Huge boobs lifeguards saves the day by fucking a lucky guy

Huge boobs lifeguards saves the day by fucking a lucky guy
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My Wife and Our Daughter's Baby Doctor One night when we had just gone to bed, my wife Sandy, kept telling me and swearing that our daughter's baby doctor was making lewd passes at her and had been making "suggestive" remarks that were, in her mind, inappropriate for his position. "I thought you always had the hots for Dr. Joseph?" I said a little sarcastically.

"You said he was a 'hunk' and had a great ass and a lascivious smile that would melt any woman!" I quickly added. "Stan, you know very well what I mean, he is a hunk that is for sure, but it makes me nervous when I am alone with him and Tricia is out of the room." "Has he made any advances toward you or touched you?" I asked. "Well, he sort of touched me but they are brushes and just touches of concern when he tells me about what ever we took Tricia in for, you know what I mean, he just seems to be coming on to me!" "I really can't understand the concern, I've always thought you were fantasizing about him as we made love anyhow, thinking about that 'hunk' Lebanese body of his and wondering about what size cock he had in those tight trousers he wears.

C'Mon Sandy, tell me the truth, you've wondered about that guy a long time and what it would be like to feel that cock of his between your pussy lips for several years! It's exciting for me too and to think about his cock in your pussy, even in your sweet mouth. Thinking of you two chap is fortunate to fuck with ebony it on together is getting me hard! We've fantasized about that more than once, just like when you imagine things about me and Carol doing it down at the office." I slipped my hand between Sandy's thighs and ran my hand up to the "V" of her crotch and I immediately knew from how moist she was that this conversation was getting to her.

"Oh, Oh," I said, "What have we here a wet pussy all ready for the doctor's probing examination with his special instrument." Sandy's giggle was more from nervousness than as a joke but I had hit on a element of truth, she was excited at the prospect of the good doctor stuffing her full of dark, hot meat! My finger parted her pussy lips and easily dipped inside her wet slit. I fingered her for several minutes as we continued our talk.

I teased her about how excited she was thinking of Dr. Joseph and said to her in a whisper, "Why not see just how far he would like to go with this approach of his?" "You're not serious,?" She said, pulling away from me just a bit and looking into my eyes.

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"It's a way to fulfill a fantasy Honey. Something we have both thought about for a long time, Think about it, the possibilities, the fun, the sex, the pleasure!

It would be wild having you come home immediately after the encounter and I could see and feel that wet pussy of yours. Would you let me eat your pussy after Dr. Joseph had filled your cunt with warm goo!

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wow!, that would be something!" "You are hot and excited, aren't you?" she said as she pulled on my hard cock and snuggled up close to me. She stroked my cock and continued to talk. "You'd really like to lick his cum from my cunt wouldn't you, you dirty ol' bustard, you're always looking for something tasty to eat!" "Something good to eat my Love," I quickly added with a big smile on my face. "You're dead serious about this aren't you?" she smiled back and we Frenched kissed each other allowing our tongues to search each other's mouth.

"I can just imagine tasting his cock on your lips already" I whispered, "Go for it, Honey, It'll be fun and very hot! You can call and make an appointment and tell him that you have to talk to him about Tricia, but that Tricia will not be there to overhear the purpose of the appointment.

I'll even help you pick out what to wear, something sexy for sure and then let nature take it's course." "You sure you want me doing rocco siffredis anal sex with hot blonde pornstar creampie Sandy asked tentatively.

"Honey, its up to you, you know that, but Damn, this is getting me hot as hell just thinking about the possibility, and yes, I'd like it because I want the rewards afterwards!" I slipped on top of her and guided my rock hard cock into that slippery pussy and we fucked and moaned like newly weds! We both had a great cum and I slipped down and licked her dripping pussy telling her to just think, this could be me licking Fred's cum from your it exciting to think of me doing that for you?

When I arrived home after work the next night, Sandy calmly told me that she had an appointment with Dr. Joseph on Saturday to talk about "that problem" with Tricia. The smile on her face told me all that I wanted to know as she looked radiant and devilish at the same time.

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"Wonderful, Tricia will be at your folks house for the week-end and we can analyze what the Doctor has given you." I said with a wide grin on my face. "Would you like for me to help you pick out something to wear on Saturday?" "Sure" she said, "I'd like that, it's partly for your excitement too!" she added. On Saturday morning, Sandy was obviously excited and more than a little nervous about the meeting with Dr. Joseph, but she got dressed without incident and she looked stunning! She had on matching rose colored bra and panties both very sheer and one could see the dark nipples of her 36C titties and the fine brown haired bush of her pussy.

I gave her a long mushy kiss as she went to the car and I told her to relax and have a good time. After all, she was in smalltit blonde camgirl private camshow masturbation striptease and the doctor didn't know it! Three and half hours later, I head the car pull into the drive way!

I anxiously waited for her to come into the living room.

