Hello my lovelies! I am 2017’s Miss Teenage Northern Saskatchewan and I will be hitting the big stages along with many other beautiful ladies during the National Pageant in Toronto this summer! I am so excited to meet many new faces & my soon to be pageant sisters. <3 I am incredibly grateful for being able to have this opportunity to venture out and try new things!
I was born and raised in Northern Saskatchewan and my hobbies include working out, volunteering, socializing with friends and focusing on my studies as I am still in grade 1o.

I also enjoy traveling. Fun fact: out of all 10 provinces in Canada, I’ve visited 6 including Quebec, Prince Edward Island, British Columbia, and Ontario! As I mentioned before, I am in grade 10. I try to work my hardest to act as a role model for my 5 younger siblings as well as my peers. Standing at an 84.5% average, I was nominated for the Lieutenant Governor award for the school year of 2016-2017.
I am extremely fortunate to have gotten to be able to stand up and represent my community & my acquaintances. Thanks for reading, and I’ll update soon!

With all the love! :*

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