Teen couple having sex in the boat

Teen couple having sex in the boat
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This is the fourth story in the series, see 'Soaked through, Bikini Heaven and 'Cum covered panties' to see how it all began. There I was lying in bed, confused beyond belief, thinking back to the evenings events.

'Was it real?' I thought, 'had I really just watched a beautiful sixteen year old girl finger fuck herself to an explosive orgasm, then masturbate myself for the second time that day in front of her, and finally shooting my cum into her mouth?'.

My head was spinning. Next morning I woke up feeling very aroused, I could hear whispering, then the most amazing thing happened.

I felt something hot and moist going from my balls to the tip of my shaft, it was fantastic, stepmom cory snatches lilys boyfriends dick and they get busted then I felt the same on the other side of my fully erect dick at the same time. I slowly opened my eyes to see both Debbie and Hannah on their knees on my bed, naked and licking my cock.

I closed my eyes again and pretended to be asleep. I could feel one of them take my shaft in their mouths and start bobbing up and down, while the other one sucked on my balls. This was fucking amazing, they kept swapping with each other, both taking it in turns to take my large dick as far they could in their mouths. 'I can't believe he's still asleep' Debbie exclaimed. 'I've got an idea' Hannah replied, and with that I felt a lot of movement on the bed.

I could feel movement around my head and then I could smell it, the sweet smell of teenage pussy.

I opened my eyes to see what I assumed was Hannah's pussy inches from my face; I could see how wet she was and I couldn't believe my eyes. I still pretended to be asleep to see what she was going to do. She lowered her pussy so that it was over my mouth and nose, touching my lips. She started to move her hips up and down over my mouth. I could not do it busty amanda gets rammed in the dungeon brunette and big tits longer, I opened my mouth and inserted my tongue into her inviting pussy, I could taste the juices from this wonderful teenage pussy, dripping wet into my mouth.

Her smell was intoxicating. All the time this was happening Debbie was still pumping her mouth up and down on my cock, stopping from time to time to lick it up and down like an ice lolly. 'Morning Chris', I heard Hannah pant, obviously now aware that my tongue was lapping away at her.

I moved my hands off the bed and put them onto Hannah's large breasts; I squeezed them gently, caressing their soft skin. I could feel her hard nipples sticking into the palms of my hand; I grabbed them between my finger and thumb and started rubbing them. She let out some little moans, which told me she liked what I was doing.

She stared gyrating over my mouth faster and harder, her pussy was spurting out fanny juices into my eager mouth and then she convulsed, as sunny leone new xnxx mp4 did the previous night, as her body went into an orgasmic spasm. 'Oh yes, yes, yes, fuck me, that so fucking good, suck me Chris. FUCK, FUCK, FUCK!!!!!' she shouted, her body coming to the end of her second orgasm in less than twelve hours.

She went limp and collapsed forward onto my chest. 'Holy Shit Debbie, I can see what you mean. That was fucking awesome, Oh my god, I can't stop shaking' Hannah panted. She moved her legs off me and knelt alongside me and she lowered her lips to mine and kissed me like as if her life depended on it. She could taste her own juices on my tongue and stopped kissing and started to lick all around my mouth, nose and chin. Debbie pulled herself away from my cock and crawled up to by my chest and helped Hannah lick her juices off my face, moving over to kiss me passionately on the lips, inserting her tongue in my mouth to play with mine.

Hannah then grabbed Debbie's face and pulled her up, away from mine and moved in to kiss her. I couldn't believe the vision in front of me, two gorgeous sixteen year old beauties French kissing over me. I moved my hands up so that I had one of each of their breasts in them.

I don't believe I had ever been this turned on. I moved my hands down off their breasts and placed them in between their legs, I found each of their pussies and they were both soaking wet. I inserted two fingers into each of them and proceded to finger fuck them.

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saucy euro bimbo gets her pussy nailed cumshots and brunette Debbie broke off her kiss and moved her head down to Hannah breast and started to suck on her nipples, this was amazing. Here in my bed I had two stunning teenagers, dripping their juices onto my hands, playing with each other's breasts, sucking and caressing each other. I was in heaven.

