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Frisky sweeties shag the biggest strap dildos and spray juice all around the place
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Chris arrived at school Wednesday morning and it was obvious they were all buzzing with bootylicious blonde rides on a bbc interracial and creampie new piece of gossip. Chris looked around an spotted his best friend Ashleigh. " hey Ash." Chris said looking around.

" Hey Chris." Ashleigh said a little nervous. " What's happening?" Chris asked confused. " Umm I know you like Jacob, so don't freak out when I tell you this, but he got in a fight last night." Ashleigh said.

" Really? Who with?" Chris asked worried. " That's the weird bit. It was his best friend Saxon. Apparently Celyren has been fucking both of them a they finally found out." Ashleigh said. " I don't think that is it though. Neither does anyone else because if Celyren was secretly doing both of them, why are they mad at each other and not her? See it doesn't make sense." Ashleigh said. " Oh no." Chris said.

He was worried Saxon somehow found out about Jacob being bi, or maybe Saxon was calling Chris names again and Jacob stood up for him again." When did you find all this out?" Chris asked. " It is all over Facebook." Ashleigh said. Chris quickly sat down and got his laptop out. He opened Facebook and noticed he had two messages and a few notifications. He looked at the messages and saw one from Jacob and one from Celyren. He looked at the one from Jacob first.

It said, " I did it. I stood up to her and told her what I thought. I would like to stay at yours tomorrow night, or Thursday if not possible." Chris smiled then realised this must have been before the fight. He looked at the one sent by Celyren.

" I know this has something to do with you. You're just desperate to go after a guy with a girlfriend. You're a dumb faggot. You lied to him and filled his head with gay thoughts and feelings. Leave him alone. You have ruined his life and when people find out he left me for you his whole life will go down the drain." " wow.

Chris said. " What's that?" Ashleigh asked reading it. " Have you been seeing Jacob behind Celery's back?" Ashleigh asked. " only after Jacob found out Celyren was with Saxon at a party." Chris said.

" Really?" Ashleigh asked. " Yeah." Chris said still in shock. " NAWW!" Ashleigh said maya hills knows a thing or two about getting a guy hard him.

" But aww about the fight." she said. " Have you heard how he is? Like if he is hurt?" Chris asked. " No just that there was a fight between them and Celyren was to blame." Ashleigh said.

Chris sighed and opened Jacobs profile page on Facebook. There was lots of posts wondering if he was okay and wanting to know the full story. Jacob hadn't been on since the fight Chris realised. He sent a message to Jacob telling him he needed to see if he was okay and that Jacob could stay over forever if he wanted.

He packed his laptop away and Ashleigh looked at him quizzically. " If he is here I will find him." Chris said determined. " Good luck." Ashleigh said waving as Chris left. Chris walks around the quad first, listening to everyone talk and speculate. He quickly checked the other year quads not expecting much. He waited at the back entrance of the school for a couple of minutes, and then he went to the front entrance. School was just about to start when he felt his phone vibrate.

It was a text from Jacob saying, ' will be at back entrance in 5. Wait for me?' Chris had no credit but went straight back there. Chris heard the bell ring to signal the start of the day but he didn't care. He would skip the first period to make sure Jacob was okay. Chris saw Jacob and took a sharp intake of breath. Jacob smiled sadly and took of his sunglasses that hid most of his black eye. When he got closer Chris realised he had a split lip as well but it was partially covered by make-up.

Jacob went straight in to Chris' arms. They stood like that for a minute before Chris pulled back to inspect the damage. He noticed another spot of makeup towards the back of his jaw. " You look like hell." Chris said blending the makeup in a bit more for him. " You should see the other guy." Jacob laughed sadly. " Where did you get the makeup?" Chris asked.

" From my performances." Jacob said. " Oh right, I bet you have never used it before today though." Chris said. " How did you know?" Jacob asked surprised. " It is not blended at all." Chris said smiling a little as he took Jacobs head in his hands.

" Jessie would do a better job at blending then me but this will have to do." Chris said. Suddenly Chris realised Jacob wasn't in school uniform. " Where's you uniform?" Chris asked. Jacob laughed. " I only came down to show you I was okay. I'm going back home now. I bet the whole school is buzzing. Did you get any shit this morning?" he asked. " why would I get shit?" Chris asked confused.

" Because Celyren outed us," he said just as confused.

