if there was any real offense it was dealt with immediately. Us older folks rarely got into the mix of the drama, but when we did it turned quickly into a brew haha.

When all the revelry was over Janis and Clair came over hugged me and then Chief and they were gone. Chief asked how it was going with those two.

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I told him I could not be happier and that they both seemed happy. He said he was asking about the tattooing shaking his head laughing at me.

I told him the second tattoo was started, but would need several more sessions before it came together. Chief went on to tell me that they'd be mom and allys daughter audition together xxx bosss daughters do as they must in the morning after work.

I wasn't going to pry but then he told me that Janis was one of the talent managers who drove the dancers to and from the clubs. If a dancer didn't have transportation or was at risk, Janis would make sure they got there safely. She was also the security manager of all three of his clubs, in charge of hiring and firing bouncers and managing security cameras and systems. She also taught the dancers self defense if they wanted to learn.

Being a Saturday afternoon there was a lot of folks in camp who weren't the regulars which meant rowdier than usual. Heavy drinking and heat were the order of the day and into the night. Just after dark a guy in an old pickup truck came in the drive and Mike who was lit instantly sobered up and his attention focused on the incoming. Chief noticed his reaction the same as did I and we both joined Mike at the pathway to the table. Dale Johnson got out of the truck and started walking up the trail to where we three stood.

Johnson put his hands out to his sides, palms up showing he had no weapons. It was a sign of respect but this was different in that he reeked of fear. Before Johnson could say anything Mike said turn around and get the fuck out in his bulldog Marine drill instructor voice. Johnson said "BUT" and before he finished his word Mike said BUT nothing asshole, get in your truck and leave while you still fucking can.

He started to turn and both Chief and I drew our guns as Johnson spun around with his 357 mag. He hesitated as he saw our guns already trained on him just as Mike punched him. Johnson hit the ground like a bag of top soil and didn't move. We put him in his truck minus the 357 and drove him to the bottom of the canyon where the main road passes through.

As he woke Mike hit him again knocking him back out and we rolled his truck into the ditch on the edge of the corner. Too many folks misjudged the corner and went off road there. We dialed the Sheriff from his phone and left it on and walked away. Johnson was drunk and it would look like any of the other wrecks he'd had.

Johnson was a known trouble maker to the Law two sweet girls like to masturbate together his driving off the edge of the road wouldn't be the first time. We didn't call the law to camp, we dealt with our own problems. We went back to camp and proceeded to party. The line from that country song by Toby Keith "I ain't as good as I once was, But I'm as good once as I ever was" was very real for many of us around camp.

Many of us were old warriors with been there done that badges in the form of broken bones, scars and wounded souls. It wasn't long before this big boobed, fake red head named Jill took Mike off to his nest. It wasn't so much a sexual thing although they may or not have sex. It was about taking care of our own. Chrissy a bleach bottle blond who had taken to Chief earlier in the day and hung on him until well after three am when he stood and announced he was going to bed.

She held onto him and they stumbled off to his camper. I stayed around the fire, on the edges staying mostly sober, nursing a beer and watching over the remaining few hard core partier.

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It wasn't long before they paired up and went off to sleep and as I walked to my house I could see the light from the sun on the horizon. It would be another couple hours until the sun breeched the mountains but the orange glow told me it would be a hot one. I turned on the driveway sensor to the light tone alert so I would know if anyone went in or out and went to bed.

Sleep was quick and the dream I had was a continuation of the real life three way I had the morning before with Janis and Clair. As great as the dream was, I was eager to wake up when I heard Chiefs truck pull up to the parking spot outside my house.

I got up, pulled my pants and boots on and wandered down to the table as a couple of the vehicles pulled out. I greeted those around and sat at the table still waking up. Clair saw me and came over and hugged me, seeing I was still waking up she asked if I'd like a cup of coffee. I thanked her and she went to get me a cup. Janis came over and hugged nearly smothering me in her wonderful breasts.

The conversation around the table turned to the incident last night with Johnson. My role was included by Chief and Mike making sure everyone knew that Dale Johnson was not welcome and should be discouraged from ever returning.

Clair returned with the coffee and I thanked her. The table was a buzz with all the drunken stories of the previous night. A few visitors still filtered out leaving to go back to the rat race of the big city. Clair and Janis stayed relatively close to me, and as it got to the pinnacle of the afternoon heat I excused myself to go cool off.

Clair and Janis both asked if they could tag along because they had something they needed to talk to me about. I said sure enough and we went down to my place.

Janis went first explaining that she'd like to get rid of her apartment in town and just pretty russian teen enjoys a hard fuck for the camera her dads' place when she needed to stay over there.

She said she's already cleared that part with him. Clair said that she liked me and asked if she could live with me during the week when she wasn't working. Janis said Chief didn't have room for them here at camp and that if I'd be ok with it, they both would like to live with me, working for housing or pay me rent. I thought about it and asked straight up what this meant, that they would be sleeping as a couple separated from me or in my bed or what.

They said although they were lovers, that they both were bisexual and they liked my cock so if I was ok with it they would both sleep with me. I pretended to think about it and then said well I guess it would be ok. They both knew 3 cocks in her pussy and 1 in her ass I was joking with them and gave me a hug. It had been a long time since I had regular sex and these two were a lot of fun.

The bonus that they were romantically involved with each other and willing to have sex with me made the deal sweeter than sweet.

I told them that I would take no money, but I expected them to help around with any extra mess they create. They were very happy with the arraignment excitedly talking about getting their things from Larado.

Chief did the quick knock and poked his head in, I told to come on in. He sat down and Janis got him a beer without so much as asking him.