Debbie broke away from her caressing of her friend and pulled my hand out of her wet pussy and brought it up to her mouth and sucked her own juices off my fingers.

Hannah, having watched Debbie, did the same on the other side of me. After they had sucked every ounce of juice off my shrivelled fingers, Debbie started talking to me. 'Chris, you're so good to us. Is there anything we could do for you? 'She asked with a sultry look on her face.

She moved her hand back down onto my cock and started wanking me off, slowly, pulling my skin down so it revealed my swollen head then back up over the tip of my penis. It felt fantastic; I was getting so worked up. 'Would you Fuck us both, Chris?' Hannah asked. 'Would you like to put that big dick of yours into our cunts?' What the fuck could I say; I was being aroused by two gorgeous teenage girls, both naked on MY bed.

'Are you both Virgins?' I enquired. 'Of course I am, Chris!!' Debbie exclaimed. 'I am too Chris, well, with a man anyway!' Hannah proudly stated. 'Have you been with a woman, Hann??' Debbie questioned.

'When? Who?.Oh my god.

You never said. I tell you everything, who've you been with Hann?' 'Well remember last year when I stayed at my cousins. I had to share a bedroom with Kirtsy, she's the same age as me and we got really close and one night we were messing about play fighting and she pinned me down on the floor and I was laughing.

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The next thing she was kissing me, it was so fucking horny. One thing lead to another and we spent the night finger fucking, licking and rubbing each other and basically shoving anything we could get our hands on, up each other. It was great!' Without realising it, Hannah had instinctively moved her hand to her crotch and was working herself up while she told us her story.

'I would love to fuck you both, my sweet girls. But this must stay between us as it's not right. You're in my care Deb and Hannah; you're my friend's daughter!' I stated. 'That's all I needed to hear!!' cheered Debbie and removed her hand from my cock which was still pumping up and down.

She moved over my rock solid dick and guided it so that it lined up with her wet hole.

She gently lowered herself onto my cock, it felt amazing. She stopped moving to get used to the feeling and then lowered herself further. I could feel her warm, moist cunt encasing my large cock, but I could feel her hymen like a barrier and I said to her 'If you go any further, it's going to hurt'.

'I don't care, I wanna feel you ALL inside me!' she passionately replied, and with that she pushed herself all the way down my shaft and she cried out in pain, I could see tears coming from her eyes. 'Are you ok Deb? I asked. 'Oh fuck me YES, I'm so good. Please Fuck me Chris!! Fuck me HARD!! She wailed.

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I wasn't going to be wait to be asked again and with that I started pumping my hips up and down, thrusting my dick into her wet, virginally tight cunt. It felt amazing, her tight pussy sliding up and down my shaft. She was moaning and groaning 'Fuck me Chris, Fuck me hard, treat me like your BITCH!!' Hannah moved her head onto Debbie's breasts and started sucking her nipples, rubbing her nipples between her lips and tongue. Debbie's moans got louder and louder, screaming. 'YES, YES, YES, F-U-U-C-K, Harder Chris, Fuck ME!!!!

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She screamed. I pounded her cunt as hard as I could, again and again, I could feel my own orgasm building up in my balls, I was getting closer and closed with every stroke. 'I'm gonna CUM; Fuck me I'm gonna CUM!!!!' I pumped spurt after spurt of my hot semen into Debbie's pussy just as she reached her own amazing climax. We both shouted and screamed out in our orgasmic states, panting and puffing after this, our first passionate fuck.

Debbie passed out and rolled off me onto the bed, semen was still dripping out of her firstly fucked fanny. Hannah quickly saw an opportunity and dropped her head straight onto my now flaccid cock and sucked off the rest of the mixture of my spunk and Debbie's vaginal juices, licking her lips as she got up, then moved in between Debbie's legs and opened them wide and sucked on her pussy, lapping up the last drops of our mixture of fluids.

Again, getting up, she cute brunette finger fucking til she cums her lips of my sperm and Debbie's juices. 'I cannot wait till my turn' said Hannah, once again starting to finger fuck herself.