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Big black fake cock bbfc monster plastic cock interracial
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Sam used to stay in my building and she later moved to another city. After a span of ten years, she returned to our building. Sam was a real hottie and we got along pretty well. She was a happy person with a modern outlook and intelligent, well-read lady. You could discuss practically anything with her. Like me, she was an avid reader.

She was fighting fit and had a swell body. She used to wear tight clothes and her breasts stood out. They were peach shaped and rock solid. Her nipples were hard as a rock and always poking out and visible. Nothing could hold them back. I was doing the morning walk and was surprised to see her in the building. She stopped and exchanged pleasantries and informed me that she had come back permanently and would not be moving out.

I checked her out. Even after ten years she was well maintained and worth seducing. Her husband was not joining her at least for another couple of years. The chances of seducing her seemed to be improving. Sam asked me to join her for a cup of tea, I agreed and told her that I would join her over the weekend. I reached her house and fortunately she was alone at home and her daughters were expected late in the evening.

She was wearing a tight T-shirt and track pants. Her nipples, as usual, were sticking out and were begging for freedom. I was wondering if she was wearing a bra and imagining how much fun it would be to squeeze and suck her nipples. I imagined pushing down her track pants and entering her. In twenty seconds I imagined how I wanted to fuck her and I had a raging hard on.

The tent in my pants was clearly visible. Sam looked at my tent, it seemed she had read my mind and she gave me a sly seductive wicked smile. She invited me inside and we both started chatting about our lives over the last ten years. She got the tea and sat next to me.There was a pause in our conversation. I guess both of us were thinking what do we do next, would seduction be the right thing to do.

Sam started discussing building gossip and discussed affairs of certain people. We dirty brunette girlfriend loves the big cock both laughing a lot and cracking adult jokes. Sam started touching me and playfully hitting me and I also started doing the same. She suddenly hugged me, I hugged her tight. She playfully kissed me on the cheeks, I kissed her on the forehead.

Suddenly she stopped and looked into my eyes and I looked straight into her eyes. She pulled me closer and gave me a long wet kiss. My hands went inside her t-shirt. Her skin was like silk, smooth. It was so erotic that my cock grew cream pie cougars scene x traordinary pictures five inches. My cock was poking her hard.

I unhooked her bra. I brought my hands in the front and freed her boobs from the bra.

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I felt her peach shaped boobs in my hands. They were firm and soft. I pinched her nipples, they became rock hard. Sam stopped kissing and moved back a bit. I removed her t-shirt and bra. I enjoyed the sight of her boobs for the first time in my life. I lovingly kissed her boobs and tried to fit them in my mouth.

I kissed her right nipple first and pulled them with my teeth. My hands were pinching her left nipple. I then kissed her left nipple in a similar fashion. I held both her breasts together and kissed both the nipples together. Sam was moaning with pleasure and asking me not to stop.

Her hands were roaming all over my head and back and she was forcing my head on her boobs. She started squeezing my cock over my shorts. She grabbed my head and started giving me wild kisses. She removed my t-shirt and started kissing my chest and nipples.

She touched her nipples to my nipples and started kissing me. She took off my shorts and grabbed my cock. She roughly started stroking it up and down.

She started mashing large japanese melons stockings and hardcore with my balls and started kissing them. She kissed the tip of my cock and started sucking on it like a lollypop.

She grabbed her head and started fucking her mouth. She was playing with my balls and fingering my ass. The feeling was mind blowing. After ten minutes I felt the cum rising and made her stop.

I wanted to cum in her pussy and wanted to have an extended fucking session of at least 45 minutes which is normal for me. I made her stand up and pulled down the track pants. She was wearing thongs. I felt her nice round ass and kissed her ass. I made her stand in front of me and kissed her pussy and fingered her ass and she jumped.

I started fingering her ass and pussy. I made her sit next to me and started kissing her all over, from her lips to boobs, nipples and finally pussy. I got into a 69 position with her and she started sucking me. Sam gave a brilliant blowjob, she really knew how to drive a man crazy. After ten minutes she started saying that she wanted to be fucked.

She sat on top of me and quickly ensured that my cock was buried in her pussy. Her pussy was tight and wet. I could feel her juices running down my cock onto my balls. She grabbed my head and bent forward to kiss me.

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She straightened up and started grinding her pussy on my cock. She kept going forward, backward, round and round. It was a mind blowing feeling. I pulled her forward and greedily sucked on her boobs and nipples. Sam was turning red from all the excitement and she was sweating.

She was moaning a lot and her eyes were closed. Her orgasm hit her and her body shuddered and she collapsed on top of me. We continued in this position for a few minutes and then decide to change positions.

I pushed her on the bed and climbed on top of her. She wrapped her legs around my waist and this gave me a deep access to her pussy.

My balls were hitting her pussy and we could hear a thud thud sound from the continuous strokes. She was kissing me and scratching my back. My back and cock both were on fire. I was kissing her forehead, lips, cheeks, neck, boobs, and nipples. I change position and moved her legs on my shoulders. The changes in positions were giving rise to new and different sensations, my downward thrusts were being met by her upward thrusts.

Sam was practically screaming as another orgasm hit her, she pulled me down on top of her. She was quite for a while. She opened her eyes and said that she did not have orgasms in a long time and this was the best sex she had in decades.

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She complimented my stamina and my foreplay and fucking skills. It was my turn to get an orgasm and probably another one. I made her take the doggy position and entered her in one stroke.

Her pussy was really wet and my cock was slipping in and out easily but the sensation was completely different and awesome. I grabbed her boobs and nipples and spanked her ass till it turned red. My cock entering her pussy was making phut phut sounds. I felt the cum pressure rising in my balls. I came in spurts and the quantity was huge since I was having sex after a month.

Sam was surprised at the quantity of my cum. When she stood up the cum started leaking out of her pussy. She kissed me again and promised to fuck me regularly.