She told him I had agreed to the plan, and he said well looks like you got yourself a couple house mouse. I said looks like I'll just have to get used to those cute little mouse tails running around. The rest of the afternoon we sat around watching NASCAR on the big screen and the girls getting settled in. Chief said he'd best be going and I closed the door behind him as he headed back to the fire pit.

Janis was first naked after he left and Clair wasn't far behind. Janis asked if I was up to doing some more on her butterfly.

I said sure enough, just give me a few minutes to get set up. I went into the tattoo studio, turned on the music and started getting the gear together. The girls came in and placed a towel on the chair before Janis got in position. When Janice was ready I started to get into position and I looked over my work and it had not healed enough to continue yet. I told them it would have to wait for another few days until what I had done already had healed more.

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They were disappointed but Clair said why don't we just go to the bedroom and celebrate moving in. I was half out the door when I heard Janis say yes mam. I let it go not making a point of asking about it, but I had a feeling that Clair was the dominant one in their relationship.

I laid on the bed on my back and Janis took my real incest daughter and father homemade story spycam in her mouth and began to jerk and lick on it.

Clair got a bag she'd brought in earlier, and pulled out a strap on cock. I watched as she put it in position sliding a bulbous portion inside herself pumping it up and then pulled the straps tight. I must say when she was done she looked like she had a cock, not some fake dildo. She came up onto the bed and slid behind Janis putting the cock in her.

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Most women who use a strap on look out of place, their motions just aren't natural. Clair was just the opposite, she was so natural looking fucking Janis. They had obviously done this many times before.

It was fascinating to watch especially being my cock was in Janis' talented mouth. After a few minutes Clair said ride his cock now slut and Janis moved without hesitation. As soon as Janis had positioned my cock in her pussy she slid all the way down to the base of my cock and started to grind on it. Clair grabbed her by the hair and said stay still and I could feel her stuffing her cock in Janis' asshole. She said now rock on that cock you fucking little slut. I was really enjoying the language and the control the slight teenager had had over the older hot brunette loves pussy and hate dumb guys. As much as I would have loved for this to last forever it wasn't long before I could feel my balls tighten.

As I started to come Clair pulled Janis off of me and barked at her not to loose a drop of my come. Janis quickly took my cock in her mouth and sucked me as best as she could.

Again I came with such force and volume it hurt slightly, and Janis' face and tits were coated in my come. Clair said you fifthly fucking whore as she slapped her ass a few times. Then she came closer and they kissed only breaking the kiss to lick my come off Janis. It was another porn memory in the making watching these two. Clair got up and dressed in a bikini bottom she pulled from her bag, and told Janis to shower up.

She also told her to make sure I was cleaned up as well, adding if that was ok with me. I said sure enough see you down at the fire and she left us. Janis and I took a shower her acting as a care giver as she washed and rinsed me clean. She fingered my asshole for a second as she cleaned me and made sure literally every inch of me was clean. I washed her back and felt her up as she washed herself. She seemed to enjoy the roughness of my beard and hair as we rubbed up against each other.

We went down to the fire just as the sun was setting. As we got closer to the fire we could see Clair on the table dancing topless to the music. It was surreal as a thousand times I'd seen this scene before me and yet it was a wonderment at the beauty of the spirit dancing.

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The drums and singing completed the evening as it turned to night. I was once again aware of how Karma had brought beauty into my life. For a second I remembered those who had came and went before. As the music came to a natural stop I raised my bottle of Evan Williams Whiskey and announced a toast to those who came before and poured a shot to the ground.

Those around the fire did similar in remembrance with what ever drink they had. The drums started back up and Janis joined the dance, dancing around the fire itself. It was nice when huge butt mum forced anal folks around the fire were the core group and the drama and outside worries of the sheeple no longer clouded our happy ranch.

The place that Mike made was a reality forged of his dreams and we all came along for the submarine ride. I knew this moment wouldn't last for long and was enjoying the peace and harmony that freedom had provided us.

Monday morning the lights on top of a county sheriff truck and the polite wisp of his siren woke me. Janis and Clair struggled to gather their clothes and get dressed. I pulled my pants on and went to the door as the Sheriff deputy knocked.

I opened the door and Gary, the deputy, asked if Dale Johnson was here. I said not that I knew of. I told Gary to come in, and the girls both came out to the living room as Gary stepped in. Gary told me they were looking for Dale as his truck had been found near bye. Gary and I had history and he saw me as a friend. I told him that Dale was persona non grata, that is not welcome at camp.

Deputy Gary asked why that was and I told him that Dale was too far gone a bad spirit. Gary gave me his card and asked that I call if I saw him. I said sure enough and I could see his attention was now on the girls and their state of getting dressed. Gary said looks like you are doing good and I said yeah Karma is shining the light on me. He said well maybe some day when he was off duty he'd bring by some of his fathers' shine, knowing it was a favorite of mine.

I told him he was welcome. We understood each other and he knew camps' limits, and left us alone as long as he no pressing reason not to. I watched as he backed out and went on his way. It wasn't a minute later that Mike knocked on my door. I invited him in and told him what had transpired with Gary and we both wondered why Dale had not been found with his truck.

We all went down to the table and listened to the police scanner. We found out that Dales' truck had been found wrecked and there was a search on for Dale. They were going on the presumption that after he wrecked the truck he'd stumbled in his drunken stupor into the woods to avoid the police finding him drunk. They were calling him armed and dangerous and evading detection. As the day went on the search trickled off and by the end of the day it was called off all together.

The End Ch.2