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" Wait you think Celyren outed us, and yet you're smiling?" Chris asked. " Well yeah I feel free for the first time in a long time. I got a text from a mutual friend of mine and Celyren's telling me she knew everything and she felt bad for me and she was glad I was finally out." Jacob said. " I blonde hoe nicole aniston gets fucked and creampied pornstars and hardcore Celyren had told people about us." Jacob said pulling out his phone.

" Celyren hasn't said anything about that." Chris said. Jacob quickly text his Friend what she meant by out. She texts back, " out of that relationship with Celyren." Jacob got a shocked look on his face. He gave Chris his phone and sat down.

Chris sat down next to him and held his hand. " I thought we were out. I came out to my mum this morning. I told her that I have been experimenting with a boy, and I liked it. Maybe more then girls. She was supportive. Told me this is what this part of my life is for, as long as I figured out defiantly what I am soon." Jacob said. " Better then you expected." Chris said with a smile.

"What about your dad?" Chris asked. " He had already left for work so I left a message about needing to talk to him tonight when he got home." Jacob said. " I felt like I had to tell my parents, other wise they would find out through rumours. When I had told mum, I felt so much better." " Like a weight has been lifted." Chris said remembering the feeling. " yeah." Jacob said. " What are you going to do now?" Chris asked. " I thought the school knew.

I knew it would get rough but I didn't care. Now that were not, I think I want to stay private for a bit. We can come out after a while. After I see how my dad feels." Jacob said. " okay. I can handle that." Chris said smiling.

Jacob smiled and leaned over to kiss Chris. Chris kissed him happily.

Jacob moved his hand to Chris' knee and the other to the back of his head. Chris had one hand roaming over Jacobs's abs and pecks. Chris' hand briefly brushed the bulge in Jacobs pants. Jacob moaned. Jacobs's mouth moved to Chris' ear and he whispered, " Come back to my house with me." Chris moaned at the thought and said "okay." They boys walked so hurriedly they were at Jacobs house within 5 minutes. As soon as Chris had sunny leone xx story hot girl the door, Jacob turned him around and pushed him against it.

Their lips found each other easily. Jacobs's mouth moved down to Chris' neck and Chris moaned. Chris could feel Jacobs cock growing as Jacob rubbed against Chris' leg. Chris moved his hand down to Jacobs cock and Jacob moaned. It was so deep it almost sounded like a growl. Suddenly their lips were back together and Jacobs's hands were going through Chris' hair. Chris was able to move his mouth away long enough to gasp " bedroom?" Jacob growled/moaned again, grabbed Chris' hand and pulled him down a hallway and into his room.

Chris was rock hard. Jacob closed the door and removed his shirt; giving Chris a view of this abs Chris loved so much.

Chris dropped to his knees and started to kiss and lick along the grooves of Jacobs hard six-pack. "Yes." Jacob moaned out. One of Chris hands, which was resting on Jacobs hips, slowly moved down to the front of Jacobs pants. Jacob moaned and bucked his hips. Chris kissed just above Jacobs belt.

Chris looked up at Jacob as he slowly took off Jacobs belt. Chris looked back down at Jacobs's crotch as he had trouble with the button.

Chris smiled as he undid the zipper and Jacobs cock stretched against the fabric of his underwear. Chris pushed both Jacobs's pants and underwear to his ankles and gripped Jacobs cock hard.

boy suck boobs milk spain Jacob moaned and Chris started to jack him off. Chris slowed down a little and slowly licked a line up the underside of Jacobs cock causing another moan to come out of Jacob. Chris sucked on the head for a bit then suddenly put as much if his mouth around Jacobs cock as he could.

Jacob gasped and Chris went to work getting the rest of Jacobs cock down his throat. His first few attempts at deep throat were met with slight gagging and the formation of tears in his eyes, but Chris continued to try.

Soon enough Chris was able to push through his gag reflex. Jacob was moaning Chris name loudly, making Chris moan, buzzing his mouth around Jacobs cock, and making Jacob moan more.

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It didn't take much longer for Jacob to gasp out, " I'm coming! Ahhh!" Chris swallowed it all down. The movements of his throat felt good on Jacobs cock, making him come every last drop he had. He was still semi hard as Jacob pulled his cock out of Chris' mouth. " your pretty good at that." Jacob commented stepping out of his pants and falling to his knees beside Chris. "Thanks." Chris said as Jacob leaned against him, hugging him softly.

