Flexible latina teen deep throats big dick

Flexible latina teen deep throats big dick
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It would be a couple of weeks before we could finally be alone together to finish what we started. During that time Cindy now pranced around in the mornings wearing short tops with no bra and just her panties, where before she was pretty conservative. It was driving me nuts to watch that sweet little ass of hers swaying around and those little tiny budding tits bounce under her thin fabric shirt.

Every time we would be alone in the kitchen for a moment, she would take that opportunity to rub herself up against me, or to quickly take her hand and rub up and down the front of my pajamas, or wiggle her ass at me with her head turned looking at me and smiling.

I would usually give her a small smack on the ass or a quick titty rub back at her to get even.

She loved that, all the teasing we were doing amazing threeway on the couch with hot babes each other. My wife even commented that Cindy is now coming into her own. ( If she only knew what kind of coming she was actually doing.) My wife looks at me and says; " Did you notice how she walks around in the mornings? She walks around wearing just a flimsy top and panties.

What do you think of that?" I look at her and say; " No, no, I didn't really notice. (smiling and my wife lightly swats me with the morning newspaper.) Oh, Quit your worrying.

She is just going through a change in her young life, trying to act more grown up." She says; " Well, I hope she gets through it soon." Then walks into the bedroom to get ready for work. Cindy comes into the kitchen yelling to mom; " Bye mom! Goin to school! Cya tonight!" A muffled voice calls back from the bedroom. "Ok dear, See you tonight." I'm sitting at the kitchen table as she walks torwards me.

She has on a white sheer top, and a light blue mini skirt that hugs her ass like they were painteed on. ( Man! Did she look GOOD! ) She looks to see if her mother is still in the bedroom, leans over to kiss me goodbye showing me her budding titties in a small bra peaking out of the top of her shirt. She grabs me by the back of the neck, puts her lips to my lips, and snakes her tongue into my mouth for about five seconds.

Our tongues dance together sending elecric flashes through my body. She lets go and looks at me smiling and heads out the door with me smiling back.

I finish my breakfast and go back to the bedroom, kissing my wife goodbye and head out the door to go to work. I and my wife are usually about a half hour apart when we get home so I stop and bring home pizza for our usual wednesday bring home dinner night.

I walk in the door and Cindy is in the livingroom and my wife is running around like a chicken with it's head cut off. I put the pizza down and ask her what is going on.

She says; " Janet had her baby and she is all alone out there since her husband is over seas in England and can't make it back till saturday night, so I am flying out to Denver to spend the rest of the week with her till he gets there.

That's ok with you isn't it? You and Cindy will be allright while I'm gone and I'll only be gone till sunday. Is that ok?"I tell her; " That's fine and that it's great that she has a big sister to count on." I take my her to the airport and Cindy and myself watch as the plane lifts into the air,heading off to Denver, with my wife aboard. We get back in the car and head home. Cindy leans over and rest her head against my shoulder, rubbing my chest and kissing my neck.

She moves her mouth up to my ear, licking the outer lobe and running her tongue back down to my neck again. Sending sensations into my brain and bringing my cock to full attention. She takes her hand and moves it down to my pants grabbing onto the member that is alive and looking for a way out of it's confine.

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I take my hand and move it up under her skirt. She spreads her legs willingly giving me better access to her almost bare trophy between her legs. I move my hand up further, and to my surprise, I feel a precious set of plump pussy lips, instead of a pair of panties.

She smiles at me and say; " I took them off just before we left from the airport." She goes back to kissing my neck and pulling on my zipper to get her hand wrapped around my rock hard member. She pulls it out and wraps her hand almost the whole way around it, stroking up and down rubbing across the top and back down again. At the same time, I move my middle finger up and down her little slit, touching the top of her clit and back down to the entrance of her tight small vagina.

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We are both breathing harder and I am really having a hard time ( No punn intended!) on keeping the car on the road. I take my thumb and rub her clit and at the same time I've got my finger moving in and out of her very wet pussy. Her juices are flowing down my fingers and the inside of my hand. She stops stroking me and grips my raging dick hard. Her body shakes and her vagina walls clamp down and pulse on my finger as she has an explosive orgasm.

Her juices splash down on my hand and at the same she screaming; " UGH! UGH! OH GOD DADDY! I"M CUMMING! OH GOD! YES! UNNNNGH!" Her head falls down on my chest and hearing her say that sends me over the edge. I squirt what feels like a gallon of hot creamy cum right onto her face and all over my chest and on her hand. I had never cum like that in my life. Maybe because this was so taboo and the fact it was with my own daughter had heightened my senses made it feel so good.

She takes her hand wipes the cum off her face, putting it up to her nose to smell it and sticks her tongue out to taste it.

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She licks it a few more times and then sticks her fingers in her mouth, cleaning the rest of the cum off of them. She looks up at me, smiling, and says; " Ummm, Daddy taste good!" A few minutes later we pull up to the house and get out of the car, with our legs both shaking from the orgasm we had, walking torwards the houes. We go inside and kiss one more time passoinately and break our kiss with Cindy saying; " Tomorrow when you get home, we'll finish what we started.

OK?" I look at her and smile and say; "Can't wait for tomorrow to get here. now get ready for bed, and I'll see you in the morning." She kisses me one more time and runs off to her bedroom. I go to my room, get changed, and fell asleep almost immediately from uphoria of sexual release I received from my own daughter.

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