She looked wonderful and a look of complete satisfaction on her face. I immediately went to her and kissed her very tenderly! I three hot blondes have some kinky fun cunnilingus threesome a slight smell of male cock on her breath and looked at her and smiled. "That is a "special" kiss you have there my love, It would suggest that you've already had something to eat?" She smiled again and said, "Would you like to know what I had to eat and how the meeting went, By the way, I brought you a special desert!" "Let's go upstairs so I can tell you all about it!" We went to the bedroom and were naked and in bed in just a few minutes.

"Tell me everything Sandy don't miss a thing!" I pleaded! "Well, his office was closed as he does not have Saturday Office hours and he opened the door when I arrived. We talked a few minutes and finally I saw him looking at me in such a lustful way, I knew he was excited, actually he was more nervous than I was! He asked what I wanted to talk about and I fumbled with something about Tricia "touching" you know masturbating herself and what I should do about it.

He smiled a little and said didn't you touch yourself when you were young. It's a natural thing to do and it gets better when you have someone else to touch, don't you agree. We both blushed a little and he reached out and put his hand on my leg as he talked about adolescent sexual desires.

His hand was moving as he talked so I parted my legs a little not so it was obvious but letting him know that I was receptive to his advances. In just a few minutes he leaned over and kissed me letting his tongue slip between my lips. I told him I really shouldn't and he said to me that he had had a strong desire for me for some time. And we embraced as his hand found the dampness of my panties.

He caressed my mound and I moaned and parted my legs even further. He told me that he wanted to make love to me, that he wanted to see my body, to taste me, to feel my hands and fingers on his body and as he said that he moved my hand to the crotch of his trousers.

I felt his member, hard and proud and I rubbed my hand along the length of his manhood. God, he felt huge! He asked me to follow him to his office and when we arrived there, I noticed a large sofa. We undressed each other taking in the view of each others body and his hands were shaking so. He was very turned on with my body but his hands were so clumsy I had to help him with my bra!

When I lowered his pants and shorts, I was amazed at the size and thickness of his cock. "It was a marvelous cock, Stan, bigger than yours, maybe 8 or 9 inches, quite dark, smooth and just a beautiful mushroom crown. I was mesmerized by its beauty and dropped to my knees and sucked it into my mouth. The aroma and stiffness of the male flesh was so nice and being as excited as he was, I felt his cock twitch and he erupted into my sucking mouth in just seconds.

He moved his wet cock head just to the tip of my mouth and the last few spurts of cum covered my lips and chin. I didn't miss a drop Honey as I scooped it all with my finger back into my mouth. He tried to apologized but I told him it was wonderful, what I wanted! He laid me back on the sofa and played with my pussy and licked and sucked my titties. He really liked the erect nipples sticking up so proud like and his fingers moved in and out of my pussy.

He didn't lick me down there and I didn't ask either. We played with each other for a long time and soon his cock was hard again. He mounted me there on the sofa and slipped that monster Lebanese cock between my pussy lips and Stan, it was just a wonderful filling feeling!

He fucked me slowly and deliberately and took care to make it last. We talked about how wonderful lucky guys get to bang stunning babes was and what he liked to do and think about and asked me my fantasies too. The tempo increased and I could feel his cock swell inside my cunt walls and I used my inner muscles to grip him harder.

Faster and faster he went and soon he was gushing his hot male nectar deep within my pulsing cunt. I could feel the warm liquid splashing against my love tunnel walls and I swear Stan, he must have cum a quart! "Stan?, most of it is still up there, waiting for you, Honey! How do you want Mama to feed you Doctor Joseph's special Lebanese creamy delight, Baby?" "Get on Top Baby, straddle my face, I want it that way!" I said anxiously. Sandy moved on top of me and lowered her wet pussy onto my face and my tongue immediately licked the wet slit of her pussy.

I reached in with my hands and kinky teenies penetrate the biggest strapons and spray load all around the place the lips of her pussy wide exposing that beet red little protrusion, her clit, and immediately sucked that nubbin into my mouth. Back and forth, up and down, my tongue moved faster and faster then I would slip my tongue as far as possible into her wet slit. "Oh Baby" Sandy yelled, "I can feel it moving inside me, get ready, get ready.

I watched as Sandy ground her pussy against my probing tongue. My eyes were glued to her slit opening and I would lick and plow my tongue through the folds of her cunt. I saw a glob of pearl white cum oozed from the slit of her pussy and my tongue darted up to scoop it into my hungry mouth. Again and again dollops of the warm sticky cream fell into my open mouth and I savored the musky aroma and texture of the mixed juices from my lovely wife and Dr. Joseph. I was in heaven and I knew that this was what I had wanted.

Sandy was enjoying watching my suck feast and I could hear her moaning and enjoying the attention I was giving her. I told her how much I loved what she had done for me and that it was pure heaven having that sweet sauce in my mouth. "Maybe you need to get it from the source some time, right from his nice big hard dark cock, Stan just like I did! Maybe we can have a parent appointment next time and we both can see just what the good doctor has to offer!

-=[ THE END ]=-