Chris relaxed into the hug but his mind kept being drawn to his erection. Jacob noticed it and quickly tackled Chris pinning him to the ground. Jacob started to grind against Chris Causing Chris to moan. Jacob then leaned down to Chris' ear and whispered, " I want to try something." " Anything." Chris gasped. " I promise not to use my teeth as much." Jacob said with his signature half smile. " what are you." Chris started to ask until he realised Jacob was slowly inching down Chris' body.

Jacob quickly pulled of Chris' pants, throwing them across the room. Chris moaned as Jacob changed tactic and slowly pulled off Chris' underwear. Suddenly Jacob grabbed hold of Chris' cock. Jacob paused for a second and took a few deep breaths.

Both heartbeats quickened. " you don't have to." Chris said softly. " I want to. I was just over thinking." Jacob said. " first time for everything." Chris joked. Suddenly Jacob put his mouth over the head of Chris' cock. Chris gasped. " Sorry." Jacob took his mouth off and slowly licked lines up each side if Chris' cock. Chris moaned again as Jacob put his mouth back on Chris' dick. Jacob played with the head a bit with his tongue eliciting more moans from Chris.

Jacob smiled and slowly took in as much of Chris' cock as he could. Jacob sucked on the cock as he moved back up to the head. Jacob picked up the pace setting Chris off.

Chris was moaning and wiggling cute teen having fun alone with vibrator. Jacob put one of his hands on Chris' trying to make him stop moving. Chris tried to calm down a bit but all he could think of was the sensation of Jacob sucking his cock.

Jacob was enjoying this more then he thought he would. He loved the feeling of Chris' cock pulsating in his mouth and hearing Chris moan for him. Chris noticed Jacob was hard again. " 69?" Chris asked. Jacob didn't reply. He simply rotated his body so his knees were either side of Chris' head. Jacob continued to explore this new skill while Chris ran his hands up Jacobs's legs to rest on Jacobs nice round ass.

Chris lifted his head and engulfed Jacobs's cock. Jacob moaned, buzzing Chris' cock making Chris moan, buzzing Jacobs cock.

Chris massaged Jacobs's ass, kneading towards the middle. Chris took a chance and ran a finger in between Jacobs crack. Jacob moans louder and started to thrust in to Chris' face. Chris moaned at the sudden change.

He could feel his orgasm coming quickly.

From the way Jacob was moaning he was close too. Chris came first. Jacob took his mouth off and thrust harder into Chris' mouth. Soon Jacob was coming as well. Chris tasted the hot and salty cum and swallowed it. Jacob turned so his head was next to Chris' and collapsed, hugging Chris tight.

Chris felt so right laying there next to Jacob. " I love you." Chris thought. " What?" Jacob asked looking at him. Jacob had a slightly amused smile on his face. " Did I say that out loud?" Chris asked shocked his cheeks turning as red as his hair. " yeah you did." Jacob said kissing him. Jacob took a deep breath and said, " I think I love you too." It was so soft and quiet if Chris was any further away he wouldn't have heard it. Chris gasped and kissed Jacob hard.

Jacob smiled and kissed him back. Jacob walked Chris back to school after they had cleaned up and eaten some breakfast. They kissed at the back gates and both said I love you again. Chris had a massive grin on his face all day. At lunch Jessie found him. "Chris!" Jessie called out. Chris turned around, smiled and huge her. " You heard about Jacobs fight right?" Jessie sashed confused.

" Of course." Chris said still smiling. " Okay. Where were you first period then? Your never late." Jessie said. Chris just gave her a look and smiled. " Of course you went to check on him. What happened? What's with the smile?" Jessie asked smiling as well.

" I was worried about him. We met at the back gates and he had a black eye and a split lip but he was smiling. See he thought Celyren outed him at school. He came out to his mum before rumours spread. He was happy to be out. Out with me. It was almost heart breaking to tell him we weren't. He wants to give it a bit more time until we come out as a couple now that he has a choice.

Well I went to his place and we did what we always do, except this time I accidentally told him I loved him. That shocked me. I swear I only said it in my head. What was even more shocking is when he said I love you back." Chris finished.

" Nawww!!!" Jessie exclaimed hugging him. " Seriously? Congratulations! About jesse jane scott nails asking price scene digital playground Jessie couldn't express how happy she was for Chris. " Thank you." Chris said smiling. Jessie smiled as well and they walked off to class chatting arm in arm.